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Events: Silence, Choirs & Jazz

This Week… starting October 04, 2010

Municipal Fiestas This Week

Yucatan Living Cansahcab Fiesta: Oct. 4 – Oct. 11
This fiesta is in honor of San Francisco de Asís. The most common artisan activity here is carving in stone. Cansahcab is just to the northeast of Motul, (map here) so this is a great fiesta to go see and Motul makes a good rest stop along the way. This is an area whose income is pretty much evenly split between agricultural, manufacturing, and services industries; so the economy is relatively stable. Its proximity to Motul and to Merida make it a great place for expats to consider for retirement. What better excuse to go and look than a fiesta! San Francisco de Asis

Yucatan Living Blessing of the Animals: October 4
This is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. It is likely that there will be a "Blessing of the Animals" mass held somewhere near you. Please ask your priest in advance if you would like to take an animal to this event.

Yucatan Living Ticul Fiesta: Oct. 7
This fiesta, in honor of Santo Cristo de las Ampollas, takes place during the more than month-long Fall Shoe Fair.


In the City of Merida

Yucatan Living Oktoberfest
October 1 – 16

If you are having a bit of difficulty finding Oktoberfest events this year, not to worry. The Bierhaus Restaurant in Merida will be hosting its own Oktoberfest from October 1 through October 16. Specials will be offered during that time to celebrate everything German, including a large selection of German beers and German food.
Location: Calle 23 x 18, Colonia Mexico (in the north), just blocks from Chapur Norte.


Monday (Lunes) October 04, 2010


Yucatan Living Visit our Ongoing Events page for events on Monday!


Tuesday (Martes) October 05, 2010Trio Los Galanes

Yucatan Living Tuesday of Trova: Trio Los Galanes
Tonight’s performance will be under the direction of Claudio Moo. This trio is one of the more popular recording trios in all of Yucatan.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Café Pena K’aay T’aan / Nuevos Valores
Young love will be tonight’s theme.
Location: in Casa de la Cultura del Mayab, Calle 63 x 64
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free (cash café, of course)

Yucatan Living Concert: In the United Germany
This is a performance by the Daniel Ayala Perez Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Yucatan, under the direction of Mtro. Jose Luis Chan Sabido and featuring invited director Mtro. Christian Topp.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Cinema Series: The Last Man On Earth
(Italy & U.S. 1964) Directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow, Starring Vincent Price, Franca Bettoia and Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Location: Centro Cultural Jose Marti / Parque de las Americas, Av. Colon x Calle 20, Garcia Ginerés
Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Presentation of the Piece of the MonthLorenzo de Zavala
This month: “Lorenzo de Zavala: Sanjuanista and Mason”
Lorenzo de Zavala was the first Vice-President of the Republic of Texas. Like all of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Republic, Zavala was a Mason. …and he was a seminary educated, internationally respected statesman from right here in Yucatan. Visit The Grand Lodge of Texas website to read Lorenzo de Zavala’s biography.
Location: Museum of the City of Merida, Calle 65 x 56
Time: 9:00 AM Tuesday
Admission: Free


Wednesday (Miercoles) October 06, 2010Cressida Contemporary Dance Company

Yucatan Living Wednesday at the Peon: Four Centimeters of Silence
This is a dance production performed by Cressida Danza Contemporanea, under the direction of Lourdes Luna, two-time winner of the Premio Nacional de Danza INBE-UAM in choreography. This dance company is made up of members from Mexico, Chile and the U.S., each bringing their own view of the work to the production.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: $50 pesos
For More Information, Call: 195-6903 or Visit the Cressida Danza Website


Thursday (Jueves) October 07, 2010

Yucatan Living Comedy: Mel and Blossom
Originally from Milwaukee, MEL & BLOSSOM grew out of a comedy group called ‘Slow Children’ which produced the city’s premiere weekly local comedy showcase for over a year. It was there the duo began to attract the attention and devotion of local fans and they ontinued to break out into other venues both locally and in the Midwest. Mel & Blossom continue to grow quickly not only as an act but also on audiences. They have a unique chemistry and style all their own and they are requested back time and time again wherever they perform. Mel and Blossom are also Merida’s newest Foster Moms for a rescued dog, so do come out and give them a huge “thank you” from all of us.
Location: El Templo, Calle 59 #438 between 50 & 52 Centro, Mejorada
Time: 8:00 PM

