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Dentists in Merida

Editors’s Note: The original Dentists in Merida article on Yucatan Living was written after we had lived here for about two years. Recently we decided that it really needed to be updated. Things have changed in Merida in the first ten years of the 21st Century, but few things have changed as much as the dental and medical services. Private medical facilities in Merida have been updated rapidly and dental facilities have kept pace. With that in mind, we have rewritten the article to give a nod to our historical experience, and to update it with more recent experiences… because no matter how good things get, we always seem to end up spending time at the dentist!

Not A Walk in the Park

Visiting the dentist has never been a favorite activity of ours, and to this day, the only thing that makes it a little bit easier here in Merida is that it is definitely más barato (cheaper). After many experiences in the dental chair, we have decided that our ideal dentist is detail-oriented, sanitary to a fault and has a great smile. A dentist with good magazines in the lobby or a television to watch for distraction is also a nice plus. Lots of diplomas on the wall can be soothing, and a good chairside manner is important. We are happy to say that we know a number of dentists who have those qualities here in Merida. In fact, the longer we are here, the more good dentists we meet (and hear about) and the happier everyone seems to be with their dental work. Merida has a good dental university (UADY) and every year, they churn out more and better dentists, many of whom choose to stay and set up practices in the area.

Female Dentists

In fact, here is an interesting side note on the subject of UADY. One of our dentists told us that in mid 2011 the MAJORITY of students in the UADY Dental School were female. So while there is a growing contingent of female dentists in Merida now, we expect that contingent to explode in the next few years.

Our First Visit, Lo! These Many Years Ago

About six months after we first moved here, we made our first visit to a Yucateco dentist, who had been recommended by an expat friend. The dentist, who spoke very little English, invited us and our daughter into the examining room, where the dentist chair sat to one side of a large room. The room also held his instruments, his desk, a few chairs, a sofa and a television set to that day’s soccer game. During that initial visit, each of us received a checkup while the other two sat and bemusedly watched the game on TV. The family living room atmosphere severely disturbed our sixteen-year-old daughter, who vowed never to return (you know how teenagers are… she did eventually). We thought his work and prices were pretty good, so we continued to go to this dentist for a few years, and often the television was turned off. We didn’t need much work during that time, and any work he performed on us was professional and held up well over the years, though eventually we too found the environment a bit unconventional. Whether it was the living room atmosphere or his charming but hard-to-understand sister who served as his receptionist, we eventually elected to switch to a local dentist who spoke English.

A Dentist Who Speaks English

Office of Dr. Jesus Sanchez

One of the first new dentists we worked with was Dr. Jesus Sánchez Ruz. Dr. Sánchez is a young pleasant man with a lot of diplomas on his wall, most of which are from UADY (Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan). He spoke good English six years ago and it has only improved since then. His small offices are clean and similar (though smaller and more humble) than what we would expect in the States. He even has English-language magazines in the waiting room, and a television! And yes, he has a great smile which he uses a lot. He also has a dentist wife, who is an orthodontist and sometimes serves as his assistant when she is not serving her own patients.

You Won’t Be Laughing

As a rule, we are not afraid of the dentist, though we have been known to prefer a little nitrous oxide for the nastier or longer procedures. Nitrous oxide is not permitted in Mexico, however, so here we do without. We have been told that if you do have a fear of dentists or are going to undergo a painful procedure, besides novacaine, dentists can prescribe something to relax you, such as Valium or Xanax, or they can give you drops of a fast-acting sedative. So far, we haven’t need any of that, but it is good to know it is there.

Modern Equipment

In the offices of Dr. Jesus and almost every other dentist we have seen, all the equipment is new and modern. A former neighbor across the street from our old house on Calle 49 was DOMS, a dental supply distribution company that has been growing leaps and bounds over the past few years.

Modern dental equipment in Merida
Office of Dr. Diana Navarro

The same dentist chairs, trays, drills and other gadgets that are on display in the DOMS office and that can be found all around the USA and Canada, can be found in all the local dentists’ offices that we have visited in the past few years.

Did you know that Merida is the dental capital of southern Mexico and neighboring countries like Belize, Guatemala and Honduras? Clients even come to Merida from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Dentists we interviewed told us their patients come from all over the hemisphere and sometimes from around the world, because in Merida, you can find a great dentist, the quality is excellent and the price is right.

Do Ask Around

Some dentists we interviewed cautioned us about dentists who advertise heavily to the gringo community, but are not very good at their craft. A norteamericano who comes down for a dental visit with a wallet full of dollars may end up a pescado (a catch), and the unscrupulous dentist will not suffer from bad word-of-mouth (pun intended). So if you are going to a new dentist in Merida, we encourage you to discuss your choice with people who have used that dentist before (or ask the expats you know who THEY see, or read our comments, or visit our advertisers, all of whom we know personally).

Prices of Dental Work in Yucatan

Office of Dr. Javier Camara

Prices for dental work are famously lower than prices in the States and Canada. We polled the dentists on our list, and prices for a checkup ranged from free to $500 pesos . Prices for a filling are between $350 to $700 pesos and $250 to $600 pesos for a cleaning. We know from talking with fellow expats that the prices of more expensive procedures like implants are somewhat lower than in the States, but the real savings is in crowns, bridges, other aesthetic procedures and orthodonture.

Dental Offices and Appointments

Unlike in the States, even today many dentists here do not have offices in upscale medical buildings. When we first moved here, we were a little uncomfortable about that, but now, just as we have gotten used to the idea, there are also new dentists working in what we would consider traditional medical-building environments. One dentist explained that his less-than-fancy office made it possible for him to keep his prices lower so that everyone can afford his services (he estimated that his clients are 50% Yucatecos and 50% extranjeros). He also told us that he is able to always keep one room and one dentist "unscheduled" so that people can get emergency treatment with very little notice.

Speaking of appointments, we have found that any dentist we called was able to give us an appointment within a week to ten days, and often we can even see the dentist the next day. Some of the more popular English-speaking dentists are getting a little busier, but it is still easy to make an appointment. Coming from California, where dentist appointments need to be made months in advance, this is a welcome situation.

Personal Attention From Your Dentist

Perhaps the most important feature of dentistry that we have noticed here is the level of care and attention paid by dentists, and this has not changed in the ten years we have been going to dentists in the Yucatan. A friend of ours had a series of implants over the course of a year. His dentist went to the various specialists appointments with him. He was on call any time for problems and he paid an unexpected (though welcome) amount of attention to our friend’s well-being and the outcome of the procedures. Another dentist told us that his Number One rule is to treat every client as if they were a member of his family. Knowing what we now know about how Mexicans feel about their family members, we can see that this is a very good strategy, for both dentist and patient.

Our experiences with Dr. Jesus can give you another example. When we are done with a treatment, Dr. Jesus takes us into his tiny office with its wall of diplomas and sits down behind his desk. He asks how we are and if we have any questions. He discusses our future treatment and makes an appointment if necessary. He gives us a bill and takes our payment. (Dentists are usually paid in cash, but a local check is usually okay and most now take credit cards as well). What he does not do is rush us out the door so he can see his next patient.

Another dentist we frequent is Dr. Diana Navarro. On a recent trip to the beach, she actually found, saved and later gave to us a rock that matched some rocks we had been wearing on a necklace one day in her office. It’s a little thing, sure, but indicative of the personal interest that we have found dentists (and many doctors) take in their patients here. We had a dental implant with Dr. Navarro and a maxillofacial surgeon at Star Medica, Dr. Rodrigo Flores Flores. Both Dr. Navarro and Dr. Flores are in their early thirties, and not only have private practices but also teach at the local university (UADY). The entire implant process with them was practically painless, and they called and emailed afterwards, as well as took phone calls on their personal cellular phones, when we had a problem or a question.

A vintage photo in Dr. Jesus’ office

Dressed In White

The first time we had an appointment with Dr. Jesus, we learned two memorable things. First of all, when we tried to make an appointment on the 13th of the month, the good doctor told us that Mexicans are also superstitious about the 13th… but when it is a Tuesday, not a Friday. They have a saying, "martes trece, no te cases, ni te embarques" which means "Tuesday the 13th, don’t get married and don’t start a voyage". (Much more poetic in Spanish!) And we’d like to add, if you are superstitious, you might consider not making a dental appointment that day either (no haces una cita).

The second thing we learned while looking at old photos on his wall. "Where were these taken?" we asked. He pointed out a young man with his foot on the running board of an old Model T (maybe you can see him in the photo above). "That’s my grandfather when he was a boy. They took a picture because that was the first time they had seen a car in that pueblo." And what do you know? The men and boys from that pueblito were all dressed in traditional white pants and shirts, and looked just like a convention of… dentists!

So perhaps the Yucatan and dentistry were destined to go hand-in-hand. Have you ever noticed that putting on a guayabera kind of makes you look like a dentist? Verrrry interesting…

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168 Responses to “Dentists in Merida”

  1. I just finished a set of dental appts. to get a crown put in. (I live in Guaymas,Sonora). Unlike you, I am terrified of the dentist but I have to say that the treatment I received was excellent. I believe that she said that she charges 400 pesos for a cleaning and my crown cost 1600 pesos. Her office has up-to-date equipment except that she does not have a x-ray machine there, which is kind of inconvenient. She is opening a second office where she will have one and explained that it is too expensive to have one in each place. Overall the care I had was equal to Canada.

