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Events Calendar

If you would like to suggest an event, please do so in the comment area below! Thanks!

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175 Responses to “Events Calendar”

  1. Congratulations to Yucatan Living! This monthly events calendar (badly needed) is another great addition to your blog. Thanks.

  2. Hello: Will an address and map to the AANY art show be included in future announcements? We ae new to Merida and do not know our way around. Gail

  3. For those boys homesick for College Football, check out the Inalambrica stadium Sat 14th. 16:00 hrs

  4. Gail,
    A map is now included in our announcement about the AANY show in our Events column… or you can download it here:

  5. Can you give me the basic information about this event? Thanks, Robert

  6. Robert, if you click on the title of the event in question, you will be taken to a separate screen which lists everything we know about any particular event. Hope that helps!

  7. Events calendar would be great — but only M-F/L-V) appears in the frame. I am on my old G3 iBook until the MacBook Pro comes back from DF but I don’t think that will help.

    On the other hand I could be doing something wrong, overlooking something.

  8. You fixed it, great work!

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  10. Hi:

    How can we assist with this event?


  11. Help! I’m trying to look at the June 2009 calendar, but it doesn’t seem to match my 2009 calendar. According to my 2009 calendar, tomorrow, Monday, is June 1st. But looking at the calendar here it shows Tuesday as the 1st of June??????????

  12. The calendar shows Tuesday as June 2… it’s just that there are no events reported on June 1.

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  14. Any idea on the dates in July for the Municipal Handicraft Fair in Dzitya?

  15. July 24 to August 2 are the dates we’ve been given for the Dzitya Handicraft Fair, but we’ve been told that the actual schedule of events won’t be available until mid-July

  16. Are there more baseball games in July? It looks like the play Cancun July 21-23 from the Leones calendar but maybe I’m not reading it correctly!

  17. Im planning to visit Merida in Sept 09, would you please confirm the following event
    NUESTRA BELLEZA MEXICO FINAL 2009 on Sept 19th in Salon Chichen Itza in Siglo XXI
    Thank you,

  18. Picture of the Local 2009 Baseball Champs – Sponsored by GCE Energy Farms.


  19. Would like to know, where & when there is dancing{North American type} around
    a large park in the center of the city- With side streets also closed off to traffic with
    small bands are playing and people sitting and having a drink and listening and
    relaxing to the music – This would be roughly between Dec 15th to Jan 15th 2009/10 . Will some one send me some information to the above internet address

    Thank you very much – Bob Brown

  20. Bob, what you describe sounds like what happens on most Saturday nights around the Plaza Grande in the center of town. The people sitting and drinking are on Calle 60 and 62 north of the center, and the dancing is more like salsa and other Latin dances… but other than that, that seems to be what you are looking for!

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  22. As I was the poster of the boxing event in Valladolid, let me add a few items about the event. Actually double checking with the posters for the event, it should read that the best fight will be 10 rounds and features a prizefighter who is ranked 15th in the world for his class, so it should be quite a fight. I wish the rest of us could say we are the 15th at anything.
    As to where the auditorium is, that beats me. I have only lived here in Valladolid since the 1st of September, so I am not particularly familiar with this auditorium. But the posters are everywhere downtown celebrating the fast approaching bout. Considering that Valladolid is 1/10th the size of Merida and there will be nothing else of note in town, be sure to get here early and ask around.

  23. Hi ‘Working Gringos’- Thank you for answering my message on Aug22. You mentioned the location I was looking for Plaza Grande.

    How is your crime rate there in Merida? General petty theft, nothing too wild? I’m only a little guy, but feel I can handle myself… it’s not a worry, right ? None of that drug violence going on in the city?

    I ask these questions because I’m trying to choose between Merida or Montevideo, Uruguay to settle down for a few years and I love my dancing!!

    Thanks again

    Bob Brown-Victoria, B.C. Canada

  24. Does anyone know on what date altars will be created to celebrate the Yucatan version on Dia de los Muertos in Merida? Thanks.

