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Merida Events: Day of the Dead and More

This week as always…

For ongoing events and classes in Merida, please click our NEW Ongoing Events Page!!

On the Ongoing Events page, you will find a list of all ongoing classes and other regular events that are repeated every week. When a new class or ongoing event is announced, it will be highlighted at the top of both events pages, and then will be added to the Ongoing Events page. We hope this makes your planning easier!

As always, if you have an event for the English-speaking community of Merida that you would like to publicize, please contact us at info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com (hopefully at least a week before the event) and we will be happy to add it to our Events pages.


Monday (Lunes) October 27, 2008

Yucatan Living Monday Night Football is Back!Football Nights at Mercer Cigars in Merida, Yucatan
This is your invitation to come and watch Monday Night Football at Mercer Cigars. Last year, this was one of the most popular spots in town on Monday night and it certainly will be again this year. For more information about who is playing, visit ESPN’s Monday Night Football Schedule.
Location: 85-3 Prolongacion Montejo
Time: Call 944-3647 for more information
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: Vamos de Gallo
A performance by the Folkloric Ballet of the State, under the direction of Raul Castillo Alfaro. Includes Mariachi Merida 2000.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Monday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Yahal Kab, en Tres Tiempos
This promises to be a an excellent performance of traditional music.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Monday
Admission: Free Vaqueria de Animas in Merida

Yucatan Living Vaqueria de Animas
This looks as if it is going to be a Vaqueria with some quite interesting animated costumes. The dancers will be wearing masks that are appropriate for a Day of the Dead celebration. This is one you really want to see.
Location: First floor of the Municipal Palace, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Monday

Admission: Free

Tuesday (Martes) October 28 , 2008

Yucatan Living Music: First State Contest of Interpretes de Canto
If you are interested in the career trajectories of the marvelous voices that seem destined for greatness in the Yucatan, this is a must-attend event. The songs will be both popular and Yucateca trova, sung by all of the New Voices of the Mayab. This is one of those places where stars are born and is well worth attending. The contest will move from town to town, so keep reading through the events to see if it comes to your area.
Location: Cuzama, first floor of the Palacio
Time: 7:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: Noches de Danza (Nights of Dance)
Yucatan Living is a great supporter of all of the accomplishments of the children in our state. Although we get most of our performance bulletins from right here in Merida, we would like for everyone to know that there are children performing throughout Yucatan. This performance is by the Ballet Infantil de Tekax. We hope everyone who can will attend and let these children know what a treasure they truly are.
Location: Tixmeuac, first floor of the Palacio
Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Margarita Robleda: Yesterday, Today and ForeverMargarita Robleda
This is a poetic music recital with Margarita Robleda. If you don’t already know her, this is the perfect opportunity to find out what this talented lady is all about. She has a blog and a website, both of which are well worth reading. This songstress and accomplished writer of children’s books is certainly deserving of a “must see” designation for this evening’s entertainment.
Location: Cineteca National in Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Tuesday of Trova:Trio Trovanova

With all of this cultural activity going on around us, there is something to be said for spending a couple of hours in our comfort zone with music we love, played by a trio we adore. Trio Trovanova is one of the most popular trova trios in our state and every performance is outstanding.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: Beauty and the Beast
This performance is a production of Centro Estatal de Bellas Artes, that government arts complex located on Avenida Itzaes across from the zoo. Everything they do is outstanding and this should be no different.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Soy Mi Voz (I am my voice)
This is a concert by Cony Ancona. For a preview of this wonderful lady’s talent, take a look at this video.
Location: Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free


Wednesday (Miércoles) October 29, 2008

Yucatan Living Collective Art Exhibition in Muna
It is not often that we are notified of art exhibitions somewhere other than in Merida. We suspect that we miss the opportunity to see and purchase some excellent work simply because we didn’t know it was there. If you are (or can be) in the Muna area tonight, this is surely to be a very interesting event.
Location: Muna, first floor of the Palacio
Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Visual Wednesday
Every week the art school at the old train station puts on a program on Wednesday nights. We weren’t able to discover the content of the program this week, but we’re sure it will be interesting.
Location: The Old Train Station, Calle 55 x 46 y 48
Time: 6:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: FreeLos Pecks in Concert
Information: 930-1490 ext. 29330

