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You Don’t See This Every Day

Our first reaction to this was….wow! Its art! This would not be out of place in a SoHo gallery.

Our second reaction was ewwww! what is it? We found it in an abandoned house that we bought recently and intend to renovate. We were there two months ago and this wasn’t there. So in two months, this cat died and was devoured by bugs, without disturbing the layout of its skeleton. When we took this picture, there was nothing moving. No bugs. No smell. Just bones and hair.
Dead cat. No bounce.

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7 Responses to “You Don’t See This Every Day”

  1. some one can really make good money if they turn this dead cat into art, like you said… Soho will be exactly the place!

  2. Oi.. I have to say that is by far the most disturbing image I’ve seen… well, let’s say this week.

    It’s still very disturbing, though.

  3. Think of it as Mother Nature create art out of necessity. It *was* disturbing to come upon this as we turned the corner, but frankly, I’d rather find it *after* the bugs had finished their work. Finding them in mid-meal would have REALLY been disturbing…

  4. It really goes to show that every thing has a purpose in life. Go bugs!

  5. I am from merida and lived there for 10 yrs. I was born there. I read some of your issues and some of the things said like the cat is kind of scary but when it comes to art there’s lots of great places in merida to visit.

  6. I think I might sell that house. Bad omen?

  7. I think it is art the way it is! Mother Nature at it’s best. Look at the fur. WOW!


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