  2. You guys are the answer to our doubts and questions, great article (as always)! We already made contact with Dr Araujo, gastroenterologist mentioned in one of your articles, we mentioned your web site. We are moving to Merida in March and need dental work done, you have provided that too! You are a blessings!

  3. I have had dental repairs done by Dr. Javier Cámara Patrón and I was quite pleased with his work. Dental offices in general, as you note, are more ‘family style’ than ‘up-scale,’ but my US dentist wasn’t aware of Dr. Camara Patron’s repair until I told him. (He repaired work of my US dentist!)

  4. As usual, very informative. Perhaps in the future you could do an article about StarMedica. In our experience, a first rate medical facility.

  5. Actually, Drew, we already did do an article about Star Medica.

    Glad to hear that you had good experiences there!

  6. Dr. Sanchez is our dentist too. We are very happy with him and recommend him highly. I looked into the price of orthodonture work for my son and the total price was less than my deductable in California!!! My son had his wisdom teeth pulled, Dr. Sanchez had an oral surgeon come in to do them (one was impacted) it still cost less than having one tooth pulled in California. Even if it wasn’t so inexpensive, I would recommend him, the office is modern, the work excellant.

  7. Dr. Jesus is my dentist as well, and I am happy to say, without qualification, that he is The Man. His equipment is all so new and modern that I had never even encountered it before, and his staff is professional and courteous. My initial examination (including prowling with a fiberoptic camera) was free, unheard of in the States, and my cleaning was $350 pesos. The real expense is going to be clear when I go in for my next round of work…getting about 10 fillings pulled out and replaced. Good times.

  8. Hello.

    I need extensive dental work and wonder if you recommend all the dentists listed or just some of them for the following: My American dentist says that all my teeth should be crowned and that I need dental surgery to expose more of my front teeth first(I have all my natural teeth with no crowns now). I know my teeth are bad and need the surgery and crowns on at least all the non-molar teeth. Any specific recommendations?

    Thanks, John

  9. John, we’re not dentists (although our mothers probably would prefer that at least one of us was), so we can’t recommend specialists. What we can suggest is that you contact one of the dentists above and they will make sure that you find a qualified specialist for your situation. Saludos!

  10. Thanks for the great info. I have to have a crown (hopefully the existing root canalled tooth will last until I arrive in Feb.!) Do you know if Dr. Sanchez has an email address where I could possibly make an apptment before we leave Canada. Is there usually a long waiting period? Thx.

  11. Thank you so much for this. I need implants and braces and even with my insurance here in the states, it’s really expensive! Would you have any ballpark figures on what those treatments would cost in Merida? This is great. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

    I just came across your site while starting my research on moving to Mexico. I wish we could be there sooner but we’re not yet at retirement age!

  12. We cannot remember what Dr. Jesús told us about braces. They did seem cheaper than what we remember paying in the States. The implants are cheaper, but not as significantly cheaper as crowns, bridges, fillings and other prosthetics. That’s our understanding anyway. Click on the ads above or contact any of the dentists on our list, and I’m sure they will be happy to give you a quote over the phone or in email.

  13. I have two favorite dentists in Merida: Dr. Manuel Alayola and Dr.Miguel Dogre. They are excellent doctors and persons, and with Dogre you always laugh while he works with your teeth, he is funny and makes you forget where you are.
    Dr. Alayola is one of the best dentists in Merida too, actually I should give him a call next time I go to Merida.

  14. I just want to say, Dr. Felipe Mena is the best dentist in town!, Í’ve been with him several times, and he did a great long-lasting job! He and his wife, who is also a dentist, speak flawless english and make you have a good time. I highly recommend going with him, you’ll forget you are in the dentist, and you’ll walk out with a big smile!!

  15. You can chek Dr. Mena´s web page:

  16. Our dentist in Mazatlan has a swimming pool as a waiting room. You haven’t lived until you have to get one of the kids out of the pool for their dentist appointment. :) The office is also their home and we’re quite used to that.

    My temporary crown came off (after 6 months of use; I was trying to wait to get back to Maz) and I just might make a long stop in Merida (en route to the Carribean) to get that taken care of. Hey, might just get the bridge I’ve been putting off and get exams for all the kids again.

    Thanks for the great info!

  17. For my son, the estimate on braces (for 10 months) was about 3800 pesos. Incrediable! of course prices vary acording to what your particular problem is, I think I was quoted 5000 usd for the work in California.


  18. My daughter needs a buildup on a tooth and a crown.
    What would that cost there?

  19. Martha,
    Please send an email to one of the dentists on our list. They all speak English and can give you an estimate in email.

  20. [...] Yucatan Dentists are listed here. (Please rate this article)  Loading … [...]

  21. How far is Merida from Cancun?

  22. Driving on the 180 Autopista, Merida is 300 Kilometers (180 miles) west of Cancun. It takes about 3 hours by car and 4 hours by bus. There are two toll booths, so if you travel by car, bring about $300 pesos to pay the tolls. For more details, see

  23. How much would teeth whitening be??


  24. If we remember correctly, teeth whitening was about 2000 pesos, which is less than $200 US.

  25. I just called Dr. Jesús Manuel Sanchez Ruz’s office THEY DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH

  26. Dear Anonymous,
    Dr. Jesus and his able assistant do indeed speak English. Perhaps today when you called, they were out to lunch and the person left in charge spoke only Spanish. We encourage you to try again. If you are faced with a Spanish-speaking person, try saying this:
    “Por fah-VOR, PWAY-do ah-BLAR cone dock-TORE HAY-zoose?” (Please, may I speak with Dr. Jesus?). Or you can simply ask “AH-blass ing-LACE?” (Do you speak English?). They should put you through to someone who speaks English at that point.
    Buena suerte (good luck) and let us know how it goes!

  27. Many thanks for the dentist recommendations and feedback from web site readers. I hope to travel to Merida SOON for mucho dental work. While I’m there I would also like to have some cosmetic surgery procedures. Are any cosmetic surgeons recommened on this site? If not, do any readers have experience or insights to reputable practitioners in the area? Thanks, so much.

  28. Hi guys I was born in Merida and they brought me to L.A. 29 years ago I am planning on returning one day. In the mean time I enjoy reading all the great articles that you guys write. My wife does not like the idea of going back to Mexico one day because she is use to all the stress in California I am taking all the information you provide us and helping me on my future plans thanks gringos

  29. Can you highly recommend a dentist(s) that does dental implants in Merida?
    What is the cost of dental implants by this dentist?

  30. I am looking for Dr. Miguel Dogre and can’t find a number or address-I got work done with him four years ago and was very pleased-any contact information would be great-thanks

  31. I am his client since I was a child. He has been in the same place, but last year when I saw him, he said he was going to move. I just know he is on calle 60. I am going to Merida next week. If you want I can get the phone number and send it to you later or just look on the internet. I am pretty sure you will find it there.


  32. Which way is better? To stay in Cancun at a timeshare (“free”) and drive to Merida? Or to stay in Merida at a hotel while getting dental work done? I need to get crowns and implants. Can’t yet decide whether to go to a dentist in Merida or to try the American Smile Clinic (Cancun). How old are these postings? 2-28-08

  33. The dentists in Merida are, on the whole, really good and inexpensive in comparison to the US. Regarding the American Smile Clinic in Cancun, we have no experience. But we do have enough experience to know that there is NEVER a free lunch, especially in Cancun.

  34. [...] celebrated its 175th birthday and Merida does tend to attract and retain the cream of the crop. Read Working Gringa’s article on Dentists in Merida or leave us a comment with the name of your favorite dentist in the [...]

  35. I have nothing but words of praise for the professionalism and personalized attention I get every time I went to see Dr Jesus Sanchez Ruz, either for a simple cleaning or for a root canal or a crown. We call him the “painless dentist”; I recommend him for anyone fearing a dentist. He will change your perception of a dentists.

  36. margaret leblanc, Dr Miguel Dogre´s Phone is 9236976, and his cell phone is 04499-91-000611,

  37. Aloha from Maui!
    My new husband (who is Mayan) will be traveling from Maui to Merida in September. I am looking for a biological and holistic dentist who will extract the mercury from my fillings and replace with a non-toxic substance. I am a bit nervous going to a ‘new’ dentist but feeling a bit relieved that I found this site. Can anyone recommend a dentist that has experience with this?
    Many Mahalos!
    Me-Shell Mijangos

  38. I need two teeth extracted and replaced with implants. Who is the best and economical dentist in Merida or surrounding area to get this work done.
    Thanks for all the good postings here.
    Looking forward to an answer soon.

  39. Bill,
    Both the dentists that advertise on this page are great dentists. They both speak English and they have good prices.
    You can call their offices and get quotes for the implants….or email them. If you don’t get a reply, let us know and we’ll help.

