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Merida Events: RAW and Scary

Valladolid Fiesta

This Week… starting October 10, 2011

Municipal Fiestas This Week

Yucatan Living Valladolid Fiesta: October 15 through October 29
This is the Fiesta of Cristo Rey (Christ the King). Valladolid has become an international trade hub, so there are many new things to see and do here. This is also the land of the caballero, so horsemanship events and cattle shows will likely be on the agenda as well. Look for leather goods, jewelry, clothing, and hammocks. For more, see Working Gringos’ article on Valladolid

Yucatan Living Oktoberfest in Merida
If you are having a bit of difficulty finding Oktoberfest events this year, not to worry. The Bierhaus Restaurant in Merida will be hosting its own Oktoberfest in October. Specials will be offered during that time to celebrate everything German, including a large selection of German beers and German food. Go by and see them for more details.
Location: Calle 23 x 18, Colonia Mexico (in the north), just blocks from Chapur Norte.

Monday (Lunes) October 10, 2011

Yucatan Living Look for events today on our ongoing events page


Tuesday (Martes) October 11, 2011Folkloric Group Kaambal

Yucatan Living Dance at the Peon: Compania de Danza Folklorica Kaambal
This performance by the Kaambal Folkloric Dance Company at this marvelous venue is under the direction of Abraham and Samuel Espinosa.
Location: Teatro Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Tickets available at the box office

Yucatan Living Dance: Jovenes Talentos de la Danza Contemporanea
This performance by the Talented Youths of Contemporary Dance is under the direction of Maestra Reyna Candelaria Cruz Alcocer.
Location: Café Pena K’aay T’aan in Casa de la Cultura del Mayab, Calle 64 x 63
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission:  Free

Yucatan Living Tuesday of Trova: Trio Despertar
This fine singing trio is under the direction of Fabian Can.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free Horror Movies in Merida

Yucatan Living Movie: The House of 1,000 Corpses
(U.S., 2003. Director: Rob Zombie. Stars Rainn Wilson, Bill Moseley, Karen Black, Sid Haig and Sheri Moon Zombie. Bill, Mary, Jerry and Denise travel to the United States in search of urban legends and unique attractions for tourists. The Firefly family tells them the story of Dr. Satan but they soon discover that the Firefly family has strange, dark secrets of their own.
Location: Centro Cultural Jose Marti / Parque de las Americas, Av. Colon x Calle 20, Garcia Ginerés
Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday (Adults Only)
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie: Citizen Movement: Un Auto menos (One Car Less)
They will show a movie about the use of bicycles, replacing cars whenever possible. This film will be in Spanish.
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 7:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Dance: Second Circuit of Scenic Arts of the Southern Zone, 2011Makina de Turing
A dance performance about opening the body as a Reference: Maakina de Turing. This performance, which also somehow references the Turing machine, is under the general direction of Diana Bayardo and the artistic direction of Gervasio Cetto.
Location: Teatro Armando Manzanero, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday
Admission: Free


Wednesday (Miercoles) October 12, 2011Grupo Mix in Concert

Yucatan Living Music: Grupo Mix in Concert
This musical performance is under the direction of David Alcocer.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday


Thursday (Jueves) October 13, 2011

Yucatan Living Musical Theater: El show de Terror de Rocky
This is a theatric adaptation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show by Richard O’Brien. Tonight’s performance is under the direction of Francisco Solis.
Location: Teatro Daniel Ayala, Calle 60 x 61
Time: 8:30 PM Thursday
Admission: Tickets available at the box office Voz de Esperanza

Yucatan Living Concert: Voz de Esperanza (Voice of Hope)
This is a musical concert to benefit Hearts United for a Light of Hope. It is under the artistic direction of Eduardo Salazar.
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 8:00 PM Thursday
Admission:$100 pesos

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the Full Events Calendar for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Thursday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Exhibition Openings
Oscar Ortiz: Revelations (Paintings and Photography): Sala 1
Barbara McClatchie Andrews: Palette (Photography): Sala 2
Olga and Vladimir Filipenko: He and She (Paintings): Sala 3
Location: at the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 PM Thursday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living RAW World Tour (Wrestling)
World class wrestling entertainment comes to Merida…  woo hoo!
Location: Kukulcan Stadium, Circuito Colonias
Admission: Starting at $336 pesos


