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Alternative Health Fair

12 November 2009 Editorial, Health 8

We're from California... we're used to alternatives to everything! And when it comes to health care, there are probably more acupuncturists, yoga and Pilates teachers per square mile than in all of Mexico!

Which brings us to our point. Merida, until recently, hasn't had some of the health care professionals that we took for granted in California. Over the last few years, the offerings in that area have grown considerably. Still, it's not necessarily easy to find them when you need them.

A few locals had the brilliant idea of organizing an Alternative Health Fair, bringing all the alternative service providers that they could manage into one place. That fair happens this Saturday Nov. 14, from 10am - 1pm at the Merida English Library (if you don't already know, that's on Calle 53 between Calle 66 and 68 in the Centro).

You also may have read here in the events calendar that the fair was going to open with a ceremony from a group of Mayan Traditional Healers from here in Yucatan. Unfortunately for us, but luckily for them, this group of healers will not be able to attend because they have been asked to be part of a ceremony in Xcambo that day. The ceremony is in affiliation with the Wild9 conference being held here in Merida this past weekend and all this week. So we will be sad to not have them with us, but so happy for them to be part of such an internationally recognized group.

The Alternative Fair was conceived by an alternative practitioner of 30 years who felt like it was time that both the extranjero community, as well as the Yucatecan community, have an opportunity to interface with many of the alternative practitioners here in Merida. There will be over 20 practitioners participating in the fair this weekend.

There will be several different types of massage therapists, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, pilates, yoga instructors, herbalists and many others. This will be your opportunity to talk with people who deal with health from a different perspective than our traditional allopathic doctors. Many of these practitioners have spent years helping people heal conditions that are just not helped with allopathic medicine. Merida is a wealthy city in many regards, and the abundance of alternatives out there will definitely be reflected in the participating practitioners.

In the end, the community will determine if this is a worthwhile project. If you think it is, please spread the word to all your friends, family, coworkers, students etc. and come visit the Alternative Health Fair. We think this fair adds value to our community, and we'd like to see it become an annual event... what do you think?

Remember: Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 at the English Library, Calle 53 # 524 x calle 66 y 68, 10 am -1 pm.

If you can't go, but want to get in touch with an alternative healter, contact Kathie at kathieps@mac.com.


  • Michele Faris 4 years ago

    Hello Yucatan Pracitioners - I'm a licensed psychologist in practice 30+ years living in Colorado. I will be in Akumal in Januray and would love the opportunity to connect with any practicing psychologists in Merida. My partner and I are thinking about possibly retiring in Merida several years from now and I've been wondering what it might be like to have a small practice serving expats. I went to school in Mexico many years ago and would love to live there again. I'm also interested in the possibilty of doing weekend intensives over the next few years based on the work of Brene Brown (see TED talks and Oprah interviews) who certifies me as a practitioner of her work in vulnerabilty and whole hearted living. I'd love to hear from anyone if you'd like to share ideas. Thanks so much

  • Don 8 years ago

    I have been involved in a few aspects of the "alternative" medicines for approx. 10 yrs now and have good success with them. One of my providers, who also instructs at a "traditional" medical school, put it in perspective by refering to it as "Complimentary" health care. Not any one of the treatments provides all of the answers to our ailments, and, in fact, require they work together. I think there would be a much better reception to these "alternatives" if we dropped the name and started to referring to these treatments as complimentary. I look forward to utilizing these complimentary providers on my future trips to Merida.

  • dciro-2 artists/potters- 8 years ago

    We are 'working' to get to Merida FULL-time with-in a few years. We visit family every 2 years and will be there in a few weeks. Having read this most informative site for only a year now and very excited about the activities in Merida, we are active participants with alternative health for the last 40 years. We have enjoyed the vegie restuarant, Amara, many times in the last 15 years.

  • diane 8 years ago

    maria luisa,
    i saw some at a sporting goods store in the gran plaza shopping mall... main floor!!

  • Maria Luisa 8 years ago

    Looking for a Pilates mat class in Merida...any ideas?

  • Terrin (Misty) Haley 8 years ago

    I have not been able to pin down an answer to this question and thought you or someone out there might be able to help: I have a 2003 Hyundai sedan, Mexico-worthy. But according to my research, Hyundai is not a happening car brand in Mexico. What brand of car is most easily serviced, outfitted, put back together, in Mexico? I once drove from SF to Colon, Panama, in a Peugeot sedan--was I crazy?---thinking more clearly these days. I would like to get used better-for-Merida/driving to Yucatan from Bellingham car. Youngest kid would be ecstatic to get the Hyundai. Any opinion? I hold you to nothing.

    BTW you have been told this many times, I know, but your site is outstanding. Your prose is great, your take on life/stuff/ideas resonates with me, and your articles are so content-dense. Congratulations on an excellent service/job.

  • John Ransbury 8 years ago

    What a great idea, hopefully we can get there. It's something every community should do. Thank you so much for the Heads Up. There is so much more to health and the "cure of the uncurable" than just the traditional methods.

    John Ransbury
    Part time resident of Progreso and Ontario, Canada

  • Roddrigo Suidney 8 years ago

    GREAT IDEA! Fantastic Resourse to get to know these "SPECIAL PEOPLE" in Merida

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