Admission: $50 pesos

Yucatan Living Taboo JazzTaboo Jazz
A new twist by old favorites. Texan and trombonist in the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra teams with Merida drum favorite Mauricio Bonfiglio, Rene Monte Rosa on keyboard, Beto Palomo on guitar, and Charlie McGirr on upright bass. They have been regulars at La Casa del Habano on Thursday nights for the past 6 or 7 months and their shows often include invited guests from Merida and abroad. Their musical offerings include everything from old-time traditional jazz (i.e. Louis Jordan, Chet Baker, etc.) to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. Visit the Taboo Jazz website to learn more about this group and upcoming events.
Location: La Casa del Habano (Prolongacion de Montejo, just north of Calle 21 (Super Bodega and Office Depot) between La Parrilla and El Cielo.
Time: 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Admission: No Cover
For More Information, e-mail James Meador and Taboo Jazz: jamesmeador[at]hotmail[dot]com

Yucatan Living Movie: Orquesta Tipica
Twelve guys looking like punk rockers pushing a piano down the street. Their sound is elaborate but raw. Their music is politically committed while historically linked to counterculture; still, it is part of a genre more than a hundred years old. This is their story.
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Thursday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.


Friday (Viernes) October 08, 2010

Yucatan Living Viva Mexico: Tales and Legends and More…
A characterized tour. These tours are always a hit and include character actors, as well as mines. The performance is staged by the collective of Independent Artists in Yucatan, A.C.
Location: Museum of the City of Merida, Calle 65 x 56
Time: 9:00 AM Friday
Admission: FreeAbducciones

Yucatan Living Opening of the Exposition: Abducciones 0:01
Artist: Alonzo Maza, whose work shows the manner in which human beings evolved throughout history of the planet and into the brave new future. Some of our characteristics might not be so pleasing, but reality is what it is and this show portrays what it is to be human on this planet and in this era in the eyes of the artist.
Location: Museo MACAY: Sala 1, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie: Gazastrophe
The directors entered Gaza as soon as the ceasefire of the last war (December 2008-January 2009) was announced and discovered with our friends from the Palestinian Human Rights Centre, the extent of the "gaza-strophe".
French with Spanish Subtitles. The Director will attent the screenning
Location:LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Saturday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Theater: Leaving U.S.A. … Bienvenido a Mexico
DDR Productions, under the direction of Gilma Tuyub, with Carlos Medina
Rather an interesting title and looks as if it is going to be a great performance.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM, Friday
Admission: Tickets available at the box office

Yucatan Living Concert: “20 Years”Emmanuel Pinzon
This performance features Emmanuel Pinzon, under the direction of Addalberto Pinzon.No description necessary – just click on their names, watch and listen. If ever there was a reason to visit Yucatan, a concert featuring these two young men is certainly cause enough. Emmanuel is as close to a young Frank Sinatra as we have ever seen and Addalberto is, even at his young age, one of Yucatan’s most accomplished songwriters and new voices.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free


Saturday (Sabado) October 09, 2010

Yucatan Living Movie: Writers On The Borders
In 2002, eight internationally renowned writers, poets and intellectuals including American novelist Russell Banks and Nobel laureates Jose Saramago and Wole Soyinka traveled to the West Bank and Gaza to visit poet Mahmoud Darwish and observe the state of the Palestinians living there. Documentary filmmakers Samir Abdallah and Jose Reynes alternate scenes from the writers’ journey with testimonials from the Palestinian people, readings by Darwish and reflections from the concerned authors as they bear witness to what they see.
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Saturday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living 10th International Festival of Choirs Yucatan 2010
This performance also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Conjunto Vocal Yucatan (Vocal Ensemble of Yucatan).
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie: Polyester
(U.S. 1981) Director: John Waters, Stars Divine, Tab Hunter and Edith Massey
Location: Centro de Artes Visuales, Calle 60 x 47
Time: 9:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: 6/6 Miradas. Seis Silencios
This contemporary dance performance will be under the direction of Ligia Aguilar. Both the director and her school are well known award winning talent known both nationally and internationally. If you like contemporary dance, this is certainly an event well worth attending.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Tickets available at the box officeA Knife in the Water

Yucatan Living Movie: A Knife in the Water
(Poland 1962) Written and Directed by Roman Polanski. Starring Leon Niemczyk, Jolanta Umecka, Zygumunt Malanovicz.
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Theater: Leaving U.S.A. … Bienvenido a Mexico
DDR Productions, under the direction of Gilma Tuyub, with Carlos Medina
Rather an interesting title and looks as if it is going to be a great performance.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time:9:00 PM, Saturday
Admission: Tickets available at the box office