  40. Me-Shell,
    Again, both Dr. Camara and Dr. Jesus will replace old amalgam fillings. We just recently went to Dr. Jesus and he charges $500 pesos ($50 US) to do a filling.

  41. The costs for implants are much higher there than other parts of Mexico. I have a quote from a highly recommended dentist in Ensenada that specializes in implants. 10 implants including crowns, extractions, scaling, etc. She uses top quality materials, I have been researching this for several months. Her quote is $11,500 total, another highly reccomended dentist in Mexico near San Diego quoted $14,000. I have found a huge range in costs for the same procedures using highly skilled and recommended dentists. $10,000 in India to $30,000 in the US. One dentist specalizing in implants in Florida, Boca Raton quoted $12,500. pwfine [at] aol [dot] com

  42. Went to Dr. Jesus Sanchez Ruz last year for an extraction, posting of three front teeth and a bridge. Quote in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada was just under $4,000 CDN, and wonderful painless work done by Jesus cost $1,450 U.S. (three appointments with only a couple of weeks notice). I am so pleased. We are in the process of negotiating to have a casa built near Chelem and will look forward to using Dr. Sanchez for all our future dental work. As an aside, the publishers of International Living are also clients of his.

  43. We can’t begin to thank you enough for finding wonderful Dr Sanchez for us!! He is indeed a very professional, patient, über-caring and thoroughly charming man. We just got back (to Vancouver) from a two-weeks visit to the Yucatan, and so far so good – we are very pleased with all the care we both received, not to mention the price for it all!

    I badly needed to fix a painful molar I broke in Italy, a bridge recemented, a cleaning/whitening, and maybe changing some composite fillings: since I don’t currently have a dental plan, I was quoted extortionate amounts in Canada… An extensive search of several alternatives (amongst booming dental tourism destinations such as India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Hungaria, Croatia…) led me to Mexico, and to this site!

    I emailed Jesus (don’t you love the sound of that? :-P ) shortly before our trip, and he promply replied with quotes and a convenient appointment time: he is very patient and willing to fully and clearly answer any questions. Did I mention he speaks excellent English? His little-yet-impeccable business consists in his office, two rooms (his and his lovely wife’s) filled with modern equipment, and the waiting room, which is air-cond’ed, comfortable, and Massimo certainly enjoyed the color TV and remote to watch movies while he patiently waited for me during my visits! They are actually so busy, they will be opening another office soon.

    I found on my first visit that my broken tooth was bad enough to actually require a root canal, so a specialist (Dr Rafael Hoyos) was called in to (painlessly!!!) tend to it the very same evening: the office is conveniently open from 9:30 am to 1:00pm, then from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm all week, 10:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. It is in a quiet street easily accessed by foot from the centro (we were staying at Dolores Alba hotel). Obtaining a same-day visit from such a gentle, skilled dental surgeon in Canada would be simply unthinkable, not to mention paying only 170$ US total for the root canal he performed in two visits!!! And I mean it when I say painfree, I actually came close to falling asleep during his visits. To a patient such as myself, who happens to metabolize the “freezing” so fast I was literally traumatized by the painful dental experiences of my childhood, this was truly a blessing! I had to take antibiotics for a week to clear the root infection, but the clindamycin prescription cost less than 30$, and there are well-stocked pharmacies at every corner in central Mérida.

    My bridge was actually cracked and so poorly recemented in my last visit to a flashy Vancouver dentist, that I had a large cavity under it… so I needed a new one. We settled for porcelain-fused to metal, since getting gold/porcelain would have required a little more notice. (Also turned out that this “bridge” I paid 2500$ for in 1999, was actually not even made of porcelain as billed, but some composite onlay… Imagine my displeasure, and you bet I’m looking into this and going after that crook. So much about Canadian dentists, he?)

    After careful probing with his optic camera, Dr Jesus could clearly and conveniently show me on the overhead TV what was wrong and needed to be fixed (you can also watch movies or whatever you like on that TV during your visit, but I preferred the music he played… Andrea Bocelli was on the menu! :-P ) His two lady assistants are truly gentle, discreet and eversmiling: I admired the fact that they were not afraid to give their opinion during the treatments, and that Dr Sanchez would actually ask for their input for such things as finding the right shade or angle!

    Despite all my questions, the several hours-long visits required (squeezed into my 2-weeks trip) and his many other patients, Dr Jesus remained ever gracious, humourous and patient. My comfort was clearly important to him, did I feel any pain, was I too cold?… As mentioned in your article, the unusual level of care and warm attention we received felt very genuine, and is like nothing we experienced before, both in Canada and Italy. He gave us his cell number and insisted more than once that we could call him anytime, and about anything during our trip to Merida.

    So I ended up getting a root canal, a porcelain fused crown and bridge, four composite fillings changed, a good cleaning and a bleaching (Opalescence). I was getting so excited about the possibilities, I also got two composite veneers on upper front teeth to even out my smile: there was no time left for other types of veneers, but the ones he made look great and natural. He even gently shaped and polished the canines I always found too vampirish-looking… Needless to say, I am very pleased with my healthy smile! I am still experiencing some sensitivity, but I’ll keep you posted. Massimo initially just wanted a good cleaning, thinking his teeth were just fine since he had a nice white smile with no brown spots and experienced no pain…but he was shoked by the bad news that he had several superficial cavities, and so also ended up getting composite fillings – 12 of them! Dr Jesus’ wife, Claudia, a tiny, serene and beautiful lady, took care of his mouth while I was in the other room. It was his first experience with Novocaine and needles, so he was very pleased to report feeling no pain at all…

    The total cost for all this great work, for both? 29 600 pesos, or about 2800$ Canadian, billed to my Visa!!!! We would have paid several times that amount for half the work here, and even more in Italy. And even more incredible was that we were not charged for things such as impressions and models, several x-rays, the consultations, and Claudia even gave Massimo a night guard for free!

    Needless to say, I am very, very grateful for our new favorite dentists – and for your blog! We love to travel, so the experience was even better since we could also explore the Yucatan and enjoy wonderful, safe and colorful Mérida between our visits… we can also soon afford another trip to Europe during the holidays with all the money we saved! We’ll definitely be back to see Dr Jesus, and will happily refer friends and family to him: I’ll shatter the misconceptions and clichés some people got after they heard I was going to Mexico to see a dentist… No, don’t imagine some shady sombrero’ed dude with dirty nails pulling teeth raw with rusty pliers, amongst chicken running in a dirty back alley… Dr Jesus is anything but! :-)

  44. … as if my previous email wasn’t long enough :-P , I forgot to add something important: the precision and meticulous attention to details both Dr Jesus and his wife displayed after each intervention. They spent a lot of time making sure the surface of each new tooth was shaped and fitted just right, careful about maintaining a comfortable bite… it feels great to finally be able to chew on the crown’s side!

  45. Dr. Jesus,
    I was led to Dr Jesus Manuel Sanchez Ruiz by the editor of the Mexico Insider a pub of International Living.
    Wrote an email to Dr Jesus and got a prompt reply with estimates for 2 implants at 1900 USD each. I had an abscess on a a tooth and had to have it removed here in the USA before I went to Merida. I made arrangements for the trip and appointments with Dr Jesus after arriving in Merida. Was scheduled for the first visit to have a thorough examination, and X-rays of the site. Then scheduled for the big visit to have the implants placed. Everything went well in the office and he went all out to make sure that I was comfortable. The dental surgeon Dr. Rodrigo Flores Flores was there for the exam and he did the surgery for the implants. It was a pain free experience.
    I was prescribed Clyndamycina (Antibiotic). I healed well and returned to the USA. This was in September and I returned in Nov to get the implants. Upon examination by Dr Jesus, Dr Rodrigo was called to come check me the same day. The implant that was placed in the space where the abscessed was extracted from did not heal. Dr Rodrigo removed the implant without pain for me and scheduled an appointment for a new site to be prepared and implanted. This being a single implant went even easier than the first procedure and seems to be healing better too. There was no charge for this second surgery. Dr Jesus told me that they were fully guaranteed for the quoted price and to placed successfully. I will return next year for the crowns to be placed on the implants. I am confident that it will be a short quick procedure.
    I do enjoy visiting Merida as well as having dental work done by Dr Jesus. The personal attention I received there, is something I have not found in this country.

  46. I am glad to hear of my Colleagues from Merida that are doing awesome work. I also studied in the dental school in Merida. I came back to the U.S. to specialize in Prosthodontics at Loma Linda. Hoping to return to Merida to continue practicing, but for now I set up shop in Tijuana, Baja California. If you are looking for a Yucateco dentist close to the San Diego border for treatment, feel free to contact me at 858-201-6460 or email drcervera [at] gmail [dot] com

  47. how is the cheapest way to get there and the cheapest place to stay close to dr jesus

  48. I flew to Cancun and rented a subcompact for the trip to Cancun. You can fly from Houston direct to Merida and there are some connections through Mexico City. Cheapest flights are arranged well in advance.
    I stay at a little hotel run by an older couple about 4-5 blocks from Dr. Sanchez’s office. Nice room with breakfast runs $25-30. Quiet little place too. Hotel El Jardin, Calle 70 between Calle 61 and 63. Odd streets run east and west and even number streets run North and South. This location is about 3 blocks from El Centro part of Merida. Suggest Yucatan Today for other information. It is a tourist publication and pretty thorough in guiding you around Merida with maps and information. Enjoy.

