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Hospitals in Yucatan

When you move to the Yucatan (or anywhere in Mexico), one of the systems you eventually must come to terms with is the medical system. We are fortunate in Merida to have a number of hospitals and clinics to choose from, and in this article, we will do our best to list and describe the hospitals in Merida so that you can make an informed choice.

What is A Tercer Nivel Hospital?

One thing to understand is that in Mexico (and other places like Cuba, Spain and some other Latin countries), hospitals are designated according to levels: First, Second and Third Level Hospitals (hospitales de primer nivel, segundo nivel, tercer nivel). While these designations are not used in the USA or Canada (as far as we know… not generally, anyway), these are common references in Mexico. A hospital de tercer nivel in Mexico is one that provides all the services that we would associate with a top hospital: doctors and specialists on staff, surgery facilities, recovery rooms and any number of additional specialized treatment facilities. It is a Hospitals in Merida Yucatanhospital that is able to provide integrated care for whatever ails you, and it is usually also a teaching hospital. A secondary level hospital is characterized by the ability to provide surgical and recovery facilities, as well as providing the services of specialists, but without emergency facilities. A first-level hospital provides care for patients without serious injury, usually has testing equipment, monitoring equipment and provides First Aid. After being seen at a first-level hospital, you might be referred to a second- or third-level hospital for further treatment. As you can see, the levels have nothing to do with quality, but rather quantity and breadth of facilities and care.

Expatriate Hospital Experiences

We know many expatriates that have been cared for in the various hospitals around Merida, and have mostly heard very good things from them all. We see and hear about stories like this all the time:

“Posted January 20, 2014, at 12:13 PM by Yolisto member Dave_in_Ont

…I have just gotten the clearance to head back to Chelem after a 4 day stay at the Centro Medico Americano in Progreso. I thought I had pulled a groin muscle last Wednesday, went to the hospital on Thursday to have it checked out. They did x-rays on the spot and it turned out I had broken my hip. An orthopedic surgeon, from Merida, did a hip joint replacement on Friday morning and I am outta here today (Monday), using a walker, as soon as I pay the bill!!! The surgery was performed at CMA in Progreso. I couldn’t have asked for better service or care. Virtually every doctor and nurse spoke some English and with my limited Spanish we got along just fine.
For those who might be curious… At my age with pre-existing conditions and for the length of time we spend in Mexico, private medical insurance is way too expensive. I paid for this procedure on a credit card, which will be totally reimbursed by my Ontario health insurance once I submit all the paperwork, including X-rays. Total cost was 77,000 pesos or appx. $6500. AND the procedure was done within 14 hours of the diagnosis. Pretty quick service!”

You can also read about various expatriate experiences in healthcare in our Health Section on this website.

For U.S. comparisons, consider the information in this article in the New York Times. Here’s a quote from that article, where the person in question chose to go to Brussels for his hip replacement, but many of the facts are relevant no matter where outside of the USA you decide to go:

““Very leery” of going to a developing country like India or Thailand, which both draw so-called medical tourists, he ultimately chose to have his hip replaced in 2007 at a private hospital outside Brussels for $13,660. That price included not only a hip joint, made by Warsaw-based Zimmer Holdings, but also all doctors’ fees, operating room charges, crutches, medicine, a hospital room for five days, a week in rehab and a round-trip ticket from America.

“We have the most expensive health care in the world, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best,” Mr. Shopenn said. “I’m kind of the poster child for that.” “

Hospital and Clinic Choices in Yucatan

Whether you are going for a minor issue, elective surgery or major surgical procedures, cancer treatment or any other medical treatment, it is good to know what your options are regarding medical care in Merida and how things are done in Yucatan and Mexico.

Unlike in the USA, you do not necessarily have to go to a hospital for surgery. In Merida, there are about twenty different clinics that also provide surgical and recovery services. (A clinic is similar to a second level hospital, but usually it only provides for one specialty, such as Obstetrics or Cancer Treatment. A second level hospital will provide services for multiple specialties.) For instance, if you need your gall bladder removed, your doctor can quote you the cost for having it done at a tercer nivel hospital like Star Medica, or at a local clinic. We recently got a quote on gall bladder surgery (non-emergency), by the way, in late 2013. The prices quoted by the doctor were approximately $7,000 USD for the entire procedure at Star Medica, versus $5,000 USD for the procedure at a local clinic. Both surgeries would be done by the same doctor, just in two different places.