  25. The altars will be in the Plaza Grande (the town’s main square) during the day of November 1. They are set up early in the morning and usually taken down by 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

  26. Traditional Mayan celebration of Hanal Pixán, Day of the Dead in Yuctán, October 29 and 30 at the Maya Cosmic Institute, Mérida. Check details at or contact Trudy Woodcock at trudy [at] iluminado-tours [dot] com.

  27. Hello everyone,
    My neighbors and I live in Playa del Carmen and are planning a trip by bus to Merida on Dec 26 for two nights. I would love some help with ideas for seeing this beautiful city and traditional/local places to eat. I see the zocalo is not far from our hotel. I would love to shop for local goods and see some of the cultural aspects. We are staying at the hotel Dolores Alba.
    Thank you,

  28. For the Brazos event on Oct. 29, please note that Chef Paul Lindemuth from Chicago and his staff are donating and serving delicious hors d’ oeuvres which are included in the ticket price for this event. He has a home in Santiago, is a private chef and cooking instructor in the Chicago area and is interested in expanding his business “The Art of Food” to include Merida. I have been to events he has hosted in Merida and I can say those who attend the Brazos event will be in for a great taste experience not presently found in Merida.
    I hope many of you readers will encourage your friends to join you in attending this worthwhile event.
    Thanks Sharon

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  32. I would like to buy a car when I come to Merida, use it and leave it for a friend to use. Any suggestions??

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  34. We just noticed we forgot to answer Mr. Brown who asked about crime. Crime? What crime? There is VERY little crime here in the Yucatan and Merida. We walk the streets anytime of day or night in the centro without worry.

    Hope that helps with your decision.

  35. When we were in Merida last New Year’s Eve, we stopped by a restaurant/bar right along Calle 60 (across from Hildalgo Park) that had tables and chairs set up outside. It was very crowded, but we were lucky enough to find 2 seats. There were bands and dancing going on right there. We would like to go to the same place this year, but since we will have guests with us this year, I am afraid that we may not be able to get seating. Should we or is it recommended that we make some sort of reservations, say for dinner? Can any one give me the name of the restaurant/bar and any contact info that I may need?

  36. The restaurant would probably be Bella Epoca. You don’t need reservations… we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t take them. Just show up early!

    Stay tuned for our new restaurant listing… it will have all the info you need on Bella Epoca and many other restaurants!

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  39. According to the cultural events list given out at the Olimpo entrance, the Apocalpse Now film has been cancelled for the 18th. Anyone verify this?

  40. Can anyone tell me if the EL CIRUELO is in Spanish or English?

  41. Wonderful calendar
    I visited in November and did not find the Cuban music, that I love, and dancing on Calle 60 at 59. I also do not see this event listed on the January calendar. Is this no longer available? My memory is that when we visited in January 2009 this music was available Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
    Thank you

  42. The city did cut back on some of this when tourism dropped so precipitously last year. We think they have started up again, but we will look into it and put whatever we find on the calendar.

  43. Thank you for the update.
    Do you have a schedule of the parades and other activities for Carnaval next month?

  44. As soon as we do, we’ll get it up there…

  45. What is Carnaval & where? We will be there for the month of Feb.

  46. Dear Working Gringos,
    I would like to take an opportunity to thank you for the absoultely wonderful pictures that you continnue to display on your wonderful site. They are a wonderful and accurate display of the area. Thank you very much.

  47. Hi Evelyn,
    Sorry I over looked your question. The Carnaval is to Merida as Mardi Gras is to Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. I have never seen it in Merida but do understand that it is fantastic. It is a festival of music dancing and of course the wonderful color that is so glorious in Mexico. All I do know at this time is that the first event is on January 30th with the coronation of the king and queen with parades and activities to follow through the 17th of February. I am sure that W G will have the info posted soon.

