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Merida Events – Photos and Funnies

This Week… starting April 04, 2011

Municipal Fiestas This Week

Yucatan Living Timucuy Fiesta: April 10 through April 15
Timucuy is a small municipality on the southeast border of the Municipality of Merida. It is between Merida and Acanceh, north of Tecoh. This is a traditional "county fair" complete with vaquerias and popular dances. The people of Timucuy love their music and you can expect to see traditional Yucateca jarana music and dancing, plus loads of trova and bolero music. The artisans in Timucuy make hammocks and, if you’ve been looking for cross-stitch emboidery, this is the place you will find it. Since this is an agricultural municipality, expect good country cooking to be available at this fair. 

In the City of Merida


Monday (Lunes) April 04, 2011

Yucatan Living Check the ongoing events page for events on Monday


Tuesday (Martes) April 05, 2011

Yucatan Living Concert: Lenny Sanchez – Contraste de mi Tierra
We never see enough of this lady!
Preview Lenny Sanchez 
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61Mirada de Angel Photograpic Exhibit and Sale
Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday
Admission:  Free

Yucatan Living Children’s Photography Show and Sale
The event is called “Mirada de Angeles” and it is an exhibition of photos taken by children ages 4, 6, 7, 10 and 16. The photos are on sale to raise money for "Sueños de Ángel" A.C.  This organization is integral in supporting children with cancer. Please attend this event. These children are deserving of our time, attention and support.
Location: Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday
Admission:  Free

Yucatan Living Café Peña K’aay T’aan: A Concert
Grupo Roxane
Location: Café Peña K’aay T’aan in Casa de la Cultura del Mayab, Calle 63 x 64
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Tuesday of Trova: Trio Despertar
This is a presentation of the music that is on the new CD: El Despertar de una Nueva Trova. The performance is under the direction of Fabian Cano.
Location: Auditorio del Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission:  Free



Wednesday (Miercoles) April 06, 2011

Yucatan Living Concert: Cony Ancona – Tribute to BrazilCony Ancona
Come out and hear music that includes jazz, rumba, bossanova and contemporary Brazilian music. We would love to see more of this kind of music!
Preview Cony Ancona
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday
Admission:  Free

Yucatan Living Wednesday at the Museum: Sendero Folklore
Latin American Music
Location: Museum of the City of Merida, Calle 65 x 56
Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Concert: Trio Vendaval – Latinoamerica Canta
This is a wonderful trio. If you haven’t heard them, now’s the time.
Preview Trio Vendaval 
Location: Teatro Cesareo Chan Blanco in Centro Cultural Ricardo Lopez Mendez, across from Liverpool
Time: 8:00 PM Wednesday
Admission:  Free


Thursday (Jueves) April 07, 2011

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the MAAG for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Thursday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Concert: Concepcion Garma – Tres y una Voz
This lady is one of Yucatan’s best loved songwriters. The music of love, peace and liberty are waiting for you here.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Thursday
Admission:  Free

Yucatan Living Talented Bitches Comedy Show: Mel and Blossom
This comedy show is in English. Blossom, a shameless Boston terrier, has been known to wriggle out of her custom-made skirts and strapless evening gowns for a cheap laugh. You have been warned.
Location: El Templo Bar, Calle 59 #438 x 50 y 52, Col. Centro, Parque de Mejorada
Time: Doors open: 8:00 PM, Show starts: 8:30 PM
Admission: $50 pesos cover, one free Sol, Margarita or Tequila with paid coverCoro Polifonico del ICY

Yucatan Living Spring Concert: Coro (Choir) Polifonico del ICY
This performance is under the direction of Manuel Rubio. Never miss a chance to hear the wonderful choirs in Yucatan.
Location: Casa de la Cultura del Mayab, Calle 64 x 63
Time: 8:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Concert: Choir Presentation: Rondalla of Escuela Preparatoria 2 at UADY
These young voices are the stars of tomorrow and we hope everyone comes out to let them know what a fine job they are doing.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free


Friday (Viernes) April 08, 2011

Yucatan Living Concert: Trio Kukulkan
This trio is a member of the Pepe Dominguez Zaldivar Union de Trovadores
Location: Centro Cultural Ricardo Lopez Mendez, Across from Liverpool
Time: 8:00 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the MAAG for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Friday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.