Friday (Viernes) October 14, 2011

Yucatan Living Orquesta Sinfonica de YucatanOrquesta Sinfonica Yucatan
This week’s performance is under the direction of Juan Carlos Lomonaco and features pianist Abdiel Vazquez, winner of the II Jose Jacinto Cuevas National Piano Contest. You KNOW it’s going to be good!
Location: Teatro Jose Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 9:00 pm, Friday
Admission: Tickets available online and at the box office

Yucatan Living Anniversary Celebration and Ice Show
This unlikely (for a tropical location!) celebration will include an Ice Skating Show with a circus theme. If you have kids, you won’t want to miss this!! It’s magic!
Location: Galerias Merida, on the road to Progreso behind Liverpool.
Time: 6:30 PM Friday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the Full Events Calendar for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: Friday, 9:00 PM
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.


Saturday (Sabado) October 15, 2011

Yucatan Living Movie: The Tomb of LigeiaHorror Movies in Merida
Some years after having buried his beloved wife Ligea, Verden Fell meets and eventually marries the lovely Lady Rowena. Fell is something of a recluse, living in a small part of a now ruined abbey with his manservant Kenrick as the only other occupant. He remains infatuated with his late wife and is convinced that she will return to him. While all goes well when first married, he returns to his odd behavior when they return to the abbey from their honeymoon. The memories of Ligea continue to haunt him as well as her promise that she would never die. Spoooky!
Location: Videosala of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 6:00 and 8:00 PM Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Movie
Check the Full Events Calendar for updates on this event
Location: LA 68, Calle 68 at Calle 55, Centro
Time: 9:00 PM Saturday
Admission: $30 pesos, $15 pesos students.

Yucatan Living Cinema: Around Europe in 55 Short Films
Program 1: Luxemburg, France, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Swiss Germany
Location: Cineteca Nacional Manuel Barbachano Ponce in Teatro Armando Manzanero
Time: 8:00 PM SaturdayCacho Siller in Concert
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Concert: Chacho Siller in Concert
Cacho Siller is a Mexican guitarist and blues player… he’s really good. Check him out on You Tube here, and then go buy tickets! Music is universal!
Location: Auditorium of the Olimpo, Calle 62 x 61
Time: 9:00 pm Saturday
Admission: Free

Yucatan LivingIV Festival de Improvisación Libre y Free Jazz “Cha’ak’ab Paaxil” 2011, Saturday October 15
For the third year in a row, Meeting Point is hosting this festival. What’s so great about it is that some of the best musicians in Mexico participate in free improvisation and the process of instant composition. Expect to see the following musicians performing at this festival: Gustavo Nandayapa, drums; Itzam Cano, bass; Remi Álvarez, tenor saxophone; Carlos Maldonado, bass; Omar Tamez, guitar; Plus – special guests Blaise Siwula (United States) alto saxophone, Mario de Vega (Berlín) and Víctor Mazón (Berlín-Bilbao) electronic media. However, the most special guest performers of all will be Yucatecos Juan García, bass and Aimée Theriot, cello. Everyone is invited to attend.
Location: MACAY Museum, Calle 60 at Calle 61, Centro
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: Free


Sunday (Domingo) October 16, 2011

Yucatan Living Documentary: Life Between the Beach and the Sea
This is a documentary about life forms that live between the beach and the sea, and about their survival strategies. Great for kids that like to spend time playing in the water and the waves!
Location: Natural History Museum, Calle 59, next to the zoo
Time: 12:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Cinema: Around Europe in 55 Short Films
Program 2: Films from United Kingdom, Spain, Florence Italy, Austria, Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina and Italy.
Location: Cineteca Nacional Manuel Barbachano Ponce in Teatro Armando Manzanero
Time: 8:00 PM Sunday
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Orquesta Sinfonica de Yucatan
This performance is under the direction of Juan Carlos Lomonaco and features pianist Abdiel Vazquez, winner of the II Jose Jacinto Cuevas National Piano Contest. Last chance to see this particular program.
Location: Teatro Jose Peon Contreras, Calle 60 x 57
Time: 12:00 pm, Sunday
Admission: Tickets available online and at the box office

