Georgia On Our Minds

Georgia On Our Minds

12 October 2009 Animals in the Yucatan 1

This week, a cat available for adoption. Read here to find out more about Los Gatos Malcriados.

If you are considering getting a pet, we highly encourage you (we'd FORCE you if we could...) to adopt a pet instead of buying one. Bookmark this section of Yucatan Living and check here periodically... and please tell your friends. If you are ready for a dog or cat, check here first to see about an adoption.

Georgia On Our Minds

Because of her longer than normal hair, Georgia is in need of a home with air conditioning, at least during the hotter months of the year, where she can be the wonderful, calm, adult cat that she has become. Georgia is an inside cat and could not protect herself outdoors. She gets along with Lida and Diana’s inside dogs and with other people.

While Lida and Diana would like to be able to keep every kitten and cat they rescue, they are also mindful of the needs of each of their cats. Georgia came to them as a kitten, full of life and totally exasperating. The kitten never seemed to sleep! Once she entered adulthood, Princess Georgia soon elevated the art of the siesta to a new heights of glory. According to Lida and Diana, they have actually taken pictures of Georgia as she slept in exactly the same spot for what seemed, to them, days on end. However, when she does wake up, she is playful and totally adorable.

This is a picture of Georgia as she goes about her current favorite pastime. Georgia is 5 years old, completely healthy, and has been spayed. While it is difficult for Lida and Diana give up any of their cats or kittens, they hope there is a family out there that will love Georgia, spoil her, and give her a better life than it is possible for them to give her. If there is a place in your home for an adult cat with Georgia’s needs, won’t you please contact Lida and Diana at lidikebrimisugmailcom.


  • Victoria 4 years ago

    I admire your efforts to help the local people deal with their pet population, neutering, and adoptions! I hope the U S pop of irresponsibles are not the types to brave a foreign move! Exciting to consider. I've known some beautiful people here in the states who made me consider a move south. REAL south!

    Thanks for your informative website!

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