Saturday (Sabado) April 09, 2011Grupo Ragnarok Anime Music

Yucatan Living Music / Alternative / Anime: Grupo Ragnarok – Anime Game Music
This group is composed of Carlos Milan, Piano, Eduardo Aguilar, guitar; Edgar Sulu, violinist; Cristian Alcocer, drums, all of Yucatan. The concert is for gamers and fans of anime, who are often left out of mainstream cultural activities. Soundtracks are also included in this concert.
Location: Teatro Dr. Joaquin Jimenez Trava del IMSS, next to T1 Hospital
Time: 7:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Happy Hour: Danny & Frank of Sol Survivor
Snowbirds have gone home, but the event will continue.
Location: Hotel Yakunah in Progreso
Time: 6:00 PM
Admission: No cover

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the MAAG for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: 9:00 PM Saturday
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Habla: Visual Arts Workshop for Kids: April 2 – June 11Alibreje Making For Children at Habla
This is the second week of this workshop, but they might be willing to squeeze in another member of the class. The theme is The Myth of the Alebrijes. Children from 7 to 11 will hear stories of myth and legend from several countries and will even get to create their own imaginary character, in the tradition of the Mexican Alebrijes.
Location: Habla, Calle 26 No. 99 Bx 19 y 21 Col. México
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM  Saturdays(no classes April 23 and 30).
Admission: $1,200 pesos for the entire course

Yucatan Living Movie: Annie Hall
(U.S. 1977) Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. Neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer falls in love with the ditsy Annie Hall. This movie defined an era… why not go relive it for old times sake? Or learn about it if you missed it the first time around.
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Classical Concert: Coro de la Asociacion Koreana en Yucatan, A.C.
We have never had the opportunity to hear this choir, but are certain that this will be one of the best performances of the evening, as well as of the week.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Sunday (Domingo) April 10, 2011

Yucatan Living Symphony Orchestra of YucatanOrquesta Sinfonica de Yucatan
This performance is under the direction of Juan Carlos Lomonaco and features Roman Revueltas as Guest Director, along with violinist Pawel Blaszowski, Tonight’s performance includes: Obertura Rienzi (Wagner), Concierto de Violin No. 5 (Mozart) and Sinfonia No. 7 Op 92 (Beethoven).
Location: Teatro Armando Manzanero, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 12:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Tickets available at the box office

Yucatan Living Documentary: Hunters – Wild Hound
Location: Museum of Natural History, Calle 59 next to the zoo
Time: 12:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie: Manhattan
(US 1979) Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. A divorced New Yorker currently dating a high-schooler brings himself to look for love in the mistress of his best friend instead. The neurotic actor-director at his best.
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 11:00 AM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Music and Dance in Progreso
This event is sponsored by the Municipality of Progreso and Casa Cultura.
Location: In front of the Palacio, in Parque Independencia
Time: 8:00 PM all Sundays
Admission: Free

Coming Soon

Yucatan Living Hotel Zamna: Grand Easter Luncheon: April 24, 2011
Welcome drink of your choice on arrival, 6 course Easter Luncheon
Served with unlimited Red or White Wine. Easter Prize Quiz
Location: Hotel Zamna, Calle 53 # 547, Barrio de Santiago.
Merida Centro. Tel….999 924 0103.
Time: 3:00 PM, Sunday
Admission: $300 pesos (limited to 28 guests)
More Information: Tickets available from hotel reception

Yucatan Living Semana Santa
April 17: Palm SundayDomingo de Ramos
April 21: Holy Thursday
            Cathedral 6:00 PM  Symbolic washing of 12 parishoners’ feet
April 22: Good Friday
            Passion Plays: Cathedral, Santiago, Acanceh, Mani
April 24: Resurrection Day / Easter SundayDía de Gloria

Yucatan Living Chelem Christmas Dreams Garage/ Bake Sale – April 30
Its time for Spring Cleaning and wardrobe reassessment. In fact, a whole house clean-out is a good idea! When you’re finished, bake a dozen or so of your favorite cookies or muffins and bring it all to the Chelem Christmas Dreams Garage / Bake Sale in Chelem’s main square on April 30. This year, they hope to have enough surplus funds to branch out and tackle other projects, such as trash containers for Chelem Centro or maybe even a defibrillator (AED). These items would be of benefit to everyone who lives in the Chelem area or visits there.

