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Schools in Merida

schoolchildren in MeridaWhen we moved to Merida, we brought along our 16-year-old daughter. We arrived in January and she had five more months before graduating from the 11th grade in California. At the time, we were not very impressed with the public school system in California and were not unhappy to take her out of that environment. In Merida, we looked around for a school and came up empty-handed. Finally, we located a correspondence high-school on the Internet and she completed 11th grade sitting at our desk at home. Though she was able to spend time traveling around the Yucatan and Chiapas – for which she will be forever grateful – she missed her friends terribly and eventually convinced us to send her back to California to finish out her senior year.

Our attempt at home-schooling was probably too little and at the wrong time in our daughter’s life to work for her. But we have heard that some parents choose to bring their children to Merida and home-school them for the first year while they learn to speak Spanish. Learning a new language is much easier at a young age and it’s debatable whether fluency will be achieved faster in a school with other children or at home with a tutor. There are plenty of English-speaking Spanish language tutors here in Merida. You can find a few recommended ones on this page about Spanish Language Schools in Merida.

Putting the debate about home-schooling on hold for the moment, we have decided to respond to requests we’ve received recently for information about schools in Merida for English-speaking children. Based on our experience, we weren’t too hopeful, but we are happy to discover that things have changed in the past five years. (Or maybe we know how to cast a wider net now, because the schools we looked at five years ago do not seem to have changed.)

First, an explanation of terms is probably in order. In the U.S., we have kindergarten, primary school (usually grades 1-6), junior high school (grades 7-8 or 7-9) and high school (grades 9-12 or 10-12). In Merida (and we believe throughout Mexico), the divisions are very similar but the names have changed. Kindergarten is called Jardin de Niños (literally ‘garden of children’) or just Kinder. Primary school is Primaria and Junior High School is Secundaria. High School is Preparatoria in Mexico.

There are quite a few primaria and secundaria schools that welcome English-speaking children and who have English-speaking teachers or programs to help them in their transition. There are still few if any Preparatorias, however, that make any allowances for English language students. Here is a list of schools that we investigated. The prices below were established in 2008-2009 and are subject to change. We will do our best to keep them current but for exact prices when you are ready to enroll, you should call the school.


Agora Comunidad Educativa

Phone: +52-999-252–0214
Location: North Merida
Address: Calle 25 x Periférico, Sodzil Norte
Levels: Kindergarden, Elementary (Primaria) and Secundaria starting in 2015.
Cost (2013): Nest 1 (Kindergarden 1): $5,450 pesos enrollment fee and $2,800 pesos monthly for 10 months tuition. (Level 1: Kindergarden 2 and 3): $6,950pesos enrollment fee, $3,100 pesos for 10 months tuition. Elementary (Level 2 and 3): $8,450 pesos enrollment fee, $3,500 pesos for 10 months tuition
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
Agora is a bilingual school with a socio-constructivist model based on competencies children acquire through their lives. They have an extended schedule from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Their mission is to include parents, teachers and children in school to improve the quality of the child’s education.


Phone: +52-999-252-5520Alianz, Merida
Location: North Merida, on the road to Progreso
Address: Carretera Mérida-Progreso behind Chrysler, tablajes 22588, 16688 y 16687
Levels: Elementary (Primaria), Secundaria and Preparatoria
Cost (2013): Elementary: $7830 pesos enrollment fee, $3780 pesos 10 months tuition, plus approximately $3000 pesos for additional expenses. Secondary School: $8400 pesos enrollment, $4080 pesos for the 10-month tuition, plus approximately $3000 pesos per year for additional expenses. High School: $8920 pesos enrollment fee, $4550 pesos 10-month tuition plus $5000 pesos additional expenses.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
Allianz is a bilingual school following a social constructivist methodology. In addition to regular curricular classes they also teach art, cooking and sports.

American School Foundation of Yucatan (ASFY)

Note: This school appears to have closed. If you know differently, please let us know.

Centro Educativo Piaget

Phone: +52-999-981 48 67
Location: North Merida
Address: Calle 31 No. 144 x 23 y 25, Chuburná, Mérida. They also have a location in Dzodzil.
Principal: Unknown
English Speaking Contact: Martise Brown Spadlin
Levels: Kinder, Primaria , Secundaria y Bachillerato
Students: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
We have heard good things about this school, but our inquiries have not been answered. If we find out more, we’ll update this listing!

Centro Educativo  Renacimiento in Merida YucatanCentro Educativo Renacimiento (CER)

Phone: +52-944-4808
Location: North Merida
Address: Calle 33 #468 x 10 y 14, Fraccionamiento Montebello
Principal: Vanessa Delpech Zavala
English Speaking Contact: Martha Ruiz is the secretary and she doesn’t speak English. The school has English Coordinators who can come to the phone to talk with you. Their names are the following: For Kindergarden/Preschool, Lisbet Koo. For Elementary, Elena Ranz. For Junior High (7th to 9th), Cecilia Sánchez. If parents want, they can also send an email to the principal at vanessadelpech [at] renacimiento [dot] edu [dot] mx and she will be glad to answer any of their questions in English.
Levels: Day Care, Preschool, Elementary and Junior High (1st to 9th grade)
Teachers: 12 for each level
Students: 500 in the entire school
Cost (2013): $6600 pesos enrollment fee, $3000 pesos per month for ten months per year.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July.
Centro Educativo Renacimiento (The Renaissance Center for Education) has bilingual classes in all levels. Students have grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary, math, science and other classes completely in English. The school welcomes English-speaking students, and currently has a number of English speakers in elementary school. They have some Catholic events, but it is not necessary to participate or be a part of the Catholic religion to attend. The website is comprehensive, although entirely in Spanish. It does discuss their bilingual program, from the point of view of a Spanish-speaking student.

Colegio El Huerto Montessori

Phone: +52-999-1961388
Location: Cholul
Address: Carretera Mérida-Cholul, Sin número, Cholul
Principal: Tania Vidales
English Speaking Contact: Tania Vidales
Levels: Maternal, Kinder, Primaria
Teachers: 1 per group, plus teachers for extra activities
Students: 20 per group
Cost: $5,400.00 pesos enrollment fee, $2,400pesos per month for maternal and kinder . In Primaria $5,600.00 pesos enrollment fee, $2,600pesos per month.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July.
While they don’t have a bilingual program, they do welcome English-speaking students and they teach English as an extra class. They have had children from the USA, Russia and Germany attending class there. They also teach music, dance, stage acting and art. The enrollment fee includes medical insurance, didactic materials and SEP fee.

Colegio Iberoamericano in Merida Yucatan MexicoColegio Iberoamericano de Merida, A.C.

Phone: +52-925-2712 and 925-3112
Location: García Gineres
Address: Avenida Colón #196-A x 12 y 14, Merida
Principal: Maria Dolores Rivas Gutierrez
English Speaking Contact: Clare Christine Berry Gilmore
Levels: Kinder, Primaria
Teachers: 18
Students: 300 in the entire school
Cost: $4650 pesos enrollment fee, $2155 pesos per month (primaria) for eleven months per year. $2790 pesos enrollment fee, $1785 pesos per month (kinder)
School year: Mid-August through mid-July.
Iberoamericano welcomes English-speaking students. They teach half of their classes in English, but the main subjects are taught in Spanish. They have associated secundaria and preparatoria schools (see below), which are located outside of Merida on the Periferico.

Colegio Iberoamericano de Merida, A.C.

Phone: +52-999-911-0101
Location: Periferico
Address: Tablaje Catastral 16691, Merida
Principal: Lic. Juan Manuel Arrigunaga Juanes
English Speaking Contact: Claire Christine Berry Gilmore
Levels: Secundaria, Preparatoria
Teachers: 12
Students: 72 in Secundaria, 40 in Preparatoria
Cost: $5000 pesos enrollment fee and $2490 pesos per month (secundaria) for eleven months per year. $5000 pesos enrollment fee and $2600 pesos per month (preparatoria) for eleven months per year.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
English is taught two hours per day and students are divided according to their knowledge of English. English-speaking students are welcomed. They currently have foreign students in the school.

Rogers Hall in Merida Yucatan MexicoColegio Peninsular Roger’s Hall

Phone: +52-999-944-5364
Location: Colonia Buenavista
Address: Calle 21 #131 (just down the street from Office Depot)
Principal: Lilia Fuente Moreno
English-speaking Contact: Pilar Gutierrez phone 944-5434 x 107
Levels: Kinder, Primaria, Secundaria, Preparatoria
Students: 350 Secundaria, 300 Preparatoria
Teachers: 40 Secundaria, 40 Preparatoria
Cost (2013): $8610 pesos enrollment fee, $3880 per month in Primaria; $9100 pesos enrollment and $4150 per month in (secundaria) $9100 pesos enrollment and $5130 per month (preparatoria) for ten months per year
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
English-speaking students are welcome at Roger’s Hall (This school is referred to as “Roger’s Hall” by residents of Merida). There are foreign students attending the school, and some of the teachers speak English. There are no formal classes taught in English and no special arrangements made for English-speaking students. When we looked into it, the school encouraged students to attend a year of school without credit to learn Spanish, and then repeat the grade the next year. There are religion classes but students can choose to take a class in Human Formation in place of the religion classes. There are some English-speaking extracurricular activities in the afternoons. We have friends who send their bilingual children to Rogers Hall and who have been pleased with their experiences there. However, when we investigated this school five years ago, we found the "spend a year learning Spanish and then repeat the grade" option NOT to our liking, either socially or financially. That said, this is considered one of the best schools in Merida.

Educrea in Merida YucatanEducrea

Phone: +52-999-925-7931
Location: Garcia Gineres
Address: Calle 23 #209 x 30 y Avenida Itzaes
Principal: Zulma Avilez
English Speaking Contact: Carlos Monforte was our contact for this article. He speaks some English. Better to ask for Rebecca Góngora who is the English coordinator.
Levels: Kinder, Primaria, Secundaria, Preparatoria
Teachers: 80
Students: 650
Cost:$ 2100 enrollment fee for Kinder and $1400 per month, $3250 enrollment fee $1870 pesos per month for Primaria, $3550 pesos enrollment fee for Secundaria and $ 2285 per month and $3550 pesos enrollment fee and $2285 pesos per month for Preparatoria for twelve months
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
This school teaches English for one hour each day in all levels. They have had Russian children studying in the elementary school, and they also had children from the United States. The high school is newly built and located outside of town on the road between Merida and Caucel. Their website is the most recently updated of all that we have seen, though none of it is in English.

Escuela Modelo

Phone: +52-927-9833 and 927-9944
Location: Centro
Address: Calle 56A #444, Paseo de Montejo
Principal: Carlos Sauri Duch
English Speaking Contact: Marisol Bolio Perez, Director of English 927-9944 after 3 pm
Levels: Preescolar, Primaria, Secundaria and Preparatoria
Teachers: unknown
Students: 400 Primaria, 400 Secundaria, 500 Preparatoria
Cost: $4350- 5850 pesos enrollment fee, $2150 pesos per month Kinder, $2600 pesos per month Primaria, $2900 pesos per month Secundaria, $3150 pesos per month Prepatoria for ten months per year. There will be occasional additional expenses.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July.
Modelo does not have any bilingual programs. Children receive 3 hours of English instruction per week at all levels. If you shop at WalMart in Merida, you’ve seen the children who attend this school out on the sidewalk when class is not in session. The school grounds are enormous, beautiful and conveniently located. They will admit children who do not speak Spanish, and Marisol is available to counsel and assist them but they have no programs for English-speaking students. They have had children from the US, Ukraine, China, Germany and Korea. They welcome all students who are hard-working and want to learn the culture here. All entrance interviews and exams are given in Spanish, but Marisol is available to assist and translate. They have one of the better websites of all the schools we have looked at.

Instituto Cumbres and Godwin

Phone: +52-999-911 86 60
Location: Fraccionamiento Montecristo (North Merida)
Address: Calle 5 x 18 No.169 Glorieta Cumbres
Principal: Lic. Edgar Carrillo Cepeda
English Speaking Contact: Yes
Levels: Maternal, preescoolar, Primaria, Secundaria, Preparatoria
Teachers: Unknown
Students: Unknown
Cost: $2655 pesos monthly for ten months (These are prices from 2004. We were not able to get prices over the phone recently in 2013.)
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
Godwin is where we tried to enroll our daughter when we first moved here. We liked that it was a girl’s school and that half the classes were taught in English. Math, biology and science are all taught in English. English-speaking students are supposedly welcome. They had several English-speaking students when we inquired, and their students all speak English at a good level. What we found was that very few of the administrators speak English and as we spoke practically no Spanish at that point, we had a very difficult time communicating with them. In addition, this is a Catholic school. If you are not Catholic, you must accept that your daughter will be learning the Catholic religion, taking her first communion and going to mass when requested. The enrollment application had many questions about the church you attend, and when we told them that we would be living in the centro, they were visibly displeased. After that, we were never able to get them on the phone again. Perhaps now that the centro is going through the throes of urban renewal, their attitudes have changed. Or maybe not.

Cumbres is the all-boys school that is the partner to Godwin. They also teach in English half the day and welcome English-speaking students. The schools are next to each other physically, but boys and girls take separate classes. Read the above paragraph for Godwin regarding religion and attitude. These are probably the premiere private schools in Merida.

Website: Website:

Instituto de Educación Progresiva The Workshop

Phone: +52-999-941-8900 and 999-9418901Workshop Merida
Location: Col. Ampliacion Revolucion (East of the Carretera to Progreso, north of the Periferico)
Address: Calle 46 # 317 x 19 y 17
Levels: Preschool and Elementary (Primaria)
Cost: $4500 per month
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
50% of all teaching time in Kinder and Primaria is in English, 50% in Spanish. Each group has 10-12 students with one teacher for English and one for Spanish. English program includes writing, speaking, reading and art.

Instituto Moderno American (IMA)

Phone: +52-999-943-0511, 943-5629
Location: San Pedro Cholul
Address: Calle 28 #202A x 23B y 25
Principal: Lucero Cabrales García Conde
English Speaking Contact: Sandra Padilla
Levels: Preschool thru Secundaria, (Preparatoria & Universidad is CELA)
Teachers: 55
Students: 380-400
Cost: $4800 pesos enrollment fee and $1750 pesos/month for Kinder, $4800 pesos enrollment fee and $1930 pesos per month for Primaria, $5400 pesos enrollment fee and $2230 pesos per month for Secundaria.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July

50% of all teaching time in Kinder and Primaria is in English, 50% in Spanish. In Secundaria, about 8 hours per week is taught in English. Literature, writing, grammar and spelling is taught in both languages. They are a part of CELA, which is the Preparatoria and Universidad. CELA is located right next door and information on both can be found on their website.

Loyola Comunidad Educativa

Phone: +52-999-941-5454
Location: North Merida
Address: Calle 35 #299-A x 36 y 38, Colonia Sodzil Norte, north of Gran Plaza
Principal: Claudia Álvarez Álvarez
English Speaking Contact: Jessica Robertson
Levels: Primaria and SecundariaLoyola Comunidad Educativa
Students: 24 for each group
Cost: $6900 pesos enrollment fee, $3100 pesos in Primaria and $3300 pesos in Secundaria per month for ten months per year. $2000 pesos per year approximately for other expenses.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
Loyola was founded 4 years ago by a group of parents who decided that the traditional education that their students were getting wasn’t the best for them. They envisioned a school in which students were conscious of everything going on around them and in which the learning was experiential, active, and significant for them. Additionally, the parents wanted to be involved in making the school a better place. They began with the ideas of socioconstructivism and pedagogía ignaciana, which ends up being similar to ‘social justice teaching.’

MJ School in Merida Yucatan Escuela Particular Albert Einstein

Phone: +52-999-984-3939
Location: La Ermita in Centro
Address: Calle 66 #618-C x 77 y 79
Principal: Adelaida Garribay Limon
English Speaking Contact: Maria Eugenia Limon (speaks English)
Levels: Kinder, Primaria
Teachers: 3 Kinder, 6 Primaria
Students: 25 Kinder, 100 Primaria
Cost: $1800 pesos enrollment fee and $ 990 pesos per month (Kinder). $1800pesos enrollment fee and $ 1200 per month in (Primeria) for twelve months per year.
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
Escuela Particular Albert Einstein has native English-speaking teachers and welcomes English-speaking students. Their program is bilingual: half Spanish, half English. Well, 3.5 hours per day in Spanish and 2.5 hours per day in English (close enough). They have children from the U.S. France and Japan.