>Yucatan Living Wednesday in Concert: Rock Los Pecks
This performance is under the direction of Freddy Viana Denis. For a preview, visit them on MySpace.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Another Perspective on the Day of the Dead
This is an exposition of altars, but has a bit of a twist. Here, the viewers are being watched for their reactions to what they see. It ought to be quite interesting.
Location: Centro Cultural Jose Marti / Parque de las Americas, Av. Colon x Calle 20
Time: 7:30 PM Wednesday

Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: La Mirada de Ulises (The Gaze of Ulysses)
This production is taken from the movie of the same name and hints at modern political parallels between the voyage of Ulysses and the life and death of nations today. The performance is by Compania Tatzudanza, under the direction of Tatiana Zugazagoitia. If you are not already convinced that we have the best talent in the world in Yucatan, read the website and biography of Tatiana Zugazagoitia.
Location: Peon Contreras Theater, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Serrat: Concierto 100 x 100Joan Serrat in Merida
As part of our Cultural Autumn series, Spanish cantautor Joan Manuel Serrat will begin his Latin American tour in Mexico. From Merida, he will go to Guanajuato to participate in the 34th Festival Internacional Cervantino. That famous festival will this year host 2,000 artists from 24 countries. We recommend this as a "must see" event. This remarkable human being owns a vineyard in Chile and produces his own wine, Mas Perinet. To read more about how this Spanish singer/songwriter came to live in Chile, read his musical biography here.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Jazz Sensitive
A jazz interpretation under the musical direction of Mauricio Bonfiglio on drums, Gabriela Ruz on alto sax, SolCastillo on electric guitar, and Hugo Aguilar on electric base. Ask 12 people what is "jazz" and you will likely get almost as many different answers because of the vast range of jazz itself. Think about what’s going to be here… an alto sax, one drummer, one guitarist, one bass player – and a show named "Sensitive Jazz."
Location: Ajenjo Restaurante Bar, Av. Cámara de Comercio Norte # 370 (in front of Colegio Cumbres)
Time: 9:30 PM Every Wednesday this month!

Thursday (Jueves) October 30, 2008

Yucatan Living Music: First State Contest of Interpretes de Canto
If you are interested in the career trajectories of the marvelous voices that seem destined to originate in our state, this is a must attend event. The songs will be both popular and Yucateca trova, sung by all of the New Voices of the Mayab. This is one of those places where stars are born and is well worth attending. The contest will move from town to town, so keep reading through the events to see if it comes to your area.
Location: Progreso, first floor of the Palacio
Time: 7:00 PM Thursday
Admission: FreeSt. Petersburg Ballet in Merida

Yucatan Living The Ballet of St. Petersburg Performs Swan Lake
Yucatan is besotted with Swan Lake and Russian ballet companies give us a taste every year. This year, with up to 50 dancers in every scene, this is going to be one of the best performances of the season.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Thursday
Admission: Tickets will be sold in the ticket office of the theater.
Call now for information: 924-9990

Yucatan Living Music: Recital of Flute and Guitar
This performance is by Eduardo Cervera (guitar) and Martha Colin (flute). These recitals are always very special events and we are so lucky to have them.
Location: Teatro Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 8:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Las Reinas del Rock
Yanina and Rachel are the Queens of Rock and you don’t want to miss this performance.
Location: Daniel Ayala Theater, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie: Can Tunis
(Gonzales and Toledo/Spain, 2007)The residents of Can Tunis, one of the poorest and most insalubrious neighbourhoods of Barcelona, are threatened with expulsion. Inhabited mostly by gypsies and drug addicts, the land has been bought by developers who arrive one morning to demolish the houses. They are confronted by a united community who drown their problems in permanent partying and who dread the idea of being separated into soulless housing projects. Spanish with English subtitles.
Location: Casa de Cultura Elena Poniatowska: La 68, Calle 68 # 470a x 55
Time: 9:00 PM Thursday
Admission: $20 pesosCitlali Guevara in Merida, Yucatan

