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Cats Available for Adoption

cat for adoption in meridaRagdoll mix, female kitten available for adoption. She is about 6 months old. She’s vrey gentle and extremely affectionate. She has been fixed and has had her vaccinations.

Young, male tabby cat, about 1 year old, available for adoption. He is very sweet and very affectionate. Loves being around people and is very social with other cats. He has been fixed and had his vaccinations.

For more information, please contact Jeff or Deborah Simpson at 999-247-2953 or ullrich365 [at] yahoo [dot] com.
Cat for adoption in Merida

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3 Responses to “Cats Available for Adoption”

  1. Hi, do you still have that female for adoption? is it the one from the pictures above?

  2. Hi, do you still have the female? i know im a little late. Please reply

  3. Cat Girl, you might try contacting AFAD or Evolucion (links on the right on every page of this website) and ask if they have kittens.


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