Saint Patrick’s Kindergarden

Phone: +52-999-948-0985
Location: Colonia Mexico
Address: Calle 31 #144
Principal: Margarita Pesqueira Pino
English Speaking Contact: Cindy Rey, English coordinator. Also, Emmy Dennis speaks some English as well.
Levels: Kinder
Teachers: 1
Students: 50 per classroom
Cost: $1320 pesos per month for ten months per year
School year: Mid-August through mid-July
English-speaking students are welcome. Teachers speak in English all day. There are Spanish books, but instructions are given in English. They do not have a foreign student currently, but did last year. The school is 100% bilingual.


Requirements and Documentation

In looking through our records from five years ago, we came across the Requirements for Enrollment in Godwin, the Catholic school. As an example for planning purposes, here is the list of documents that they required:

  • Typewritten application (in Spanish)
  • Six 2.5 inch square recent photo of the student
  • A family photo
  • Introductory letter, preferably from someone already in the school
  • Original birth certificate and copy of certificate of baptism
  • Letter of Conduct from preceeding school
  • Copy of the student’s latest report card
  • Parents attendance at a parent meeting on an assigned date
  • Psychological and academic level assessment report
  • Personal interview with the Principal
  • Development and conduct questionnaire
  • Clinical history (by which we think they mean Medical History)
  • Entrance Exam results

You will notice that all the schools listed above are private schools. There are public schools in Merida, but from what we could learn, they do not make any allowances for English-speaking students.

A 7-year-old friend of ours, who is bilingual, attends Gonzalez Guerrero public school in Santiago and she assured us that she is the only one who speaks English that she knows of, and that, in fact, she speaks it better than the maestro who is teaching English to the children.

You may also be interested in homeschooling your children some or part of the time. For more information on that, and a group of expatriates and Mexicans who homeschool their children, read more about that here in our article on Homeschooling in Merida.

We welcome any comments from those of you already living in Merida who might have experience with any of these schools, or with schools that we have not mentioned. If you know of any schools that should be added to the list, please email us at info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com and supply a contact name. We will do our best to keep this list current and your comments and participation are certainly appreciated.



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299 Responses to “Schools in Merida”

  1. You do such a great job on your blog of presenting thorough, well-researched, and clearly written information. It is a great resource for us, and a daily read for me.

  2. hello

    i hope you could have an answer for this question could we find a school for “french” for a 13 years old child in Merida?


    alexandrine from france

  3. WOW!!!!!!! For someone like myself, researching schools for my kids, the article is great!!! WG’s you did a very good job,thanks so much. With the information, you have saved me so much time. Once again thank you so much, you do a great job with your magazine, keep it up !!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow! Good job. We had pretty much the same experience with Cumbres and Rodgers Hall, though Cumbres seemed more receptive, the application forms and requirements just overwhelmed us. When we came I had asked everyone I met about schools, and no one even mentioned CER or the American School, both of which seem like good options. This last year I learned about both of them and have heard good stuff and certainly would have considered them.

    Our solution ended up being homeschooling, supplimented by various tutors in different subjects. We also did an internet school but found that particular school not achedemically demanding enough. Our son was a high school sophmore when we came here (15 years old). He just started taking French this year too, as a foreign language.

    Also people need to know that at High School level, all your child’s records need to be evaluated by SEP (Secretaria de Educacion Publico) and in order to do that they must be offical apostiled copies that have been translated from English into Spanish.


  5. Does anyone know a good place to purchase Spanish children’s books?

    We are a bilingual family livinging in the States and find that the selection of Spanish books is lacking. Thanks.


  6. Alexandrine,
    We would suggest starting with either the American School or Centro Educativo Palmerston. Both places have French speaking teachers and teach French to their students. Please let us know what you find out.

  7. “Primary school is Primeria”

    Unless things have changed drastically since I went to school in Merida (over 30 years ago), I am sorry to say but “Primeria” is not the right word to use for Primary School, the right word is “Primaria”.

    I don’t believe this was a typo since the same word “primeria” was used in two different paragraphs, so in the interest of those of you “learning Spanish” I have provided the “correct” spelling to the word.

  8. Gracias Mario. In honor of Mexican Revolution Day (November 20th), our editor has been shot.

  9. Thanks so much for your article. We arrived in Merida about a week ago and are here for the long run.We have two children 2+3 and they are begging me to go to school. I found a beautiful school near Costco called Happy Face. It is a billingual school and they take kids from prematernal, 11 month, to kinder 3, about 6 years.The costs are about the same as the other Primarias. for anybody interested here is their phone# 999 944 56 66. The principle’s name is Kasha and she speaks perfect english and is originally from poland, but lived on the Yucatan since 18 years.

  10. Dear Working Gringos:
    Thank you for your quick response and for correcting the information about Modelo School.
    We will be glad to serve anyone interested in attending our school.
    Lic. Marisol Bolio
    Director of English.

  11. Hey there Jim & Ellen, how are you guys? Just wanted to wish you guys a very happy thanksgiving and to thank you so much for the great service you provide. Thank you so much for all the info, with the struggles and first hand experiences you have gone through and shared with your readers you have made it easier for a lot of us. Once again thank you very much, keep it up!!!!!! David Zamudio Jr.

  12. [...] There will be occasional additional expenses. School year: Late August through mid June. … $4300 pesos enrollment + $2350 pesos per month (preparatoria) for eleven months per year, plus $1375 additional expenses. …Read more: here [...]

  13. Hi!

    I read your blog quite by accident and I want to congratulate you for the good job you are doing in advising the English speaking community regarding schools in Merida. For this reason, I want to update your information about Instituto Moderno Americano. This is a bilingual school that opened 16 years ago, we currently have 450 students enrolled in kindergarten through middle school and 80 students in high school, making a total of 530. We have had this many students for the last five years, because the school population is controlled. We want to know each child on a first name basis. Keeping the school small provides more opportunities to give the child a better education. Our school is non-confessional and co-educational. We have a non-violence curriculum that is supported by eight core values.

    We have had many English speaking families in the past and welcome any new families that wish to visit our beautiful city. Our classrooms from 5th grade to 12th grade have air conditioning. We have 4 intelligent classrooms (5th and 6th grades) where we teach using the latest technology. Next school year (2007-2008) we will have two more (intelligent) rooms that will be used by 8th grade students. If you should need more information do not hesitate in contacting us.

    Cordially yours,
    Lucero Cabrales, M.A.
    School Principal

  14. Hello. Enjoyed your research. Was wondering if you know of any Waldorf or Waldorf based schools in Merida?

  15. We have not yet heard of any… but perhaps our readers have? Readers??

  16. This looks like a great list of many types of schools in Merida. One area that appears left out is information on Montessori schools. I know of at least one: “Bambini Montessori”. Does any one know of additional Montessori schools in Merida? Please reply if so to scarpulla [at] gmail [dot] com

  17. Hola, Francis. We have also heard of a Montessori school in Progreso, but were unable to get them to respond to our phone calls.

  18. [...] If you are looking for schools for your children in Merida, read our article on Schools. [...]

  19. Thank you so much for compiling such a great list. I’m not looking for schools to send my children to, but I am looking for an English teaching job in Merida, and this was a great start!

  20. Thanks for all your work on the school options! We are Canadians planning on moving to Mexico with our 5 and 2 year olds and it is so hard to find out about options for them. I’ve been to Merida many moons ago and remember its beauty. I’m concerned I won’t be able to deal with the hottest months though. Can anyone get used to it or do you have to be a sun worshiper at heart???? Love reading through your site. Great photos too!

  21. Hi Cathie… we’re glad our research is paying off for you. That’s the whole reason we do it! Strangely, we find that most people here are NOT ‘sun worshippers’. It’s often too hot to lie in the sun, so those of us who live here spend a lot of time in the shade in the hottest months, doing the things we do to beat the heat. It does get hot, but you definitely get used to it. A few years of living here, and you’ll be wearing sweaters when the temperature dips down to 60 degrees, just like a real Yucateca!

  22. Thanks! We are really considering Merida. It seems like a wonderful spot for our kids to go to school and us to learn Spanish. Are there many gringo families with wee ones there?

  23. Thanks, wow! Great information! Another school to consider would be Piaget. I visited the primary campus (I think there are two campuses, one for primary and one for secondary but I am not sure) and I was impressed. I believe the instruction is all in Spanish but there is an English class. I found at this school, however, a first grader must be 6.5 years to enter which would hold my daughter back a year.

  24. do you know what is the website of the colegio peninsular roger’s hall? and cunbres/godwin ?

  25. If the websites are not listed above, it is because we could not find them or they do not have a website.

  26. You don´t say about Colegio Americano, A.C. in Merida, this school have 10 hours of english a week in primaria and 8 hours in secundaria, this is a Presbiteran school, but it is not necessary to be a part of the Presbiteran religion to attend. The web site for more information is

  27. Hello to all,

    My partner and I are interested in relocating to Merida and would like to know if there is a school that has an open and accepting community? Our son has two moms and we don’t want it to be too much of an issue for him. This is a great resource and we thank you all for sharing the information.
    Good day!

  28. Hola Maria,

    In our experience, nearly every child here has many caregivers: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, and maybe even a paid nanny or two. We’ve found life here to be accepting and open. We doubt you’ll need to shop schools for that reason.


  29. Hola Working Gringos and the Community of Merida! :)

    Thank you for sharing with us. In general I guess I would like to know if it is an issue at all for a lesbian couple with a child to become part of the community there? We have heard mixed things, and we are hoping that it truly does not matter. I am latina and was born in the States, currently living in Seattle and have longed for feeling a true sense of community and warmth that is found usually in latin communities. We have not made a move only because we do not want our son to feel isolated or shamed for having two moms. Please we would love to hear more about the community in Merida.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and your love for your community.

    Buen Dia!

  30. I am looking for a school for my daughters 9 and 12 years old. We are french and we’ll arive in Merida in July. My children don’t speak very well english and spanish. Which school is appropriate for them? Thanks so much, Caroline

  31. Caroline, there is an Academie Francaise here in Merida. We will investigate and find out more about it for you. Stay tuned!

  32. I just wanted to share a great school that I found in Colinia Garcia Gineres for children ages 1-6. My son has been attending for a couple of months (in the States he had gone to a Waldorf School), and we couldn’t be happier. All of the teachers and children are very sweet, and there should be someone available who can speak English to the parents. Feel free to email me with questions aubry_stephanie [at] yahoo [dot] com

  33. And what a cute website they have! We will call them too, and add them to our list after we talk with them.

  34. Thank you. I love the school so much, so I thought I’d post to help get the word out.

  35. does anyone know of a possible Waldorf school initiative in Merida or surrounding? The only one I’ve seen is in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

  36. Hello,

    I would like to ask you if i could find in Merida a French educational school for my son, how has 14 years old.But he speaks also English and little Spanish.
    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,

  37. Hola, Carla!
    There are at least two places in Merida that we know of where your son can learn French. On this page
    you will find a number of language schools. Both CIS and Alianza Francesa teach French.
    Saludos and thank you for asking!

  38. Hi

    Any thoughts or experiences on Agora school?

    I was originally thinking of sending my children there but now I’m wondering whether to send them to a more ‘traditional’ Mexican bilingual private school.

    They are completely bilingual.

  39. I have information about Bambini Montessori. Enrollment 4,800 and 1,925 pesos per month for kinder. My son is going to be there this coming year. They have 3 hours of English per week. The library is beatifull.

  40. I hope this is an appropriate place to ask this question. Does anyone know of a bilingual kinder or primaria that is looking to hire an English-speaking teacher (from the US)? I would be able to teach in English or assist in Spanish. (I would rate my Spanish-speaking abilities as somewhere between “advanced conversational” and “proficient.”)

    I studied abroad in Mérida last year, fell in love with the city, and would like to go back. I have a degree in psychology and Kindergarten-6th grade teaching. I am student teaching at a bilingual school in the US from August through December.

    I’m sorry if I should not have posted this question here – The wonderful list of bilingual schools you have collected made it seem like a logical place to ask. I can be contacted at: rebeccaster [at] gmail [dot] com

  41. yo soy de merida y estudio en el lindo con amor cookie

  42. Great site! Thank you for opening this site.

    We have 3 boys age 7, 9 and 12. We are considering moving from Australia to Merida (no worries with the sun, mate!).

    Our concern is with the requisites to enroll kids to schools, especially the “cartilla nacional de vacunacion” – vaccination shots card. It seems to be a paramount requisite and we are a bit slack with vaccines.

    Also it will be great to know if there are some among the expat community that are tutoring English speaking kids. We are considering home schooling as a second option.

  43. Hi…

    I am a Yucatecan and I can give you some information about the schools in Merida. For example, Agora was named one of the best schools in México, not only Merida. It is kind of new because I have lived here all my life and only recently have heard of it. Some schools may tell you they have English classes and all, but their English level is not very good; I studied in private schools all of my life and I think most of the students leave school knowing very little.. I know the Rogers school has very good English classes but Modelo and CUM, not so good… CUMBRES and GODWIN have half courses in English and half in Spanish, but I would put them at the bottom of the list. I have heard of this workshop ( with a working English section in their website. It has kindergarten and elementary school. It might be a good option. I am happy to help anyone with information about schools and universities, from the point of view of a former student.

  44. Hola! We are thinking of moving to Merida – I have two children ages 8 and 11. They only speak English. Is the transition to a spanish speaking school very difficult?? Are there any extra-curricular activities available i.e. football, soccer, dancing classes, etc.? I also do not speak spanish and am wondering how difficult it will be to make friends for myself as well as my children. My fear is for all of us to feel very isolated. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  45. Dear Gina,

    We’re sorry we took so long to reply to your question, but sometimes our day jobs distract us and we miss things.

    It is true that if you don’t speak Spanish in Mexico, you can feel isolated. But it is also true that in Yucatan, Spanish is a second language for the majority of people. The first language is Mayan! This means that many here struggle every day to understand each other and are constantly learning how to do so.

    It is our observation that most children learn to communicate faster than adults for various reasons, but it will still be a challenge for them. You can count on a tolerant social setting, however, where most will work with you to achieve understanding. And there are many resources in Merida to help you learn.

    The most important lesson we’ve learned is to immerse yourself. Don’t speak or think in English unless you have to! This is the fastest way to learn Spanish, and the rewards can be wonderful.

  46. Hi, I studied in the Instituto Moderno Americano 11 years and the only thing I can say is that is a great school!!! All the teachers are nice with you and it is better when you are in a small school. That way you can know everyone and enjoy your classes more. I learned a lot there and my english was getting better every year. Right now I’m studying in Ohio to improve it but the teachers and the principal really helped me to understand it, speak it and write it. I had a speech class with the principal and now, here in Ohio, I’m one of the best students, and that’s great for me because English is not my native language. My teacher is really proud of me and the education I recieved back in Merida (IMA). I really learned more than I could imagined. I recomend it.
    Thank you Teacher Lucero!!!

  47. Thanks for the great article! We are from Canada and are moving to Telchac Puerto in January 2008. We have 3 small kids ages 5,3 and 18 months. We are excited about moving down and immersing ourselves- the language will be new to us, but we think immersion and friendliness will go a long way! Any other expat families in the Progreso/Telchac area? Anyone else homeschooling in these areas? We plan to put the kids into kindergarten / primaria initially, so they can socialize and learn the language, but also supplement with homeschooling materials so that they can return to Canada fairly seamlessly if needed (plus we think our kids are really smart:)

  48. Can anyone tell me if the Instituto Moderno Americano is also a boarding school? Or if there is a boarding school in Merida? (For 6th and 7th)

  49. Dear Sandy,
    Here is the website for the school you are referring to
    Instituto Moderno Americano but it does not appear to be a boarding school. None of the local Yucatecans that we have spoken to have ever heard of any boarding school here in Merida.

  50. Hi:

    thanks for all the great information. My family will be spending 4 weeks in Merida and I would love for my 3.5 year old son to attend a kindergarten/pre-school so he has some contact with kids and gets to use his Spanish. He is as fluent as a 3.5 year old can be in Spanish so I don’t necessarily need a bilingual school – just a good school were he’ll have some fun but will also keep improving his reading, writing and math skills.
    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

  51. Hi there,

    We will probably be moving to Merida by the end of February. I have 4 kids. One in grade 7, one in grade 2, a preschooler and a baby. Are the schools open to midterm registration? Also, I have heard, that one would not want to live there permanently… If anything happens to the country, you have a target on your back. Americans are wealthy and someone could kidnap your kids. I thought I would go directly to a source rather than getting myself all worked up.