Yucatan Living Classical Thursday: The Splendor of the Piano and Romanticism
This is a concert by the young concert pianist Citlalli Guevara. For more on this young lady and her accomplishments – and to see what makes this a “must see” performance – read all about her here.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Junto al Corazon (Next to the Heart)
This is a concert by Yucatan’s beloved Mozu la Voz. The performance will be typical of the music in his heart and in the heart of Yucatan.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living The Yucatones Are Packing Them In!!!The Yucatones at Jazz'in Merida
Tonight, the legendary Yucatones (Dan Tone and Gary Tone) will be back at Jazzin’ Merida. Last Thursday, for reasons unfathomable to them, the club was packed by the second set and nothing would thrill the Tones more than seeing a large turnout again this week. Whether its ten people or a full house, The Yucatones always play their hearts out, but its always more fun with a loud and raucous crowd. So – if you were there last week – come on down again, and if you weren’t there, come and see what all the noise is about. You’ll always get a great mix of old and New Rock, Country, Swing and a few originals thrown into the mix… not to mention David’s terrific food. And remember – the boys are continuing their new, user-friendly starting time of 8:30 PM.
Location: Jazzin’ Merida, Calle 56 # 465 x 53 y 55
Time: 8:30 PM Thursday
Admission: $30 MXP
For more information: Call: 924-5628


Friday (Viernes) October 31, 2008

Friday (Viernes) October 31, 2008

Yucatan Living Hanal Pixan: Gran Muestra de Altares (Big Demonstration of Altars)
This is the presentation of a sample of the altars found throughout our state, and the largest and most obvious celebration of this unique holiday that you will find in Merida (and the best place for photos). There are expected to be at least 200 altars on display in Plaza Grande and throughout the surrounding streets and parks. We’ve heard rumours that there will also be altars set up at La Ermita and down Calle 66 all the way to the cemetery. By the way, Altars in the Plaza Grande for Day of the Deadthese altars get set up early and torn down exactly at 5 or a little earlier, so don’t put off your visit til the end of the day.

In the Yucatan, it is traditional to clean your house (so the ghosts won’t feel compelled to come and clean up themselves) and to make an altar in your house for your departed loved ones. It is also traditional to visit your loved one’s grave and clean it up, put fresh flowers, maybe give it a fresh coat of paint. It is NOT traditional, as in other parts of Mexico, to hold vigils in the cemetery. We have heard rumours that the cemetery might be open this year, and that they might be holding a mass for the dead in the cemetery, but so far we have been unable to confirm any of this (not for lack of trying, we can assure you!!).

FRIDAY UPDATE: The altars in the Plaza Grande are bigger and better than ever this year, and at noon, the place was packed… but not with tourists. Local residents were all over the plaza, waiting in line for handouts of delicious local food cooked by participants from various pueblos around the Yucatan. It was/is quite a scene!

Also, there is an altar contest at UADY, on the corner of Calle 60 and 57.
Ten departments and the military preparatory school will participate in the 9th Contest of Altars in the Central Building of UADY. The departments include: Chemistry, Infirmary, Chemical Engineering, Accounting and Administration, Odontology, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, Law, Medicine, and Economics, as well as the military preparatory school. The contest began this morning, Oct. 31, 2008, at 9:00 AM, on the Ground Floor of the Central Building of UADY. There are over 200 entries and prizes were awarded at 11:00 AM. The amount of the prizes, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, are $3,000, $2,000, and $1,500 MXP, as well as certificates of participation for all entries. If this is like it was last year, the altars will be on display through Nov. 2nd, but we urge everyone to go out as soon as possible to see what will surely be one of the best presentations of Hanal Pixán altars in all of Yucatan.
Location: Plaza Grande, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Inauguration of Muestra Hanal Pixan
This is the presentation of another group of traditional altars found in Yucatan. If you are taking pictures, begin with the altars in Plaza Grande at 9:00 AM, then get to the Museum of Popular Art by noon for some of the best photo opportunities in the world.
Location: Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatan, Calle 50 x 57
Time: 12:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Live Jazz at Jazzin’ Merida
Tonite’s music is a surprise. Come and be surprised!
Location: Calle 56 # 465 x 53 y 55
Time: Friday, Opens 8 PM, Live performances at 9 and 10:50 PM Friday
Phone: 924-5628

