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Merida Events: Guitars and Art

This Week… starting July 04, 2011

Municipal Fiestas This Week

Yucatan Living Motul Fiesta: July 8 – July 24Motul Yucatan
This is a fiesta in honor of la Purisima Concepción. If you have not been to Motul, now is the time to go. We suspect that the northeast quadrant of the Municipality of Merida will continue to grow in the direction of Motul and that expats should certainly become familiar with the area. The City of Motul is the birthplace of Yucatan’s most beloved Governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto and there is a museum, as well as a monument, there to celebrate his life and mourn his death.

Yucatan Living Samahil Fiesta: June 29 through July 7
This fiesta is in honor of San Pedro Abad, patrono del pueblo. It can easily be found by zooming in on this map. Samahil is in a busy area, with plenty of artisans and craftsmen. This fiesta is a must attend event.


In the City of Merida


Monday (Lunes) July 04, 2011Turandot on Opera Yucatan

Yucatan Living Temporada de Opera en el Cine: Turandot
Lise Lindstrom sings the title role in Franco Zeffirelli’s spectacular production of Puccini’s last opera, opposite Frank Porretta.
Location: Movie theaters at Siglo XXI Convention Center
Time: 7:00 PM Monday
Admission: $40 pesos donation to Opera Yucatan


Tuesday (Martes) July 05, 2011

Yucatan Living Tuesday of Trova: Duo Zazil-Kay
This performance is under the direction of Jose Moguel Martin
Location: Auditorio del Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission:  Free



Wednesday (Miercoles) July 06, 2011

Yucatan LivingRecital: End of the School Year Students of Guitar
Students from two cultural centers will perform tonight. First, the Classical Guitar students from Centro Cultural Cholul and, second, the Popular Guitar, Rondalla Guitar and Instrumental Guitar students from Centro Cultural Wallis.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 6:00 and 8:00 pm Wednesday
Admission: FreeMission to Mars

Yucatan Living Movie: Mission to Mars
This showing is in honor of the 2nd Anniversary of Grupo Astronomico de Yucatan “Cosmonavis
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 6:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Exposition: Collective Abstracts
This exposition presents works by students of the Workshop of Sandra Nikolai
Location: Centro Cultural Jose Marti / Parque de las Americas, Av. Colon x Calle 20, Garcia Ginerés
Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free


Thursday (Jueves) July 07, 2011

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the Full Events Calendar for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Thursday, 9:00 PMYoung Soloists
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Music: Young Soloists
This is a performance by the Orquesta de Camara de la Ciudad de Merida (Chamber Orchestra of the City of Merida), under the direction of Maestro Jose Luis Chan Sabido.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free


Friday (Viernes) July 08, 2011

Yucatan Living Art Opening:
There are three different exhibits opening on this night. Come for a lovely evening full of art!
** An Alternate Reality by Enrique Trava
            Paintings / Sala 1
** Yuca. Tk by Maria Esther Peniche Ponce
            Paintings / Sala 2
** Look in the Mirror by Jorge Roy Sobrino
            Paintings and Installation / Sala 3
Location: At the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the Full Events Calendar for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Friday, 9:00 PMMACAY Openings July
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living MACAY Openings
Tonite’s opening features strong showings by various artists, including personal remembrances pieces by Monica Reyes, sculpture by Sylvia Ramirez Rello, photographs of Yemen by Manuel Calvo, stainless steel sculptures by Sebastian, and stunning new work by local favorite, Georgia Charuhas.
Location: MACAY, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:00 pm, Friday
Admission: Free


Saturday (Sabado) July 09, 2011

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the MAAG for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: 9:00 PM Saturday
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Artistas De La Playa – Fiesta De Dulces Sueños
Artistas De La Playa is an association of over 35 local and relocated Canadian and American (mostly retired) artists doing their thing and trying to contribute to their small communities thru the arts. Directions: Sunny and Hank’s House – balloons on the ENTRADA- Between Chelem and Chuburna, turn right at Entrada Huachinango. Take the first real left. You are looking for the 4th house on the left with a big wooden gate. (2 story white house). Chuburna is a small village so these are their best directions. If lost, call 991444792. This year, there is an added bonus in the form of Free July and August Art classes. For more information contact Artdeplaya [at] yahoo [dot] com
Location: Chuburna Puerto. Between Chelem & Chuburna, turn right at Entrada Huachinango, take the first real left, it’s the 4th house on the left with a big wooden gate, 2 story white house).
Time: From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Contemporary Classics Film Series: Taxi DriverTaxi Driver
(1976 U.S.) Directed by Martin Scorsese. Starring Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster and Sybill Shepherd. A mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran works as nighttime taxi driver in a city whose perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge to violently lash out, attempting to save a teenage prostitute in the process.
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 7:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music: All We Are: Music and Voices
This is the end of the school year recital by the Practice Choir (Coro de niños de Wallis), under the direction of Oribel Angulo. These are children and we hope that everyone goes out to see them. Their cultural center consistently produces some of the best performers in Yucatan and beyond.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 7:00 PM Saturday
Admission: FreeAlberto Alvarez