  48. Carnaval starts on February 10 with the Burning of the Bad Humor and ends on February 17 with the Burning of Juan Carnaval. Check the calendar above for the details of each day during that week. And in this weeks News and Events for more details on buying seats, etc.

    Party on!

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  50. Could someone please tell me what days to avoid Progreso, i.e., the days when the cruise ships are there. Muchas gracias.

  51. Was looking on the events calendar for information about Carnival. I thought it started in february. Can you help me out on the dates ?

  52. my husband and i will be visiting Merida for the first time next week and hope to connect with folks who are living there and know the area. Is there a monthly, weekly get together we might join?

    Susan in Mmaine

  53. I went to the organic produce market at 9:30 on the morning of Friday the 29th of Jan. My husband and I double checked on the address and we were at the right place but couldn’t get a response from anyone and saw nothing to indicate there was a market there. What happened? Is it over already? Are there others somewhere else?

  54. We’re really sorry, Michelle. We’re looking into it…

  55. Here’s what we found out: It will open on Friday 12 February . . . 9am – 1pm! We hope you’ll try again!

  56. To Cheryl Biery,

    We were told by our friend here in Merida that cruise ship days in Progreso are Mondays and Wednesdays after we had gone once on a Monday and it was awful!
    Good luck!

  57. hi working gringos,

    when i click on an event, half the time i just get taken to the comments section and not to the info about the event. you may want to check your links.

  58. Thanks so much for checking into the organic market. We have told others who are interested and now can let them know what is happening with it. Thanks again.

  59. Ramona, thanks for pointing that out. We believe we fixed that problem. If not, let us know!

  60. Please send any info about best/most fun locations in Merida to watch this year’s Superbowl. Thanks!

  61. The Superbowl will be the center of attention at La Casa de Habanos (formerly Mercer Cigars) from 10 am on this Sunday. We’ve put it in the calendar.

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  63. Ellen:

    I’ve been trying to find a calendar of the market days for the outlying villages and coastal towns. I know you did a hugely comprehensive piece on fairs and fiestas and was wondering if you know of anywhere I can find which day is market day in various towns? Yeah, I know: “Stop, buy a coke and ask the tienda cashier”

  64. As far as we know, mercados are open every day…

  65. I was trying to find a cooking school to attend while in Merida for the month of July. I think Los Dos is closed. Any suggestions? I tried your link for Catriona from Puerto Morelos but it would not open. Just looking for a 1 day activity that might include a trip to the best food markets. Thanks. Joanne

  66. We don’t know if what you say is true about Los Dos, but certainly we know that Cat’s school is still open. This link should work:

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  68. I’m wondering if the organic market will be open Saturday next? We’re visiting from the states and I’m keen on this topic.

  69. Yes, it will be there!

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  73. Hi, I’m wondering if you know if there is a bridge club in Merida or relatively near by?

  74. Why arent you showing the upcoming Mexican bi-centennial celebrations on your calendar ?

  75. We are still collecting the information. Coming soon!

  76. While I am not in Merida right now, I do read the “The Diario de Yucatan” daily, and notice that the Grito will be held on Montejo, not in the Plaza Principal as listed in the events calendar. I imagine the calendar was prepared long before the decision to change the venue was made.

    The calendar is a wonderful aid to the many visitors and residents, thanks for posting it. John

  77. Great calendar!

  78. Hello!

    Cressida Contemporary Dance Company, under the direction of Lourdes Luna has a performance coming up, we are an international dance company residing in Merida.

    The program is called “Cuatro Centimetros de Silence” or ” Four Centimeters of Silence” three of the four works are world premiers, coreographed by three different coreographers: Lourdes Luna, Paula Gonzales and myself Yebel Gallegos. We’d like for you to join us!

    The venue is the Teatro Peon Contreras at 9pm. General Admission is $50 pesos.

    Hope you can help us out in spreading the word!

    Thank you!