Yucatan Living Magic Spectacular: Intimate Magic with Rigel
This performance is under the direction of and features Mago Rigel. Everyone in Yucatan loves a magic show, but it is not often there is one available for grown-ups. Tonight is a night to simply have fun!
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Concert: The Concert of the Stars
This performance is under the direction of Jazmin Lopez “Tina Tuyub”
Location: Parque de la Colonia Aleman,
Time: 7:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free


Sunday (Domingo) October 10, 2010

Yucatan Living Documentary: Wild Crocodiles and Alligators
Meet the swampy areas where crocodiles glide through the mangroves.
Location: Museum of Natural History, Calle 59, next to the zoo
Time: 12:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living 10th International Festival of Choirs Yucatan 2010Conjunto Vocal Yucatan
This performance also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Conjunto Vocal Yucatan (Vocal Enselble of Yucatan)we invite you to listen to samples of their work on their MySpace page. This is the concert that is being labeled as the Inauguration Concert, so expect choirs from around the nation and from other countries as well.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 8:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Theater: Leaving U.S.A. … Bienvenido a Mexico
DDR Productions, under the direction of Gilma Tuyub, with Carlos Medina
Rather an interesting title and looks as if it is going to be a great performance.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Tickets available at the box office

Yucatan Living Movie: Hairspray
(U.S. 1988) Director John Waters, Starring Divine, Sonny Bono, Ruth Brown and Debbie Harry.
Location: Centro de Artes Visuales, Calle 60 x 47
Time: 9:00 PM Sunday


Coming Soon

Yucatan Living Classes at Habla – October & November

Scrolling Text: Teaching reading & writing through performances
These workshops are aimed at teachers, art educators, and members of the general public
interested in these practices. Due to limited space, reservations are required.
Dates: All workshops will be held on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Habla
Oct. 9: Introduction to the performance cycle.
Oct. 23: Read beyond the surface – Teaching for understanding.
Nov. 6: Inspiring writing – Connect the word with the world.
Nov. 27: Make performance! – The performance as a spectrum of possibilities.
Cost: $200 pesos each workshop (some scholarships available for local public school teachers.
Language: Workshops will be taught in English and Spanish
Read more about Project ArtsLiteracy.
Read Performance Cycle and See Manual for Educators.

Yucatan Living 2nd Season: Little Mexican Cooking School: Opens Oct. 5Cooking classes in Mexico
After putting over 500 tourist-students through their school last season, and being rated by TripAdvisor as #1 Thing to Do in the region, The Little Mexican Cooking School is committed to stand by it’s reputation: to offer Authentic Mexican Cooking classes to curious travelers, in an intimate setting. And to exceed expectations. If you are a tourist, they have 2 double bedroom suites so you and your friends can come and stay the entire week!
For More Information, visit the Little Mexican Cooking School Website. or contact Catriona Brown: cat [at] puertomorelosliving [dot] com

Yucatan Living A Fashion Show Benefiting Disabled Children, October 13
This is the last Fall-Winter fashion show, so you don’t want to miss it. Proceeds will go to the Special Aid Fund, which provides surgery, wheelchairs, orthotics and prosthetics to people who come to the center and do not have the resources to meet their expenses.
Location Siglo XXI Convention Center
Time: 7:00 PM
Admission: $220 pesos and are available through CRIT, Liverpool, Boutique 18.08, Boutique Aires, and ExersiteKings of Waltz Fitness Center.

Yucatan Living Concert: Kings of Waltz: Edvin Marton, Vienna Strauss Orchestra October 14
What a magnificient evening this will be! Come and hear Emmy Award winner Edvin Marton as he plays these wonderful Kings of Waltz on his Stradivarius, accompanied by the Vienna Strauss Orchestra!
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM
Admission: Tickets available at the box office
More Information: 924-9990 

Yucatan Living 2010 Art for Education: Reception & Art Auction: October 14th
To ensure that students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged obtain a college education and that they graduate with success, Impulso Universitario raises funds and provides scholarships and personal development programs to disadvantaged (mostly rural) bright Yucatan students.
The annual Arte por la Educacion event is held every Fall. Artists donate artwork that is sold through a silent auction at Impulso Universitario’s offices.
Location: Impulso Universitario, Calle 62 #383, 45 x 47
Time: 8:30 PM
Admission: Donate or buy some art!

