Nacho and Mecanico!

Nacho and Mecanico!

31 August 2010 Animals in the Yucatan 0

Nacho Needs A New Family

It's not often that we have to write an adoption plea for a dog we know personally. In our inbox this morning was a very sad email from a young woman whose family can no longer keep the dog that has lived in their home for the last eight years. She is committed to ensuring that Nachito gets a good home, and frankly, so are we. If we could take him, we would, but, sadly, we have reached our dog-to-human ratio limit in the W.G. household.

The pictures of Nacho here are pretty cute, but they don't begin to communicate the loving and joyful personality this dog has... happiness and joy exude from every fiber of his little energetic being. Nacho is used to being the only dog in the casa, but he gets along well with other dogs. He also gets along well with cats. He loves to chase a ball or anything else you throw for him, and when he's not chasing something, he'll investigate your yard and let you know if there is anything untoward happening. He loves to run and jump in the pool on a hot day (if you have a pool, that is...) and he promises to be loyal and true, of course. He's small and easy to travel with... and he's going to make some lucky family, couple or person very happy! IS it you??

If you are interested in adopting Nacho, please email Sarah Duneton at or contact her on her cel phone: (999) 200-50-88 (Sarah speaks English, French and Spanish).

The Story of Mecanico and Why You Should Help

Jill Benson recently told YAPA (see below) this story of a dog named Mecanico...

His story is heartbreaking, and yet so typical of the many street dogs found here in Mexico. There are just so many dogs here suffering from malnutrition, disease and abuse - it can be overwhelming. Mecanico is just one example, and while he is a success story, the tragedy is that there are hundreds more just like him who never get rescued. They suffer and die in a world that never wanted them in the first place. Mecanico is currently available for adoption at Sanctuary Evolucion. I volunteer at Evolucion and I assisted with this rescue. I can tell you that the problem is real. This story is real. And this happens every day not "out there", but in our own neighborhoods.

Please help us stop the suffering. We have already made great progress but there is so much still to do. We need people willing to donate their time. We understand that:

It is not convenient to stop and rescue a dirty, sick animal.
It is not convenient to open your heart and your home to an animal in need.
It is not convenient to donate your time at a shelter or at a clinic or helping an organization such as YAPA.
It is not convenient to raise funds or ask strangers to constantly help.
It is not convenient to do all this for animals we may never see again.
It is not convenient to take time out of your day to attend a meeting…

However, doesn't the last picture make every bit of the inconvenience worth it? YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

P.S. - To help Mecanico, you can donate by PayPal at the following link. Remember, none of the shelters supported by YAPA receive ANY governmental assistance and rely solely on your generosity. Thanks so much for your support!
Together we CAN end the suffering. You can also adopt Mecanico if you want to... contact Jill Benson at

Please Support Yucatan's Independently-Run Animal Shelters

Here are the two animal shelters in Merida that are mentioned above. If you want a new dog, please look here first. If you have lost a dog, look here first as well.

If you have found a dog you cannot keep, please contact them for instructions. If they are able to give the dog a temporary home, they will. We encourage you to be generous with a donation when you bring them a stray dog.

If you are visiting Merida and want to take a dog home, please know that this is NOT difficult and they can help!

For information about the situation of companion animals in Mexico, go to Companions to None.


Evolución is located in Uman, south of Merida. Sylvia runs this large enclosed shelter like a bed & breakfast for dogs, giving them lots of space to roam free. Jill Benson helps out and will be the one talking to you if you wish to adopt a dog. Evolución has events, like dog baths, that you can participate in if you want to visit the dogs. Just give them a call! If you don't see a pet you like on these pages, give Evolución a call and arrange to visit to find your perfect companion.
Email: (replies will be in English)
Phone: 9991-43-47-11

AFAD - Albergue Franciscano de Animal Desprotegido

The Franciscan Shelter for Unprotected Animals (ask for Lidia, who understands English, and many assistants/volunteers who speak English) AFAD has these dogs and more at their shelter in north Merida, just off the Periferico on the way to Cholul. They think it is very important that, if you want to adopt a dog or cat, you come and meet with them at the shelter. AFAD is very careful about the families that they allow to adopt dogs, and the conditions that the dogs will be kept in on a daily basis. If you know that you will give a dog a loving home for the rest of its natural life, please visit AFAD to find the dog that it is just right for you!

AFAD is only open Saturdays and Sundays between 11 am and 2 pm. This is when the volunteers are there to assist you with the dogs, and to explain the adoption process. AFAD is located almost opposite the University Modelo on the road to Cholul (orange fence and gate cafe).

You may not see a dog from AFAD on this page, but if you live in the North and want to adopt a dog, call or email AFAD right away and they will help you out! There are always more wonderful dogs and cats looking for a home than people to adopt them.
Email: (replies will be in English)
Phone: 044-999-947-6319

YAPA - Yucatan Ayuda Para Animales

YAPA is a new organization, started by English-speaking expatriates to make it easier for those of us who don't understand Spanish very well to organize, volunteer and share our skills to help the animals of the Yucatan.

Our next YAPA meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, September 9th at 7PM at Debbie Moore’s home. Debbie is located Calle 66 #448-D x 49 y 53 in the pink house on the left side of the street right before Calle 53. Please RSVP to or to this email as seating is limited. Please bring a portable chair if possible to ensure you have a seat.

The shelters need pet carriers. If you have some to donate, please contact Jill Benson at or call her on her cel phone: 999-143-4711.

YAPA is still urgently looking for foster homes to foster a number of abandoned kittens and dogs until we can find more permanent homes for them. If you haven’t already signed up for foster care opportunities, please email and I will gladly add you to our Doggie or Kitty Foster care database.

Anyone interested in volunteering, donating or finding out more should please contact Debbie Moore at


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