  79. I regret to inform you that from now “Taboo Jazz Combo” and “Jazz Sensitive de Mauricio Bonfiglio” will not be playing at La Casa del Habano as they have been doing these last months

    reported that as of this Saturday 9
    Jazz Sensitive de Mauricio Bonfiglio
    will play each saturday 10.30 pm in the Piedra de Agua Hotel (60 street between 59 y 61 Col. Centro)

    Mauricio Bonfiglio – arrangements, direction and drums
    Edgar Boffill – piano
    Gina Osorno – voice

    thanks always for your great support to the local scene
    Cel. 999 224 4958 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 999 224 4958

  80. Staying in Playa del Carmen from 10/28 – 11/4. In addition to the altars in the Plaza are there any other traditional Day of the Dead festivals, parades, processions, etc.? We might plan an overnight stay if there is anything of note. Or does anyone know of other Day of the Dead events in the Playa del Carmen area?

    Huntington Beach, CA

  81. This is an invitation for a Concert at Ule this comming Sunday al 8:00 P.M.
    We will present young musicians playing good rock and a Jazz Duo integrated by Tom Kubin and Carlos Rodríguez.
    Calle 64 No. 560 x 71 y 73 (Close to La Ermita)
    Cover: $45

  82. Hi! thanks for adding the Mel & Blossom´s event to the calendar. I just missed the time, it’s at 8 pm.


  83. According to the Xmatkuil Fair 2010 website, it does not start until the 12 of November.

  84. We would like to post our upcoming “LOCAL FUNKY MARKET” at TACOMAYA restaurant in Chelem Monday, November 15th from 10am till 3pm!
    Artists and artisans from Mérida,Progreso, Chelem, Chuburna, Santa Elena, Telchac, Chixculub will be displaying all sorts of exciting wares! This is a great start for holiday shopping!
    See you there!

  85. Hello! I would like to go to Saturday’s “slow market” but am unfamiliar with the address. Could you give me directions please, say from Centro? Thanks!

  86. I love your calender of events…..i always read it and stay well informed. keep up the good job you guys are doing. Cesar Cervera-Rivero.

  87. Would you happen to know if there will be a Oaxaca fair this year. It was held at Santa Anna park in December but I believe they changed location last year. Thanks!

  88. Hi -Just want to thank Susan, I believe who operates this “Working Gringos”
    blog, for some of the answers I recieved re Merida and dancing info. Dec 18th
    I’ve looked back in my book and noticed the date,Feb 13th Sunday,when all thes
    people were dancing around this huge park,the area streets were closed down to
    auto traffic – I thought it was fantastic,never forgot it. So this is the park I’m looking
    to get some info on,it was some?? carnival ?? and located on or around 60th avenue, a main street.I spent a few nights in the Delores Alba hotel a friend told me about and it’s very short walking distance from this park.
    Thanks to the few people who sent in blogs,but I’ve got better info to go on this
    time. Any help on this carnival & date appreciated.Thank you!! Bob Brown

  89. New Year´s Celebration at Tropical Bar-B-Q. With a four course dinner, dance to latin music, fireworks at midnight, open bar for nationals and beers. All for just 350.00 per person. Kids at 175.00.

  90. You may contact Tropical at 196-2597 for reservations or 999-308-6753.

  91. Hello Ellen, I sent you the information about the next concert at Ule this comming Sunday. I’m not quiet sure if you got it. So, I’m sending you again the poster and details.

    Wren Marie Harrington in Concert
    When: Sunday 26th of December, 9 PM
    Place: Ule. Located in Calle 64 No. 560 x 71 y 73
    Cover: $60
    Broadway Standards, Jazz, Bosa nova and Bolero
    Tom Kubin (guitar) y Juan Ceh (bass)
    Deliver tickets available calling to our cel phone: 99 91 20 42 10

    In an open air patio, Wren Marie Harrington will share some of her secrets with her naturally elegant voice. She will sing classic standards, bossanova, blues, cuban trova and mexican boleros, backed by some of the most outstanding Meridan musicians.