Coming Soon

Yucatan Living Hotel Zamna: A Night of Two Cultures
Saturday October 22, 2011
This is Hotel Zamna’s first event of the season. Dinner consists of tomato and onion soup, Pork Napoli, vegetables, pasta and a peach sundae served with ice cream and topping.
Location: Casa Zamna, Calle 53 #547, Barrio de Santiago, Centro
Time: Doors Open at 7:00 PM. Dinner served at 7:30 PM. Live Concert at 9:30 PM.
Admission: $125 pesos per guest. Attendance by ticket only. Tickets available now from Hotel reception.
Phone: 999-924-0103Benjamin Ramirez Show

Yucatan Living Opening of the Exhibition: Beyond the Walls: October 20
This is an exposition of the works of Benjamin Ramirez. This will be a solo show and everyone is invited! We hope to see you there. Click here for Our Interview with Benjamin Ramirez
Location: Municipal Art Gallery of Merida in the Museum of the City
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Races: Primer Circuito Mérida-Chedraui 2011: Go Karts and Mountain Bikes
30 Go Karts, 15 from Merida and the rest from Campeche and Cancun in a 300 meter race.The bike race is a 5-lap elimination race that is open to the public.
Next Race: October 22 (at night), Monthly through the end of the year.
Location: The back of the Macro-Plaza Mall parking lot, across from the Xtabay roundabout, on the way to Chichi Suarez. 
Go Kart Race Time: 12:00 PM
Registration: Go Karts $200 pesos, can register up to 11:00 AM  Must have own safety gear.
Bike Race Time: 10:00 AM
Registration: Bike Race: 50 bikes available for children and adults: $20 pesos, can register up to 9:00 AM

Yucatan Living Tekax Expo Feria del Comercio 2011: Mid-October
More than fifty local merchants and artisans will have their best work on display. While you’re there, don’t forget to go by the Furniture Mart (Mueblería de Mart) to see the hand-carved pieces by Jorge Martin Zapata. His work is currently being shown in the galleries of the better hotels in the tourist zone in Quintana Roo. 
Location: Tekax
Dates, Times: More info coming soon
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Semi-Finals for New Voices of the MayabNew Voices of the Mayab
October 21: Valladolid
October 28: Progreso

There will be 12 contestants each night. This is the 4th year of this contest. It all culminates in a huge event during the State Fair atX’matquil in November. This contest began after there was a contest to replace Timbiriche members as they aged out of the famous young group. When the contests were over, 600 young people in Yucatan had been identified as having voices that would be of commercial value. Yucatan immediately took advantage of this newly discovered natural resource and we now enjoy some of the best young voices, in both choirs and commercial groups, in the world.Toh Bird Festival 2011

Yucatan Living The TOH Uxmal and Hacienda Sayil Bird Watching Tour: October 16
Conditions: Vehicle capacity is 12 people. They split the cost of gasoline and driver ($800 pesos) among the participants.
Recommendations: Bring water, food, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Handy to have along: Raincoat or umbrella, sunglasses, camera, binoculars (required), telescope (if available).
Meeting Point: 5:00 AM at Chedraui on Itzaes Avenue.
Return to Meeting Point: 12:00 PM
Admission: TBA:  limited availability: booking 044 999 127 1685 (999) 985 5991 or via email:
dsalas60 [at] gmail [dot] com and

Yucatan Living Concert: Ricky Martin: October 23, 2011Ricky Martin in Yucatan
Get your tickets as soon as possible. This crowd is expected to reach 15,000 people.
Location: Parque de Béisbol Kukulcán, on the Kukulkan Stadium, Circuito Colonias
Time: 8:30 PM Sunday
Admission: $2,300 (VIP), $1,800 (Platino), $1,300 (Palco), $900 (Butaca baja) and $300 (Butaca alta). There is a commission charged for issuing the ticket.
Tickets on Sale Now: Segafreddo (Gran Plaza), Mister Tennis (Galerías Mérida), Farmacias del Ahorro, the stadium box office and

Yucatan Living Arts & Crafts Market: October 25, 2011
TACOMAYA in Chelem is having another arts & crafts market with artisans from Merida, Muna, Telchac, Progreso, Chelem and Chuburna. The street outside the restaurant is closed, and local musicians provide music. This months theme is October fest.
Location: Tacomaya Restaurant in Chelem
Time: All day
Admission: Free

Yucatan Living Joaquin Sabina in Concert: October 30, 2011
Singer Joaquin Sabina brings his new tour “El Penultimo Tren” to Merida.
Location: Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI, Calle 60 Norte #299-E Ex-Codemex, Col. Revolución, Between Gran Plaza and Liverpool 
Time: TBA
Admission: Tickets at Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI
Prices: $1,500 (Diamante), $1,200 (VIP), $900 (Platino), $600 (Oro) and $350 (Plata), Info: 941-60-95 and 313-10-66.