  49. I stayed at lovely, safe, yet cheap Dolores Alba hotel, wich is close to the central park and everything… walked everywhere, including to see Dr Jesus. It’s only $ 460 MX Pesos a night to start for a double, so about 40$ CAN for the room! You can Google their website and book online, and find reviews of the place (and many other Mérida hotels) at

    We flew to Cancun for less than 450$ return fom Vancouver, and the excellent air-cond bus took us from the main bus depot there to Mérida in about 3-4 hours I think, for less than 25$ a pop.

  50. Hi Can anyone give me Dr Ruz email address


  51. You’ll find that info if you click on his link with a big smile above, just before the answers begin….

  52. Sophie, why did you end up choosing dental care in Mexico vs. Thailand? I have been doing a lot of research and it appears that prices in Bangkok might be less expensive. Your experience with Dr. Ruz sounds awesome.

  53. I am going to Merida within two weeks, to get some medical test done. Another inexpensive place to stay is the Mucuy which is on Calle 57 about 1 1/2 blks E of Calle 60. I haven’t been to Merida is a few years, but both the Moon and Rough Guide still list it as a great deal, very quiet, with the owner speaking good English. The 2009 books say the current price for a single is $18.50. Cheap! The front area by the street is the lobby with the rooms running back away from the street, so it’s quiet. They have a gate that they lock up at night (you get a key) so no worry about someone who doesn’t belong there prowling around.
    MARY. I don’t know why Sophie didn’t go to Thailand, but I can tell you why I chose not to go there. Even though I really can’t converse in Spanish I can at least read the signs, get my bus tickets, my rooms, order my meals, ask basic directions, etc. Not a chance of being able to to anything in Thai:) If I were going only for an adventure I wouldn’t mind, but since I need some medical test Merida just seems a whole lot easier. Also, the airfare is a lot less, and I won’t have to spend 14 hours in the air.

  54. Well, there were many factors to juggle… Thaïland is on my ever-growing list of future travel destinations, but when I’ll invest the time and money to get there, it will be for more than a few weeks – and that’s about the time we reasonably had back in november, with work and all… I’ve already been to the Yucatan, and felt it was the right choice at the time: very cheap ticket from Vancouver, shorter flight, cheap accomodations, great food, lovely locals, perfect weather/time of the year to go, safe, things I wanted to see but missed on my previous visit, etc. As Bob mentions above, it’s also much easier for me to navigate in Spanish for a short trip! And I pretty much paid for my teeth what the ticket to Asia might have cost me, all in all….

    A friend/co-worker of mine recently returned from a few weeks of a second visit to Isla Mujeres, which I initially recommended to him… and he also went to see Jesus! He’s very pleased, he got an old graying fake tooth replaced in the front, I’ll ask him to write a comment here as well. I’m also trying to convince another co-worker to go get a broken tooth fixed in Merida! :-)

  55. I have recently ( March 9, 2009 ) returned from Merida Mexico . Went there to have my missing teeth replaced. I could not have been happier with Dr. Felipe Mena who replaced 9 crown, cleaned and filled 3 teeth. His service was excellent and I plan on returning as soon as I can win the lottery. Dr. Mena himself is the most patient, nice gentleman I have ever meet, his work outstanding. I could not be happier. I am looking forward to going back to Dr. Mena in 2011, I would never choose a another Dentist anywhere. He also speaks english and is most helpful in anything.

  56. Hello,
    Does anyone know if any of the Dentists in the area use the CEREC system for crowns?
    This is a computer milling system that allows the dentist to fabricate the new crown immediately after the tooth is ground.
    I have several in other Mexican cities on the Pacific coast, but Merida sounds like more fun. We just returned from Mazatlan and there were none there either.

  57. Many people considering visiting these dentists are also wondering
    what is the safest way to travel there and where to stay, including
    transportation from the airport to the doctor’s office. Are there
    any recommendations for the trip? This is especially important due
    to the widely reported violence and other criminal activities that
    could impact foreign travelers in Mexico.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer some safe travel recommendations.

  58. Continental Airlines flies directly to Merida from Houston. Taxis at the airport can take you to your hotel or guest house or any other location. Taxis and public buses are “safe.”

    There is no widespread violence in Merida, Yucatan or even Mexico.

    There are pockets of trouble — at times — mostly in border regions. The US border. The US is the largest supplier of weapons, ammunition and money to the drug cartels. Maybe the US could clean up it’s act so Mexicans could live in peace?

    There is almost zero violence impacting foreign travelers to Mexico, unless they are involved in rival drug cartels.

    For Ron: I don’t know about the CEREC system, but crowns are actually manufactured for American dentists in Merida. The molds come in via FedEx and the crowns go out via FedEx with a normal turn-around of less than a week.

  59. Need recommendation for a reliable, English speaking Dentist in Merida…..need crown work…and fillings….will be in Meida in December….
    Please send your suggestions.


  60. Best dental work I have EVER received – Best Dentist I have EVER gone to!! Worth the flight down and thousands less than U.S. for all the dental work I had.

  61. Thanks for the great information on this site. I have been to Merida and love the place. I am planning another trip and wanted to know if there are any Holistic Natural Dentist who remove mercury fillings using the huggins protocol or something similar to detox the body afterwards? Plesae let me know. I dont want to go to tijuana…lol. j/k.

    Thanks again!

  62. I have two phone numbers for a dentist but no name.
    Can anyone help me find a name, address, WEB site



  63. Buenas noches amigos,

    I had the good fortune of growing up in Mexico from the time I was eight until I was sixteen. I am so glad that Spanish is another “native” language to me!

    I hope to retire to Mexico in six years, as I will turn 60 in about two weeks. I have been reading everything I can about Merida and it seems to be the best place in the world to retire. My wife is Colombian by birth, so language will be no problem for us. I have always loved the Mexican people and yes, I know that “tomorrow” may not be 24 hours later!

    I plan to spend a couple of weeks in Merida, after looking to buy a rental property in Cozumel for the extranjeros.

    I enjoy your website very much. Please keep up the good work and keep us all up to date!



  64. I have had 4 root canals, multiple cavities and 7 crowns by Dr. Javier Cámara Patrón.
    I’m going again soon because of my cursed mouth!
    He’s really nice and oversees a dental team (that will probably do the work under his approval). Plan to return 5 days later for finished crowns. Great Mayan sites and the coast at Tulum should keep you happy in the meantime. A small page listing his prices should be online…..

  65. hello I need a dentist close to playa de carmen


  66. Our fellow expats in that area say they don’t know of a good dentist in Playa, but Mauricio Grassi is a dentist in Cancun who speaks English, Italian, Spanish and maybe French.

    Clinica American Smile
    SM-25, Mza. 22, Lote 13
    Calle Nance #17
    The phone number is (998) 887-4521.
    Mercado 28 area

  67. And here’s one from Heather in Playa del Carmen:

    Dr. Jorge Armenta, Avenida 30 con Calle 6bis
    Phone: (984) 873-2816
    Cell: (984) 137-2949

    I’ve sung Dr. Armenta’s praises many times on this forum, but I don’t believe that I’ve ever mentioned the reasons I visit him when I need dental work. First, he’s extremely gentle, professional, and charges fairly for his work. Second, he goes out of his way to accommodate one’s schedule, and is available at all times for emergencies. Finally, Dr. Armenta donates his time and expertise to Angel Notion (a local clinic for those who cannot otherwise afford care).

  68. I need 5 implants, and crowns, can you give me a price on that, and also a price on a bridge for 6 teeth. Jim Brogan

  69. Jim,
    We suggest that you send an email directly to one or more of the dentists listed above and get their estimates on your dental work. If that doesn’t work for you, our second suggestion is that you contact Yucatan Expatriate Services ( and ask them to assist you. They will charge a little bit for their time, but you will get the result you are looking for.
    Good luck!

  70. Here is a dentist in Playa del Carmen (I do not know if he speaks English nor how good he is, but he came recommended from my dear dentist in Merida, so he could not be bad. Also please take into account, the prices in Playa are not like the prices in Merida):

    Centro Estetico Dental Playa
    Dr. Jorge Ivan Alcocer
    Calle 34 Ave. No.3 con 30 Ave. NTE.
    Tel: 01 984 87 31 505
    044 984 7450 101
    01 800 505 7976

    Here is the name and address of my dentist in Merida. He is the greatest!!! His office might not be modern nor his equipment all shiny and new, but this guy knows his job. He does not speak English, but he sure knows what he is doing, plus his prices cannot be beat. His office is clean, but if you are looking for the same standards you are used to from the U.S. you might have to adjust your view. The last guy I saw in the U.S. wanted to x-ray all of my teeth and develop a plan (to make his next boat payment that is). This is a far cry from the gold digger types that want to sell you stuff you do not need. This guy is honest and such a nice person. His name is Dr. Rene and he is also an expert on Yucatan and Merida history:

    Dr. Alberto Rene Bolio Vales
    Cirujano Dentista, Endodoncia
    Calle 69 No. 489 x 58 y 60
    Centro Merida, Yucatan
    Hours: 8:00 – 12:00 and 4:00 – 7:00
    Tel.: 924-26-41
    His assitant´s name is Rita.