Yucatan Living Second Ladies Night at Hotel Zamna
Tonights Theme " Music & Laughter". Buffet will be served at 8:30pm. You will have a full demonstration of the organic skincare range SAK’PO. Then its time for the Zamna Prize Quiz. And to finish the evening some wonderful live music.
Location: Hotel Zamna, Calle 53 #547 x70 y 72
Time: 8:30 PM Friday
Admission: $65 MXP, please get tickets in advance.

Yucatan Living Theater: Delirio Teatral del Hanal Pixan (Dreamlike Theatre of Hanal Pixan)
This event is directed by Octavio Ayil and is an outstanding contemporary interpretation based on traditional themes.
Location: Esplanade of the Cathedral, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 7:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Cinema Under the Stars
Come and enjoy a quaint little backyard alternative theater, as well as some of the best Thai Pizza you’ve ever eaten!
This Week’s Movie: Nosferatu
Newlyweds Jonathan and Lucy Harker are saddened when Harker is sent to Transylvania by employer Renfield to arrange for Count Dracula’s purchase of a house across the street from the Harkers’ house. Harker travels to Transylvania where he stays with the Count, is sucked by the Count, and eventually escapes from the castle. Jonathan returns to Lucy but spends all his time sitting on a chair in the living room. Dracula moves into the house across from the Harkers’. The rise in deaths is accredited to a plague thought to have arrived with the Demeter. The Count meets his doom when Lucy manages to keep him until after cockcrow. As the sun slowly advances on the houses across the street (visible from the window), Dracula attempts to escape. In doing so, he passes the window and is trapped by the sunlight. At the same time, Jonathan arises from his chair. It is obvious that Jonathan has become the next nosferatu.
Location: Centro Cultural “Los Huachinangos;” Calle 70 No. 456 x 51 y 53; Barrio de Santiago, Centro, Merida.
Time: All Fridays: 8:00 PM (Pizza at 7:30 PM)
Admission: Pizza and non-alcoholic drinks for saleThe Big Sell Out

Yucatan Living Documentary: La Gran Venta (The Big Sellout)
Privatization for Minda in Manila, Bongani in Soweto and Simon in Brighton, is more than an abstract notion. It is the life-threatening reality they deal with every day. In this episodic documentary, Florian Opitz examines the consequences of privatization – often forced by institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. English with Spanish subtitles.
Location:Casa de Cultura Elena Poniatowska: La 68, Calle 68 # 470a x 55
Time: 9 PM Friday
Admission: $20 pesos

Yucatan Living Café Pena K’aay T’aan
Performers tonight include Marilyn Barredo Santamaria, Laura Aguilar, Juan Aguilar, and the Folkloric Ballet of Lopoma. If you are not a regular customer of Café Pena K’aay T’aan, you should be. This is the place where most of the new stars of the Mayab are cutting their performing teeth and they are hidden gems that no one should miss.
Location: Casa de la Cultura del Mayab, Calle 63 x 64
Time: 8:30 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Dulce Tonada (Sweet Toned) with Chacho Siller
Only in Yucatan can a hard rock band produce such sweet sounds. To see more of these young people, click here
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Entre Fuego y Miel (Between Fire and Honey)
This should be an excellent performance by Javier Lezama.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: Azul Profundo (Deep Blue)
A performance by Magadanza, under the direction of Lourdes Magallanes. For more on this spectacular contemporary dance group, including preview videos, visit their blog.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM FridayMestiza Power
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Theater: Mestiza Power
This is a theater production by the Grupo Sa’as Tun, under the direction of Conchi Leon. This performance is so popular that it is traveling the world. Last night, it was at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst! We’re glad they are home and thrilled to see them performing in Yucatan. (performance is in Spanish)
Location: Dr. Silvio Zavala Vallado Auditorium in the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM
Admission: $60 MXP and $40 MXP