Yucatan Living Piano Recital: Students of Advanced Piano at Centro Cultural Wallis
This performance is under the direction of Maestro Alberto Alvarez. To learn more about this beloved teacher, his biography can be found on Yucatan Pianissimo
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Sunday (Domingo) July 10, 2011

Yucatan Living Video Documentary: Dino Planet: Little Das’ Hunt
In a volcanic region of Montana a young Daspletosaur learns to hunt. But he is slow learning spoiling several prime opportunities for his family. But they relentlessly pursue a wounded Maiasaur struggling to keep up with its herd until the herd and the family are obliterated by the pyroclastic flow from a super volcano eruption.
Location: Natural History Museum, Calle 59, next to the zoo
Time: 12:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Coming Soon

Yucatan Living Opera Yucatan: Bonus Performances
Every Monday from July 4 through August 22, 2011

Almost 1,000 people attended the movie performances from the Metropolitan Opera during the first season of Opera Yucatan. Due to the success of these monthly performances, they will be repeated weekly throughout the months of July and August. This is a wonderful opportunity for opera lovers, especially during a time when many events are either closed for the summer or moved to the beach. The Summer repeats will include: Turandot, Carmen, La Boheme, Samson and Deliah, The Magic Flute, Cinderella and Aida. We hope you are able to see them all!
Location: Cinema Salas in Siglo XXI.
Time: 7:00 PM Monday

Admission: $40 peso donationSimplemente Tango

Yucatan Living Opening of the Exhibition: Simply Tango: July 14
Juan Pablo Bavio, fresh from his “Una Mirada Maya en Portugal” exhibition in Lisbon Portugal has put together a new exhibition of paintings celebrating the Tango. The public is cordially invited to this very special opening reception for this unique and wonderful Tango exhibition.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57, Centro
Time: 9:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Summer Arts School for Kids: July 11 – Aug. 4
This is a four-week international bilingual program for local and international students ages 8-13. The summer course will be taught in both English and Spanish by an array of educators and teaching artists from the United States and Mexico. This extraordinary team of teachers will offer the students a multi-disciplinary exploration of the theme of "Beneath the Surface" through the visual arts, music, dance, theater, and creative writing. Students will read a variety of books–in Spanish and English–and will create public performances and exhibits each week of the program. Contact Habla through their website,
Location: Habla, Calle 26 No. 99 B x 19 y 21 Col. México Shakira in Merida
Time: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Yucatan Living Shakira in Merida, City of Peace: July 16,2011
This will be a massive free concert by the Colombian singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer who sings pop rock in Spanish and English. Shakira can easily be called one of the most influential entertainers, worldwide, of the 21st century! The Juanes’ concert earlier this year (or was it last year already?) saw a 26% increase in tourism in the city. We can only imagine the effect this international wonder will have on Merida’s hotel industry alone. Mark your calendars and make your plans to be in Merida on July 16 for this internationally acclaimed event.
Location: La Plancha (the former train station)
Time: 9:00 pm
Admission: Free !!!

Website: Check out the city’s website of everything going on that week.

Yucatan Living Jehovah’s Witnesses District Convention: July 22-24
July 22-24 will be the District Convention at Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, in Chi Chi Suarez, behind Cottolengo. Program is free, beginning at 9:30 each day. All are welcome. For More information Contact: Jeff Yost at 927-6817

Yucatan Living Concert: Colin Gow and More: August 12
If you love Rock’n Roll music from the 60′s and 70′s,  such as Beatles, Eagles, James Taylor, Elton John, Jim Croce, Roy Orbison, Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan , Jimmy Buffett, Don McClain, and many more, this is the event for you!
Preview Colin Gow at El Hoyo
Location: Teatro Armando Manzanero, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Joaquin Sabina in Concert: October 30, 2011
Joaquin Sabina brings his new tour “El Penultimo Tren” (The Last Train)to Merida. Check him out on Wikipedia here.
Location: Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI, Calle 60 Norte #299-E Ex-Codemex, Col. Revolución, Between Gran Plaza and Liverpool
Time: TBA
Admission: Tickets at Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI
Prices: $1,500 (Diamante), $1,200 (VIP), $900 (Platino), $600 (Oro) and $350 (Plata).
Info: 941-60-95 and 313-10-66.

Have an event you want us to publicize? Just email the information to: info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com. We publish every Monday night.


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