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Two Mama Dogs Deserve a Home

Dog to adopt in Merida YucatanLast year a local restaurant around the corner from my house went out of business.

Initially, several dogs were put there to guard the closed establishment, and they were being fed and given water on a regular basis. But then the establishment was sold and the dogs were left there. I noticed the dogs still roaming the area, but they were starting to look really skinny.

It took a while to realize what had happened, but it was soon clear that they were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Two of the female dogs got pregnant and had litters at the abandoned restaurant. Of the 12 puppies, we only found 7 alive. We were able to find good homes for all of the seven puppies.

Adopt a dog in Merida MexicoNow, the two mama dogs are up for adoption. They are already fixed and they are extremely friendly and sweet natured. As you can see, they are short-haired so extremely easy to take care of.

If you are visiting but want them, don’t despair! They are easy to take home with you to the USA or Canada.

I already have three dogs and six cats. Two more is just too many for one family to handle.


Please email or call me if you are interested in adopting one of these lovely dogs.
Email: Yury [at] yucatanlots [dot] com
Cell: 999-947-2559
ADopt a great dog in Merida Yucatan Mexico

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One Response to “Two Mama Dogs Deserve a Home”

  1. Sorry story, all too typical here…

    Fine looking dogs, and you did well by them to have them “fixed.”

    Alas, with four dogs we are already one dog over the maximum limit we had thought we set for ourselves — that is, until rescue dog four fell into our laps and hearts.

    I hope folks realize that you do have good references on how to readily import one or both dogs in the U.S. or Canada.


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