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Here Comes Carnaval and Superbowl!

Festival of the City of Merida YucatanMerida’s Carnival 2008 is Just Around the Corner!

The Festival of the City ends on Monday night and almost before you can say impermeabilizante!, Carnaval will be upon us. The first week’s Carnaval events are the more family-oriented parades, so we suggest you take this opportunity to rest before the bigger events begin. But don’t get us wrong… the Kid’s Parade is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see. As they say in Louisiana, it’s Carnival – so Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez! (Let the Good Times Roll).

Planning Ahead

Here are a few other things coming up that you might want to plan for.

Superbowl Sunday is February 3. Mercer Cigars will be taking reservations for their Superbowl Party, which will include free alitas (wings) and botanas (snacks). Of course, you will also be able to buy drinks from the bar and smoke your favorite cigar. For more information or to make a reservation, call 944-3647.

Pre-Carnaval Dance is Tuesday, January 29. This is an annual benefit for Cruz Roja (the Red Cross). The dance is for women only, and includes live music, a well-attended costume competition, a dance show featuring the Red Cross Carnival Queen and much more! Drinks and food are on sale during the event. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time for $200 pesos at Club Campestre (on Prolongación de Montejo just past Superama). All proceeds benefit the Red Cross.

Monday (Lunes) January 21, 2008

Yucatan Living Conversaciones con Amigos (Conversations with Friends)
Practice Spanish or English with friends. Membership not necessary.
Location: Merida English Library http://www.meridaenglishlibrary.com/, Calle 53 #524 x 66 y 68.
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Admission: Small Donation

Yucatan Living Concert: Sequenza Sur
Featuring Grace Quaglio, Pianista
If you have never been to see this group, you are missing much. You might expect to hear an evening of chamber music, since the members of this group are also members of other groups and orchestras. But you can expect much more from these talented musicians. Both contemporary and experimental music are part of their repertoire, so this is a must see event. It is also the last event of the Festival of the City.
Location: Dr. Silvio Zavala Vallado Auditorium in the Olimpo
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living VAQUERÍA Folkloric Ballet
The signature dance of Yucatan, featuring the Jaranera Orchestra and the City Folkloric Ballet & Trova Yucateca.
Location: Ground floor of the Ayuntamiento in the Plaza Grande (the building with the clock)
Time: All Mondays 9:00 PM
Admission: Free

Tuesday (Martes) January 22, 2008

Yucatan Living Remembrance Musicals: Maratón de la Bella Época
Dance to the Big Band sound of the 40’s, played by the wonderful Jaranara Orchestra. Sit with the crowd in the park, at one of the restaurants that look out over the "dance floor" and eat dinner, or get out there and dance!
Location: Parque de Santiago, Calle 72 by Calle 59

Time: Every Tuesday at 8:30 PM for about 1.5 hours
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Tuesday of Trova
Each week there is a performance by either a solo artist or one of our marvelous trova trios. This week’s performers have not been announced, but this particular performance is always well worth attending.
Location: First Floor of the Municipal Palace, Calle 61 x Calle 62
For: Adults and children over the age of 6
8:30 P.M.
Admission: Free

Wednesday (Miercoles) January 23, 2008

Yucatan Living M.E.L. House & Garden Tour
Conducted by Keith Heitke for the benefit of M.E.L.

Location : The tour departs from the Merida English Library, Calle 53 No. 517 between Calle 66 and 68 and ends at Calle 59 No. 572 between Calle 72 and 74.
Time : 9:45 AM – 12:30 PM, all Wednesdays, October thru March.
Reservations : (999) 924-8401
Information : sterlingheitke [at] prodigy [dot] net [dot] mx
Admission : $200 pesos