  52. DONNA! I am so excited to have read your post. I am also Canadian and plan to move to the Progreso area within the next few years. My main conern is that my son is going to be 5 in May so I have to feel right about maintaining his education while following my dream of relocating.
    I have been wondering what to do when living out of Merida, as far as schooling goes. The perfect thing would be a school in Progreso, because I really want him to feel at home in the community and make friends. It would be great to find an english speaking tutor able to help with some home schooling.
    I spent a month in Chicxulub (i prob spelled it wrong again!) and fell in love with the Progreso area. I found the people to be wonderful even though I was struggling with communicating. The ‘walmart’ is great in Progreso because you don’t really have to speak spanish to get through the checkout. The price is on the cash register and they will even accept american funds if you run out of pesos.
    I would love to hear from you so we could maybe share experiences and maybe learn something more from each other, especially being mom’s of young Canadian kids.
    My email is dep121 [at] yahoo [dot] com
    Does anyone have any experiences with what is the best age for relocating your child? Is younger really better all of the time, or maybe around 8 yrs old is good? I have no idea so any help will be so appreciated.

  53. Hey all of you. I am starting an English Academy with my wife in Merida. We are wanting to know what it is you all need/want/desire. We have some private investors and are anxious to hear back.

    Tell, us:

    1. What is lacking down there right now?
    2. What are people looking for?
    3. What problems are there that we could solve?


    litzzu [at] byuh [dot] edu

  54. Hey all of you. I am starting an English Academy with my wife in Merida. We are wanting to know what it is you all need/want/desire. We have some private investors and are anxious to hear back.

    Tell, us:

    1. What is lacking down there right now?
    2. What are people looking for?
    3. What problems are there that we could solve?


    litzzu [at] byuh [dot] edu

  55. I am a bit puzzled.

    You’ve decided to start a school (apparently), but are not aware of the local community?

    How did you chose Merida? What are your goals in establishing this school?
    Are you planning on Evangelizing or Proselytizing? Or only teaching?

    Investors are willing to put their money into a school – or “English Academy” – without knowing anything about where the money goes or why a given location has been selected? I’d love to meet those investors. I’ve got a bridge to sell.

  56. Wow! This has been by far the largest resource of info on education in Merida that I have been able to find. My family, Wife Linda and 2 boys ages 9 & 12 are looking to relocate to Merida within the next 18 months. Finding an accredited school that teaches in English has been a real struggle. None of us speak Spanish so it’s going to be a hell of a learning curve. Trying to plan a move from Canada has also been an experience. Finding the right city,town,neighbourhood etc. (still looking by the way)
    If anyone who has been through this experience prior to us could lend a little guidance it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

  57. Casiyucateco,

    De hecho sabemos mucho del area. La razon por la cual que puse este mensaje era para averiguar lo que querian los padres que YA SE VAN a MERIDA. Mi esposa y yo conocemos muchisima gente de Merida. Hemos hecho investigaciones por todo lo del sur de Mexico: incluso, Merida, Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, y mas.

    Y en cuanto a los inversionistas, no creo que me entendieras muy bien. Mi esposa y yo somos los inversionistas principales, y ademas, tenemos Mexicanos de MERIDA que ya han leido nuestro plan que quieren apoyarnos. A caso has escuchado de los ANGEL INVESTORS? Tal vez si, tal vez no.
    Ademas de Mexico, mi esposa y yo hemos viajado a Tokyo, Japan, Beijing, China y varios estados en los EEUU.
    No sabemos como reaccionar a sus palabras, pero tal vez sea que eres competencia o tal vez sea alguien frustrado por lo que escribimos. A pesar de todo, tenemos grandes planes de ayudar a la gente. Solo queriamos saber lo que no recibian los padres YA y las expectativas de aquellos que estan por irse a Merida.


    Jeremi Brewer

    PD. No conozco inversionistas que queren invertir en un puente, pero si los encuentro, yo les dire de lo que tienes planeado.

  58. Wow, fun and fine ESpanish! ;-)

    But I still don’t have the answer to my questions. You do not know what services are needed, yet you have decided to open a school, anyway.

    Having traveled all over the world, you chose Merida. It’s quite a compliment to the White City, given the other places you either visited or considered or both.

    I am not the competition. The last thing in my life I desire is to open or run a school. I am not frustrated nor envious of school investors. I understood what you wrote precisely: You have private investors and you’d like to know what is needed by people in Merida, or presumable all who read Yucatan Living.

    I simply cannot make the connection between deciding, “There is the place” and then later “What is it you needed?”

    Maybe nothing at all is needed, in which case the investment will be in vain.

    Maybe too much is needed, in which case the task will be overwhelming and your customers frustrated.

    Maybe the bed will fit juuuust right and the comfort will serve you well.

    Yes, yes, yes, perhaps I’m entirely too logical.
    People should follow their hearts. And their Angel Investors!

  59. Hi,

    What certifications should one look for when shopping for schools ?


  60. Hi Everyone;
    I just wanted to mention that for many,especially coming from the USA [and Canada],homeschooling really IS quite easy,and usually more fun for your children. [excepting the working gringo's 16 yr old daughter-which they explained fully.]
    It is quite easy to do via many distance learning websites,or just go your own path-ie, unschooling. With the internet,there is so much support now! forums and websites,and blogs galore for unschooling,or any type of curriculum you may wish to use-ie,montessori,waldorf,etc.
    As for ‘socialization’,don’t trip. Children love exploring,taking classes in things they love,going to the beach and the park. They get ‘interaction’ with other humans in this regard,and model behaviors taught by the parents/family. As well,regardless of ‘how smart’ your children are,they will learn things they are interested in [which almost always correspond to skills or topics in your state's/country's curriculum standards],and what they experience will be first hand,and usually contribute to life skills and future goals,more readily than 6.5 hours or more in a school each day. My gosh-the idea of living with your child in the Yucatan-that IS school!!!! It’s great! Go for it and know that with a little research and confidence,you are certainly capable of ‘teaching’ [or exposing']your children to all they ‘need’ to know,and then some. And they will get a head start in planning their own future,by learning what they like and are good at,and having more time to pursue it. If in doubt,check out your ‘state curriculum’. I’m sure Merida has martial arts,yoga,arts and crafts and other ‘tutors’ or ‘classes’,in addition to water sports,language,cooking,building,etc,etc.,etc. need i say more? Go for it!

  61. Irm, Thanks for the many Inspiring words and lots of food for thought. Our greatest obsticule in presuing home schooling is a major lack of discipline. Ours not the kids. Do you know of any support groups for home schooling or maybe an in-home tutoring service that could monitor and teach the kids 2 or 3 times a week? We still would prefer an acutal school setting but haven’t found any schools that teach an accredited curriculum. Once again if anyone knows of such a school please let us know. We would really love to come down for a visit and plan our move but need to find the educational solution.
    Thanks for your time,

  62. I am happy to see our school listed here but i would like to update some information, The school name is Saint Patricks Kindergarten and we accept children from one to five years old for the kindergarten, next year we will start teaching primary levels too. people can contact us for information at phone number (52)999- 9 38 05 55 or through our website our teachers are english speakers and we receive international students. groups are small and we have swimming and computer lab classes included in the program. enrollment cost is 2500 and monthly tuition is 1550. thank you for your attention and if possible i would like to send you some pictures too. Margarita Rojina (academic coordinatior)

  63. Currently we live in Canada but would consider the Yucatan if there was English Waldorf available. 2008-09 Waldorf class 3, class 1 and a toddler. If there are any other Waldorf families (homeschool or otherwise) in Yucatan, it would be nice to connect. aly_carmichael [at] hotmail [dot] com

  64. I am currently an English teacher at Tecnológico de Mérida. Arrived here seven months ago with my 13 year old from Mexico City. I’d like to teach Spanish to foreigners, either expats, English or French speaking kids, teenagers and adults. I am a published writer and an English-Spanish-English/French-Spanish/French-English translator. Also an editor and a small-press poetry publisher.
    I’d like to open some creative writing workshops, both in English and Spanish, as well as teaching the language (Spanish and/or English) and literature. Guided reading is my pleasure also. Can teach reading comprehension skills and English and/or Spanish for Specific Purposes.
    Used to be a UN officer for WHO/PAHO, ECLAC and UNFPA in Mexico City, plus other editorial, publishing, social communication and public information multicultural endeavors throughout my life.
    Would like to get in touch with people who could help me get familiarized with English or French speaking individuals or groups who could benefit from my services.

  65. I just posted a comment about language teaching, offering my services as TSSl and TESOL teacher and professional editor, writer and translator. I would like to be reached either by email (alecramialuz [at] hotmail [dot] com or phone: Home 52+01 (999) 2121235 or cell phone 044 999246765. I live in Mérida, Yucatán.

  66. Ups! Just noticed a typo on the cell phone digits as I stated in previous message. I REALLY MEANT TO SAY 044 9992 646765.
    Also, I enjoyed strife between readers Jeremy Brewer and CasiYucateco. I must say I am totally in favor of CasiYucateco, for his arguments are clear, and I admire his guts in saying what he thinks.
    Following his example, I would respond to Mr. Jeremy Brewer the following to his three “specific” questions:
    “1. What is lacking here right now”?
    Well, Sir, do you mean in the English language field, or in general. As to the first part of my doubt, nothing really is lacking, with such a wide variety of language schools, both, private and official (talking about higher superior levels as the regional UNAM center in Merida and UADY’s language arts faculty), and the huge spectrum of rinky dinky language academies (escuelas patito they call it in Spanish nowadays) to medium level quality and legitimate upper level language centers and institutions, I would doubt there is a real “need” for more improvised so-called academies. Of course free market and laissez faire laws speak for themselves as to the wide array of franchises oriented to practically anything they can actually sell.
    Other than that, what else is there lacking? Sir, many, many things: full-scale employment, sanitary, medical and educational services for the vast majority, better governments, justice, equity and an endless list of issues. Does Angel Investors have a clue about such issues? If so, I’d like to meet them.
    I think the rest of the questions’ answers are comprised in the above ideas.
    Buenas noches.

  67. Realmente hablar de lo que le faltaria no solo a la ciudad de merida si no a todo el estado de yucatan nos dariamos cuenta que faltarian anos luz para estar ala altura de estados unidos por eso que alguien se ponga a hablar en un foro de lacking, problems, and what are people looking for, es como caer en el vacio, pues la solucion esta muy lejana de los que hemos vivido en merida no niego que hay avances en todos los aspectos en merida pero lo que deberiamos alcanzar es la justicia social toda la politiqueria deberia trabajar para coartar la brecha entre los pobres 95% y los ricos 5% y asi esas escuelas privadas de paga que oscilan de 150 us dolar a 250 al mes que solo esta al alcanze del 5 % de la poblacion deberia estar al alcanse de todos porque no niego que hay calidad educacional. me despido deseando que algun dia pueda ver esa justicia social para todo el pueblo de mexico

  68. Anyone interested in starting a Waldorf initiative here?? I will be moving to merida in Summer 2009, and finding a suitable school is tough, although the Agora is the closest to the Waldorf philosophy that I have seen and they have very good english speaking teachers.
    If interested email me at sarahcrealtor [at] roadrunner [dot] com

  69. Casiyucateco and to everyone else:
    Wouldn’t a new school, private or public, allow for more jobs?

    The reason that I chose Merida is because we have wonderful connections there. The English Academy is the “beginning” of what we hope to make into a full-fledged English high school.

    I think that everyone has the right to dream, and dream big. I have lived in Mexico for many years and I understand why there are so many people that live below the poverty level. Some of my best friends make 12.00 a week–twelve dollars, a week!

    My only goal is to build the people that I have grown to love. I have come to realize that there are critics no matter what you choose to do in life.

    I will be down in Mexico City with my family for another short time (5 months) starting in just a few weeks, and will be meeting with some of the governing officials from all over Mexico trying to remedy the problems that so many people face in Mexico.

    Do I do this because I am asked? NO! I do this because of my family. I do this because I have many family members that are Mexican citizens, as well as hundreds of friends, that are Mexican citizens that want to improve their lives.

    And to those that frown upon a gringo helping out Merida– why? Why would it be such a horrible thing?

    I just want to help. If I have offended you or your friends, by no means was it intentional.

    Thanks for your concern.


  70. I don’t see any criticism. I just don’t understand your comments.

    On one hand you aren’t sure what’s needed, but on the other you are meeting with important government officials for months to improve the whole nation. On one hand you wish to open a school in Merida (as opposed to Japan, China, all over the US…), on the other, you don’t know what Merida is lacking. Somehow, something doesn’t fit. But have at it! You don’t need my approval or permission.

    What I will say does disturb me is the number of people coming from many other nations to proselytize their religions. I’ve been in aircraft where nearly the whole capacity is one church or another come to “save the natives.” Some come from as far away as Korea.

    Come, teach, be an example. But just don’t go telling the Maya that they are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. That has been proven factually incorrect through mitochondrial DNA. (See: 1491: New Revelations of America by Charles C. Mann, or numerous news accounts.)

    What is objectionable – to me – is the subterfuge of “helping” while the underlying goal is changing people’s religions, which causes all sorts of family, village, social, and economic strife. Chan Kom Revisited by Robert Redfield is a good anthropological accounting of exactly how that plays out in a Yucatec village which is torn in two. My own friends in Merida have had families torn apart when member(s) joined an evangelical group. Certainly people have free will to do as they chose. But those “helping” often do not see the entire impact of their help.

    The family is all-important in Mexico. Religious strife tears it apart. That’s all I’m saying: Don’t be about bringin’ the strife. People have the right to proselytize. And I reserve the right to speak out against the hidden damage left behind.

    What I would recommend as being the best help — if anyone truly has help as the goal — is supplying construction assistance or operational funding to let Yucatan open and run more of their own schools. Economic help to the poorest families is needed so their children may attend school, rather than families needing childrens’ work to help support their families due to extreme poverty.

  71. Hello, I have been reading the past few comments and would just like to say that my family and I are just looking for an accredtied school that teaches in english. My family and I Do not speak Spanish yet. We are hoping to fit into and experience the local culture. I truly hope anyone coming to the area as a guest would have reverence and respect for the culture.
    I don’t want to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth,so if expats aren’t welcome and are considered to have a negitive impact please let me know so I can find another place for my family.


  72. Dear Paul:
    I don’t think none of the posts here are meant to scare anybody out of beautiful Merida, which is, by the way, not only a great place to visit and live as a grown up, but an amazing land to discover how to grow old without stop being a child. Is a safe place with lots of things to do and lots of places around to discover history and nature and science…
    I don’t know a lot about schools there for i don’t have a child, but I can tell you about the community, and it is a versatile, open and warm one… although it has its other elitist closed square side too.. its all a matter of meeting people and deciding where you fit better, as in every other place in the world… If you are truly looking to live the culture and have a respect for the human race i don’t see why you would have any trouble fitting in, even among the only Spanish speaker you’ll find lots of people willing to try their sometimes very basic English trying to talk to you and include you in their activities and life…

    Summing up I wouldn’t worry about not being welcomed there… instead I urge you to enjoy the weather, the landscapes, the people and all the resources the place has to offer…

    Love Lilith

  73. Dear Lilith,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. We have researched a lot of cities/towns in Mexico since we retired. Merida seems like the perfect fit for us so your comments are reassuring.
    If any could give me info on an accredtied school for my kids it would be the last piece of the puzzle. I know I’ve asked before but I still haven’t received an answer. A Waldorf school would be great but not esential. Ay accredited schoolis good for us as long as it is taught in English!

    Thanks again,

  74. I have a son that goes to Rogers Hall , he´s in high school.. I have these addresses that may help you.. rogers [at] sureste [dot] com and I only have good things to say about this school. I highly recommend it.

  75. Hi I’m looking for English schools in Mérida, for my 14 years old daughter, please let me know as soon as possible, if you have any suggestion. thank you

  76. Lupita,
    I tried the site you suggested but couldn’t find an English web site for the school. Do you know if the school is acredited by an USA\Canadian acrediting body? It’s a must if we need to return home and place our 2 boys back in school here. We really want to relocate to Merida so finding a school is a must. We are retired so schools are the only thing holding us back.

  77. Mr. McDonald,
    I´ll find that information for you and I´ll also see if I can give you some other options. We do have great schools here and some call themselves “bilingual” but that is not always the case.. I´ll get back to you..

  78. Here’s what may be easier: Contact the American accrediting agencies you wish to comply with and ask them if they accredit overseas / across the borders. If so, then do they have any accredited in Merida? At least you know they’d speak English. Then you can go from there.

    Official documentation in Merida is going to be done in Spanish, unless performed by outside (meaning external to Mexico) agencies and then only within the outside agency, not necessarily on file with the Mexican government or education authorities.

  79. Hello! I’m very interested in coming to Merida in July or August for a house hunting / fact finding expedition. I have a few questions I’m hoping you could answer for me.

    1.)When is the best time to come and check out schools for a 7 & 8 yr. old?

    2.) Will two weeks be enough time to find a neighborhood and school, or should we plan for longer?

