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This Week in Merida

Amate Books in MeridaGreat news for Merida! Amate Books, a fabulous English-language bookstore in Oaxaca, has opened a branch bookstore in Merida. The corner of Calle 60 and Calle 51, once an antique store, has now been transformed into a lovely place to browse, read, learn and relax. Behind the lacey protectores and darkened windows is a wealth of books on everything about Latin America. Don’t be fooled… the store is NOT closed, even though it might look like it is. Walk in and discover the cool, library-like environment presided over by Kai Delvendahl, a recent immigrant to Merida.

The books in Amate range from Art and Architecture, through Anthropology and Archaeology to History, Literature, Design, Photography and so much more. There is a smattering of folk art for sale, with more to come. And Kai and his wife are also planning a coffee shop with both a shady indoor area and an outside patio.

Amate in Merida’s first event will be this coming Wednesday, April 11 at 7:30 PM. The store will be host to two French anthropologists, Michel Boccara and Pascale Barthélemy. These two Parisians lived and worked with the Mayans for over 30 years, learning their language and ways, and authored several books on Mayan myths, shamanism and a current book on Mayan cuisine. The talk will be held in Spanish and will be accompanied by a 15 minute film. Their philosophy is that to know a culture, you have to know it’s cuisine. So come find out more about the Mayans by learning about their food!

Other upcoming events in Merida:

Irene Pappas in Iphigenia

On Friday, April 13, at the Videosala in the Olimpo (that’s at the corner of Calle 62 and Calle 61), the movie Iphigenia (Greece, 1977) directed by Michael Cacoyannis will be shown. Señor Cacoyannis was nominated Best Director for Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards for this film and he also happens to be the man who directed Zorba the Greek. Iphignia was the daughter of Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks at Troy. She was to be sacrificed – but guess what happened? We’re not telling! It’s a great story and well Olimpo Theatreworth seeing, even if it is in another language! The movie stars Irene Papas as Iphignia, and there will be commentary by Attorney Mario Helguera Bolio at some point. The movie starts at 7:00 PM and lasts for 133 minutes. Like so many wonderful things in Merida, admission is free!

While we’re at the Olimpo, are you wondering if you should leave your comfortable home and go downtown to see an exhibit? Or are you sitting in Wisconsin, wishing you were in Merida? Check out the Olimpo’s Virtual Gallery! You can see the exhibits currently at the Olimpo right here on the Internet! What a wonderful thing! While you’re there (either on the website or at the Olimpo), check out the mysterious and accomplished drawings of Raquel Tibol.

At Teatro Mérida, there is an Alfred Hitchcock Retrospective (1926 to 1939) going on from March 20 to May 3. This week, the movie (Tue. thru Fri.) is “TheOrgangutan movie 39 Steps” (England, 1935). The movie changes on Saturday night, to “Sabotage” (England, 1936). General admission is $30 pesos, students get in for $15 pesos. Showtimes are 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Prefer animals over people? We totally understand.

This Sunday night, April 15, there is a movie about Orangutans at the Museum of Natural History, which is right next to the Zoo on Calle 59 near Avenida Itzaes. The movie starts at 8 PM and it’s free, por supuesto (of course)!

Have an event you want people to know about? Drop us an email at blog [at] yucatanliving [dot] com. And stay tuned to Yucatan Living for current events in Merida and around the Yucatan Peninsula!

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9 Responses to “This Week in Merida”

  1. think there might be an error on the date shown for the Videosala item as it states March 13 but thinking it should read April 13

  2. Thanks, Ray. It’s corrected!

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted on all the cultural events!!!

  4. Another great event in April. It will be the birthday of my favorite niece: Victoria Abril Campos Caceres. She will be 9 years old. She is the daughter of my wife’s sister, Arcy. Arcy has a Cocina Economica in Centro called El Nuhoch. (Big) in mayan. Victoria’s fathered suffered a light stroke. He was a delivery driver for Costco. He is Juan Carlos Campos. They have 3 girls. They are my favorite sobrinas. Feliz Cumpleanos to Victoria Abril. Her Tio in Texas will send a nice gift.

  5. Amate Bookstore is an answered prayer. I was tired of finding the SAME ten paperback books in English, month after month, in all the local bookstores and at Walmart. At Amate, we found books on Mexican decor, Mayan culture, even children’s books on Mexican culture, and novels, all in English. I am in the process of learning Spanish, but when I want to relax and have a good read, it is still nice to be able to buy new books in English. The store is large, comfortable, air conditioned and appealing, with places to sit and leaf through books. Kai is very friendly and knowledgeable about the Yucatan and Mayan culture and is more than happy to share his knowledge with his customers. The folk art masks for sale are wonderful and reasonably priced. I found a great one of a chicken head for my kitchen which adds a colorful, humorous touch. My husband and I plan to go to Amate often to support a much-appreciated new store.

  6. Do you know the hours for Amate?
    So nice to read all about all that is going on around us, and especially the addresses of so many places that aren’t listed anywhere else!
    You have done such a great job, thanks.

  7. Is there a time of year when this site is brought up to date? I really is sadly behind.

  8. Maria, this is an old events page… We do a new updated Events and News page every week. On the front page of the website, go to the middle of the page and you will see the most recent News, Events, the constantly updated Arts in Merida page and the Ongoing Events and Classes list.

  9. Here, we’ll make it easy for you!


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