Yucatan Living Poker Night at Mercer Cigars
Wednesday nights are poker nights at Mercer Cigars. Everyone who participates gets a free Cuban cigar. Buy-in is $500 pesos and First place takes 60% plus a Romeo & Juliet Churchill cigar. Complimentary refreshments will be served, and beer, wine, food and cigars are available. Call for more information or to reserve your spot!
Location : Mercer Cigars, Prolongacion Montejo 85-3, 15 y 17, Colonia Mexico (next to La Parilla )
Time : 8:30 P.M.
Phone : 944-3647

Yucatan Living Live Jazz
The new home for jazz in Merida. Jazzin’ Merida has food, drinks (no alcohol yet, but soon!) and great live music every week. Tonite features Alberto Palomo’s Group.
Location: Jazzin’ Merida, Calle 56 #465 x 53 y 55
Time: Opens 7 PM, Live performances at 9 and 10:50 PM
Phone: 924-5628

Thursday (Jueves) January 24, 2008

Yucatan Living Live Jazz
The new home for jazz in Merida. Jazzin’ Merida has food, drinks (no alcohol yet, but soon!) and great live music every week. Tonite is the group “Jazzbe”, which features Arturo Guzman, Edgar Bofill and Jeff Kipperman.
Location: Jazzin’ Merida, Calle 56 #465 x 53 y 55
Time: Opens 7 PM, Live performances at 9 and 10:50 PM
Phone: 924-5628 The most handsome dog in Merida Yucatan

Yucatan Living Yucatan Dog Show

There is going to be a dog show from today, January 24th until January 27th. The competition will take place at the University Modelo, which is on the road to Cholul on the other side of the Periferico. Over 500 dogs from 60 different breeds will be competing.
Location: University Modelo in Cholul
Time: TBA
Admission: TBA

Yucatan Living “To Remember is to Live”
Live music under the trees in one of Merida’s oldest parks. This dance starts early and ends at a reasonable hour. Music is by the exceptionally accomplished Jaranara Orchestra. Come on down and enjoy the Big Band sound, something you’re not likely to hear anywhere else but in Merida these days.
Location: Parque Zoológico del Centenario (The Zoo), Calle 59 at Avenida Itzaes
Time: 4:00 PM

Yucatan Living Yucatan Serenade
The signature serenade of Merida and in the romantic heart of the City.
Location: Parque Santa Lucía , Calle 60 and 55
Time: 9:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Classic Thursday: Classical Music

Location: The Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 61 at Calle 62
Time: 9:00 PM
Admission: Free

Friday (Viernes) January 25, 2008

Yucatan LivingLive Jazz
The new home for jazz in Merida. Tonite’s performer is a virtuoso Jazz pianist named René Monte Rosa… don’t miss it! Jazzin’ Merida has food, drinks (no alcohol yet, but soon!) and great live music every week.
Location: Jazzin’ Merida, Calle 56 #465 x 53 y 55
Time: Opens 7 PM, Live performances at 9 and 10:50 PM
Phone: 924-5628

Yucatan Living Baila Merida ( Merida Dances)
Intended for the older crowd, this dance moves to a different park each week.

Location this week: Parque de Santa Ana, Calle 60 x 46 y 45 Centro
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: Free

Saturday (Sabado) January 26, 2008

Yucatan Living Merida Men’s Club
No dues and no officers – just good conversation and a chance to learn more about life in Yucatan. Meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday and the last Saturday of every month from 9:00 to 10:30 am. Speakers are often invited, so do be in attendance and don’t hesitate to bring a friend.
Location : Cafe Bistro Kaapejon Prolongacion Montejo, a half block north of the Circuito Colonias, more commonly known as the “Burger King Circle.”
Time : 9:00 to 10:30 AM
Admission : Free

Live JazzYucatan Living Live Jazz
The new home for jazz in Merida. Tonite features live music by JaTin Lazz with Mauricio Bonfiglio. Jazzin’ Merida has food, drinks (no alcohol yet, but soon!) and a small cover charge to benefit the performers.
Location: Jazzin’ Merida, Calle 56 #465 x 53 y 55
Time: Opens 7 PM, Live performances at 9 and 10:50 PM
Phone: 924-5628