Yucatan Living Ninos & Crias: Migratory Bird Day – October 16 & 17
Location: Puerto Rio Lagartos
An event to create awareness and promote conservation of our migratory birds, especially our flamingos. This event is sponsored by Ninos y Crias. Bring your binoculars so you can participate in a mini-birdathon and other events throughout the day.

Yucatan Living Art Show: Dos Mundos (Two Worlds): Carina Dumais
Show Runs: October 15 – 30, Samuel Barrera Models on October 29

Since this lady has asked one of our favorite artists, Samuel Barrera, to be “oCarina Dumais Show in Meridane of her models,” we thought it was time to look her up on the net. Carina Dumais – Art – Whimsey – digital Photoshop – What is a Poser expert? What a wonderful surprise! Visit Carina Dumais’ website and especially take a look through her gallery at the pictures of the sea. She even designs Keds tennis shoes! In addition, we discovered that Poser is a 3-D software package that allows the user to animate figures in digital photoshop similarly to a mannequin – so that’s what Samuel Barrera and several others in Merida will be modeling for. We can’t wait to see! If there is a child in your life who seems to hear a different drummer, you might also want to take a look at an interview with this wonderful grandmother.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras’ Main Gallery
Time: 9:00 PM Oct. 29 (when the models will be on hand)
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Breast Cancer Awareness Paints the Town Pink: October 16 – 19
Oct. 16: Second Walk Against Breast Cancer, Estadio Salvador Alvarado, 9:00 AM
Oct. 17: Concert: Maria Teresa Gomez, Plaza Altabrisa, 5:00 PM
Oct. 19: The Monumento a la Patria (in Merida) and the Castillo de Chichen Itza will be flooded with pink lights to show support for breast cancer awareness and breast self-examination. There is even going to be an official song for this event.
Mexico reports 10,000 new cases of breast cancer each year, with 4,500 deaths. Yucatan reports 144 new cases of breast cancer per year with an average of 42 deaths. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death for women in Mexico, with breast cancer now in second place.

Yucatan Living Concert: The Legendary Yucatones: Bandits of Love Tour: October 22
Join the Legendary Yucatones for a free concert and an extraordinary Indian Buffet with the boys.
Location: concert: Zamna Park, downtown Izamal
Time: 9:00 PM
Admission: Free concert
Hotel Macan che is offering a special package price that includes one night’s lodging with buffet dinner and their famous breakfast. Single w/fan: $700 pesos, Single w/ac: $850 pesos, double w/fan: $900 pesos, double w/ac: $1050 pesos. Stay the weekend and get a discount on the second night. Make your reservations now.
Telephone and e-mail: 988-954-0287 macanche[at]

Yucatan Living Hotel Zamna’s Yearly Grand Prize Quiz & Dinner, Oh Know! I Knew That!: October 23
Dinner includes: soup with bread roll, fish & chips, and a chocolate desert. Teams for the famous Zamna Quiz can have up to 4 members. 1st prize will be a drinks hamper and a stash of pesos. The quiz will cover everything from food and drink to famous faces and landmarks.
Location: Hotel Zamna, Calle 53 #547, Barrio de Santiago, Merida Centro
Time: 7:30 PM
Admission: $100 pesos – Tickets available now from Hotel reception. Tickets must be collected before the event since the hotel must have accurate numbers for seating and catering.
For more information, call: 999 924 0103

Yucatan Living Classical Beatles Concert: October 27
A night of sheer magic from the Fenix Quartet, including a three course dinner. This is the third time Zamna has staged this event and both previous concerts were a sell out. In case some of our readers don’t know, the members of the Fenix Quartet are all members of the Symphony Orchestra in Yucatan.
Location: Hotel Zamna, Calle 53 # 547, Barrio de Santiago, Merida Centro
Time: Dinner served at 8:00 PM, Concert starts at 9:00 PM
Admission: $125 pesos – must pick up tickets prior to day of the event due to catering and seating needs.
Information & Reservations: 999 924 0103 and