    3.) What is the going rate for babysitters ( my husband just got back from another 14 month deployment , and I would like to possibly go to dinner alone without the 5 kids) in Merida, and how would we find a good/safe one ????

    4.) Do any of the mentioned schools have programs ( free or low cost ) to help the parents learn conversational Spanish/Mayan along with their children?

    Thank you very much for any assistance you can give me. Blessings.

  80. Sarah,
    1) I think the best time to check on schools would be the year before you plan on enrolling during the school year. I doubt that you will find anyone in the office during vacation, but then again you wouldn’t in the USA either. Since your kids are young you probably won’t need to have their records apostiled but you might want to get their birth certificates etc done before you go.Also, just like NOB you probably want to audit a class and see how it’s run.
    2) That is a personal call isn’t it? If it’s a private school you might not live in the neighborhood where the school is located.
    3)Babysitting isn’t exactly a Mexican thing since kids go to their grandparents etc if they need watching. Or the kids just stay home with their nannies. But probably you would find a sitter the same way you would NOB.
    4)I would suggest asking about the conversational Spanish at the time you do the rest of your investigation.
    This is not one of your questions but you really should start your Spanish learning before you come here. You can begin by doing stuff like labeling objects with their names in Spanish. I think taking a foreign language NOB is probably less expensive than doing it here especially if you do it through adult education or a jr college.
    I wish you the best of luck,

  81. Wow, so casiyucatecos issue was about Jeremi’s religion not the fact that he wants to open a school?
    Anyways, I will be moving back home to Merida after 20 years in the U.S. and just like many other parents on this blog am concerned about my 2 children 4 and 6 that do not speak spanish (I know, I really am ashamed) and want them to go to a school and keep learning and not get behind because of the language barrier, I have several cousins and family members that have attended schools like Modelo or Americano and even though they are great schools their English level is not too high.
    I would like to know if anyone on this forum has any children attending any school (primaria) that really teaches in English and can recommend them?

  82. No, that´s not what I said.

    Anyone is welcome to their own religion. Some believe in the great Flying Spaghetti Monster. Doesn´t bother me at all.

    To put a fine point on it: Outsiders coming to improve the lives of locals by teaching them things that are patently false is not a way to “help” people. Better to provide the resources to allow people to help themselves. Micro-loans is one fantastic program. Aid to school children and their families so they can continue the education is another.

    Merida is full of excellent educational opportunities. Yucatecos and Mexicans are bright, eager and enjoy education, perhaps more than some folks back in the states. Just the other evening, while dining, I listened to a couple young folks discussing classical music in much more familiar terms than you may find among typical gringo teens — if they have any knowledge of classical music at all….

    Outsiders don´t know “what`s best.”

    Given the resources, Yucatecos will make their own lives in their own ways. Each person knows what´s best for themselves.

  83. Hi Jose,
    I am also looking for a school for my english speaking son who is 5 years old. I hope there is someone who can reply with some helpful advice.
    I’m uncomfortable with CasiYucateco’s tone. Why the continued post here, on the schools in Merida thread? The critisisms only clog up space for those of us who are looking for helpful and encouraging messages.
    Back to educating, are there many home schoolers in the Yucatan? I wonder if maybe there are any groups of english speeking parents that meet once in a while to socialize and exchange info? I also wonder if children are welcome at MEL and if there are many resources of kids books there?
    Thank you Yucatan Living for this extemely helpful article – I absolutely love your website!

  84. It really does seem like is a growing market for an english speaking accredited school in Merida. My plans to relocate my family to the area have been delayed due to illness. My mother has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and given approx. one year or less and I am the only child able to provide her care. We were hoping to buy into the market while the Canadian dollar is still on par with the U.S. but I do beleive everything happens for a reason. I would like to thank everyone who helped with my research into the school situation. One year can make a huge difference. Maybe someone will come along to fill the obvious schooling need. I think another solution may be possible, if an exsiting school could alter it’s curriculum. Maybe the easiest solution would to emerse ourselves in Spanish until the children could attend one of the available schools. The only obvious problem with that is the time lost, putting the children behind by however long it takes to become bi-linngual. We are tentatively planning be able to make it to Merida by summer 2009. Hopefully will be able to meet some of the people that were so helpful!

    Thanks again,
    Paul McDonald and family

  85. Thank you for all this great info. Do you know if there is a Waldorf School in Merida?

  86. I have just spent about an hour reading folks comments as I am considering moving with my children to Merida. Thanks for this wonderful site. It seems the most frequent comment over and over is: “is there a Waldorf School?”, and I’m assuming there is not, since no one has responded. Jeremy wrote “what is needed in Merida” My advice to him would be to consider opening a Waldorf School.


  87. Yes a Waldorf School would be wonderful, but I think it needs to open by someone who is extremely familiar with the Waldorf philosophy. Again I recommend checking out Agora. Its not waldorf, but closer to it than any other school I found.

    I was hesitant about putting my children in a non-english speaking school, but then why the heck do we want to be in Mexico with our kids, if it is not for them to learn to read and write another language. Imagine all the possibilities it opens up for them in both countries??? Yeah, I nervous about them getting behind a bit, but children are resilient, and math and science is the same in all languages. I am all for bi-lingual schools, which most of the top ones are.

    am I sounding too preachy?

  88. Maria y Isabel!

    Hi! I just wanted to say hello and let you know that we’re here!

    I’m moving to Merida in September with my girlfriend and my three kids.

    When do you plan on moving?

  89. hi,
    I’m moving with F anastasia and her kids to Merida and today (hopefully) will get in contact with either Renacimiento or Insituto Moderno Americano regarding the process to register the 2 girls (on is 7 yrs old and the other one 13) I heard that if you want your kids to go to school in september you MUST have them register by the latest in July otherwise they won’t be credited. which I think it will me difficult to acomplish because we are not getting to MErida until september, so we might just send them to school to “hear” but it won’t count. well, we wil lsee, hopefully we can get all the paperwork done from here.
    Thank you so much for all the schools you guys listed, going to the websites REALLY helped a lot.
    you guys are like the rockstars for the expats.
    I want an autograph when we get there. ha! ;)

  90. hi there;
    I’m originally from Merida; but I lived in California for 12 years. I came back 2 years ago with my kids (triplets ,5 years old at that time), at that moment they didn’t speak any spanish and the Rogers offer me the “year of learning spanish”, I took it. I was the best decision I made.Now they finished kindergarden and they read and write in spanish and they are starting to read and write in english, and they also help me with some developmental delays that my kids have ( they have a department for that). For me is a great school, they treat you as a family member.
    Bye, Martha.

  91. Well written and much needed info. My son did not go to school here, but because he “grew up” among family members that have, I thought I’d add some input that our family and friends have experienced.
    I’ve found the students at Iberamricano friendly and comfortable with their English. This is important since some of the schools may admit foreigners but the students aren’t all that friendly. A case in point is Renacimineto.
    Guerrero in Santiago is a private school, and yes, English is weak, if even considered a subject.
    I’ve heard good things about Montessori here, especially their open style classrooms that avoid the “left back” feeling that the foreign kids might feel elsewhere.
    I’ve also heard good things about Piaget, a school not covered.
    There certainly are lots of choices, but switching mid year is unthinkable, so choose carefully!
    Don’t know of any Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf schools in the Yucatan.

  92. Hello,

    We are a french family from Paris and have planned to move in Merida in June 2009,our children hare 19, 15 and 10 years old>. The older is trilingual english-spanish and French, the cadet is bilingual- english and spanish but the last one is like me ignorant of spanish.
    We have thought to make her take special courses of spanish in institutes for foreign adults, so she can attemp classes in spanish.
    If anyone of you know the name of one institutes like that, we would be gratefull.
    At last, we are searching for a private school spanish language in the north of Merida. We just want the best one for our children….
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

  93. Hi there:
    I lived in Oregon for 8 years, and I plan to move to Merida. I read all your comments which are really helpful, but nobody talked about transportation. I want to enroll my daughter who is 6 1/2 years old, in a private elementary school , but in my case I need to work and it will be impossible for me drop off and pick up my daughter, depending on my work schedule, school schedule, distance etc.
    If anyone of you know some information about if some of those schools are offering school bus service I really appreciate your help.
    (sorry but my english is not perfect …)

  94. for the comment above. there are no school buses in Merida. maybe you can ask a teacher to refer you to another parent that lives close to you and maybe you guys can work something out. I dont know.
    I also wanted to add that we have contacted Instituto iberoamericano for a 13 yr old and a 7 year old, they have been very helpul, i got to talk to the principal and she was very humble and didnt even ask for a downpayment in order to put the children names on the list, they will wait until we get there (we live in Los Angeles, CA) just like the people of MErida, very trusting.
    we needed a bilingual school since the kids dont speak spanish and they seem very helpful and will work with us.
    So far so good with this school.

  95. Thank you for all the information on schools. We will be moving sometime this year with our son that is 8. I would like to ask if anyone knows of a good job site to use? My husband is a chemist and works for our state crime lab. What is a good salary to ask for?


  96. I have spent two days reading all the info and comments on this page, and I have something I feel I MUST say.

    Although I have no children, I have been working in Merida as an English teacher. Specifically, I have worked in Agora and I have some information to share in response to some of the posts. Agora was ranked as one of the top schools in the country, but here is the fine print: it received that ranking based on nationwide standardized tests that are given to third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade levels. At the time, Agora only had Primary levels 1-4, and in grades 3 and 4, no more than a combined total of 15 students were in class. So you are talking about test scores submitted for 15 students in 2 grades. Also, I curiously noted that Spanish teachers “reviewed” specific material with the students after the test had arrived and before the tests were taken.

    Next, it is not a Waldorf school. The philosophy has been taken from Reggio Emilio schools from Italy. It is non traditional, socio constructionalist theory. However, I must point out that the school looks really good on paper and is not so good in real life. And I believe their enrollment for the next school year speaks for itself: the school is losing 25% of its students (roughly 30-40 out of 160).

    Now I must point out that the Maternal and Kinder levels of the school are more developed than the primary levels, and in fact offer many things traditional schools do not offer. The primary levels are far underdeveloped and in comparison to students I know at other schools at the same level, the English level of students is far from average.

    I really would not recommend this school past the Kinder 2 level (about 4 years old).

    Thank you.

  97. What about college? Any English teaching possibilities there?

  98. Hello im pleased to announce that this year Saint Patricks kindergarten will start teaching primary (elementary) levels this year. The school philosophy is based on humanistic principles and socioconstructionalist theories, but basically we try develop all the abilities of the children in all areas. taking into account human values, self esteem, mental abilities, gross and fine coordination, creativity, musical abilities, etc. The school program is fully bilingual. students work and learn english full time in preschool and kindergaten levels, and half time on the next levels because we work with reading and writing skills in both languages . We welcome international students and promote learning about different cultures. I invite all of you interested in education for your young ones to visit our site

  99. Wow, I am extremely impressed with your research on the schools. One question, what about schools in Playa del Carmen, any recommendations or maybe just some links to help me find some. My son is going to start 1st grade in Playa Del Carmen. Back in the states I’d buy workbooks to help him get ready for school, has anyone seen them in spanish? Or know where I can get them. Any info will be extremely appreciated. deanda_ja [at] yahoo [dot] com

  100. My husband and 5 1/2 year old son are planning on relocating to Merida in the fall of 2009. My husband is Chilean, I am American with passable conversational Spanish and our son has been enrolled in a Spanish preschool for three years in NYC (La Escuelita) which taught only in Spanish (6 hours daily). He comprehends Spanish but does not really speak it much until we visit a Spanish speaking country and he is “forced” to do so (i.e. visiting abuela and abuelo in Santiago). Since our son will be attending a private kindergarden in NYC starting next month, his Spanish is likely to get “rusty” during this year (even though his father speaks to him only in Spanish). We are searching for a school in the Merida area that teaches in Spanish (with perhaps a bit of transitional help in the beginning) for grade 1 enrollment. I don’t want an American school, as the whole point of going to Merida is that the family is fully immersed in Mexican culture and language. Since we plan on returning to NYC the following year (at least temporarily), I am wondering what kind of accreditation I need to be thinking about. We have just begun researching all of this, so am admittedly ignorant on the subject. I want to find the right school for him but also don’t want there to be any issues when he returns to NY. With the private schools in Manhattan being a bit of a “circus” i don’t want the “readmissions” process to view his year abroad as a hindrance (i.e. he is behind a year etc). If anyone has done this previously and could offer any advice/tips, it would be most appreciated

  101. Hello,

    I’m looking to teach at private schools in Mexico and I was recently contacted by Godwin. I saw two things here about it. One saying it was a very reknowned school and another saying it wasn’t the best for English teaching.

    Does anyone know anymore information about it? Good or bad? Also, it’s listed as being in “North Merida” but I’m not really sure how big the city is in general (just that its beautiful!). Is everything fairly close? Thanks!


    Me gustaria saber mas informacion sobre el instituto Godwin, si alguien me pueda ayudar, porque estoy buscando trabajo como maestra de ingles y estoy en contacto con esta escuela. Tambien me gustaria saber un poco sobre la locacion en relacion con el resto de Merida. Muchas gracias!

  102. Hola! Hello!

    I will be living in Merida Mid August- Beginning of January this coming year. I would be a senior (last year of high school) at my high school in Minnesota. I am going to live with a host family and I am extremely excited. I have had 3 years of Spanish in my small public high school (Triton), so I am hoping that I will not fall to far behind in school with the language barrier!
    The school that I will be attending is Roger’s Hall. I have heard good things about this school– but I would like to know more.

    SO, does anyone have any more info about Roger’s?

    I will post more about Merida as I know more when I am there (I leave the 17th of August)
    Thanks! All of the posts were great– really interesting!

  103. Folks,
    I have known well-educated young students from Merida public schools who have been awarded scholarships to Harvard. I am sure they had a nice smile, but they probably earned the scholarship, you know?

    The concept that Merida is backwards or deficient is way off base. I guess if you want your children to attend a private US school and the administrators of that school have poor opinions of Merida / Mexico, then it could be a problem.

    However, students who are motivated to learn and have support from their families for a good scholastic environment can do very well here. Yucatecos value a good education and are very practical.

    Living a year in a foreign country will give anyone – child or adult – so many new experiences that supplement formal education, I’d think it would be well worth it. I guess you could check in advance with your intended private schools in the US and see what they think about foreign living and education. Why not learn in advance, rather than hoping to “do the right thing” in Mexico, and being disappointed upon return.

    By the way, I recently traveled with a student from Belgium who is here in Merida for a year of university, studying business management and international relations. Merida is no slouch when it comes to education.

    I don’t think Harvard gives out too many scholarships just for the heck of it.

  104. I have a 15 yr.old. I am considering relocating to Merida and would like a bilingual school for him to attend. What schools would you recommend? Thanks!


  106. I would love to know about bilingual opportunities for undergraduate college students.

  107. Do any of the schools need a very experienced Australian primary school and high school teacher; specialising in Drama and math (to Junior high level) – My husband is from Merida Yucatan. Thanks!

  108. Interesting article.
    My son is going to school at the Cumbres since Kinder. While I was pretty happy during that time up to the end of primary school, I believe that now in Junior High, the quality of the education the kids receive is not what I would expect.
    Current fee for enrollment (on a yearly basis) around 6000 Pesos. Monthly tuition 4570 for Junior High. Tuition depends on the grade (primary school is cheaper than junior high for example).
    Many classes are thought in English using work books written in English.
    As was mentioned in the article, Godwin and Cumbres and the University Mayab are all catholic institutions belonging to the Legionaries of Christ, a rather conservative fraction of the catholic church. However, to be fair, I have to say that their are no attempts to brainwash the kids.
    Cumbres and Godwin also employee several foreign teachers, including a few Americans.
    In addition to the above mentioned costs for enrollment and tuition you also have to consider additional costs throughout the year such as cost for books and materials, uniforms, participation in social events and excursions.
    Summarizing: I definetly can recommend the school for Kinder and primary school, but have some reservations concerning junior high and high school.
    However, since that is the only school I tried so far for my son, I don’t have much comparison how other schools are at that level.
    My son had several foreign class mates over the years and it appears their integration was very easy.

  109. Harald,

    In a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being highest) how would you rate Cumbres and Goodwin overall?

  110. Hi Maria del Carmen,
    I would probably place them at 7 for Junior High and 9 for kinder and primary school.
    I don’t have first hand experience for high school, but it seems that satisfaction with the school declines even more.