  71. I am moving to Merida in August. My daughter (26) is finishing her Dental Assistant one year diploma with CDI INTERNATONAL COLLEGE in Vancouver in July and is very keen to come work there. So thank you for this list. We will approach these dentists -looks like they would like an English-speaking employee.

    On another note, please DO refer me to another blog or contact about this: My son (21) wants to study web desigh and new media and internet marketing. I looked at the web and found the University in Merida – but the site is all in Spanish. Any idea which institutions would offer courses in ENGLISH in this field?

    Lastly is there an expat group that I might contact? Thanks, Carene in Vancouver

  72. Carene,
    Anyone coming to Merida (or Mexico, for that matter) expecting to be hired by a Mexican company ought to be very careful and do a good amount of research. In our experience, Mexicans are VERY reluctant to hire Americans or Canadians for jobs that Mexicans can do. And yes, there are a lot of dental students here, and many of them speak a passing amount of English. We don’t want to discourage your daughter from trying, but do feel you should be aware of the situation.
    As for your son, there is one university that teaches in English for 50% of the time as we understand it. We’ll try to find the name of it and post it here. Except for that one, all universities teach in Spanish… it is the language of this country, after all. Your son can certainly learn those subjects via distance learning on the internet, however.
    As for an expat group, we suggest you frequent the Merida English Library to meet other expats. And follow the comments and articles here on Yucatan Living.
    Good luck, and welcome to Merida!

  73. I had repairs to a procedure done by my Canadian dentist by Dr Javier Camara Patron.His work is impeccable and extremely reasonable.Dr Javier’s English is excellent.The equipment in his spic & span office was up to date. It was a pleasure to deal with Dr. Javier and his capable young dentists he has on staff.
    I always left my appointments with a smile because I knew I didn’t have to mortgage our house for the sake of our dental health…….I highly recommend Dr Javier Camara Patron as a dentist and a pleasant and kind human being .

  74. I too have had work done by Dr Javier Camara Patron on many occasions. I have enjoyed the experience (dental office enjoyable??? but true) In fact I have canceled all my dental insurance in Canada and now consider Dr Javier to be my only dentist.

  75. Hoping to have dental implants by Dr. Javier Camara……….he certainly seems to have a good reputation. Has anyone out there had extensive work done in his clinic?

  76. Due to disease, my girlfriend had all of her teeth replaced with implants. Her work is beautiful and she says she had no pain. I will also be seeing the same Dr. at StarMedica
    google Dr. Hugo Omar Montforte.

  77. I am another happy patient of Dr Javier Camara. The Alta Brisa office is convenient as is his Garcia Generes office. The Alta Brisa office is a little more “US-like”, while the GG office is in a neighborhood setting in what seems to be a converted home.

    In either location, his work and his assistants are just great.

  78. We have been going to Yucatan Dental for three years now. We are Americans living and working in Merida, Mexico and are so happy to have found Dr. Ruz and Dr. Claudia. Shortly after we arrived our 12 year old son, Dallas, needed some major work done on a tooth but he did not speak much Spanish. We found Dr. Ruz on the internet and read that he spoke English. This made our son’s first visit to a dentist here in Mexico so much easier. Dr. Ruz speaks English very well and is a wonderful doctor! We have been going to his office ever since. We have also seen Dr. Claudia and she is an excellent doctor as well! The office of Yucatan Dental is clean and comfortable and the staff is friendly and very gentle. If you are living in Merida or planning a visit I would highly recommend Yucatan Dental for any of your dental needs.

  79. As I read above, we are not dentists so why should we judge a professional who is working for a living – is this just because it is Mexico. I read the comments, seems they are just for one Dentist – maybe they should check them all out. They could be surprised….

  80. The painless dentist. That is the nickname of Dr. Jesus Sanchez. I, as many others, can say but words of praise for his good work and extremely friendly, caring attitude. His wife, Claudia, also a dentist and the one doing the cleaning, have done several dental cleaning for me and I can tell you that they are the best dental cleaning I ever had.
    I recommend him and his staff without reservations. I save money by doing my dental work in Merida, but even if it were more expensive I will go with to Dr. Sanchez.

  81. We have been going to Dr. Javiar Camara Patron for 2 years now. We have had everything from checkups and cleanings, fillings, crowns, braces, to wisdom teeth extractions. Our 21 year old son who hates dentists loves Dr. Javiar and is now totally relaxed going to see him. The office is always clean, the staff are always friendly and helpful, they go out of their way to take care of you in every way possible, and the prices are very reasonable. Dr. Javiar’s English is excellent, he doesn’t do any unnecessary procedures, and he explains the treatment he recommends. We know that he has clients that come on specific “dental trip” from the US just to get extensive work done. Even with the cost of air fare people say they still save money. When we compared the cost of the removal of 4 wisdom teeth to Canada it was less than half the price and the care we received was amazing. The Dr. gave us his personal cell number and said he was available 24 hours a day, any day. Try and get that kind of service NOB. As you can tell we highly recommend Dr. Javiar!

  82. We are patients of Dr. Camara as well, and wanted you to know that he has 3 offices… Garcia Gineres, Francisco de Montejo and Altabrisa… thanks for all the great information!

  83. My children laugh at me when I say “I love my dentist.” But I can say that in truth
    Dr. Ricardo Penaloza on Itzaes in Merida has provided excellent services to my wife and myself for many years. There doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t do including root canals, crowns, implants, etc. His english is quite satisfactory and any gaps in undersgtanding are easily dealt with through drawings. His able assistants Alex and Wendy add to the pleasant ambiance of our visits. Tom Jones, Valladolid

  84. Will be at Merida on Dec 18 2010 and staying for 6 days. Who does reasonable priced whitening?

  85. Hello:
    I need dental work and cannot afford what it will cost here in the USA.
    I am hoping to look over Merida as a place to live and also
    to find a good dentist. I need to know the estimate of costs
    since I need four crowns and four root canal surgeries.
    One of the crowns is a tooth which is part of my smile line and so
    I hope the finish can look as real as possible.
    Could someone please give me their recommendations and/or advice.

  86. Roberto, it is hard to know what you consider reasonable. We suggest you contact any or all of the dentists listed in this article by email or by phone. They speak English and can quote you prices. You might want to also check their websites, as some of them have the prices on there.

  87. Dr Camara recently placed two crowns in my mouth in a 99.99% painfree manner. There’s always the needle stick, you know. The cost, I believe, was 2500 pesos a piece. I asked about whitening while there and was told it was approximately the same price. I think it may have been about 2800 pesos, if I recall correctly.

    At any rate, it was excellent service and perfect appearance.
    And anyone who has priced crowns in the USA knows that is a great value.
    It took one week between appointments with impressions taken and temporary crowns placed the first appointment and the permanent ones a week later.

  88. I’d like to take a different spin. I am married to a Mexican dentist, although she has practiced over 20 years in Costa Rica, and will likely go thru the 2-year university programs here in the States so she can practice here as well, but our real plan is to move to Mexico, and if we found it economical, we would do it sooner rather than later. She has a house in Mexico City, but Mexico City has an oversupply of dentists, so the chances of a decent income are not great, which leads me to the real question: are there a plethora of dentists in Merida? or is it reasonable to think that she could maintain a practice of at least half a dozen patients per day?? Any input would be very welcome, and if any of the dentists listed here would be open to a discussion, even better, but we don’t want to just barge into someone without their OK.

  89. Hi, everyone.

    Could anyone use an American dentist? Seriously. I am European-trained and have been practicing in the Old World for over a decade, but am thinking of moving to Mexico, quite possibly Mérida, in the near future. I just found this thread by coincidence and thought that I´d ask about the dental demographics. :)

    Take care and muchas gracias!

  90. My experience with Dr Jesus Manuel Sanchez has been as follow:
    He is great guy, polite, caring and friendly, but first and foremost, he is professional and an artist unwilling to compromise or settled for anything but the best. Dr. Sanchez is fluent in English and I became his patient after doing a thorough research months prior our visit to the beautiful city of Merida, where my wife and I spent a month this past winter. Our time spent in Merida was so pleasurable and Dr. Sanchez, his lovely wife and every member of his practice, knowledgeable and accommodating. Dr. Sanchez is a perfectionist, he spent a long time working on my temporary teeth to ensure that it looked good and were comfortable, with just as much time and dedication to the final work, resulting in superior work and very natural looking teeth. We were so pleased with our trip that we are already planning our next trip to Merida, with another visit to Dr. Sanchez, this time it will be my wife’s turn!