Yucatan Living The 22nd Havana Ballet Festival: Oct. 28 – Nov. 7
This festival is going to be one of the premier international events of the decade. First, it is the 22nd Havana Ballet Festival. Second, it marks the 50th year since prima balleina Alicia Alonso formed the National Ballet of Cuba. And Third, it celebrates Alicia Alonso’s own 90th birthday. This prima ballerina and her career are so important to the art and culture of the world that she is being given the prestigious Prize of Ibero-american Culture in Sevilla, Spain, on Oct. 10. Needless to say, this 22nd Havana Ballet Festival is going to be one of “the” events of the decade! 30 performances are scheduled, 3 of which will be world premiers. Dance companies that will participate include: the American Ballet Theater, returning to Cuba after an absence of 40 years, the New York City Ballet, the Royal Ballet of London, the National English Ballet, the Ballet of the Opera of Berlin, the Colon Ballet Theater of Argentina, and the Opera of Dresden, Germany. Ballets and officials from 18 countries will be there and guests personally invited by Alicia Alonso include President Obama and his family. Whether or not that invitation will be accepted is not yet known, but it still is a thoughtful and gracious gesture on the part of this internationally loved and respected ballerina.
For more information concerning tickets, visit the Ballet Nacional de Cuba website. Contact information is at the bottom of the Catedra page.
And don’t forget to Read Alicia Alonso’s Amazing Biography.

Yucatan Living Merida: Jehovah’s Witnesses 3 Day Convention
Oct. 29 – Oct. 31
Location: new Assembly Hall in Chi Chi Suarez behind Cottolengo
Time: TBA
Admission: Public is welcome, No collections



Yucatan Living 3rd Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference: November 12 – 14
The event is open to all bloggers but, in order for hosts to get ready, it is necessary to pre-register. This year, the venue will be a downtown college campus (, where wireless Internet, garden space and a lecture hall are available. Following an introductory social on Friday night, Saturday will be filled with the nuts and bolts of all phases of blogging. Saturday night, bloggers are free to enjoy the city and Sunday ends the conference with a goodbye breakfast. For more information, visit the Latin American Bloggers’ Conference Website or contact Theresa in Merida ( theresainmexico[at]gmail[dot]com

Yucatan Living Horse Fair at Sucila: November 20 (more days TBA before and after)
The local livestock association will sponsor a horse fair that will include the day of November 20. This fair is in honor of the Centennial of the Mexican Social Revolution and November 20 will mark 100 years from the beginning of this armed struggle. From Merida, Sucila is almost to Tizimin. There will be exhibitions and the sale of horses, plus equestrian competitions, a variety of musical events, art shows, and loads of food. This event will show some of the best horses in all of Mexico, along with their talent and the expertise of their owners. We’ll look for you there!

Yucatan Living Taste of Playa: November 21
This is a huge annual event where over 40 restaurants are highlighted in a one-day event in Playa del Carmen. It was a great success last year and will be even better this year. Please do try to attend, since all proceeds go to a food education program initiated by the Rotary Club in Playa del Carmen that will directly benefit the children and families of the Riviera Maya.
Location: Playa del Carmen’s Parque Fundadores, just south of Cancun
Admission: Open to the public, with tickets and all-inclusive VIP passes available for sale on the official event website: Taste of Playa

Yucatan Living Day of the Dead Spanish Immersion Course: October 25 – 29 and Nov. 1 – 5.
This is going to be a great event for anyone who wants to not only visit Yucatan, but take a wonderful course in Spanish while they enjoy their visit. Habla is going to have a 2 week Spanish immersion course the last week in October and the first week in November. Students can take one week or two and have the option to make this a real immersion by taking advantage of a homestay. Since Day of the Dead is one of the best holidays of the year in Yucatan, this is one of the best ways to see and do it all!
Location and Information: Habla
Information on Habla’s Website

Yucatan Living Yucatan 2010: Short Film Festival – November 12-21
The Yucatan 2010 Short Film Festival is calling for submissions. It is open to any non-professional resident of the Yucatan to submit their short films, and cash prizes will be awarded. Selected films will be exhibited during the festival. Films submitted must be digital videos, made in Yuca tan and produced after Jan 1 2009. One person can submit unlimited number of films. The themes must touch on mexicanidad, identity, revolution, independence, liberty and/or democracy. There is even a category for one-minute cellphone films, as well as one for films in the Mayan language (with Spanish subtitles), and the films can be up to thirty minutes.
Screening:November 20 & 21. The public will select the winners.
Prizes: Cash prizes of $4000 and $5000 pesos for each category
For More Information: ICY Direccion de Artes Visuales, 930-4700 Ext 54035 and 54019
Submission Entry Fee:Free