  111. Does anybody has info. from Colegio Montejo?

  112. Our family is coming to Progreso for 3 monthes (April, May and June) and have 2 children, ages 4 & 5. We would like to enroll the 5 year old in a school where he will be taught primarily in Spanish (he’s a gifted child so we expect he’ll really pick up the language!). Can anyone recommend good kindergarten schools either in Progreso or within an easy drive from Progreso? Thanks

  113. Thanks for all the wonderful info you always offer!
    We were wondering if you know of a group or groups, or any recourse offered to long term home schoolers in the Progreso- Merida area? How do I find out about Yucatan laws concerning home schooling? I can’t seem to find anything on the web. Thank you!

  114. Hola, Kora… We’ll look into this, but there may not be laws about home-schooling. There are still, if you can believe it, a lot of Yucatecan children that don’t attend school after the sixth grade. We know a few ourselves. Public school is not as free as it sounds here, as they require uniforms often and other payments that people cannot afford. We’ll look into laws, but we doubt you would get any hassle from authorities for home-schooling your children here.
    There are people home-schooling in the Progreso area… contact wildbill [at] drennon [dot] org. He may be able to connect you with some like-minded folks.

  115. We asked our local Yucatecans here in the office and here’s what they know: There is a law that all children have to go to school… it’s in the Mexican Constitution. But the reality is that not all children attend school in Mexico… and no one complains about it.

    If you keep your child at home, your neighbors might gossip about it but they won’t turn you in or report you, and the Mexican government doesn’t go house to house to check that all children are at school.

    Regarding the home-schooling in particular, they have never heard of anyone doing that here in Mexico.

  116. Hey,
    My name is Colleen.
    I am 13 years old, and i live in the states!
    I would like to know why the school year is so long in Mexico because my parents want to move to Tulum, and fer me to go to school in Merida because that’s where the best schools are!
    I don’t know if I would like it as much as I like New York, but i am sure that i could deal, because the way that the ocean looks is pretty amazing!
    but, I have A LOT of questions on the schools and even the country
    fer one thing:
    I here that the schools are alot harder than in America,
    and i want to know if i could handle it,
    because what I here, they are like 2 grades ahead! =(
    is there anyway that i could go to a school fer a a little,
    Because I am going down there fer a week in January,
    and I think that I would be 10 million times more conferable if I could see how the schools are!
    if anyone could help me out it would be more than appreciated!
    you can just email me at:
    EminEm4EvaXoXo [at] yahoo [dot] com

  117. Colleen, There are more school days in Mexico, but there are also many, many more holidays. And, depending on the school, you only go for a while in the morning, then a long long break, then a while in the evening. In other words, you are not going to be bored in school in Merida. There will be a lot going on and you will have plenty of time outside the classroom.

  118. will be moving with family in June 2009 and was seraching the internet for information on Merida and found this site, Very helpful. thankyou.
    Looking for a bi lingual school for my 2 boys aged 8 and 11. Do you know if any schools mentioned above have the IB program. ( International Baccalaureat) thanks you your help.

  119. So I was just looking around and encountered this page about the schools. I grew up in Merida and went to many different schools there. I would like to say that out of my many schools IMA was my least favorite. I don’t know how the teachers’ English is these days, but when I was there it wasn’t the best. I had one teacher tell me I didn’t know how to pronounce Arkansas. And one of my favorites, Piaget, isn’t even on this list. I don’t mean to be mean, but I just wouldn’t want some poor 3rd grader like myself suffer in that school…

  120. Thank you for writing such an interesting account of schools in Merida. We have fallen in love with the area of Tullum and would be interested in finding more info on schools for our 8 year old. We are interested in learning Spanish but are not fluid at this time. I am a textile designer and my husband is a musician Chill Factor 5 We would like to spend a year renting to see if we would be interested in totally relocating. Any advise?

  121. Diana,
    Tulum and Merida, while only three hours apart, are a world away when it comes to being a resident. The schools that are available in Tulum are totally different from what is available in Merida.
    You might be interested in talking to this couple with young children who have recently moved to Tulum:

    Good luck!

  122. Hola Everyone!
    I just found out this page, and I want to ask something to all the English speaking parents looking for a school with a good level of English: once you move to Merida, will you stop speaking English to your children?
    Why do you NEED a school to teach them?
    If you are worried about the difficult time you want to avoid your kid while making friends at school, relax, it will take 3 days to feel among friends, no matter how old you are. And no matter were you are really. Its easy for a young person to learn the language and find friends in school.
    Dont worry about English! Dont worry about French! You as a family will provide that. The important issue here is EDUCATION.
    Both my girls are bilingual, my Canadian husband spoke English with them from the day they were born.
    I only spoke Spanish to them (as I am a verdadera yucateca!), so we weren’t interested in the language, but rather in a school that will challenge our girls into being happy self disciplined individuals, able to learn through reading , writing and math programs, among other things. All Universities in Merida, and many Mexicans and even some foreign ones, rave about the high level of the Piaget alumni capacity to achieve good results.
    Most Merida schools don’t provide good foreign language education. But you are one of the lucky families that don’t need this!
    We found that in Escuela Piaget. Far from perfect, Piaget disappointed very little, their elementary school English, left a lot to be desired when my girls (now 21 and 17) were there, but the high school English is VERY good, the teachers are excellent, and so is their program.
    Well, that’s all I wanted to say…
    Welcome everyone to Merida!

  123. Maru, Thanks for the information. Hola everyone. My husband, born and raised in Yucatan, and I, an american, are possibly going to move to Merida with our two daughters age 5yo and 7yo. I suppose my biggest concern is not them being able to learn good English as I know we will be coming back to America often and I speak only a little spanish. What I worry about is them not understanding their time sitting in a classroom. How could they learn if they don’t understand Spanish. They know only a few words. I know now is the time to teach them, I am all for that, but I don’t want them to fall too far behind. Perhaps the best way is to send them to a good bilingual school and get a tutor. What do you think? Anyone, please respond. Or perhaps homeschool with a tutor for the first year, then send them to school.

    I was also wondering if the term “play date”, as my children are younger, is something Mexican children enjoy. In America we have many cousins my children’s ages and they play together constantly. I don’t want my children to be at a loss of childhood companionship.

    Also, could you recommend possibly a part of Merida or Progreso that has families with smaller children, although my husband and I are in our 40′s. Thanks all for listening and hope to see you soon in sunny Merida.

  124. I’m sorry I cannot help with much information about raising children, although I did mostly raise my younger brothers and sisters. I do think you’d be hard pressed to find any area in Merida or Progreso **without** families and children. Maybe Centro in Merida… some parts of Centro can be devoid of children.

    I think your children would learn Spanish rapidly. Hire a tutor for Spanish and send them to school (would be my plan) There are far worse things in the world than being one grade behind in school. My cousins were part of a military family. During the Vietnam War era, they moved all over the USA, and some states were behind other states at various grade levels. They all graduated high school, college and made successful lives.

    I think – just me – that your children would have such an advantage by being multi-lingual that it would far overshadow “being behind.” The cultural experience would far more enrich their lives than not.

  125. We live in Q Roo and people have mentioned us that there are great boarding schools for teen agers in Yucatan. We travel a lot and it is very important that our kids are supervised and learning in a secure environment. Can you provide a list of live-in schools in merida.
    Help will be much appreciated.

  126. Hi l looking for REBECA GONGORA CANO. l am living in Chicago. My email is cdazteca [at] latinmail [dot] com

  127. Hello, I am a solo mom with three kiddos. My son is 6, my daugter 3 and my other daughter is seven months. I am moving to Progreso. My family and friends think I’m NUTS LOL. Anyways I am interested in hearing from familys that live there now. Do you like it? I am going to drive my kiddos into Merida for school. I havent picked one yet. I like many on the site are fearful my children will get behind. Are the schools comparable to the states? Please email me if you live in Progreso and tell me what you think of it blakesfunmom [at] yahoo [dot] com

  128. Hi, I’m looking for Rebeca Gongora Cano. Does she live here? I am Gerardo from Chicago (cdasteca [at] latinmail [dot] com). She was my girlfriend when we were teenagers.

  129. Hi
    My 17 year old would like to spend half the school year in Merida. He does not speak any Spanish. He would like to go to Rogers Hall as he knows students there. Do you think he can cope with no Spanish as it will be Gr 12. Any advice on how to go about it would be great.
    Please email directly to Louise in Canada
    weezieb [at] eastlink [dot] ca

  130. I posted a comment back in 2007 about the school that our son attended, but did not list the school’s name! It was Colegio El Huerto montessori. He had a wonderful experience there. The school used to be in Garcia Gineres, but I believe it is now in the north of the city. Please feel free to email me with questions. aubry [dot] 9 [at] osu [dot] edu

  131. You can also take your children to Berlitz, they have great teachers and have helped my children. They teach Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and English for kids and teens. Regards,

  132. Hi I have 3 children born and raise in USA all 3 speak 100% english and 70% to 90% spanish i was born and raise in merida moved out when i was 24 years and i’m thinking move back my kids had a very good education here and i will like to keep them on the same level i’m looking for a billingual school 100% or almost there please if anyone has any info please let me know. will be great to have a feedback from some one that was in a similar situation as mine but any feedback is good. thank you much.

  133. Hallo over there,

    as in the past years I will work on a temporary basis in Mérida and I am just wondering whether anyone could come up with an email address for Bambini Montessori
    Dirección: CALLE 29 NUM. 120 LOMA BONITA (C. 24-A )
    Mérida (Municipio: Mérida, Estado: Yucatán)
    Código Postal: 97205
    Teléfono: 9811788
    Thus it would be much easier for me (Germany) to contact them in order to announce the enrollment of our son . He has been attending this school for 4 months in 2008 and we were very impressed by the quality and dedication of the staff.

  134. R.M. Axle: There aren’t any 100% bilingual schools in Merida. But IMHO, your children don’t need them! Believe me, they will be MORE than fine!

  135. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Merida with our kids 5 and 6. I’m concered about the crime that the spanish news reports everyday about Mexico. Can anyone tell me about the crime? schools? and living over all in Merida?

    I would love to hear from people with young children and their experiences. I’m very concern about this move since my children are blonde and fair skin. Please email sscm1924 [at] yahoo [dot] com



  136. Here’s an experiment for you:

    Take a week’s worth of US newpapers from any major city. Cut out all the articles about crime. Replace the address or city of the crime with “USA”. At the end of the week, read yourself all those articles about “the crime in the USA.”

    How do you feel about your personal safety in the USA now? Better or worse than before? Do you think it is rational to have more fear about crime, simply because all crimes about a country are labeled with “Crime in Mexico?” or “USA?”

    Mexico is a huge country, about 1/5th the size of the entire United States, much of which is the nearly (human) empty land of Alaska, with a population about 1/3rd of the USA. Yet, the media portrays crimes across the entire nation as happening in one place.

    If your children are blond and fair skin, my opinion is that they have more to worry about from the sun than from criminals in Merida. I hope that’s what you were getting at, anyway… Cheers! ;-)

  137. For any family that are thinking about moving to merida, there is a wonderful school, Named AGORA, this school is bilingual has great teachers( specially native speakers) i really recomended this school ask for an appointment they give u a tour around the school they explain the way they work and believe me u’ll love it. it’s only kinder and primary. Totally english environment just like the states the principal is italian she’s a great person. check the web

  138. I’m a Yucatecan living in Cali and longing for Merida.
    I’ve been dreaming of returning to Merida with my family at least for a test (1 year). But it seems almost impossible. My son is 8, my husband a New Yorker and afraid of what goes on in Mexico. So my best defense has been… Well, it would be just as if you asked me to move to New York and deal with the crime and the Mafia! Anyway, I love all these comments.

    My concerns are the education for my son, not because is less or more there, but because the transition may place him behind in what they are teaching in Merida which will be mostly about Mexican History. Spanish grammar would not be great among other things that would need transition. Maybe someday I will be able to do this.

    For the Americans that do not understand how things work in Merida with the Sociedad or way of living in Merida, you have to show or have the good stuff (basically, “$$$”) to “fit in” with the “Aristocratic Schools”. In other more “normal” schools, your American children will fit in fine or even be idolized a bit. I do write this with no other intention then to explain how some things work there.
    Anyway, have a great time you all, may your dreams come true.

  139. does anyone have any input on st. patrick’s elementary? also is ther a website for Centro Educativa Palmerston?

  140. I have read almost all comments. Thank you so much for your great work on providing such a great source of information about schools, and thank you for taking pride of Yucatan, and my beautiful home town Merida.

    I moved out from Merida in 1993. I have been living in the Alabama Gulf Coast area for 12 years, and I also take pride of my small contributions to the community that I live on. I work in a public school system in the state of Alabama for the last 8 years. I’m a spanish interpreter for parents of students that do not speak English. I earned my own degree from UADY, but I’m working on my master’s in Spanish Education in one of our local Universities.

    I see the parents concerns for their childrens’ transition to a foreign language, but to tell you the truth immersion will be the best way for them to learn, of course with the support of well trained spanish teachers that will help the students to increase their spanish skills. I think private schools will be more suitable to have already in place this type of programs. All you parents know your child’s specific strengths and weaknesess, so talk to the schools that you are interested in. I attended Colegio Americano for high school and had great success there. If you want a more advanced and rigorous school, try The Piaget (K-12). Some of my nieces and nephews attend there.

    In my experience with my own 4 nieces and nephews from Merida, who attended Merida schools and had come to live and study English for 1 year in the US in a total immersion English program, they all had great success, not just with the English language, but also in their academic subjects. Two of them were in the Honors program at their school, and both made the AB honor roll each semester. I want to let parents know that Merida produces very good and successful students, because Merida has great schools.

    Hope this will help and encourage you in your decisions,

  141. for the last 5 years i’ve beeing moving to merida but for one or other reason still here in usa i’m realy want to move back home have some concerns but schools are my priority for my kids they have big dreams and some of my friend said that oportunity there is not as here for schools quality i know is not 100 truth but maybe is some of it what you can tell me about earning scholarships for other countries or doing university over seas.

  142. Hello,
    For the past nine months I have been looking for information on schools and a way that I may continue to study here in Merida. I am from Belize City, Belize. I came upon this web page and have found quite a lot of usefull information. I have done all the nesessary documentaion needed for me to continue my Preparatoria. I would like to ask you ifyou can help me in any way or give me information on how I may aply for a scholarship. I my self am finding out and using the very little information that I have gathered to find a way in doing this.

    thank you very much for taking the time to read my message.


  143. I moved here in Aug 2009. I love it. I feel very safe here in the city. My children are 5 and 8yo. I have them at a school that teaches half the day in english and half the day in spanish. it is called IMA. Instituto Moderno Americano. My children didn’t speak a word or Spanish when we moved and now they are very excited and motivated to learn. My 5yo had a harder time initially because most of the kids in her class didn’t speak english but they find a way to communicate. Now, she speaks spanish very well and it has only been a few months. My 8yo had no problem at all and most of the kids in her class spoke english anyway. She did have to repeat the second grade because the school felt because of the learning of the language she needed the time. Plus they teach multiplication and division in the second grade here and where we lived in the states she wasn’t going to learn that until the third grade. I didnt want her to be behind in her class. She has done very well and we have just received first marking period grades. Wonderful!!.

    I have notices they take school very seriously here and there is much more homework. They even go back and test the kids on their knowledge as the school year goes on. Good thinking.

    Also I am so excited the girls are learning spanish. They will go so much farther as adults if they use this knowledge in their careers. And beleive me my girls have high aspirations.

    Another thing I liked about the school is that they teach ethics in a major way. I love that. They have focused so far on honesty and empathy and perseverance among other things.

    After having my daughters in school here, I have no worries. And most importantly, they love it!!!

    Best to you all. Babette

    further q’s email joseandbabette [at] yahoo [dot] com

  144. Hi WG,
    you might want to add yet another school. It’s called “The Workshop” and is located on the highway to Progresoafter passing Liverpool, just at the entrance to the periferico.
    I don’t know this school personally but heard good things about it.
    Cheers. Harald

  145. Thank you for the information regarding the PK-12 schooling opportunities. Are there any post-secondary colleges or universities in Merida? I am interested in moving there to teach at the post-secondary level, a college or university.
    Thank you for your assistance.
    cdecasal [at] hotmail [dot] com

  146. WOW GREAT information THANK YOU!!!

  147. hello, I read your comments, but why, you have not THE WORKSHOP on your list?
    this school for children is the perfect place, it is first place in the yucatan state in average in the national test ENLACE, it is inspired in the REGGIO EMILIA philosophy, 20 years of experience, ISO-9000-2000 certified program, it is the winner of the yucatan quality and innovation award, its English program is certified by University of Cambridge, beautiful facilities, did you forget about it? the best for young children 1 year old up to sixth grade.

  148. Thank you for the Workshop suggestion… its new and we have been working on getting the proper information to add it to the list. Things are a little slow over the holidays, as I’m sure you know. Stay tuned!!