Yucatan Living Progreso: 1st Annual Capital of Rock Festival: May 13, 14 & 15Progreso Rock Festival
For updates and great maps to the locations, please visit the Progreso Capital of Rock website.
Friday (May 13): 60’s Rock
Location: Plaza“Hombre caídos en el mar” (at the end of Calle 29)
Time: 6:00 PM,
Admission: Free
Saturday (May 14): Rock & Pop
Location: Terraza de la “Pista de canotaje,” at the entrance to Puerto de Progreso
Time: 12:00 PM, Admission: Free
Saturday (May 14): Alternative Rock
Location: Area adjacent to the beach “El Playon,” (next to Hotel CTM)
Time: 5:00 PM, Admission: Free
Sunday (May 15): Pop Rock (new bands)
Location: Terrenos del Campo Deportivo“Víctor Cervera Pacheco” on the road to
Chicxulub Puerto, at the Glorieta del Corchito.
Time: 12:00 PM,
Admission: Free
Sunday (May 15): Rock (all types): Best Band
Location: Progreso Malecon; Parque Chazaro Perez
Time: 12:00 PM,
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Alejandro Pinzon Conducts the Chamber Orchestra of the CityAlejandro Pinzon in Merida
Mark your calendars for the following dates. Alejandro Pinzon, a native of Merida, is currently leading the Coro Latino-Americano Pittsburgh and has a very busy Spring ahead of him. On May 14, he will lead El Coro (short for Coro Latino-Americano Pittsburgh) in a performance in Pittsburgh – then hop a plane to Merida and practice, practice, practice for three performances during the last week in May. Following those performances, he will have a few days to indulge in a bit of the local tango scene before he flies back to Pittsburgh for another performance by El Coro in Pittsburgh on June 12. His three performances in Merida include:
May 22 -Comisaria Cholul
May 26 -Olimpo Theatre
May 29 –Iglesia San Sebastian

We will add further details as we get them.
Note: We are pressing for Michele and all of the Latino-Americano Pittsburgh members to come and spend a week in Merida. With luck, they will and we will be able to forge a cultural exchange and build a long-lasting friendship between El Coro and some of the choirs we have in Merida. So – El Coro… come on down!

Yucatan Living 2011 FIBA Americas U16 Women’s Championship: June 13 – 18
Participants: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States and Venezuela, with two countries from the Central American and Caribbean sub-zone also to be announced later in the Spring. The top three placed teams from both championships will qualify for the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championships in France. What is FIBA? FIBA ( is the world governing body for basketball – an independent association formed by 213 National Basketball Federations throughout the world. It is recognized as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Location: Ciudad de la Paz Stadium
Time: TBA
Admission: TBA

Yucatan Living Summer Arts School for Kids: July 11 – Aug. 4
This is a four-week international bilingual program for local and international students ages 8-13. The summer course will be taught in both English and Spanish by an array of educators and teaching artists from the United States and Mexico. This extraordinary team of teachers will offer the students a multi-disciplinary exploration of the theme of "Beneath the Surface" through the visual arts, music, dance, theater, and creative writing. Students will read a variety of books–in Spanish and English–and will create public performances and exhibits each week of the program.
Location: Habla, Calle 26 No. 99 B x 19 y 21 Col. México
Time: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Admission: TBA
More Information: Contact Habla at contact [at] habla [dot] org

Yucatan Living Boxing For Women
Monique says: “Taught by the inimitable Lilia Valencia. Stick and move, Straight right, Upper cut, Peek a boo. Its all about the hips, she says. Express yourself!!!”
Location: Monique’s Bakery: Calle 31 #70 x Calle 12 in Colonia Chuburna de Hidalgo, on the brink of Colonia Malaga
Time: TBA
Admission: TBA
More Information: moniqueduval[at]

Have an event you want us to publicize? Just email the information to: info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com. We publish every Monday night.



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