Yucatan Living Sanctuary Evolucion’s Annual Fundraising Event – Nov. 27
Enjoy a night of comedy, music and botanas! Learn more about Sanctuary Evolucion, their successes in 2010 and their challenges in 2011. Come out and see how you can help the animals of Yucatan!
Location: TBA
Time: Check Back Soon
Admission: More Information in the coming weeksYucatan State Fair 2010

Yucatan Living Xmatkuil (Yucatan’s State Fair) – Opens November 12
No published schedule yet, but we hear that there will be a Chinese Circus from Las Vegas, an educational, interactive Animatronix Dinosaur, and dolphins this year. We can hardly wait to hear what the spectacular shows are going to be. The entertainers are always exceptionally good and many are internationally well known.
Location: Xmatkuil Fairgrounds
Time: Opens Nov. 12
Admission: $10 pesos (visitors will be able to buy a package that includes discount tickets to shows and restaurants on the inside)

Yucatan Living Multimedia: 200 Years of Being A Proud Mexican – November 19th & 20th
This wide screen event will have it all: the history of Mexico on a screen that is 11 meters long and 6 meters high, as well as books on art and history that are being taken house-to-house already.
Location: Parque de la Kukulcan, Circuito Colonias
Time: 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living 9th Annual Toh Bird Festival – November 27 & 28Toh Bird Festival
The birdathon this year will run from 5:30 AM on Saturday to 10:00 AM on Sunday. Teams can have no fewer than 3 members nor more than 8 members. There will be a party held at a hacienda near Merida when the event ends. Visit the Toh website to learn more about this event and to download bird lists for the birdathon. As of this post, the registration button has not gone live, but you can contact them by e-mail from their contact page.

Yucatan Living Christmas Bird Count – Between December 14 and January 15
Yucatan will hold 3 Christmas Bird Counts, each over an area of a 15 mile diameter circle. The centers of these circles are in Celestun, El Cuyo, and Rio Lagartos. Visit the Toh website to learn more about this event. As of this post, the registration button has not gone live, but you can contact them by e-mail from their contact page.

Early 2010

Yucatan Living Travel-Adventure Tours with Life Long Learning
Life Long Living will conduct three adventure tours in early 2011. All tours include accommodation, ground transportation, guide services, breakfasts and other featured meals. Prices are based on the exchange rate on 6/15/10. The following tours still have openings. A deposit of 3,000 pesos is due at the time of booking and the balance is due on Dec. 15, 2010. If you are in Merida, payments can be made directly to TTT; if not, they will be happy to send you the information necessary to make deposits to their Canadian account. There will be a pre-departure orientation session held at TTT on January 17.

Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Miguel, Dolores de Hidalgo & Queretaro.
Jan. 29 – Feb. 6, 2011 (9 days, 8 nights)
Colonial Cities, music, folk art and food!
Single accommodation: 12,000 pesos, Double accommodation: 9,500 pesos p/p

Puebla & Oaxaca
Feb. 9 – 16, 2011 (8 days, 7 nights
Archaeological sites, Colonial cities, folklore and food!
Single accommodation: 10,000 pesos, Double accommodation: 7,500 pesos p/p

Chiapas, Tabasco & Campeche
Feb. 11 – 17, 2011 (7 days, 6 nights)
Archaeological sites, colonial cities, folklore & indigenous communities
Single accommodation: 8,000 pesos, Double accommodation: 6,500 p/p

For more information concerning the Travel-Adventure Tours with Life Long Learning,
call (52 999) 928- 3515 (Monday – Friday: 9 am – 3 pm) or
e-mail: infotttac[at] or
visit: and select Life Long Learning.

Yucatan Living Carnival 2011 (More as we hear additional information)
Mark your calendars now for the following parade dates:
March 2, 2011: Quema del Mal Humor
March 3, 2011: Preschoolers Parade
March 4, 2011: Corsican Parade
March 5, 2011: Fantasia Parade
March 6, 2011: Bachata Parade (Loads of fun with a Caribbean flavor)
March 7, 2011: Regional Parade
March 8, 2011: Battle of the Flowers Parade
March 9, 2011: Entierro de Juan Carnival
Keep an eye on Zona de Palcos to plan where you will get the best view of the festivities. No word yet on seating prices, but there should be more information soon.
Carnival Map on the Carnival de Merida 2011 website.


Have an event you want us to publicize? Just email the information to: info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com. We publish every Monday night.



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