Yucatan LivingVisual Arts: Exposition: Sobre el Muerto las Coronas (About the crowns of death)
This is a collective exposition built around the live and work of the artist Jorge Casares.
Location: Galeria Merida, Calle 59 No. 452 x 52 y 54, Mejorada
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Serenata Universitaria
This is a presentation by the Ballet Folklorico de la UADY. They are the ones who have those gorgeous costumes that win awards on their own.
Location: Central Patio of UADY, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Visual Arts: Don Jose, Juan Pablo y Las Muchachas
Tonite is the opening of a show which features the works of two men (Don Jose and Juan Pablo) and a number of women artists. Don Jose happens to be the artist featured in an article by Yucatan Living which you can read here. We’ve seen his latest works at the outdoor art walk on Sunday mornings and it is quite magnificent! Don’t miss it!!
Location: Galeria Victoria, Calle 44 No. 502 x 61 y 63, Chembech
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living YoListo First Annual Halloween Spooktacular by the Sea
The YoListo team of Malcolm and Jillian are teaming up with La Playa restaurant, and sponsors Doug and Teresa of Mayan Living Real Estate & local builders Glen and Julie of Estancia Playa Arenas for a night to remember, with 2×1 Margaritas and Mojitos, great appetizer specials, ghoulishly fun music for your dancing delight, and lots more surprises. There will be a costume contest, with tons of prizes awarded, and a free drink just for walking in the door in costume. For further details and to RSVP for this event, please go to this page on YoListo.
Location: La Playa Restaurant in Progreso
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Saturday (Sabado) November 01, 2008

Yucatan LivingDance: Vital Impulse
Contemporary Dance under the direction of Guadalupe Isla Ruano. This is a performance that is long awaited and marks the first stage performance for Fernando Soda. This promises to be a delightful evening.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM SaturdayCeiba Flava
Admission:$ 50 pesos

Yucatan Living Music: La Maquina del Tiempo (The Machine of Time)
This is a concert by Ceiba Flava. It might not fit the musical taste of most of our readers, but we remember when we were their age and the Beatles were at the height of their glory. Yucatan produces the best in all genera of artistic endeavors and Ceiba Flava is part of that excellence. Why not give them a few older folks in the audience? It might be fun. In the meantime, Check out their blog!
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living The Ecstasy of Writing and the Agony of Publishing
A talk by Grant Spradling about what it takes to write and publish a book. Grant will be joined by other writers as available.
Location: Merida English Library, Calle 53 between 66 and 68
Time: 11 AM SaturdayTo play and To Fight
Admission: TBD

Yucatan Living Movie: Tocar y Luchar (To Play and To Fight)
To Play and To Fight presents the captivating story of the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra System – an incredible network of hundreds of orchestras formed within most of Venezuela’s towns and villages. Once a modest program designed to expose rural children to the wonders of music, the system has become one of the most important and beautiful social phenomena in modern history. Under the direction of Alberto Arvelo. Spanish with English Subtitles.
Location: Casa de Cultura Elena Poniatowska: La 68, Calle 68 # 470a x 55
Time: 9 PM Saturday
Admission: $20 pesos

Yucatan Living Dance: El Que Carga el Simbolo (The One That Has the Symbol)
This is a performance by the Dzul International Dance Company and is the “must see” event for the entire week! To say that "hometown boy makes good" is so woefully inadequate as to be laughable. Dzul Dance fuses dance with aerial arts as a means to communicate pre-Hispanic and Mexican culture and create dialogue between contemporary art and historical heritage. By transforming bodies into earthbound and airborne forces of nature Dzul breaks physical, cultural and political boundaries.  You really must read the entire Mexico Premier article about this world famous Yucateco.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Sunday (Domingo) November 01, 2008