    Wren Marie Harrington has been a member of the Broadway production of “The Phantom of the Opera” in New York City for a decade. Also has performed with the American Musical Theatre, Hawaii Opera Theatre, Orlando Opera, San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, Florida Symphony Orchestra, Graz Festival Orchestra and the Skylight Opera Theatre. Highlights include The Fantasticks; Show Boat and West Side Story.

    Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas.

    Eugenia Montalván Colón

  92. Hi Ellen,

    Can you tell me if normal Merida activities will resume on March 10 after Carnival? I have friends planning to visit at that time but would like to see the real Merida as they have seen Carnival before.

    Thank you

  93. Hello all,

    Orchestra Sinfonica is on the calendar for 12 am and 1 am. We’re new to late night Merida. Does the symphony really play at those hours or is it 12 pm and 1 pm?

    Thanks for your help,


  94. No, no… we like the nightlife here in Merida, but we’re not that crazy :-) . That’s a mistake and we will fix it. Thank you!

  95. I am trying to find contact information for the Maya Cosmic Institure in Merida, Mexico or the email address for Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros who is associated with the institute.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thank you,

  96. You can reach them at info [at] casakin [dot] org or go to their website,

  97. Hello (ola) everyone,
    We’ve just put in a very nice chunk of mahogany in the kitchen as part of the counter top and I would love to find some usp (foodgrade) mineral oil to apply to it.
    Anyone have any idea where I might be able to purchase some??? We have found a couple of Farmacias that have mineral oil, but they say that it is not safe to use.
    Thank you

  98. Hi, I noticed on your calendar that Melo nights is not mentioned for May 20, 2011. Is it not happening this month?

  99. I just noticed that MELO Nights has been added to the calendar. Gracias!

  100. Can anyone tell me what is the Opera schedule for 2011/2012? When does it begin, what days are the performances, what time?
    Margot Rowan

  101. The opera schedule, as far as it goes, can be seen here:

    The broadcasts are shown the first Saturday of every month and we put it in our events every time. There is only one more performance – Aida – on June 7 – and then off for the summer…

  102. Hello,

    I do not see information on International Women’s Club in Merida. There are meetings listed in the Event Calendar, howerer, not the mens club, nor, womans club meetings. Also, where would they be held?

  103. I heard from a Yucatecan friend that a group of German ex-pats usually has an Oktoberfest event here in Merida. I found info for the event in 2009 and 2010, but can’t seem to find anything for 2011. Does anyone have information? Thanks a million!

  104. Well, chances are it is in October :-) … we will see if we can find out when and where!

  105. Why don’t you show the weekly dance on Thursdays night at Parque Santiago ? You show the Trova Yucateca at Parque Santa Lucia and Santiago seems to be a bigger weekly event.

  106. Hola, Chuck! The dancing at Parque Santiago is in our calendar and called Remembranzas Musicales. As far as we know, it is and has always been on Tuesday nights. Is there something going on Thursdays that we don’t know about?

  107. Oct. 7 evening, Kol Nidrei service/Yom Kippur. Info: contact ComunidadJudiadeMerida [at] gmail [dot] com with your name, phone, no later than Oct. 6.

    Oct 8 all day, Yom Kippur services. Info: contact ComunidadJudiadeMerida [at] gmail [dot] com no later than Oct. 6.

  108. ok , thanks . I must have overlooked it on tuesday nights. Thanks .

  109. Hola Expat Northern dwellers. If you’re from North or South of the 49th —hey its great to be here. I recently moved from Nelson BC/Calgary Canada and would love to do cool things with open minded folk. Armin Van Buren rated as best DJ in the world is here on Nov 7 Convention Centre, anyone up to going?
    email me: skroby [at] telus [dot] net (Dave or Skroby)
    By the way —thanks to publishers of great blog/website keep up the good…

  110. Thank you so much for your publication. I visited Merida very briefly in 2001 and am heading back for a somewhat longer visit. It is the birthplace of my now-deceased father and I will take some time to really feel/see the place he spent his early childhood. Yucatan Living will help me do just that!