  91. 3 years ago already!! A quick follow-up (see my previous entry above, November 14th, 2008): I have been travelling and working a lot since my visit to Mérida… yes, I know, I’m bad, but haven’t been to a dentist since – no time, too expensive, bla bla bla… But I have been completely pain free, chew on both sides, and the work is still holding up well and looks great! I have referred three friends to Dr Jesus so far, and they were all very pleased with him, the work, the prices… and the white city!

    I am planning to come back to the Yucatan in the fall, hopefully with my big brother… and see Dr Jesus while I’m here, of course. I’m curious to see if everything is still fine “under” the good work (cavities, etc?), and I’m also thinking of getting some veneers.

    Working gringoes, thank you again so much for this wonderful website! I regularly visit my beloved Mérida thru your work: this country had a deep impact on me since my very first visit, and I keep nursing a not-so-secret dream to come and live in the Yucatan as well in the near future!


  92. I hit my face in an accident which destroyed the bridges on my upper teeth and broke two natural teeth. Poorly fitted temporary bridges made for me after the accident caused my jaw muscles to cramp and pain radiated up my face, causing ocular migraines.
    The repair estimate in the US would have taken up all my savings and more. Friends recommended their dentist in Merida – Dr. Javiar Camara. I sent him an e-mail, described my experience along with dental x-rays and photographs, and we wrote back and forth until I decided to be his patient. I am so glad I did.
    I had never before received such exceptional quality of care, both professional and personal, from a dentist and his associates. Dr. Camara not only created upper bridges that fit perfectly, aesthetically and comfortably, he brought in a dental surgeon to remove an abscessed tooth, another specialist to do a root canal, capped chipped lower teeth to complement the upper ones, and made a customized mouth-piece to align my jaw. So that he could accomplish the work to be done in the three weeks I was in Merida, he sometimes worked into the evening, always skillful, gracious, calming, informative, and kind. Each procedure was meticulously handled, and after every visit, Dr. Camara himself checked in with me to ask how I was doing, even after I went home. When I was in great need, he truly gave me a renewed life, with my savings intact. My dictionary defines a hero as someone with distinguished ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. For me, that’s Dr. Camara.

  93. Please HELP!! I am in desperate need for full mouth rehablilitation work. I need a bridge and many crowns with a dentist who is a perfectionist at making sure my bite is completed properly as I live in pain everyday.

  94. Is there anyone from Canada prefer in Calgary, Alberta who has done extensive dental work in Mexico. If so can you email me some pictures of your dental work.

    If you live in Canada and can send me your email and perhaps you can direct me to the right dentist/specialist in Mexico. I need full mouth rehabilitation and a dentist who has expertize with bite issues. I need to wear a night guard due to grinding issues.

  95. I came across Dr. Teresita Hernandez Tello, and she happens to hold a Rochester University degree in prosthodontics! She did a beautiful and thorough work with my front teeth and made me look 10 yrs younger than my actual 62. Dr Terri is located in northern Merida in a modern purpose-built dental practice. When we arrived we were happy to hear English as the other dentists that have offices there also speak English…. and believe it or not, but they are all related!! Dr. Edgard (husband) is the resident endodontist, Dr. Jorge (brother) is an orthodontist (he holds a UK degree) and Dr. Adrianna (sister-in-law) is a pediatric dentist and they all seem to be a professional bunch with certifications and degrees all over the walls. Anyway, she told us that they are actually second generation dentists, as their parents are dentists too! I am not sure if she has a website but here are her contact details: Dental Studio Merida: Av 20 # 23 entre 1-D y 23 Colonia Mexico Norte, phone (999)9441085

  96. I traveled from New York City to go to Dr. Javier and get dentures. Never having be a big fan of any dentist I was a bit frightened. Dr. Javier put me at ease and he and his staff and most of all Dr. Perla were amazing! I can certainly recommend him for most all procedures!

  97. My wife and I are coming down next week to have extensive work done by Dr. Javiar Camara. I will post a review, (hopefully as good as the others) when we’re done. This will be our second trip to Merida, the first was vacation only. Thank you for the wonderful website, I travel through it almost daily. I’m from Ventura and have friends that went to school in SLO, so I spent quite a lot of time there in the late 70′s. Who knows, we may have met.

  98. I strongly recommend a young highly professional and competent lady dentist who graduated number one at University of Yucatan dentistry class. She has a very clean and modern dental office located at the Pensiones Hospital building. Her name is Dra.Georgina Flores Avalos and her phone # is 999 943 91 83 -She speaks English !!

  99. As I has commented before my personal experience with Dr. Jesus Sanchez has been nothing but outstanding. Will recommend him to anyone. We call him the painless dentist!

  100. Thanks again WG’s. It is so nice that we have so many choices. I only knew of one English speaking dentist when I got here 6 years ago but now I have tried a couple and found the best fit for me.

  101. Hi Drew,
    I’m finishing up my detailed dentistry needs before I move down in end May to use my Insurance from work my last ! Hooray !
    How can I get a list of Oncoligists so I have a running start when I get in Merida ?
    Thx so much, love the articles. Hush

  102. At Santa Teresa Dental, we pride ourselves on providing truly excellent dentistry for you & your family. It is a commitment to excellence that our patients appreciate and our community has come to expect. You can call on 408.782.6568 or email info [at] stdental [dot] com us to make an appointment.

  103. This is the nicest Web site I have seen for Yucatan… Keep up the good work and best wishes….

  104. Just back from a two week vacation that included 5 visits to Dr. Javier Camara Patron.
    We were very happy with the Dr and his associates, the work was top notch, as pain free as any I’ve had, and about 1/3 third the cost of what I was quoted here in California. I highly recommend him. On a side note the Suites del Sol apartments are “RIGHT ON TOP” of an elementary school. The children start gathering around 6:30 or so, you will NOT sleep past 6:45.

  105. Hello, I am arriving in Merida on January14, 2012 and am in need of much dental work. I have previously had work performed in Nicaragua and Panama but am looking forward to visiting the beautiful Yucatan again and getting much needed dental work done while there. I need crowns, fillings and probably a partial. I can forward a US dentist report and can fax / bring current X-RAYS. I need a price list for all procedures. I need extensive work done.

  106. James, in order to get the most from your visit, you should contact the individual dentists listed here that interest you. If a dentist is listed here, he or she speaks English. You can send them an email with your request for information and they will write you back. You can also call the numbers listed, though when you do, you may get a receptionist who speaks Spanish only. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your trip!

  107. Help! we will be vacationing for 10 days in cancun soon. I haven,t seen a dentist in many years (yes I have a fear of dentists offices/procedures etc.). As we don,t have a dental plan in Canada I was hoping to find a good dentist by personal recommendation. I know at the least I will need cavities filled and a cleaning, but fear I may need more wk done than that. I have been researching for several weeks, but am feeling a bit intimadated in trying to choose one off the Internet. a red flag went up as i was reading your informative blog about being aware of dentist’s who advertise heavily to gringos. Do you have any recommendations for dentists working in cancun. Have you heard of Oceanview dentistry, or American Smile Clnic? I would appreciate any feed back you might have.

  108. No, we have not heard of either of those. However, there are probably many good dentists in Cancun as well… the Yucatan has great dental schools. You might try checking with some of the Cancun-based forums and asking around there.

  109. Do you know if any of the dentists in Merida specialize in safe mercury removal of old fillings? Or if any are biological dentists?

  110. I live part time in beautiful Sisal and on my last trip I had a few appointments at Dr DIANA NAVARRO ‘s office for veeners and crown. I took the reference on this website and I need to say I was very impress with Dr DIANA NAVARRO’s work, profesionnalism and availibility. The office is clean, nice and her receptionnist is very nice. She responds very quickly to any questions, informations or worries I might have. She will also give her clients good price and guarantees her work. Dentists in Merida are far most the best for a better price and a good quality of work.

  111. Great responses. Can anyone help with a dentist/orthodontist who uses the “Damon System”. My research so far shows a number of offices in Cancun specifically and general ortho service in Merida but no one promoting it directly. Email responses have been hit or miss.

  112. My wife and I spent 17 days in Mexico Christmas of 2010. We had rented a place that would house us and our daughter and her husband, but he had a detached retina and could not fly. So my wife and I started to brainstorm about some things we could do with over two weeks in Merida.

    It was about that time that my dentist told me that I would be needing to replace a 3 tooth bridge and a crown. He also said that I needed to have three root canals as part of those procedures. His staff gave me some estimates that came in around $3,600 – 3,800 for all the work!

    Since I was looking at a bunch of sites to get information on what to do in Merida, there was a long article on Merida Dentists. I wrote to two and got a response from one, a Dr. Diana Navarro. She responded in great english and gave me estimates for the bridge, crown and root canals. The estimate was exactly what I ended up paying, $900 for the dental work and $400 for the three root canals.

    Needless to say by doing the dental work there we virtually paid for the vacation! I told my dentist about the cost of the work and he said that he could not buy the bridge and crown (only) for that price in the US!

