Animals in the Yucatan / Adopt a Pet: German Shepherds, A Lab and Kittens

Adopt a Pet: German Shepherds, A Lab and Kittens

Adopt a Pet: German Shepherds, A Lab and Kittens

1 May 2010 Animals in the Yucatan 0

Black Lab for adoption

"This sweet lab is really just a puppy!", according to Dr. Liliana at Planned Pethood.  This female lab is about a year old, very friendly, and was definitely owned by someone at one time.  She was found by Dr. Liliana on 5 de Mayo in Frac. Montejo de Montejo.  She had been hit by a car and suffered some scrapes and lacerations, but was otherwise okay.  She is currently residing at Planned Pethood, but we would like to find her a home as soon as possible.  As you can see from her photo, she is just a big, happy lab with lots of energy!  If you are interested, please contact Planned Pethood at 01 999-9-44-23-10.  Here is their website if you would like to learn more about Planned Pethood (They are a great bunch of vets, who speak English and who volunteer a lot of their time and energy to saving, healing and adopting out strays. Support them when and if you can!)

German Shepherds in Merida Available For Adoption

Check out these 2 German Shepherds just waiting for their new home. 

Isabella resides at the sanctuary at Evolucion, where she has lived for almost a year.  She has lots of space to run on the property, is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs.  About a year ago, Isabella was found tied to the front door of the shelter - very skinny and very pregnant.  She gave birth to 6 puppies and they were all adopted.  Isabella, for whatever reason, has not had the same good fortune and is still available for adoption.  She is about 3 years old and is ready for a
new home!  

Talia was found in the centro historico about 6 months ago and also currently resides at the sanctuary.  She was very skinny and suffered a terrible ear infection leaving her ears crimped.  She is still prone to ear infections, so her ears must be cleaned regularly.  Otherwise she is just a big happy dog and ready for a family to adopt her. 

For more information on either of these beautiful German Shepherds, please contact Jill Benson at


Three Beauties!

Lucy: When she first got to AFAD, she had been hit by a car and she was afraid of everything. With the caring help of some local vets, she has recovered completely. She is now friendly, sweet and playful, she gets along well with other dogs and is about one year old.

Judito: Rescued by a woman named Judith, Judito is about two years old... a mixed breed dog with a big heart! A volunteer brought him in after a "family" had left him tied up all the time. He's a happy dog with a beautiful face and silky hair, and he is looking now for a real family that will treat him like the little prince that he is, and include him in their daily life.

Emma: She is another mixed-breed dog, about one year old and very good with children. She's a little shy to start, but after you have earned her trust, she is very sweet and playful. She arrived at the shelter when she was two months old, so she is more than ready for a real home.

Keep in mind that many people here in Mexico only want purebred dogs of recognizable breeds, completely passing by the healthy, happy and hearty mixed-breed dogs that abound here (largely as a result of the twin tendencies to let dogs roam the street and to be unwilling to spay or neuter the dogs).

AFAD has these dogs and more at their shelter just off the Periferico on the way to Cholul. They think it is very important that, if you want to adopt a dog or cat, you come and meet with them at the shelter. AFAD is very careful about the families that they allow to adopt dogs, and the conditions that the dogs will be kept in on a daily basis. If you know that you will give a dog a loving home for the rest of its natural life, please visit AFAD to find the dog that it is just right for you!

AFAD is only open Saturdays and Sundays between 11 am and 2 pm. This is when the volunteers are there to assist you with the dogs, and to explain the adoption process. AFAD is located almost opposite the University Modelo on the road to Cholul (orange fence and gate safe). However, if you are interested in one of these dogs, email AFAD right away at

Meet Iris, Wire-Haired Terrier

This is Iris - a very sweet, little wire-haired terrier mix.  She was found several weeks ago wandering close to traffic along Avenida Itzaes.
She is very friendly and would be perfect for a family with children or an older person who would like a little dog that isn't overly energetic.  She is about 2 years old and loves attention.  For more information, please contact Jill at

8 week old kittens available for adoption

An Evolución volunteer opened her door one morning only to find a box of kittens on her doorstep. They were just a few days old at the time.  They were healthy, but very hungry.  Since then, this volunteer has been caring for them, but she cannot keep them.. Can you help?  Nieve is the white female - very spunky and playful.  Negrita, also a female, is just full of personality and very inquisitive.  Negrita and Nieve love to play together.  And Bonnie and Clyde(the white and black ones) are just little sweeties.  They love to play and cuddle together. Please call or email:  9991-43-47-11 or

Please Support Yucatan's Independently-Run Animal Shelters

Here are the two animal shelters in Merida that are mentioned above. If you want a new dog, please look here first. If you have lost a dog, look here first as well. If you have found a dog you cannot keep, please contact them for instructions. If they are able to give the dog a temporary home, they will. We encourage you to be generous with a donation when you bring them a stray dog. If you are visiting Merida and want to take a dog home, please know that this is NOT difficult and they can help!

Evolución, Albergue y Santuario (Shelter and Sanctuary)(ask for Jill, who speaks English)
Website (warning: this website does not work on all browsers)
Phone: 9991-43-47-11

AFAD - Albergue Franciscano de Animal Desprotegido - Franciscan Shelter for Unprotected Animals (ask for Lidia, who understands English)
Email: (replies will be in English)
Phone: 044-999-947-6319



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