Yucatan Living The Annual BIG BAZAAR in Chelem: November 4 and 5
This is an annual garage sale and more, for the benefit of the dogs and cats at the beach and beyond. They are still taking donations and even have access to a truck to come and pick up serviceable items. Since Jeanne has been under the weather, please contact Kitty or Al if you would like to donate items.

Yucatan Living 4th Annual Latin American Bloggers: Saturday  November 5, 2011 
Good friends, good food, great seminars and loads of fun go a long way toward building better bloggers who then create successful blogs. If you haven’t attended the annual Latin American Bloggers’ Conference in Merida, visit the conference’s website to find wonderful reports of past conferences and pictures of the bloggers who attended.
Location: Tecnología Turística Total (TTT) Calle 57 No. 492, por 56 y 58, Merida, Centro
Time: See Agenda on website
More Information – email:  latambloginfo [at] gmail [dot] comXmatkuil Fair

Yucatan Living Xmatquil Fair, November 11 through December 4
For anyone who already doesn’t know, this is the huge State Fair of Yucatan and it is spectacular! More information to come as events are announced.

Yucatan Living Annual Gala for Sanctuary Evolucion , Saturday Nov 12
A Taste of Merida: snacks provided by local chefs and restaurants. Maricarmen Perez and Colin Gow will sing. This is going to be a wonderful night! Proceeds go to help fund Pekamigos at Evolucion.
Location: Casa Gloria, Calle 60 #609 x 73 y 75, Centro, Merida
Time: 6:45 PM to 11:00 PM
Admission: $200 pesos per person. Tickets on sale now. Contact: Silvia Cortés @ slv_cc [at] hotmail [dot] com  999-193-0628

Yucatan Living The TOH Marathon Bird Watch, Nov. 25 – 27
Gather your team of four to nine people and visit the TOH Festival de Aves website  for more information and updates.

Yucatan LivingFirst Annual Merida Music Festival: November 20
All day music festival featuring 12 bands, including bands from Cuba, Ireland and the Symphony Orchestra of Yucatan. Only 2000 tickets will be sold. The event will be catered by Hennessy’s, everyone’s favorite Irish pub.  
Location: At Hacienda Dzibikak… if you have never been there, this will be a great opportunity to see one of Yucatan’s lovely renovated haciendas.
Time: More information to follow.
Admission: Tickets will be $195 MXN per person or $350 MXN per couple.

Yucatan LivingInternational Women’s Club Halloween Party, Sunday October 30
Prizes, Botanas, Cash bar, and Dancing to Classic Rock ‘n Roll by Deejay Vic Jorgensen. This is going to be a great party. Its been a long time since we had fun with a costume party. Be sure and bring your cameras! Costumes encouraged – Fun mandatory!
Location: Centro de Artes Visuales, Calle 60 x 47 y 45, Sta. Ana
Time: 7:30 PM to Midnight
Admission: $100 pesos each or reserve a table for 8. Buy tickets at IWC and Men’s Club functions, MELL, NAFTA, or e-mail: Marianne Kehoe at kehoedds [at] comcast [dot] net

Yucatan Living The ANNY Art Show: Arte A Mano , December 3 and 4
This is the 7th edition of this show. This year they have lots of new artists, including some from the nearby state of Quintana Roo. They have contracted with an old and well known Yucatecan restaurant to provide food service. We expect to bring you much more information soon. For those who do not know: AANY stands for Amigos de Artistas/Aartesanos Nuevos de Yucatan.

Yucatan Living International Women’s Day Event,March 8 – 10, 2012

This event has been organized by We Move Forward, an organization dedicated to helping women reach their full potential. Please visit the website of We Move Forward for more information.
Location: Isla Mujeres
Time: TBA
Admission: $645 USD until Nov 30, $695 USD thereafter. Includes membership in WMF. Group rates are available. Reservations are now being taken.

Have an event you want us to publicize? Just email the information to: info [at] yucatanliving [dot] com. We publish every Monday night.

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