Our friend, a Yucatecan, went to a different doctor and was quoted a price of $20,000 pesos for the same surgery at a different clinic, with one overnight stay for recovery. We also have a friend who recently had a baby. Instead of going to a third or second level hospital, she chose to deliver her baby at a clinic that specializes in Obstetrics (Maria Jose, listed below), thus realizing significant savings. As an example, delivering a baby at Clinica Esperanza in 2013 cost approximately $15,000 pesos. At another similar clinic, $20,000 pesos. Compare that with the cost of delivering a baby at Star Medica, which is about $50,000 to $60,000 pesos.

While we have listed a few clinics, this is not a comprehensive list. Usually your doctor is associated with clinics where he or she can practice. If you choose to go the clinic route, your doctor can recommend the best clinic for your procedure.

Who Can Go?

You will notice that while some, like StarMedica and Clinica Merida, are private hospitals, many of the hospitals below are subsidized by the Mexican government. Of course, private hospitals accept anyone who can pay. While some expatriates living in the Yucatan have signed up for IMSS health insurance, others have either no insurance, insurance from their country of origin or expatriate private insurance. It is good to know that expatriates living or traveling in the Yucatan are eligible for all available medical services, though you will not enjoy the subsidized prices unless you are an IMSS member. If you are an expatriate who needs care, you can receive it. You are not required to have medical insurance, only to pay your bills. Though you do not receive subsidies, you will find that the prices are probably less than what you would pay out of pocket for the same services back home. Medicaid, Medicare, and private U.S. medical insurance are at this writing not accepted in Mexico.

A Wide Range of Choices

As in many things in Mexico, there are a range of choices. We submit this list for you so that you can be well-informed and make the best choice for you. If you have questions or experience with any of these hospitals, we welcome your Comments!


List of Hospitals in Merida


Clinica de Merida

Phone: +52-999-942-1800
Location: Centro Merida
Address: Av. Itzáes No. 242, Colonia García Ginerés, Merida
Email: clinmer [at] sureste [dot] com
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : Blood Bank, Diabetes Education, Centre for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Sports, Osteoporosis Center, Cardiovascular Diagnosis, Sensorineural Diagnosis, Dialysis and Hemodialysis, Electrodiagnostic, Tomographic scintigraphy, Clinical Laboratory, Extracorporeal lithotripsy, Hyperbaric Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, X -Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Ambulance Service, Helical Computed Tomography, Intensive Care Unit , Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, General Emergency, Pediatric Emergency, Vaccination Center.
Comment: Clinica de Merida was originally started by a group of doctors as a small consortium (probably why it has “clinic” in its name…), and has grown to be a very comprehensive hospital and a mainstay of Merida medicine. For those of us who live in the centro, it has the closest Emergency facilities of a tercer nivel hospital. The hospital is familiar with dealing with the expatriate population, and many of the doctors speak English.



Phone: +52-999-930-2880
Location: North Merida
Star Medica Hospital in Merida YucatanAddress: Calle 26 #199, por 15 y 7, Col. Altabrisa, Merida
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : Emergency room, Surgery and rehabilitation, Tocosurgery(Surgery in Pregnancy), ICU and recovery, Nursery and neonatal intensive care, Blood bank, Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, Cardiology, Pathology, Endoscopy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Interventional Radiology, Hemodialysis, Inhalotherapy, Cardiovascular Center.
Comment: Star Medica is part of a national Mexican chain of hospitals, and is the newest, most modern private hospital in Merida. The top floors house offices of various specialists, and the bottom floors house the hospital itself. Hospital rooms are roomy, modern and some of them even include sitting rooms and TVs for the families that come to visit. We have one friend who had emergency surgery there who said that if it hadn’t been for the surgery, it was one of the nicest hotels she ever stayed in. Star Medica also has a responsive Emergency Room with English-speaking doctors usually somewhere close by. This hospital is also becoming more familiar with expatriate clientele.


Centro Médico de las Américas

Phone: +52-999-926-2111
Location: Centro Merida
Email: cma [at] centromedicodelasamericas [dot] com [dot] mx
Address: Calle 54 #365 x 33-A y Avenida Pérez Ponce, Colonia Centro, Merida
Levels: Second Level Hospital
Services : Blood Bank, Cardio CT, Physiological Nursery, Diagnostic Imaging, Hemodialysis, Hospitalization, Laboratory, Maternity Packages, Physical Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Operating Rooms, Magnetic Resonance, Preventive Screening, Ambulatory Surgery, Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Infant Care, Emergency Adults, Pediatric Emergency.
Comment: Founded in 1984, the Medical Center of the Americas (CMA) is a private hospital with over 50 beds. This hospital is affiliated with the Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida.