Yucatan Living Documentary: TBD
Location: Museum of Natural History, Calle 59, just past Avenida Itzaes
Time: 12:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: Cuba and Yucatan In the Music
A concert by Felissa Estrada, one of the best loved voices of 21st century Yucatan.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: Eclipse by Ballet de Camara de la Ciudad de Merida
A performance by the Ballet of the City of Merida, under the direction of Erika Arguelles Ojeda. This classical ballet company is in its 10th year and is one of the most successful in the nation. Much of the credit goes to Mtra. Erika Arguelles. If you love ballet, this is the real deal and no one will be disappointed by this performance.
Location: Teatro Merida, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Coming Up Soon

Yucatan Living Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2008
There will be 1,600 events (so far) at the State Fair this year. The list of spectaculars is growing by the hour. We should have details by next week, so get ready for a month of some of the best shows and events in the world.
Location: Fairgrounds at Xmatkuil, Calle 50 to the South
Dates: Nov. 7 through Nov. 30
Admission: Entrance: $10 MXP, Parking: $25 MXP

Yucatan Living International Living

From November 6 – 8, International Living will be holding their event entitled "Live and Invest in Mexico", a seminar designed to show American and Canadian citizens how to move or retire to Mexico. The seminar will be held in Merida at the Hyatt Hotel and will be specifically promoting Merida as an "expat haven", although it will include speakers about other areas in the Latin world as well. You can still sign up if you are interested! Find out more here.

Dates: Nov. 6 through Nov. 8

Yucatan Living Lifelong Learning

Speaking of signing up, if you already live here, you might want to consider signing up for some of the Lifelong Learning classes. Starting next week, Spanish and cooking classes as well as a class entitled "It’s Your Time and It’s Your Turn". To find out more about the classes being held this winter, check out the LIfelong Learning website here.

For ongoing events and classes in Merida,
please click here for our Ongoing Events Calendar

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8 Responses to “Merida Events: Day of the Dead and More”

  1. I take real exception to your linking up with and by association promoting the misinformation being put out there by International Living. By their reckoning they are paying their help $5.77 U.S. dollars a day. If this is true, then it is a pitiful wage and way lower than even the cheapest people that I know. I wonder if they are paying the social security on these workers? They are also advising people who can afford a $900.00 2 day seminar to take advantage of a overworked and overstressed IMSS in order to save money. Much of what they seem to be promoting sounds too good to be true and probably is– $65,000 beachfront homes, making a fortune turning over old colonials. Have they factored in the capital gains tax?

    I too live in Merida and do not dispute that living on what they advertise is possible but a couple would hardly be living like kings. In fact a couple that wished to be good guests by following the rules, paying their help a living wage and paying their social security, paying for their own private health care would probably have a pretty middle class lifestyle on $2135.00. Our grocery expenses have increased approximately 30% in the past 5 years for example and utilities and gas prices have increased as well.

    A site like Yucatan Living, which has given a pretty accurate account of living here (if sometimes ignoring the occasional downsides), should not promote this sort of falsehoods

  2. Yucatan Dreamer,
    As far as we know, the International Living people are honest in their attempts to describe living here in Merida. I’m not sure where you get the $5.77 a day figure… can you explain that? I don’t know anyone (and I’m sure they don’t either) who pays a worker $50 pesos a day.

    As for the IMSS situation, I believe that health insurance is available to anyone. And there are plenty of expats who cannot afford their own independent health insurance… thank goodness the IMSS insurance is available!

    And you’re right… prices have increased over the last five years… most noticeably over the last six months!

  3. Yucatan Dreamer and WG:
    the information about the US$ 5.77/day is about correct. The minimum salary is currently about 50 Pesos per day. This number varies a little depending on the region within Mexico. Beside the official minimum salary, there are also minimum salaries for each profession. For instance, paying 50 pesos to a factory worker might be OK, but you couldn’t pay 50 pesos to a secretary.
    Minimum wages are regulated through SAT (Servicio de Administracion Tributaria). Registered workers also receive social security coverage and Infonavit (sort of a pension plan promoting homeownership). For more details you can check the SAT’s web site.