    Thanks again,

  111. Hello, Thank you so much for posting Merida events. As I am a permanent resident, I refer to it weekly. As I do not understand Spanish well, any activity advertised elsewhere in Spanish is impossible for me. The calendar is my only source as to what Merida offers. I am noticing that on some of this month’s activiities, the location is missing. I thought I would just bring this to your attention. It is a shame for those who wish to attend and the performers hoping for a nice turnout.

  112. Thanks, Yvette. We work hard to put the events together and we’ll try to be more careful!

  113. My spanish is improving but…still not up to snuff. It would help to know if events like ‘Singing “on” the Rain’ are in Spanish or English. Thank You.

    FYI: Rommel’s Deli has put on a a Yummy Octoberfest the last two years.

  114. You’re right, Jill! It WOULD help to know that, but the only way to know that is to attend the event. We can guess, but the people who publicize these events do not advertise that fact. English-speaking expats are not even close to a majority in Merida and most citizens do not think of them in their advertising or writing. Thus, Yucatan Living was born! When we know these things, we definitely will let you know!

  115. Karaoke at the Hotel Yakunah in Progresso is listed every night for March 2012. Is this correct?

  116. No, of course not :-) Thanks for bringing that to our attention!!

  117. That you for publishing the meeting times for the Public talks given in English at the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall. I think you are the only website that provides that info!

  118. I don’t see “Mello Nights” – they are on the 3rd Friday of each month. Is there a reason that you are not listing them or is it just an oversight?

  119. We are going to investigate and see if they are still happening. After we find out, we’ll put whatever is appropriate on the calendar. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  120. This past weekend the Colegio Gastronomica was to take part in the Ixil Gastronomic Journey events. I did a lot of calling both to the Colegio and the individual sponsors at the various restaurants as no contacts were listed in their articles. After finally speaking with one who said he would call me back and didn’t, I then called the restaurant again directly and made reservations only to find out upon arrival that these big planned events taking place over 4 days were totally canceled 5 days before they were planned. It would have been sooooo helpful if those people would have asked you to print a cancellation. I wonder how many others tried to participate and you offered such great coverage. Interestingly enough when I had called the colegio originally, they did not say the events were canceled. Instead, they gave me another number to call. Turned out to be much ado without nothing.

  121. Ahh, welcome to the Yucatan. After living here for awhile, we have realized that the Maya people don’t just talk about “Be Here Now”, they really live that way. Planning ahead is not their strong suit. And that cultural bias finds its way into all corners of life in the Yucatan. This attitude does not work well in many venues, and it causes a lot of people anguish at times, but when it is gone for good, we will miss it. Try to look on the positive side of the coin if you can…

  122. I would like to know the Merida Opera House schedule for December 2012 and information about how to book tickets.

  123. The Yucatan Symphony schedule is here. Unfortunately, the government does not release the schedule of other performances very far in advance. As soon as we know about anything, we put it in the Coming Soon section of our weekly events article, and we put it on this calendar, accessible from the top right corner of this website.

  124. I think it is safe to say that the film at the Olimpo this Saturday is Pasolini’s version of 1001 Arabian Nights. It is part of his Trilogy of Life (the 1st 2 – Decameron and The Canterbury Tales – were shown in the past 2 weeks.

  125. Thanks, Bill!

  126. I would like to suggest that “English Mass at the Cathedral, 9AM weekly” be added to the calendar. All Christian faith traditions are represent in this congregation. Often the congregation gathers for brunch after the service.

  127. Thanks so much for including the U.S. Poets in Mexico 4th Annual Poetry Conference reading schedule at MELL on your Events Calendar. Greatly appreciated.