Centro de Especialidades Médicas

Phone: +52-999-920-4040
Location: Centro Merida
Address: Calle 60 #329-B x 35, Colonia Centro, Merida
Levels: Second Level Hospital
Services : 24 HR Emergency, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Hospitalization, Operating Rooms, X-ray, Labor rooms, Recovery Room, Ultrasound, Adult Hospital workers in Merida Yucatanintensive unit, Neonatal intensive care unit and pediatric, Endoscopy and Gastroenterology, Pediatric Surgery.
Comment: This small hospital (CEM) has 26 patient rooms, doctors offices, an Emergency Room and other facilities, and is located in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone), across the street from the Hyatt Regency. CEM is specifically available for tourists and visitors, although it serves the Merida population as well.


Centro Medico Pensiones

Phone: +52-999-920-0184
Location: West Merida
Address: Calle 7 #215A x 32 y 34, Colonia García Ginerés, Merida
Levels: Second Level Hospital
Services : 24 HR emergency, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Hospitalization, Operating Rooms, X-ray, Labor rooms, Recovery Room, Ultrasound, Adult intensive unit, Neonatal intensive care unit and Pediatric, Pediatric Surgery, Hemodialysis, Tomography and Mammography.
Comment: Founded in 1986.


Centro Medico Americano

Phone: +52-969-935-0769
Location: Progreso
Address: Calle 33 #320 x Calle 82, Colonia Centro, Progreso
Levels: Second Level Hospital
Services : 24 hrs emergency, Laboratory studies, Pharmacy, Hospitalization, Operating Rooms, X-ray, Labor rooms, Recovery Room, Ultrasound, Pediatric, Hemodialysis, Ultrasound, Mammography.
Comment: Centro Medico Americano was founded December 6, 1989 and is the only hospital located along the Yucatan Gulf Coast.


IMSS T-1 Ignacio García Tellez

Phone: +52-999-922-5656
Location: Merida
Address: Calle 34 x 41, Ex Terrenos “El Fénix”
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : All the services of a major third-level hospital.
Comment: You have to be part of IMSS to use this hospital. All services are free for IMSS members. Depending on where you live in Merida, as an IMSS member, you will be assigned to either “T-1″ hospital or Benito Juarez. If the specialist you need is not here, you will be sent to the other hospital.
Website: Not available


IMSS- Hospital Benito Juarez

Phone: +52-999-925-0866
Location: Merida
Address: Av. Itzáes x Av, Colón s/n, Colonia García Ginerés
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : All the services of a major third-level hospital.
Comment: You have to be part of IMSS to use this hospital. All services are free for IMSS members. Depending on where you live in Merida, as an IMSS member, you will be assigned to either “T-1″ hospital or Benito Juarez. If the specialist you need is not here, you will be sent to the other hospital.
Website: Not available


Hospital General “Dr. Agustín O’Horan”

Phone: +52-999-930-3320
Location: Merida
Address: Av. Itzáes por Av. Jacinto Canek s/n, Colonia Centro
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : Blood Bank, Transplants, Hemodialysis, Hospitalization, Laboratory, Outpatient surgery, laboratory, Gynecology, Intensive Care, Infant Care, Emergency Adults, Pediatric Emergency.
Comment: Founded in 1906 by Porfirio Díaz, this hospital has been a school for all doctors in Yucatan. It is a hospital run by the government and takes people from first and second level hospitals from around Yucatan State. Services are subsidized if you are part of Seguro Popular. It is a teaching hospital and also has been the site of donations of time and money from visiting doctors from University of Michigan. This article is just one example of the programs between the two. Because of its strong history in the area, it runs many government programs. So for example, when Working Gringa needed rabies shots (from a dog bite), she was sent to O’Horan where the shots were recorded as part of a government tracking program, and administered for free.


Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad

Phone: +52-999-942-7600
Location: North Merida
Address: Calle 7, No. 433 por 20 y 22, Fracc. Altabrisa
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : Cardiovascular and neumonology, neuroscience, hematology and oncology, intensive care for adults and children, internal medicine, nefrology, transplants, blood bank, laboratory.
Comment: This highly specialized hospital is run by the Mexican government and services are subsidized if you are part of Seguro Popular.