Yucatan Living Noche Mexicana (Mexican Night)
An outdoor performance that brings the folklore of all of Mexico to Merida! Music and partying under the stars!
Location: Beginning of Paseo Montejo, Calle 56 A between 47 and 49
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Artes Visuales Website Party
There’s going to be a party tonite at the Centro de Artes Visuales to announce their new (expanded?) website. There will be an art exhibit, electronic music and a live show.
Location : Centro de Artes Visuales, Calle 62 between 47 and 45 across for the Santa Ana Church.
Time : 9:00 PM til ?
Admission : Free

Yucatan Living En el Corazón de Mérida (In the Heart of Merida)
Outdoor concerts, sidewalk cafes, shopping at night – its all here!
Tonight: Concerts in Parque de Santa Lucía (Calle 60 at Calle 55)
Location: Also in Plaza Grande, Centro
Time: Saturday nights, from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Admission: Free

Sunday (Domingo) January 27, 2008Bicycle Route on Sundays in Merida

Yucatan Living The Bici-Ruta
The Bici-Ruta begins early, at 8:00 AM, though we see them setting up as early as 7:00 am, and ends at noon. The route begins in Ermita and San Juan Parks, passes through the Centro up Calle 60 and then travels down Paseo de Montejo, to include Fiesta Americana. If you want to play chess, go to the sidewalk outside the Museum of Anthropology on Paseo de Montejo at 9 am and pick up a game! There is a complete listing of activities, including sports, music, and craft events on the Bici-Ruta website.
Location: Begins at Parque de la Ermita, through the Plaza Grande and Ends at the glorieta on Prolongation Paseo Montejo (by Burger King).
Time: 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Mérida en Domingo
Sunday downtown is a spectacular tradition in Mérida. Start at the center of town, where booths are set up all around the Plaza Grande. Inside the plaza, you can find huipiles, guayaberas, honey, dolls, bags, tee-shirts… and everything is made for sale by the local people of the Yucatan. The outer ring of booths are selling food: marquesitas, tacos, cochinita, ice cream (try the coconut), fruit, drinks, etc. If the crowd starts to get to you, wander up Calle 60 to Santa Lucia Park, where you can also find antiques, old books and other curiosities. At that lovely park, there is also live music, lots of dancing, and great food.
Location: In the Centro Historico: Plaza Grande, Parque Santa Lucia (Calle 60 x 55) and MACAY Museum (Calle 60 between 61 and 63)
Time: 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM
Admission: Free, of course…

Yucatan Living Sunday Art on Paseo de Montejo
Every Sunday there are artists displaying and selling their fine art along Paseo Montejo. There are usually 20 or more artists showing their paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and more. This is your chance to meet the artists, see what’s new and maybe pick up something great for those big empty walls in your new renovated home in Merida or that house by the beach.
Location: Paseo de Montejo in front of VIPS (on the southeast corner of Avenida Colon, across from WalMart)
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Sunday at the MACAY
There is a musical concert in the garden at the MACAY Museum, just off the Paseo de la Revolución next to the main cathedral. If the Merida en Domingo crowd starts to get to you, go to the museum (entrance is free). Sit around the fountain or walk through the galleries and listen to the live music.
Location: In the Garden at the MACAY (next to the Cathedral)
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Admission: Free


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3 Responses to “Here Comes Carnaval and Superbowl!”

  1. Khaki, You’ve done it again! Great review of all the fun in Merida! It makes me so not want to be here in southeast Texas but to return to Paradise in Merida!

  2. Went to Meridas New Jazz Club last night and I have to say that David the owner has done a really nice job with this club!! The group was O.K. but lacked cohesiveness,however the guest Alto Player was a standout!! I intend to go back again and again and recommend if you like Jazz to go out and support them! The food and drinks are very reasonable and the cover VERY reasonable!! LONG may they reign.

  3. Dude, bici-ruta is definately not going to leaving from Ermita on Sunday. The park at Ermita and the road is torn up until the first of March.


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