  149. Hi, there´s another new school wich I think it´s good, you can review it at

  150. Do you know of any beauty schools in merida? Are they accredited? Do you have any contact information on the schools? I am really interested in learning. I live in Belize and Merida is only 6 hours by car away from me. If you don’t have the information, can you tell me where to try to find it? I googled Merida beauty school and a bunch of others and nothing is coming up.

  151. Sarah, there are a number of beauty schools here in Merida, and they all seem to be owned by the same family. We’re not sure what you mean by “accredited”. Here is the best one that we know about (but keep in mind that they do not teach in English):

    Katia Monforte Beauty School
    Address: C 21 # 115 x 22 y 24 Col. Itzimná.
    Phone: 926-9855

  152. [...] Living’s Updated List of Schools We have updated our Schools article and added some new schools based on reader suggestions and recommendations. We would like to thank [...]

  153. Wow what an amazing article on the schools in Merida. My husband and I are starting the process to make the move from Michigan to Merida. We have 3 children and I am due w our last baby next month! It is so good to know that there are schools there that will be able to accomodate my English speaking kids. I have girls ages 4 and 6 and our son is 22 months. I have finally started telling family and friends about the move and teh 1st thing everyone has to say is what about the kids and school?! I will have to point this article out to them so they don’t think we are crazy. It is so nice to know that there are other people out there like us who want to experience a different culture and want to do it with their children. My husband is a Veteran who was injured in Iraq and he was just retired last June at 100%. I feel so fortunate that we are able to make this move now and that we do not have to wait til we are of the typical retirement age. We are both 28, and I hope we are making a good decision. If anyone has any other info they would like to pass along to me I would so appreciate it! We are starting from ground zero right now, just applied for our Passports..I am hoping we can get moved this summer!! Email is cadelucia5 [at] gmail [dot] com

  154. Hello,
    We are moving from Canada to Merida this summer, and I’m looking for a school for my kids. Some of my kids should not have a problem going to english school because they are bilingual (french/english) but they don’t speak a word of spanish. If somebody could refer me a school in Merida that has a program for spanish beginners. My oldest is 12 and my youngest daughter is 4. I’m also looking for french teachers that could help me with my 11 year old son that I will be home schooling in french because he does not speak english and he has dysphasia. I hope I could find a french speech therapist ( orthophoniste). If anybody could help please don’t hesitate to write at totona111 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  155. Thank you so much for this very valuable article. My family is planning on relocating to Merida from Arlington, Va next year but first we plan on staying for this upcoming summer. My elder son will be 5 in August and his brother 3 in October. I’m wondering if any of the schools have summer camp options for children who will not be enrolled for the Fall or if there is a resource that may list other types of summer options. I can be reached at whyskeynoodle [at] yahoo [dot] com with suggestions. Gracias!

  156. I have an English speaking child attending secundaria in Merida. It’s quite an adventure. For the people who wrote that they will be moving to Merida with school age children. I strongly recommend that you contact the schools and or the Mexican consulate where you live. SEP has some very specific, very official paperwork you will need to present in order for you student to be registered and it may be difficult to obtain from your origin country once you are here, so best to have it before you leave. Good Luck.

  157. We’re passing this comment on that came to us via email:

    I just finished reading your article about schools in Merida. It was very informative and quite thorough. As such, the only comment I would add is this:

    I am Yucatecan by birth; however I lived in California from the age of 3 until 6 years ago when I decided to come home to my roots in Merida. Being 100% bilingual, I began teaching English grammar in “bilingual” schools… C.E.R., Patria, Ateneo de Merida, and I.M.A. I can definitely comment that the only school/students where I found the level of English to be truly “bilingual” was I.M.A.! I taught English Grammar, Literature and Oral Expression to the students in Secundaria. Not once did I have to resort to speaking Spanish in the classrooms!! And, the English teachers are pretty much all “native” speakers of English. So, if you are coming from an English-speaking country, I truly believe this is your best option.

    We’d like to add that if you want your child to learn Spanish, however, putting them somewhere where English is so well spoken may not help your child attain that goal.

  158. Hi! I’m the owner of a Language School in Mérida and we’re urgently looking for an English Language Teacher (British English preferable) to teach advanced courses (Cambridge alte examinations training) in the mornings in our school which is located in Altabrisa area. If you are interested or know of somebody who would, please contact me in my mail account: glob [dot] passage [at] hotmail [dot] com.
    *I know this is not a “job finder” page, and I beg your apologies in case my reply is considered out of place or offensive in any sense to somebody.

  159. Hi there we are moving in the north side of Merida and I have three little children ages from 6 to 10. I am looking for a good school for them. Does anyone know any reputable english speaking schools, preferably English and Spanish courses. Thanks

  160. Does anyone know what the opportunity for a English person to have the chance of getting a job in a Merida school is? I am interested in teaching English abroad but would like experience before i actually ‘take’ a job.
    I have heard of a qualification called ‘TEFL’ teaching english as foreign language – would i need this, even if just for experience? ( If not, any other job opportunities?)

    Thanks for the help, and this website has helped so much in other things i’ve looked at!

  161. My 3 sons, ages 10, 12 and 13, and I will be moving to Merida in 2011. From what I’ve learned reading this splendid article/thread, my guess is that we will homeschool rather than try and find a bilingual school. Does anyone have recommendations on how to find good tutors? Math, science and Latin, plus Spanish of course, would be my areas of greatest concern. Is it possible to find tutors capable of teaching more than one subject? Where does one look? I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who’s made a similar move. I can be reached at ayncabaniss [at] mac [dot] com.

  162. Hello, I am from the US and currently teaching internationally in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. I have a US teaching license as well as a TESOL teaching certificate. Because of the recent surge in violence in Northern Mexico we are thinking of moving down to Merida. It looks like a lovely place to live so I am looking for teaching positions down there for the following 2011-2012 school year (thinking ahead!). I was wondering if any of the schools hire international staff. Any suggestions or ideas would be very much appreciated! Thanks! PS. Wow! This is a fantastically detailed list of schools within Merida and was very helpful!

  163. Leah, you might try any of the schools listed on our OTHER comprehensive page about learning Spanish:

  164. Dear Friends…

    Just to let you know that I am a proud parent of The Workshop school ! My daughter has been attendding for the past 3 yrs and results are truly visible. The ELACE test results ( nationwide Spanish & Math Test ) were published yesterday, and The Workshop achieved 2nd Place (private schools) of the whole state!! this is the fourth year that our school achives to be on the TOP 5!!!

    I really recommend taking a look at this school if you are planning to relocate or live in Merida and of course have young ones!

    their web site:

    Regards! this is a great and resourcefull web page!! Thanks a lot!

  165. Hi there we moved in the north side of Merida and I have two children ages from 4 and 7. I found a great school for them. I can definitely comment that I found the level of English to be truly high and they take great care of children personality and emotions. They have swimming lessons integrated to their sports program. So I recommend Saint Patrick’s School also called Centro Educativo Irlandes if you are coming from an English-speaking country or a high level bilingual school this is your best option.

    The school internet address is: Telephone: (999) 9380555.

  166. We are in Canada and my 15 yearold daughter and her friend want to go to Merida for 2 or 3 months to learn Spanish. (They already speak French) They want to live in a home stay and go to a regular school to be with kids their age and have complete Spanish Immersion (as opposed to one of the Language schools which only appear to do student programs in the summer). Does anyone have any suggestions? I have only heard back from Lescuela Moderno who were very receptive to the idea but I am a bit concerned they will be completely overwhelmed and 2 months may not be enough to absorb much. Also, the stories of documentation and red tape don’t sound encouraging. Thanks!

  167. Is there a boarding school called” Santisima Trinidad” for girls? It’s in Chuburna De Hidalgo Merida Yucatan. If so can you give me the address?

  168. We’re looking into it and will get back to you.

  169. Does anyone have information for Parents looking to take college courses? Let me know Mommyduarte [at] aol [dot] com

  170. Such an informative and interesting website! The English as a Second Language teacher at my school suggested it. She visits Merida at least once a year and says it is “paradise!” I have not read anything regarding special education on the posts. I am a seasoned special education teacher with much experience in the areas of Autism and Intellectual Disabilities at the moderate to severe level. Thanks to all the great posts I feel I have a good grasp on locating a school for my daughter (who speaks no Spanish but has a Mexican father). Can anyone offer information on the educational needs of children with disabilities in Merida, if special education teachers are needed at this time?

    Thank you everyone!


  171. Hi all,
    I just wanted to make sure that the school that my daughter is attending is on the list for consideration, especially for parents of young children
    The school takes children in their pre-school program as young as 2.) It’s called “Grupo Montessori” but most people just refer to it at Montessori Xcumpich — given it’s location across from the ex-hacienda Xcumpich. My daughter is nearly 5 and I looked around quite a bit and tried different schools before enrolling my daughter here for the time we are in Merida. It’s considered one of the most progressive schools in the city, and is housed in a beautiful old hacienda building, surrounded by green, huge trees, chickens, dogs, cats and of course the odd mosquito or two :-)
    Inside everything is wood, very simple, and the curriculum follows a fairly strict montessori approach. I felt really good about the two conferences/meetings with my daughter’s teacher — very observant and reflective, and demonstrating a high degree of commitment to each child’s individual growth. I also appreciate that there are children of different ages in each class (standard for montessori), and that the children bring their work home every friday to share with the parents. Parents rotate bringing lunch, and there is no junk food allowed at all, which I had problems with elsewhere. Lastly, there are children of different economic backgrounds which I appreciate.

    Note that the school is not bilingual, but in my opinion this is an advantage. While in Mexico, my daughter needs to work on her Spanish, not her English (although they do have regular English classes, and an English taller after school..). Most so-called bilingual schools I’ve seen are really not bilingual, and the level of English taught is such that it wouldn’t improve/build on the language skills of a native speaker.

    The school has been around for some time, and its director, Jayne Arellano, is North American, and very helpful.

  172. I just have a question, for your experience, looks like there is not a full english-speaking school in Merida?. You have a nice webside.
    Thanks for your response.

  173. I am moving to Merida in January 2011 and want to enroll my 4 year old nephew into a school. Has anyone experience enrolling their child in January?

    Thank you,
    Michele Worthington

  174. does anyone know of any summer schools or programs for kids ages 5 and 9 ?

  175. My husband and I are going to Merida in February 2011 to look for a home to rent and a school for our kids. We are moving to Merida in July 2011 from Calgary, Canada.
    This site is fabulous for information. We currently have Adriana from YES looking into setting up interviews/meetings at some of the billingual schools. Our boys are 5 and 7
    and will be starting Grades 1 and 2 in September 2011.They are currently in a Montessori school here but we are open to all methods of learning. We are so excited for this move and a new experience for our family. Any suggestions or experiences from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!

  176. Lyn.
    I am a yucatecan living in Sequim, WA. I am married to an American and have two awesome boys (5 and 2 yo). I am a Montessori AMI Certified Teacher and my friends run a Montessori School in Merida. I’m not sure on the address. I will let you know later when I get a response from them. The school is a very small community and very lovely. The teachers are great.


  177. Hi Ceci,

    I am also looking for a Montessori School and would love to hear about your friends school in Merida, my daughter is 7 yrs old and would go into second grade next school year.

    Looking forward to hear the name of your friends school,


  178. Love this website! Internet is amazing!. We are visiting Merida in mid-July to August and are interested in schools for children, age 3, 8, 10. I see the school year starts in August, wondering if these same schools run Summer programs/camps. I would like the kids to get Spanish from programs accustomed to children. Also shopping for lodging….. thank you!!

  179. Hi Lyn,
    My friends’ school is Comunidad Educativa Maria Montessori. The address is call 45 #151 x 36A y 38 Benito Juarez Norte. Código postal 97000.
    Phone 9 44 36 20
    The principal’s name is Adda Elena Conde Narvaez.

    The school is a small community and very friendly. They are great people and very loving. One of my teacher friends has a canadian family now in her classroom.

    I wish you luck on your search. Whatever you decide I believe you will be happy living in Merida, Yuc. It is a BEAUTIFUL CITY. Even though I don’t live there anymore. I miss it tremendously.
    I miss my family, friends, and food.

    Once again, good luck and have a great time in my hometown. You will enjoy it.

    Ceci Buhrer

  180. Hi all, I am an American Married to a Yucatecan, and have been living in Merida for the last 25 years. We brought up out two children here. They went to a wonderful scool listed on this site: IMA. I have always said it’s the best kept secret in Merida. They do not advertise much, but I can say that although I am American, my kids mostly learned their English there, especially reading and writing. which is something I would not have been able to teach at home. Both of my children studied there for many years, and it is a bilingual, bicultural School (We even had Thanksgiving play). I ran into this page and was very pleased to see a post by my daughter, Stefanie (see sept 2007), so not only I was pleased with it, but she was as well. She went to the US for one year in High School and was praised by teachers and did better in her English, speech class than many of her classmates. I have see many friends who bring their kids here and they learn the language faster than their parents. Kids are fast learners, and pick up language quickly.

    Welcome to all those planning to come to Merida. It is a wonderful place to live, and I love it here. I hope you all will too.

  181. Hi Merida,

    My husband and I with 2 sons (ages 4 and 9) are from Houston and are currently living in Monterrey, Mexico this year but we are planning to move to Merida this summer. We are thankful for this wonderful list of schools and comments but we were wondering since some of the schools we have contacted said there are no available spots for the grades we need, then we can put the names on a waiting list. Is this common for good schools and do they usually have spots open up towards the end of this school year? I was thinking no spots now since most schools had the inscription period in Jan. or earlier this month. Also, question abouts neighborhoods: are guarded neighborhoods common in Merida like they are here in Monterrey? We heard the north part of Merida is nice for families, but if someone can tell us which neighborhoods are nice in that part.

  182. There are some private neighborhoods. Guarded private neighborhoods are less common. Between both varieties, I doubt if they have 20% of the population living in them. And that sounds high.

    The general population does not live in either private or guarded neighborhoods. Parents and children are common on all the streets, going to and from school.

  183. Hy my name is sofia during my chilhood I live in Merida and I went to San
    Agustin Academy. In this list of schools I had found a couple of people whom I don’t know if they are my friends. If not I would like to find some of my friends to be in contact with them, there are some of my friends names, Maru, Mirna, Landy Tovar, Carmen Bautista, Teresa Bovadilla and many more that I wants to hear of them.

  184. Well after 2 weeks of searching for a house to rent and a school for our boys we decided on the town of Progreso. They have a small montessori school there (bilingual) and the owner Debbie was fantastic. We found a great little house on the beach and now have to get ready for the big move from canada!
    We have started a blog to share our experience of moving to Mexico. Feel free to follow us as we start our grand adventure! It is

  185. Any suggestions or websites anyone might recommend on rentals in Merida? I would like to rent first and then buy or build a passive solar home in Merida. I noticed some websites charge foreigners more for rent. Spanish websites would be appreciated as well.



  186. Dale, you can look at The Diario: Rental Section: for their real estate section: “bienes raices” under “avisos economicos”

    You can also try for an expat forum. A lot of the members are centered around beach living, rather than city living, but there is some cross-pollination. You can get lots of free, sometimes cranky, advice there. :-)

    Also, TacoList:

    On Spanish sites, prices are in pesos, naturally.

    There are also advertisers listed on YucatanLiving which offer rentals.

    One area of confusion perhaps: An “expat ready” rental often has upgraded plumbing and electrical service, as well as AC or ceiling fans in every room, more spacious bathrooms, etc. Don’t be too quick to think you’re being charged “gringo prices” without comparing the actual properties. You may find “the usual” rentals acceptable, but many expats demand more finished or more refined surroundings.

  187. Hi everyone,we are planing to move Merida as well,we currently live in Spain and our son 9 year old has been in Brittish private school for 4 years,he is fluent in english and spanish.
    Because we are very pleased with this British school system ,we are looking for a school in Merida most similar to this one,we understand that there is no British schools out there ,but is there any school which is certified by University of Cambridge or IB ?
    I know that Workshop school is certified by University of Cambridge,but for us its no good because our child has to go to year 6 and they do not have secondary there.
    My question is where do the Workshop school pupils go after year six,which school they attend in secondary years?
    thank you
    and I also love this site

  188. Hi all, we are from Germany and also think that we would like to relocate. It would be great if there was a possibility for a British education in Merida. I sure hope that some day in near future you would have this kind of school there. It would be great because European expats then will be more attracted to relocate this area, rather then Mexico DF or other places where they already have these schools.