  4. I come up with the same figures as Yucatan Dreamer. Look at their budget chart. Two workers (maid and gardener) three time a week at $150.00 dollars a month. Multiply the $150.00 / month, times 12 months, divided by 52 weeks, divided by 6 shifts per week equals $5.77 per shift. I assume these people also don’t pay an aguinaldo as well as not paying the Social Security for their workers to use the $150.00 / month figure. It seems rather criminal to be able to spend $250.00 /per month on entertainment but only $150.00 per month for two workers 3 times per week.

    What is misleading in the article is the idea of “Living like Royalty” on $2,135.00 per month. The figure does not even meet the required amount by the Mexican Government to qualify for FM3 for a couple. INM requires (as of last year) a monthly income of $2250.00 us ($1,500.00 for primary income earner and $750.00 for each dependent). Certainly a couple can live on the figures International Living uses, but hardly like “royalty”. What method did these people use in their research to come up with their budget? How many couples did they use as research comparisons. I see no monies budgeted for travel, car insurance, house insurance, FM3 renewal fees or any legal fees, etc. Anyone who has lived here for over two years can attest that house maintenance is much higher than they expected. Maybe if International Living had qualified their monthly budget figures by expressing that the first three years would be a higher cost of living than the figures shown, then the ” living like royalty” might not seem so much like “Emperor has no clothes.”

  5. The dollar amounts quoted for living in Mexico seems quite drastically different that any of the Government of Mexico websites, both American and Canadian. These list the primary person requiring an income of $1000 US and a spouse an additional $500.

  6. Ray, yours are the amounts we have always been told by Immigration here…

  7. I’d just like to mention that many folks find they’ve need to pay around $20 US or $200 MX Pesos per day for household help or gardeners. So, a housekeeper and gardener three times a week, would cost you about $40 US per day or $120 US per week or $480 per month — nearly 3 times the estimate by International Living. (maybe it’s a typo?)

    They also mention property taxes being quite low — and they are. However, nearly all foreigners will have a fideicomiso which will cost $400 US or $600 US or more per year. That expense isn’t mentioned at all. I agree with Greg that there will be more costs in housing – rental or owned – than you can imagine.

    International Living is a newsletter service, like those newsletters from health advisors or from financial advisors. They provide a “dreamers service” for those who long for foreign places or imagined relief from the cost of living or escape from reality or a change from the rat race. And, undoubtedly, a number of subscribers do find a place in some country or another. But most of the information isn’t a secret.

    Anyone with some curiousity, determination, and a good sniffer for BS can dig up similar information on this and other websites… including official government sites for the cost of an Internet connection. Do it from a public library’s Internet and it is all free.

    The convenience provided by International Living’s seminar is worth the nearly one grand fee — $1000 US — to some people, but it is not the only way to pack a picnic.

  8. Copied directly from INM web site regarding financial solvency to qualify for FM3 status. Each consulate gives out differing info regarding funds required to qualify for an FM3. Eventually all will fall in line with INM central office requirements.

    And live with funds I receive from abroad:

    If you are already in Mexico and have decided to establish residency here, you must apply for a change of migration status at any National Institute of Migration office (

    In this case, you must submit:

    * Application for change of migration status to Resident Pensioner.

    * Passport or valid identification and travel document.

    Letter to the National Institute of Migration, in Spanish and with your signature, stating your reasons for wanting to establish residency in Mexico.

    Letter from a from Mexican or foreign bank or financial institution or trust proving that you receive sufficient economic resources from abroad and that from such resources, from the yields they produce, or from your investments in Mexico you will obtain a monthly income of US$ 1,500.00 for one year.

    This amount will increase by US$ 750.00 for each family member accompanying you.

    If a foreign national proves acquisition of real estate intended for his/her own use, such as a house, the National Institute of Migration may authorize reduction of the aforementioned minimum by up to half.


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