  113. I would just like to add my dental experience here in Merida in April. The night before flying out to Merida I bit on a chicken bone that burst a molar in the upper part of my mouth. Thinking I just needed to replace the filling, I had the surprise of my life when the dentist in Merida told me I needed a root canal (endodoncia), poste y corona. To make a long story short, Dr. Marco A. Ramirez Salomon in Garcia Generes (999.920.3396) did the root canal procedure in his office which is sterile like a lab. His two assistants informed me beforehand of what to expect, handed me information etc. The procedure took almost 2 hours during which I almost fell asleep not because of the novocaine but because I had total absolute confidence in this specialist due to his professional and confidence-inspiring attitude. The crown was done by someone else. The entire work – root canal, post and crown – came to US$500. I do think American and Canadian dentists need to rethink their avaricious conduct. Its too bad that not more of us have the opportunity to travel to Mexico for medical and dental treatment in order to make an impact on this ‘industry’ back home.

  114. I just wanted to give my personal opinion in this forum. It might help someone who is thinking about traveling to Mexico to have dental work done. Athough dental procedures are cheaper here, you should also know why too. First of all the cost of education in Mexico can go from something around $150.00 USD for the whole semester, (this is the approximate fee that state universities charge) to $1500.00 USD at the most prestigious colleges (UNITED, UIC and ULA). Once you have your license you don’t need to do anything to keep it. Canadian and USA dentists must attend CE courses every year to keep their licenses. which are very expensive. Dental material such as implants are not exactly the same because a lot of them are not available in Mexico. Most of them are the most commercial or cheap. Dental lab work is far more cheaper here because most dental lab technicians are not formally trained and they are not required to be and again, materials used are not always the best. Few dentists I know try to keep up to date. Most of them use the same materials and never attend CE courses after school is over. The amount of diplomas on the wall are far from real training. Most of them are from conferences or dental meetings of no longer than two hours. I’m not saying that all dentists are bad, but I married one who has formal Canadian training for implant procedures and I have seen lots of bad work. He has had to repair a lot of long term damage, so choose carefully.

  115. Thank you for that information and your opinion. We agree one should be careful in choosing a dentist, but we have been impressed with the modern technology and materials used by the dentists we have worked with here in Merida. Also, as we understand it, much of the crowns and other pieces put in your mouth in the States are made in Mexico.

  116. Hilarious. Cheaper dentistry means cheaper products are being put into your mouth. The glues that are used in the fillings begin to leak and the fillings need to be replaced more frequently than when FDA approved products are used by American dentists. Your crowns are made by labs that may not be federally regulated as to what type of metals are being used. Also I laugh if you think you can compare a root canal done for $200 dollars to one that was done by an american trained endodontist. You may think you are getting equivalent dental care, but when things start needing to be replaced you may be wishing you had done differently.

  117. Well, as they say around here, vamos a ver! We’ve been getting our dental services here for more than ten years and we’re still happy!

  118. I bought my house in Merida in1996 and live on the same block where Dr. Jesus Ruz opened his office several years later…I went in to make an appointment. P.S….he has been my dentist ever since and completely rebuilt my whole mouth over the course of several years. Now it is approximately 12 years later and all his work has held up. All I need now are annual checkups and cleanings. I praise him greatly, not only for his fair prices and excellent work, but also because he managed to work on me despite TMJ, which made it hard for me to keep my mouth open for a long time, as well as a fused spine making it painful and difficult to recline in his chair. SUCH PATIENCE! We both managed to survive through the ordeal, and I can do nothing then recommend him without reservation.

  119. Me and my husband read this article, which is very helpful and we are planing to go to Merida for implants in the next month. In your opinion of all the dentists mentioned here which one would you recommend specially for implants? Thank you!

  120. Hello! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent work!

  121. Why, thank you Lorenzo!!

  122. Our uninterested dentist (who is recommended on the US Embassy web site) is Dr. Rafael Alonso Dominguez, (Eng / Spa) 920-2461 CENTRO ESTETICO ODONTOLOGICO. AV. CUPULES No. 74. POR 6 Y 8 COL. GARCIA GINERES, MERIDA. We do not recommend him. He gave us poor work and never returned our e-mails. Beware of smooth-talking English speakers who care more about $$$ then your health.

  123. I haven’t had any dental work done here yet, though I am going to. But as an Italian who has lived in 4 different countries I must say that the attitude of American/Canadian dentists is so snobbish and arrogant. They try to justify their ridiculous prices with all their supposed training and expertise. Frankly, I think it’s all BS… just a way to extort more money from you. I’ve had dental work done in Italy, the UK, Canada and the US. I can’t say that US and Canadian dentists were any better than their European counterparts. In fact in some cases, despite all their supposed “continuing training”, I’ve had very shoddy work done by American and Canadian dentists. Besides, when you are past your prime as I am, you’d rather pay less than having dental work that lasts forever, because I am not going to last forever…

  124. I live near Toronto, Canada and have looked into getting a fair bit of dental work done. A few crowns, crowns on implant posts and several veneers. Thanks to your wonderful and extensive web info I contacted several dentists on your list, Dr. Diana Navarro being the first. Also Dr. Javier Camara and a couple of others.
    While a few of the procedures were similar in price, within less than 100pesos, the big difference was in the crowns on posts, one quote was 11,000 vs 3000! Seemed like a big discrepancy.
    Thoughts anyone.
    Thanks, Alan

  125. Are there any job opportunities in Merida for an American trained dentist who would like to relocate? Twentyplus years of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

  126. I have been going to Dr. Javier Camera since 1989……I live in Canada but do not have a dentist here. My dentist is Dr. Javier. I have had numerous crowns, fillings, some root canals, mouth guard, cleaning done, all of excellent quality. Have not had any problems with his work. He had to fix work done by my Montreal dentist. Would not consider any other dentist.

  127. Same as Michelle. Do you know if any of the dentists in Merida/Cancun/Playa specialize in safe mercury removal of old fillings? Or if any are biological dentists?

  128. I am also interested in finding a biological dentist in Merida who safely removes mercury fillings.

  129. As far as we know, there are no dentists that still use mercury fillings in Mexico. However, we have not heard of any that do the “safety removal” of mercury fillings either. We welcome any comments from readers who know differently… and we will look into it.

  130. We have inquired and been assured that Dr. Jesus Sanchez does safe removal of mercury fillings. There are probably other dentists in Merida that do this as well.

  131. Could you please give me contact information for
    Dr. Javiar Camara

    Thanks, Dennis

  132. Dennis, Dr. Camara’s complete contact info is the second on the list in the article.

  133. Hi All,
    I know there has been some discussion about this, but I’m going to ask again and perhaps someone has some experience. I am looking for a dentist that will remove amalgam fillings safely…perhaps using the high-volume vapor vacuums/chelation etc..
    I am hoping to travel to the Yucatan specifically for this treatment later this year. Thank you for any discussion generated!

  134. Brian, we aren’t sure if anyone using vapor vacuums, but Jesus Sanchez said that he does remove amalgams. He speaks and emails in English.

  135. Brian, we just talked in person with Dr. Diana Navarro ( yesterday and asked her about safe removal of amalgams. She says she uses a dam and a vaccuum suction, and when the amalgam is removed, replaces the dam with a new one and proceeds. If this works for you, then you can be assured that she can do what you are looking for.

  136. I am planning to go to Dr. Diana Navarro in March and would like any references on her practice, and particularly the success with dental implants. Thank you, Dixie n

  137. Dixie, I just finished a dental implant with Dr. Navarro and not only did she never hurt me in any way, it fits perfectly! I’m thrilled!
    -Working Gringa

  138. I went to Dr Camara in December and was very pleased with his work. I just needed a simple metal molar crown. I made the appointment on Tuesday by email, was seen on Thursday, prep work done immediately and the crown was installed on Saturday with no rush charges. It was a simple metal crown and the work was done quickly , efficiently and at a very, very reasonable cost.

    At the end of our trip in January my partner had a crown pop off in Valladolid and we came back to Merida and Dr Camara. Again making the appointment by email we saw him in his Alta Brisa Office and the work was done that evening.

  139. I need TONS of work done. Could you give me an estimate (implants, partials, cleaning, root canals, the works!). I know it’s going to cost a lot, I just want to know what to expect. Thanks.

  140. I Posted earlier (Dec 4) on the price differences in regards to crowns over implants. It seems that it was more miscommunication on my part. The higher price was based on having to use analogs, impressions, etc. When this was taken out of the equation, prices are more in line. I’m heading to Merida at the end of March to get 2 crowns over implants and 6 more crowns and/or veneers. I will be seeing Dr. Diana Navarro who has exchanged many emails with me and we have gone through all the issues. It amazes me as to the price differences between Canada and Merida. I’ll repost after the work is done!