    Best, S.L.

  128. Our pleasure.

  129. Hi – Is the calendar section not accessible via Iphone ……? We arrive in Merida, next Monday 5/20 and I wanted to check specific dates for the music offerings you’re promoting in the last part of the month

  130. Hello, Lucinda… at the moment, no, our calendar is not available through the WordPress iPhone app that shows Yucatan Living’s website on the iPhone. But thanks for bringing that to our attention… we’ll look into another app that might be appropriate!

  131. It would be a great help if you would kindly publish the titles of the movies to be shown at Hennessy’s.

  132. Peter, we will attempt to do that in the future. Thanks for the suggestion! There are two other movie houses that show movies weekly… LA 68 and Cairo Cinema. We try to post those titles when we get the information. Also, the Olimpo shows movies often as well.

  133. Does anyone have any information regarding the Modern Maya Medicine workshop? I tried the e-mail address provided but no response.

  134. We aren’t sure what workshop you are referring to, but if you give us more info, we’ll try to find out for you.

  135. You need to be more specific about the location other than the beach at Chelem. My wife and I went on Tuesday the 8th and could not find anything going on. We asked 2 people from Florida, a lady from Canada, and they called someone on the phone and no luck. We are staying in Merida and took the bus to Progreso and then a van to Chelem, then back to Progreso. At least it was a nice day at Progreso and we had a great meal at Buddys (the shrimp tacos and the pico are GREAT).

  136. Chuck, we do the best we can. We can only report what people tell us… sorry! but glad you had a great day anyway. That’s how things go in the Yucatan…

  137. Will there be any Thanksgiving dinners served in Merida?

  138. Hello. I have been searching without success for the calendar of events for Merida Fest 2014 on all the official Merida governmental sites and usual tourist information sites. All the posted information seems still to be that of last year. Would you be able to tell me when it begins and refer me to the official calendar so I can make plans to come? Thank you very much.

    Phyllis Boyd

  139. Phyllis, it is not at all unusual that the dates would not be set or announced by now. That’s just the way it is in the Yucatan. If you know when it was given last year, its probably close to that next year. When we know when it is, we’ll put it on the calendar! Keep checking…

  140. That’s the way it is in Yucatan… they don’t announce things very far in advance. It will probably be close to the same time that it was last year, if that helps. We’ll look into it and see what we can find.

  141. To Phyllis and anyone else, the Merida Festival begins January 5th at night with a Serenata in the Plaza Grande. The festival usually runs for 2-3 weeks and no events have yet been announced. When they are, we’ll put them in the calendar.

  142. We spending our first New Years Eve in Merida. Does anyone know of any special or local events planned for the evening of Dec. 31 and the day of Jan. 1? What do the locals typically do? What can we expect.

  143. Gail, keep watching Yucatan Living. We will start investigating and put up a schedule as soon as events are announced (generally not announced til the second week in December). There will be special dinners at all the big hotels, but in general, this holiday is not a public one and is mostly spent (by locals) at home or with friends and family.

  144. I am looking for a place in the downtown district to exercise or find a exercise class or ever a trainer is there any in the area????

  145. Hello,

    I am arriving in Merida on the 23rd December to spend Christmas near Progreso. We are excited to visit the farmers market at the beach to stock up of Christmas supplies. I was wondering if you would just be able to confirm that it is on that week and how long the market usually lasts for?

    I was also wondering if you know of any Christmas concerts or events in Merida or at the beach on Christmas eve?

    Many thanks, great blog! We look forward to exploring using some of your tips!

    Maeve Jones

  146. Maeve, please check our recent article on events for Christmas and NYE:
    We will add to that list as we find more events. The farmers market at the beach should be happening, but nothing is every guaranteed around here :-)

  147. Alguien puede confirmar si el evento de Mel Tour que se celebra habitualmente los martes se hara el 31 de Diciembre? Quiza por ser el fin de ano se cancele. (Translation: Can anyone confirm that the MEL House Tour will be happening on December 31st? Maybe it is canceled because of the date…)

  148. Antonio, we think it will happen, but we will check!

  149. OK, we checked. There will be NO MEL House Tours on either December 24 or December 31. They will resume in the new year 2014 on schedule!