  189. Hola, soy yucateco y pienso traer a mi novia que es americana a vivir a mexico, ella tiene un niño, me gustaria saber que papeles necesitan traer para poder meterlo a la escuela, ellos van a entrar como turistas pero piesno casarme con ella en las primeras semanas, apreciaria mucho su ayuda, mil gracias.
    (Editor’s Translation: Hi, I’m a Yucatecan and i’m bringing my american girlfriend to live in Mexico. She has a boy. I would like to know what papers does he need to enroll him in school. They’re coming as tourists but i plan to marry her during the first weeks, I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks a lot)
    Also i can read a little english so you can text me in english, i just need help, thaks, they are coming in may

  190. I would love to know the English contact name and number for the Montessori school in Progresso – many hours searching online found an article about it but no contacts. Can anyone advise?
    Are there any other half english half spanish or all english private schools in Progresso for Kindergarten and grade 1?

  191. Hernan, we are pretty sure he will need his birth certificate and passport. Other than that, you should probably call one of the schools and ask them.

  192. Hernan,
    Your girlfriend may also need documentation – a signed letter or similar – providing permission from the child’s father to be taken out of the country.

    In order to prevent international child abductions, Mexican law requires that minors traveling without their parents, or with only one parent, present proof that they have their parents’ authorization for travel. They should carry a notarized letter from the absent parent or parents authorizing travel into Mexico. The minor must be carrying the original letter as well as proof of the parent/child relationship, usually a birth certificate.

    There are a few exceptions to this rule:

    * In the case that only one parent’s name appears on the birth certificate, that parent’s authorization is sufficient, along with presentation of the birth certificate.

    * If one parent has sole custody of the child, a court order must be presented.

    * If a parent is deceased, the death certificate should be presented.

    Example Letter of Authorization for Travel


    I (parent’s name), authorize my child/children, (child/children’s name) to travel to (destination) on (date of travel) aboard Airline/Flight # (flight information) with (accompanying adults), returning on (date of return).

    Signed by parent or parents
    Telephone/Contact: ### ### ####

    Also, See Step 7 here:

  193. Hi everyone:
    My name is Yanet from Mèrida, Yuc. I`m 30 years old and I am looking for a job as au pair/nanny.
    I have 3 years of experience and I was living in Ottawa, Canada for 2 years working with families. My first job was in London, UK in 2006. I am really looking an opportunity here at home. I had a bad experience 2 weeks ago with a family that was supposed to give me a job, but it fell through and I lost 22 mil pesos that I spent on my trip so I need to start again. I`m a very serious girl, kind, respectful and I can provide good references from 2 families from Ottawa. If you need more I can get them.
    I have been looking for a job here in Merida for 6 months but so far, no luck. Please, if you know somebody that needs an au pair/nanny, let me know. I want to improve my english because is not so good or learn another language. I can teach Spanish to your kids. I can travel too; I have a valid passport if you need me in your country. I would like to travel again and get another opportunity out of Mexico but I need to work and save.
    Thanks for read and for further information please don`t hesitate to e-mail me at : yanet_goc81 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  194. Hi! I’m the owner of a language school here in Mérida and we’re looking for a Certified English Language Teacher (native speakers preferred) to teach small groups 3-6 students. Some experience and knowledge of Cambridge ESOL certifications would be a plus! We’re located in Altabrisa Area. If interested, please!! send your resume with a cover letter to glob [dot] passage [at] hotmail [dot] com ASAP because we need the new member to start teaching ASAP!!!!!

  195. Am thinking of making the move to Merida with my 22 year old son. Need info on Universities in Merida that offer courses, and an eventual degree, in Organizational Psychology. He is currently enrolled in University of Leon. Has dual citizenship and is completely bi-lingual with some Japanese thrown in (that is self taught). Of course, his education is paramount and the websites that I have found are woefully incomplete.
    Thanking you in advance,

  196. Hello, I’m an elementary teacher with ten years experience from Ontario, Canada. My husband and I are considering packing up everything and moving to Merida. Are there any opportunities for teaching jobs in Merida? Are there any english speaking schools? I don’t speak a word of spanish, so I’d be looking for employment in an english only type of school.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  197. Wow! I ran across this section on schools in Merida and commend you on taking the time and effort to share such info.
    I would like to ask if you are aware of any foreign families that have come to settle in the Yucatan with austitic kids. If so, what educational and occupational resources have they utilized?
    Thanks. The blog is great!

  198. Hi,

    I am probably in a different situation then many on the website..or so I feel…I am husband is mexican and facing deportation so I am trying to relocate our family to Mexico. Ive been doing some research..we have about a year to plan..our children are ages 4 and 3. I speak pretty good spanish..the children don’t. I have a pretty good job in the US as and executive assistant..but am not sure what I will do to be able to help support our family there in mexico. My husband does construction for a living but has mainly been self employed in the states. I would like to know how to get a job in mexico (if I can) and how to enroll my kids in school ( where??) How much does it cost for school and housing and where can we live? are there rentals? I know we will be ok once we settle in.. its just making that first step that is scary..any suggestions would be extremely helpful and greatly apreciated.

  199. We are moving to Merida next year when our twins will be entering the 4th grade. Their Spanish will be just so-so. Can anyone recommend a school? Any thoughts on The Workshop? Also, looking for English-speaking math and science tutors?

    Excellent site. Thanks for all the hard work.

  200. Shanda, sorry to hear of your circumstances. I am an especially strong critic of the way the USA is handling immigration issues.

    There are plenty of rentals available in Merida. If you use Spanish speaking websites, you will locate a wider variety at better prices.

    The Diario de Yucatan’s:

    Also, TacoList:

    And if you put “renta casa Merida Yucatan” into Google, you’ll find many more.

    With your kids being young, they’ll adapt to schools easily and pick up more Spanish in class.

    The cost of living in Mexico can be less, especially if you can use public transportation. House rentals can be found for less than the US. Public schools are OK to start and very inexpensive, then once you get settled in, you can decide if you want to stay there or use a private school. No rush on schools.

    Have you been to Merida before? The climate is different than most of the USA (other than maybe Miami or Key West), but we like it. Best Wishes!

  201. As far as I know, the “boarding school for girls” in Chuburná called Santisima Trinidad is a shelter run by the Catholic Church for young girls who have been abused.

  202. Great site and very helpful topic. Are there any IB schools in Yucatan? I have a 11 year old girl and I would like her to have the opportunity to do IB.

  203. good evening ,

    still want to know,which school is teaching most subjects in english,I only understand now, that the school has the title of “bilingual”, but it might not be true after all. Help me please. Can you indicate on the list which schools are more English and which are more Spanish ones?

  204. My partner and I are planning on moving to Merida within the next 2 years. My partner is from Mexico (Reynosa) and I am a US citizen. I am excited to make the move but like all humans nervousness comes with change. I am just beginning my journey and am starting to research what is needed for a US citizen to make the move and what steps do I take to find a job. I am a first grade bilingual teacher in Houston, Texas but am not closed to working in other fields. By the time I arrive in Merida I will have my masters in professional counseling and will be working on my PhD. I love your website and would love to perhaps meet others who have made the move from the US to Merida.

  205. I am looking for the name/address/website for the Down Syndrome school in Merida. Can you help me? Thanks.

  206. Paula, we don’t know the particulars but we know someone who will. We suggest you contact the offices of Salvador Reyes Rios and his wife Josefina Larrain. They are active in that community. Their website is

  207. Hi ,

    does anyone have an updated information about Workshop school ,do they still go only up to 6 th grade and if they do so ,i which school should those children go after they graduate the 6 th grade?

    love this article,

  208. Does anyone know what the tuition is the The Workshop school? Thanks.

  209. Also any info on the Colegio Libanese Peninsular school?

  210. Don’t know anything at the moment, but we will look into it!

  211. Hello, I am a Canadian , moving to Merida Mexico next year. I need to find a high school that accepts english students and can help me develop Spanish as a second language. I dont now know any Spanish as of now.

  212. You might try contacting The Workshop (info above).

  213. I want to leave one part of the Caribbean to live in another. I am from St. Lucia and am considering moving to Merida to teach English. I have been to Merida before and have friends there. I want to know whether these schools hire foreigners to teach English.

  214. I’ve been reading this site over the last 7 months. I will be moving to Merida in January of 2012 to get married and teach. If anyone knows of any schools in Merida looking for a ESL teacher with a accredited CTESOL certificate for 140 hours, a child development permit which includes a FBI background check, a BA in fine art painting and over 100 hours of ESL volunteer teaching experience please do let me know.

  215. Really happy to have come across this particular site/topic today. I have been reading Yucatan Living for quite some time now. Two things:

    Lyn from Calgary??? How are you liking it in Progresso…why there and not Merida. I too live in Calgary, actually Cochrane, and would love to hear all about your journey. I have been to Merida and soon plan on making that very scary move in the next year. I will be returning again soon to Merida and would be GREAT to hook up or at least keep in touch via email or facebook. It makes me feel better that someone has already made the move and I would love to hear all about it.

    Lorena Pacheco? Are you still looking for English Teachers and what qualifications are needed for the job?

    I can be reached by both of you at my email address: sweet_peas2001 [at] shaw [dot] ca or my facebook page: Elise Ryan-Fryer

    Looking to hear from anyone to talk more about Merida…I eat that information up!! lol

  216. Hola, do you guys have any statistics about how many foreign pupils are in all of those schools what are mentioned in this article, and what nationality? I heard that there is a full english school in Merida but I can’t find it. I suppose the current schools have changed their bilingual curriculum for and English one, or is there a new 100 % English school now?

  217. I will be traveling with our family to Progresso/Meridia in, February 2012, by cruise ship. We like to donate school supplies to a school in need each year. We have a couple backpacks full of goodies. We would like a recommendation on a school that would benefit from the donation. Please advise a name and way to locate or contact school in advance.

  218. Karen, if you read this article called Cloning the Apoyo, you will find links to a few worthy organizations here in the Yucatan.

  219. Im thinking about moving here to Merida im a 11th grader at the moment if i were to complete my senior year here would i be held back ?

  220. Hola,

    Does anyone know if we can enrol our 4-year-old in a bilingual kindergarten for just 2 months? If so, which ones should I get in touch with? (we are from Quebec, Canada).

  221. Thanks so much for all of this information. I love the Workshop’s website and it looks fantastic. I have contacted them, but received no reply for 2 weeks. Does anyone know what the tuition is? Is it difficult to get in? Plan to visit them in May when I come. Thanks so much!

  222. Your blog is great, we are swiss looking to come. Do you have any info 2012? I’m looking for a preparatoria, Are there any German schools too? thanks,

  223. Hello, I know this site (which is great) covers Merida and surrounding area, but hoping maybe someone knows a person that they can refer for a teaching job in Cancun. Please go here to learn more:

  224. i just moved to the Progreso area. i know of some great schools in Merida, but does anyone know of any great schools in the Progreso area? I have hit up about 5 small ESL schools. Are there more I don´t know about?

  225. We have perfected many skills over the years, but reading minds isn’t one of them. Without knowing what schools you have already investigated, its hard to tell you if there are any you have missed.

  226. Hola,
    We are New Orleanians that are planning to stay a month in Merida this July and would like to have our kids attend a summer camp (ages 4 and 5). They speak both English and Spanish but could use some extra Spanish exposure. Does anyone have any camps they would recommend? Our kids love art, nature and animals, but any recommendations for quality camps would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  227. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your website! My family and I are planning on moving to Merida after many years of waiting for an opportunity. My husband is Mexican but the children and I are all “gringos”. I’ve visted Merida several times but just as quick day trips on our way to Cancun. We have 3 children all under the age of 10. I’m wondering, is there a section of town you’d recommend to live in for a growing family over another? We’d like to be close to the center but realize that’s still a large area that could vary a lot. And for anyone out there, how was the adjustment period for you and your family? Can you tell I’m nervous? Ha! Excited too; all the info helps. Thanks again for your website! I’m so grateful for it! :D

  228. Laura, there are places close to the centro, like Colonia Chuburna or Itzimna, that are a little more family-friendly than the centro historico… where there are bigger parks and places for children to ride bikes, etc. Actually, we have always thought that Colonia Aleman would be a nice place to raise kids. They have a huge park that includes a skateboard park!

  229. Hi All,

    My wife is from Mexico and I am from Montreal, I would appreciate any recommendations for an elementary school in Merida that is trilingual if possible. (French, Spanish, English) or am I being a too ambitious :)

    At very minimum French / Spanish would be ok, kids are on their way to being trilingual we want to keep that momentum going.

    Any one tried home schooling with help of tutors ? If so any recommendations / advice is appreciated.

    Like to give a shout out to my fellow Canadians who had the courage to make the jump ! I am trying to build up that same courage. Anny

    Feel free to email me directly goodgambler [at] gmail [dot] com


  230. Hi All,

    I am planning my big move to Merida, from Belize, in the next two weeks. I am looking for schools, a part time bilingual (eng/spn) sitter, and safe apartment or house. I found several schools and am attracted to Alianz and Instituto de Educación Progresiva The Workshop. can anyone suggest or comment? unicornbaby_1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  231. Are there any schools that offer discounts with multiple children? I have 3 boys!
    ps…GREAT info! Thanks :)

  232. Hola, Sabrina. Some schools DO give discounts for multiple children, but that’s not a question we thought to ask! We will update our files eventually, but suggest you call the schools you are interested in and ask. Let us know what you find out!

  233. Hi Sabrina American School does have discounts, the school is great and beutifull facilities and the new director Donna is awesome , I have my kids there and I´m encourage all parents to put the kids in that school , right now they had a few students because of the last administration , but a good thing is that the kids has all the teachers for their own , We are a Mexcio-Colombian family and we are happy that our kids had bilingual culture.

  234. Sounds like there is a real demand for an english speaking school in Merida.

  235. yes I absolutly agree that there is great demand of full english school in Merida.

  236. Hola yo soy mexicana radicada en usa y de vacaciones por mexico conoci Merida y quede enamorada de este lugar, mi esposo y yo estamos planeando movernos para Merida con nuestros dos hijos de 13 y 14 anos y estamos un poco nerviosos por las escuelas principalmente por el mayor que le gusta mucho usa el habla poco espanol y quisiera si me pueden recomendar una buena preparatoria que se le haga un poco mas facil por lo del idioma gracias.

    Editors Attempt at a Translation:
    Hello! I am Mexican and based in the USA. We have gotten to know Merida through our vacations and we’re in love with the place. My husband and I are planning to move to Merida with our 13 and 14 year old sons. We are a bit nervous that the schools mostly speak Spanish and wondered if you can recommend a good preparatoria where it might be a little easier for our boys to learn the language.

  237. Dear Anonymous, we have heard that the Workshop might be a place where more English is spoken in school. Also, we understand there is a group here organizing an American school, which we will certainly let you all know about as soon as we have more details.

  238. I am thinking of moving to Merida with my 17 year old daughter. We both speak a higher intermediate level of Spanish and we are both interested in full immersion. I am wondering which high school might be a good fit for her to finish her senior year as well as enable us both to fully enjoy and immerse ourselves in the Yucatecan culture for the year…….maybe more. She is currently a junior so our journey would begin after June of this year. Thank you for any bit of advice.

  239. Hello!! I am also relocating to Merida and in desperate need of an international school. My child currently attends the American school in Cancun and I am looking for something similar. Any idea when this American school will be opening, or any suggestions. I have been recommended to the Workshop but they do not have any room. Thank you!!!

  240. We suggest you contact the American School directly. Good luck!

  241. Hello, I am looking for british school in Merida. Anyone know of one?

  242. My husband and I are looking for a school or camp for our children for the month of June. We want to immerse them in a safe, Hispanic environment where they can practice their Spanish, learn about the culture and history and form new friendships. I see this as a very mutually-beneficial, symbiotic relationship, as the Mexican children may enjoy practicing their English and meeting new friends.

    After researching much of Central and South America and Mexico, Merida seems perfect! Are there any camps available? Are there schools you can recommend that would be open for enrollment for a month? Or open to establishing a new program. I am a published children’s author and would be happy to volunteer teaching English in an exchange effort….

    Many thanks!

  243. I was wondering if anyone knows any summer camps/programs for a 13 year old boy in Merida. We will be in Merida July and August 2013 and wanted to enrol our son in a camp/program, maybe some sports as well so he meets friends and learns Spanish.

    Any ideas? Thanks, much appreciated.

  244. We are looking for information about a primary school in/near Santiago. We will be relocating there very soon, and I have a 9 year old son who we’d like to try to get into school. We have currently been homeschooling him for 2 years but I believe being at a school will help him make new friends and learn Spanish much faster. Does anyone know anything good/bad about the public school at Santiago Square? (The green one with the dome, can’t recall the name.)

    Once I have him in school, I can look for a job teaching English. (I have a B.A. and an M.A. and plenty of teaching experience, but no ESL or TOEFEL certification. I am hoping I will still be able to find a position, even if just part time.) I may be better off just offering per-hour English tutoring from my home. Who knows.