  141. Thanks for the comment, Alan. We look forward to hearing about your experience!

  142. Sharlene, we don’t give estimates. You can email the dentists directly and they will communicate with you. We know specifically that Dr. Navarro and Dr. Sanchez have emailed extensively with clients in the past to establish prices and procedures. Also, Dr. Sanchez has a comprehensive price list on his website (

  143. I would like to communicate with anyone who has had implants from Dr. Diana Navarro. I am planning to go to see her in April. You can get my contact info from her. Thanks so much. Dixie from North Carolina.

  144. Dixie, we would be worried if Dr. Navarro gave out your personal contact information to anyone who asked, wouldn’t you? Working Gringa just had an implant from Dr. Navarro, actually, and is very happy with it.

  145. Thank you for responding to my question. I’m planning on going down to Mexico in the fall, i’ll let you know how my experience was.

  146. Does anyone have good or bad comments about getting veneers or lumineers from specific dentists in Merida? Thanks.

  147. After having a root canal in Merida performed by Dr. Rivas, I went to Dra. Celilia Vazquez for the crownwork. She was professional, caring, and did an excellent job. After two visits to her office I felt like I had a new dentist and a new friend. I would recommend her to anybody needing crownwork.

  148. I’ve just returned from my planned “dental vacation” in Merida, as I had mentioned in earlier posts. I had all my work done by Dr. Diana Navarro, who works out of her clinic in north east Merida. Her practise is modern, new and impeccably clean, its right near the Star Medica and the Plaza Altabrisas.
    I had done several veneers and crowns, so a fair bit of dentistry, this was all accomplished in a week. Also in comparison to prices in my area; $2000 vs. $500 @.
    I’ve been to many dentists over the years and I have to say, that without a doubt, she is the most patient, soft spoken, friendly, and professional dentist and person for that matter I’ve dealt with. Diana’s attention to detail was very impressive. She speaks and understands English perfectly, always a big help in this field. I loved her “you can open, you can close”, but my favorite was “make like chewing” with a hand gesture. She is just so sweet!
    Dr. Diana’s mannerism is professional but very friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend her to friends or family!
    I plan on returning to complete my dental work and wouldn’t think of seeing anyone else.
    Trust me you won’t go wrong.

  149. I had a general check-up and cleaning with Dr. Cervera and was fully satisfied with both the service and the facilities. I have lived outside the US for 10 years and this is the first dentist that examined and cleaned my teeth to the standard I was used to when living in the US. He is also a US citizen and, therefore, speaks English as a native language which was very helpful. The office is professional and modern and I was seen at the time of my appointment and wasn´t kept waiting. His dental equipment is state of the art and he has a very gentle touch, so the sometimes painful dentist experience turned out to be pleasant and painless! I have recommended Dr. Cervera to many people (including my mom when she was here visiting!) and will continue to do so. It is nice to finally have a dentist I can trust. The number of his office The Smile Specialists: (999) 943-1310. His office in in the north part of town close to the Altabrisa Plaza. Hope this helps!

  150. I appreciate reading all of the comments. Does anyone have experience with getting Invisalign with a local dentist? And estimated costs? Muchas Gracias!

  151. Hi! We are going to Cancun in November. I have 10 amalgams that I need to get extracted and replaced. I have never had dental work outside of Canada. I have been scouring the internet for a safe, reliable dentist to go to in Cancun. I feel uneasy about this as I don’t have any references outside of the internet, which isn’t necessarily reliable. Is it worth going to Merida? Or does any one have a dentist that they can recommend in Cancun.
    Thank you!

  152. Our good friend in Cancun recommends this dentist:

    Dr. Mauricio Grassi
    Tel: (998) 843-0840
    Cell: (998) 154-5255
    Plaza Esmeralda, Loc 27 y 28
    Ave. Lopez Portillo, No. 1000, Cancun
    Email: grassidr [at] hotmail [dot] com

    He’s our dentist, speaks perfect English (and Italian, Spanish and some French). He’s worked on a lot of folks I know too. First thing he did for me, 9 years ago, was to fix a tooth that 4 other dentists told me would need a crown. He agreed it would need a crown too, but said he would be able to give me a good temp fix. That temp fix has been better than some actual crowns I have.

  153. Mother and I visited Dra. Cecilia Vazquez – and she is wonderful!

    I am NOT a calm, comfortable and eager dental patient, and Dra. Cecilia not only put me at ease, she was fast, gentle and well-humoured. Her cleanings were expedient and thorough. She oversaw and brought in specialists for my broken tooth, my root canal and my implant and they were a tremendous team. No pain. No misery. And really an appointment-by-appointment cure for my fear.

    When I emailed Dra. Cecilia, her reply was prompt and she answered my questions precisely regarding costs and time. After the initial consultation, I felt as though I was listened to, felt as though recommendations for work and procedures was on target and well-priced (no gouging or extraneous work), and felt as though I could put my trust in Dra. Cecilia. What a great experience!

  154. What wonderful information. My son needs a lot of dental work. The costs in the US are so prohibitive that most people have to go without dental care. Not an option in my son’s case, as he is too young to lose any teeth. US dental insurance is a joke, (and we have what is considered “good” dental insurance) and does not make a dent in most dental work that people need. I found your site from a link on Dr. Diana Navarro’s site. Thank you again for all the great information. Next stop: email to Dr. Diana!

  155. Thanks so much to take to write this wonderful article, well done. I was about to head for Mexico City to a clinic I found on line…….now I feel like a pesado. I have a feeling……I have been to Merida a few times……..seems like now I am going back to pick up a hammock and see a dentist. Thanks so much for the steer. I am an artist who freelances…so money is not always flowing.

  156. Cecilia Vasquez did a terrific job on my teeth (Feb 2014). Was able to do the work right away and at very reasonable prices. Speaks English well and responds to emails quickly on her website.
    She did one filling for me and two crowns and I saved a lot of dinero over suggested US prices.

  157. I recently visited Cecilia Vasquez for a cleaning at . I booked the appointment by email and was seen that same day in the evening. She is very friendly and did a thorough clean as well as answered all of my questions about potential future work very professionally without ever trying to ‘sell’ her services. Price was reasonable for sure. Recommended.

  158. I was happy to come across this web page of recommendations in Merida, however, I do not see the list of contacts. We’re traveling there in October. Needing 2 implants and a 3 tooth bridge. Gracias for your help

  159. This is so helpful. I have visited Morelia twice and the total Yucatan and look forward to visiting again with a different traveling companion. Your dental listings were wonderful and I am wondering… I am an elderly, older than the hills, a lady. Is it possible to publish a current list of Physicians you would recommend/ That is always a worry when I travel in Mexico.

    Thank you so much,

    Rene’e Watson

  160. Thanks for the suggestion, Rene’e. We’ll work on that.

  161. Hi
    I had some dental work done in Merida prior to our wedding in 2007. The crown has been a complete success and i would highly recommend almost any dentist in Merida. They are just ‘brought up right’.!
    ps. The approx $600 I spent was comparable to about $3800 here in Canada at the time.

  162. Dra. Cecilia Vazquez was absolutely wonderful! Our whole family (two adults and children ages 7,5, and 3) just went to her for a cleaning and check-up, and we could not have been happier. She was excellent with both the kids and adults alike, and she speaks wonderful English. We had inquired with a few different dentists, and her prices are very reasonable. Fortunately we had no dental issues that need to be addressed, but we would definitely trust her with any future work.

  163. Traveling to Mexico this August for dental treatments. There’s a lot of helpful tips here, thank you so much! I needed to have my old veneers replace, I know that the cost is 70% more affordable than US prices in Mexico (,Dental_Veneers,Dentistry/ ). Hope to have a successful treatment! I am assisted by a medical tourism provider to help me find a reputable dentist and is accredited by organisations such as the International Organization for Standardizations or ADA.

  164. I wanted to report my experience with Dr. Teresita Hernandez Tello office (Dental Studio Merida Especialistas Calle 20 # 23 Colonia México Norte) as she states that she is a Dental Professional Prosthodontist and treats patients with Implants and crowns. I emailed her twice provided information and sending x-rays of my case and I called her office several times. No one answered the phone and no one has provided me the Professional courtesy of a reply to my emails.

  165. David, we cannot speak for this particular office or dentist. However, it may be that they are not IN the office. Many Yucatecans take time off to go to the beach during the months of July and August, and may be much slower in returning inquiries than they usually are during the rest of the year. You might consider trying again in a few weeks.

  166. Avoid a woman named Roxane Madina…no gloves, doubled the price from phone quote and wanted 640 per crown…that is USD not pesos. We felt as if we got the foreigner treatment once getting to her office rather than good dental treatment. She then began to lecture my wife about not breastfeeding or how breastfeed is bad for children’s teeth. She also wanted to know how our daughter was born (natural childbirth v. Cesarean). Needless to say still looking for Dentist to do two crowns for our daughter. We have another appt. with someone else this Tuesday…we’ll let you know how it goes.

  167. Craig, that’s NOT the kind of dental experience you can expect. Try working with one of the dentists on the list…

  168. I had two bridges put in by Dr. Javier about fifteen years ago plus other work and they’re still going strong. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he speaks fluent English having worked I believe in Texas for a while.


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