  150. I don’t see Ballet Folklorico de Yucatan on the calendar. Are those performances still taking place? We will be in Merida Jan 23-27. Gracias.

  151. Dave, we’ll check. But usually, yes.

  152. I have been coming to Merida almost every year for the Carnival event. Is this event not usually in February?

  153. Yes it is, and the dates are now on the calendar.

  154. Would you please tell me if the Farmer’s Market in Chelem is still a weekly occurrence on Tuesdays? And if so, where is it located? Thanks.

  155. We think it is going on, yes. And given the size of Chelem, we’re pretty sure you can just show up and find it.

  156. I would like to see the scheduled bull fighting events in Merida and Motul posted. We like that activity and can never determine when the next one will be held.

  157. Dub, these schedules are hard to come by, but we will try. Most bullfights in Merida or Motul are in the winter months until January… alas, they seem to be over for the season.

  158. This is ridiculous! You see the posting above for the events calendar is not listed yet! the event is tomorrow when are they going to see it, next week??.

  159. Paul, we couldn’t agree with you more. We do our best to post things as we see them and to stay on top of events. However, a) we are a very small crew and we don’t get paid much to do this. And b) the Yucatan is famous for announcing things only a few days in advance. We’ve talked to people, we’ve pleaded, we’ve cajoled. It is just the way they do things here (so far). We do our best!

  160. Keep up the good work. Love to read your web pages.

  161. Hello,
    I am thinking of relocating with my family towards the end of 2014. I plan to live in Merida, Yucatan. But I would like to know if you have any contact or websites to research for employment. I am bilingual and would like to have a job were I can speak Spanish and English. Any recommendations ?

  162. We would suggest our Jobs section…

  163. Do you know if Villa Verde is holding their White City Ball this year? We will be in Merida for 2 weeks again in October and would love to attend :)

  164. Absolutely! If you look under the Coming Soon section of our weekly Events column, you can find out the details. Tickets are on sale now!

  165. Plan on visiting Merida in Jan ’15. Are there any duplicate bridge games available? If so, I would appreciate data. If not duplicate, what about party bridge? Also, is there any published newsletter or periodical (weekly/monthly) in English? Thanks!

  166. Good morning Yucatan Living editors,

    This years 6th Full Moon Jazz Festival will start at 3 PM – not 4 PM.

    Thank you!

  167. Thank you!! Duly Noted!

  168. Dear Events Editors,

    People are writing to me commenting that they see on your site that the Jazz Festival is free. I saw a place where it says $200 pesos. The correct information is:

    6th Full Moon Jazz Festival
    Sat. February 7th, 2015
    Villas Wayak km. 25.5 Progreso- Telchac Puerto Highway
    3 – 9 PM
    Tickets: Pre-sale $250 pesos, At the door $300 pesos
    3 Jazz bands, food court, beverages bar, dancing, 50/50 raffle
    Proceeds directly support 22 students in Telchac Education including seven college students.

    Thank you for correcting and including this important information.

  169. Thank you for sending us the correct information. We had a heck of a time finding it!

  170. English mass at Monjas church has been changed from 5:00 pm to 9:30 am each Sunday.

  171. Thank you… we will make that change!

  172. Do you have any information on this years 2015 Progreso Carnival events?

  173. The English speaking AA meeting in Progreso listed on Friday’s at 5:30 pm is no longer meeting. The event should be removed from the calender. You could add English speaking AA meetings at MELL on Tuesdays at 5:30 and Thursdays at 7pm. Both are open meetings.

  174. Thank you and done!

  175. Thanks for sharing Yucatan Living Events Calendar Events Calendar.


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