  245. We are looking to move to Merida this summer and would like to get our daughter (she is 4) into preschool and beyond. Is there any updated info on the schools? Thanks.

  246. Amy, we keep the information as fresh as we possibly can. Are you looking for something in particular?

  247. Hello, I am wondering if you have any information on teaching jobs in Merida/Progresso area. My husband and I (along with our daughter) will be moving to Telchac from Minnesota. I am a teacher here and would love to teach in Mexico as well. I do have certification in ESL as well as elementary education. Do you see this as a tough job market to get into? Just wondering as I am trying to decide what I will do when we move permanently. Thank you.

  248. Georgeanna, there always seem to be some jobs in Merida teaching English. However, the pay is not what you are used to. If you aren’t in it for the money, you should be able to find some work at one of the schools in this list:

  249. We are from Montreal, Quebec intend to visit Merida from Dec. 2013 until March 2014 and would like to find a private French/Spanish/English teacher. Our boys will be in Grade 1 and 3. We are considering home-schooling or maybe a combination of private school/private tutoring so our kids can follow the homeschooling program from Quebec. Any comments or contacts are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance. We can’t wait to leave the snow and cold behind ! :)

  250. Andre, we have a Jobs section where people can advertise Jobs Wanted or Jobs Offered. If you would like to explain the person you are looking for, send an email to info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com and we’ll be happy to post it there for you. That will get sent out in our newsletter to our over 2700 subscribers. And it’s free.

  251. Does anyone have experience with a good bilingual kindergarten program in Merida?
    Our daughter just turned 4 this year and we are looking for a kindergarten. Also we need to find a preschool program that could accept her this fall (2013).

  252. Hi,
    Does anyone have experience with this school? Colegio Iberoamericano de Merida, A.C. on Avenida Colón #196-A x 12 y 14, Merida (from the above list).


  253. Hi my name is Sandra. I’m Mexican living in SF for more than 10 years; my husband who is Yucateco is living in Ticul at this time. My 2 kids (15 and 7) and I are going to move to Merida during the summer before the start of the next school year. My daughter who is in 10th grade and my son in first are very excited to go to school in Merida.

    I want to know if someone knows the process to enroll a new student specially coming from another country in Merida. How much time do I need before the start of the next school year to enroll my 2 kids?

    Please if someone can help me with that. Thank you!!

  254. Sandra, it probably depends on which school you are planning to enroll the children in. Do you know yet?

  255. Does anyone know which schools in Merida are the best to TEACH English at, in terms of better pay, working conditions, and any other factors or benefits/perks? I have offers pending from about 5 schools right now, so I would be interested to hear from other English teachers as to their experiences.

  256. Hello again!

    We’ll be moving from California to Progreso to live for a school year. I’ve just recently found out that the schools can start at different days/months! I’ll be sending my younger ones to the Montessori school in Progreso but I still haven’t found my soon-to-be 9th grader a good fit yet for a school. I was hoping to keep him in Progreso. Does anyone have any information about a Jr High or High School (9th grade) in Progreso that will support English speaking students?

  257. Georgeanna –

    There is always room for one to get lucky, But, teaching work is very hard to get in Merida. The main thing you or anyone can do is network, network, network. That is what the community is based on.
    I suggest talking to some people you trust to get their experiences teaching at certain schools so you can get with the best one for you.

  258. Sabrina, here are my opinions:
    I would not recommend Progreso as the town to go to for English. Progreso is a Spanish-speaking town for the most part. There are very few times you will come across anyone ever that speaks English.
    Atheno school in Merida is a beautiful school but I’m not sure if they have an English program. The school itself is large and clean and has many instructors.
    The Workshop school is great teaching students through the use of art. I really like the instructors at Allianz, they are strict but in a cool way.

  259. Hello Thanks for your great research. Right now we are living in Cuernavaca, Morelos but we are moving this July. Do you know the mail of some bilingual schools in Merida? So my wife and I can send our resume. I am the principal of a school and my wife is an english teacher. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  260. Nestor, most of the schools listed above have websites. I’m sure you can get their emails from the websites. You might also check our listing of Spanish Language Schools here.

  261. Hi Everyone, I have been reading all the help that everyone is so forth giving, WOW it’s awesome. I am planning to move to Merida in approx. 1 year. I used to be an Police Officer in NJ, and now I work in the medical field as a Certified Medical Assistant. My first concern is how do I find employment, what processes must I take to be able to work in Merida. Can anyone help.

  262. Hello…
    Any opinions on the Centro Educativo Motuleno?
    thank you.

  263. We found out that Centro Educativo Motuleño is a private school in Motul for primaria, secundaria and preparatoria. It is located on Calle 27 Num. 337 Motul De Carrillo Puerto, Yucatán. But we don’t know anyone who has attended or sent their kids there. Sorry!

  264. Thank you for the quick reply…will continue to dig.

  265. Hi! Does anyone have any info on the homeschooling community here in Mérida? Our daughter is young still, 2 yrs old, but we are interested in homeschooling.

  266. Be cautious when the school advertises “Biliingual”. In our experience, a lot of the English teachers do not have a full command of English and as English speaking kids get older, the daily mantra will be “Do Not Correct the Teacher”. Also bilingual, in our experience, means two hours of the “Farmer in the Dell”, and learning colors in fifth grade (and this was one of the highly rated programs), which of course is extremely boring to a child proficient in English. Our experience was best in an all-Spanish program, though now my son is in 7th grade and in a home-school program, after 7 years of different programs. Also as a side note there is a huge chasm between the definition of bilingual and bicultural.

  267. Centro Educativo Motuleño is an excellent school. My children (9 and 3 years) went there for a year. Their Spanish was very basic at the time. We loved the school, the teachers and the community of Motul. The school has a different atmosphere than many private schools in Merida where the local students are from a more privileged background. CEM has a top standard quality education but still a small village feel. Plus the tuition is extremely affordable. The owner, Norma, is a native English Speaker, and very lovely.

  268. Awesome work you guys have done! Thanks so much!

  269. Notice you did not mention the Agora School. It is bilingual. Any reason you did not include this particular school or were you unaware of it?

  270. Thanks, Jane. We did not know about it… but we are gathering the information and will add it as soon as we can.

  271. Hi! I found rhis article really helpful. We are a mexican family, and we are moving to Merida in January. We have a 2 year old girl, and this school list has been quite helpful. As a mexican, I am looking for my girl to be proficient at least in english and spanish, and I a also looking fot an open- multicultural type of education…

    Thanks a lot!

    Loving Merida… it is a very beautiful city… !!!

  272. HI, we are moving from Canada next summer with 3 kids (will be 8,6,4) and are looking at Alianz (looks like a good school with strong sports programs), Centro Educativo Calvary (small Christian school with great heart), the Workshop (looks like a unique school but no space currently) and maybe Roger’s Hall (not sure – can’t read their website!). Any thoughts on these schools from other parents?

  273. I would suggest connecting with the Growing Up in the Yucatan facebook group to get recommendations for private/public schooling and homeschooling.

  274. I am checking if there are any boarding schools in the Yucatan region?
    For a 15 year old girl.

  275. No boarding schools that we know of, no.

  276. Thanks Corinne!

  277. Our family is moving to Merida this August. We have a 14 year old son with a physical disability – NOT AN EDUCATIONAL DISABILITY. Currently in the USA he is in 8th grade and a straight A student. He speaks a little bit of Spanish, but not enough to completely immerse in the language. We are very open to having him audit for a school year in order to absorb the language. He had muscular dystrophy, but is still walking.

    Can anyone recommend a good school to start – maybe one that is all on one level? He is very into computers. I have been through the listing here and am really impressed. But if anyone has any specific information, I would appreciate ANYTHING. We will be in Merida looking for living arrangements this April and would like to visit some schools to see which may be a good fit for him. Thanks so much and I appreciate any and all comments.

  278. Hi Noreen,
    Comunidad Educativa Loyola mentioned above would be a good option. They have other students with special needs.

  279. Hi there, we will be spending 3 months in Merida this year with a view to a more permanent move next year and would like to enroll our 2 year old in some type of daycare. He currently goes to daycare here in New Zealand 2 days per week and we would like to find a similar scenario where children are not required to attend 5 full days. We are open to five half days (4 hours) if that is possible. We will be staying in Centro, near to the English Library. We don’t plan on renting a car, can anyone recommend somewhere walking distance to the English Library? It seems a lot of places are Norte. Muchas gracias!

  280. We just came from 1 week of investigating Merida, with 2 days looking at 6 schools in North Merida area for our 6 and 8 year old boys.

    Overall I was impressed with most of the private schools, but the one that blew us away was Agora Comunidad Educativa. Its not the largest, famous or most modern. But the passion, energy of the teachers and alternative teaching method really impressed us. The fact that you can actually communicate with the administration in English was a big plus! In the other schools, it seems they have bilingual teachers but not so much in the administration. Thankfully my wife who speaks Spanish acted as my translator. We wanted an alternative to the traditional teaching methods. And this one fits the bill quite nicely. Really feels like a community with people looking out for each other. What a breath of fresh air. The other school that was supposed to be one of the best is THE WORKSHOP but they had a backlog of over 200 students waiting to get in, so there was no point in visiting them.

    When we came back to our frozen Canadian land, Agora Comunidad Educativa was the only school that followed up to see if we had any questions. They even update their Facebook page regularly so that shows me they are also in touch with social media concepts, technology, etc. We had Adriana from Yucatan Expatriate Services show us around and take us to the schools, which really helped save time and we also got invaluable tips from someone who lives there. She was awesome and we highly recommended her. She can also setup appointments with realtors to look at houses, etc. which we also did. Just the insider info and answers to your questions is invaluable from someone who lives there. Thank you Adriana and Yucatan Expatriate Services! We are looking to move there next year. We highly recommend the North Merida area for families. You can drive to Progreso from there in about 20 minutes and play at the beach on weekends! Sure beats dealing with snow and ice!


  281. Hello, We are a family of four looking to relocate to Merida. We are having trouble finding a school for our daughter starting 4th grade and our son starting 10th grade next year. We would like a bilingual school as they son’t speak any Spanish yet. Any and all tips are welcome

    Thank You

  282. Hi Wendy,

    I recommend you check out Agora Comunidad Educativa.

    Above sites are in Spanish, but the staff are bilingual.

    good luck !

  283. Hi Wendy, our family came down earlier this year to research schools for our three children (8,6 and 4) and decided to choose Roger’s Hall after evaluating other schools. We really liked the school, the teachers and the staff. Happy to share more with you if you need more information. Our kids are only learning very basic spanish here in Calgary so the adjustment this fall will be interesting. We decided not to go with a bilingual school and instead to go with this one. They will learn faster than we will I’m sure! The teachers are going to really help with the transition and we are going to arrange after school tutoring for the kids to help with language and homework.

    Anyone know of any kind of social group for families who have moved to Merida with young kids? We would love to get to know some of you who have or are moving down like we are.

    Packing up and coming soon!

  284. Thanks for the detailed research and ongoing information. It is very helpful. Do you happen to know of any IB (International Baccalaureate) schools in Merida? We have a college-bound 11th grader who will begin the IB program in Costa Rica this September but we will be moving to Merida soon. Thank you!

  285. I see previous posts from 2008-09 about interest in a Waldorf school. Is there anybody interested NOW? My husband and I will be moving to Mérida in January and are very interested in either starting a Waldorf playgroup, or homeschooling co-op, or even a school in the future. We have 2 boys 4, and 8, and they attended a Waldorf school in Guadalajara, and later in the Netherlands. We are very unhappy that there are no Waldorf initiatives in Mérida, as we cannot imagine changing to another type of pedagogy, and at the moment we are homeschooling. Anybody interested in starting a Waldorf initiative, or learning more about this unique and holistic pedagogy, please email us at: minniemapsam at yahoo dot com dot mx

  286. @ Daphne .. that is what Merida is lacking, a school that would offer the IB certificate (PYP, MYP or DP) which would help students move on at the international level when it comes to applying to college/universities outside Mexico. So far no school that I know offers it.

  287. @ Daphne … Madison International schools will be opening a campus in Mérida this upcoming school year (2015 – 2016). I believe it will be located by or at the Yucatan Country Club grounds in the outskirts of Mérida. They will offer the PYP & MYP IB programmes to eventually offer DP. I got this info from the Diario de Yucatán in case if you are wondering. We (my wife and I) are currently working in Beijing at a British International school (IB & IGCSE) and we are giving it a thought relocating there. We have had talks with the MYP coordinator well as what would be the head of the schools. Hopefully things will work out, but because we have two young boys it’ll all depend on pay as well as benefits. Anyway, you can google for Madison International School or Colegios Madison to get more detailed info – we tried calling Mérida’s number and it worked. Cheers

  288. @ Daphne … The school has 4 campuses in Mexico, including Monterrey where they have their central administration.

  289. Thank you, Alekz!

  290. Thank you SO much for this fabulous article. My son is only 7 and currently attends a private school in Nova Scotia. His biggest fear was the language and meeting new friends. My husband and I want to move to Merida SO much. We just need to find work we can do remotely. Please pray, cross fingers, wish on a star etc that Merida can welcome three new frozen Canucks soon. I feel so much better after reading about the schools in Merida. It feels like it is all coming together… :)

  291. Good luck, Chrissy! Fingers crossed for you!

  292. Hi, I’m a student currently finishing her last year in Escuela Modelo. I’ve been living in Merida for about 4 years now, and have gone through preparatoria in the same school. In terms of English “resources” in Modelo, there are definitely a few teachers that speak English and most if not all of the faculty in preparatoria are understanding and willing to help if a student is struggling with the language. In the first year (10th grade in the case), there are about five teachers that understand English, not including the English teachers themselves. In second year, its about the same, since many of the teachers in preparatoria teach different subjects, and in third year there are about 7 teachers, not including the English teachers. It took about a full year for me to learn to speak Spanish at a level where I wouldn’t have to struggle with classes, since they’re all in Spanish (save for the English classes). Also from what I’ve seen there are English classes held on Saturdays, but that’s kind of like an extracurricular activity that isn’t exactly associated with the school’s regular weekly classes for student. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

  293. Thank you for that insightful report, Isabel!! We really appreciate it!

  294. Hello all,

    A quick introduction for those I have not yet met: My name is Doug Sain, and I have been an educator in the United States for the past sixteen years. In July of 2014 my family of four moved to Merida to pursue our dreams and grab some family adventure. To say the least we’re having a blast. We have found the Yucatan to be a wonderful place for us.

    Moving forward we will open Global Village Charter School in Merida for the 2015-2016 school year. Global Village will be an international school geared towards students of all backgrounds and nationalities, one that will emphasize project-based learning and differentiated instruction. Global Village will offer a variety of subjects for students; however, what will distinguish this school are the opportunities and explorations beyond the traditional educational standards. By utilizing cultural resources and the diverse talents of both educators and professionals, Global Village touts a customized curriculum to create an impassioned and enthusiastic learning environment.

    Please know this post is meant only as a brief introduction to the school. If you are interested in learning more about Global Village, please send me a message via Facebook or email. I will then send you a detailed outline of the school, along with staff resumes. I am very excited to share our comprehensive vision for Global Village.

    As parents we are all in search of the best place and right educational fit for our children. That is the genesis of Global Village. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Best wishes and safe travels, Doug

    Global Village Charter School
    Merida, Yucatan
    Dougsain73 [at] gmail [dot] com

  295. Thank you, Doug. When you are getting ready to open, please send us all the details so we can add you to the list!

  296. You got it. Thanks for keeping this site going. It was very helpful when we moved here. Regarding Global Village, we are right on track on an August, 2015 opening. Thanks again!

  297. Hi,

    I am a bilingual teacher from Chicago, with more than 10 years of teaching experience in grades K-8. I am certified in a variety of areas, including a masters in reading and certification as a reading specialist. I also spent a year teaching English at an primaria and secundaria in Merida. Further, I was home schooled in the United States until high school. I will be returning to live in Merida this summer and am wondering if there are families that have recently moved to Merida who would be interested in having me act as a home-schoo teacher/tutor for their children while their children adjust to the new life and language in Mexico. When I move I will be bringing a plethora of curriculum materials with me, allowing for children to continue to advance their studies while develop their Spanish language skills. I am happy to start talking to families now in preparation for making the transition that much easier for their children.

    Warm Regards!

  298. Thank you for your article. Really I am just starting my research of kindergarden private schools in Merida. It seems I have more than one option for my baby boy. Thanks again!

  299. Please help me get in touch with “Allie” she wrote that she is a tutor on April 16, 2015. We are moving to Merida in June, 2015 and she is exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!


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