Hospital De la Amistad Corea-Mexico

Phone: +52-999-168-7067
Location: South Merida
Address: Calle 60 Sur S/N San José Tecoh por Anillo Periférico, San José Tecoh
Levels: Third Level Hospital
Services : Children’s Hospital
Comment: This hospital is run by the Mexican government and services are subsidized if you are part of Seguro Popular. It was built with a $1 million dollar donation from the South Korean government in honor of the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Koreans to the Yucatan.
Website: N/A


Clinic waiting room in Merida Yucatan

General Hospital de Valladolid

Phone: +52-985-856-2883
Location: Valladolid
Address: Avenue Poligono Chanyodzonot
Levels: Second Level Hospital
Services : Ambulances, 60 beds, Blood laboratory, pharmacy, general surgery, internal medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, anesthesiology, nutrition, physical therapy, psychiatry, psychology, and radiology. Read more in our article about the new Hospital in Valladolid.
Comment: This hospital is run by the Mexican government and services are subsidized if you are part of Seguro Popular.
Website: N/A


Clinics in Merida

Centro Anticanceroso Cruz Roja

Phone: +52-999-928-5679
Location: Merida
Address: Calle 59 N/A x Avenida Itzaes, across from the Zoo
Services : Cancer specialty hospitals. Services include Pap tests, Colonoscopies, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Pain Medicine, Operating Rooms
Comment: Run by Red Cross and Mexican Government


Clinica Benefactora Esperanza

Phone: +52-999-928-6231
Location: Merida
Address: Calle 76 # 446 x 45, Colonia Centro, Merida
Services : Maternity
Comment: One of the best maternity clinics in the city.
Website: Not available


Hospital de Ortopedia de la Cruz Roja

Phone: +52-999-983-3454
Location: Merida
Address: Calle 65 #104, Colonia San Jose Vergel, Merida
Services : Orthopedic Hospital
Comment: Run by Red Cross and Mexican Government
Website: Not available


Maria Jose Clinic for Mothers and Babies

Phone: +52-999-928*5325
Location: Merida
Address: Calle 53 #484, Colonia Centro
Services : OB/GYN and Pediatric clinic
Website: Not available


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11 Responses to “Hospitals in Yucatan”

  1. Article very informative! I have been to a doctor at Star Medical although not hospitalized. I now need to be seen by a retina specialist although an ophthalmologist would be the first step I think (based on USA experience of sending you through steps of doctors and tests first). Would I need to call around to the hospitals to find such a doctor or do you think there is a centralized service to ask such?

  2. Patt, you could call an opthalmologist directly or go to a specialized eye clinic in Merida. We recommend… Ask to see Dr Ermilo Sanchez Buenfil. Phone: 999-254-4245. Let us know how it goes!

  3. I’m curious how the listed services for each hospital were determined specifically for Star Medica and Clinica de Merida. If one only read the services between the two, one could assume that Clinica de Merida offers more which may not be an accurate statement. Perhaps whomever supplied the information was more detailed at Clinica than Star Medica. Of course Star Medica has MRI, ultrasound, mammography, lithotripsy, Computed Tomography and more. Perhaps the text should be updated for Star Medica.

  4. Cherie, we got the information from Star Medica’s and Clinica de Merida’s own websites. Perhaps Clinica de Merida has more services… honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. Star Medica is newer and is a chain, whereas Clinica de Merida is operated by a group of local doctors. Or perhaps Star Medica just needs a better website ;-)

  5. The tier or level system only refers to the range of services offered by each facility. It does not infer the quality of the services provided. The hospital or facility is only as good as its staff, not necessarily the physician. Any person utilizing any services needs to do their homework/research and seek information based on experiences and not the PR that each facility churns out.

  6. That’s right, Dave. The tiers do not imply quality.

  7. In several places it says “Services are subsidized if you are part of Seguro Popular.” What is Seguro Popular?

  8. Seguro Popular is commonly known as IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social). Sorry for being unclear!

  9. OK, I have been corrected on this by my amazing assistant, Beatriz. IMSS is for people who pay for the service or whose employer pays, provided by the Mexican Government. Seguro Popular is for people who do not have insurance, either paid or through their employer, and it too is provided by the Mexican government. In Merida, people wanting services through Seguro Popular would go to a hospital like O’Horan where those services are provided.

  10. Is there health insurance in Mexico that you would pay on a monthly basis? If i move to Merida, my wife and I lose Medicare insurance. Do you have any idea if Mexico will ever accept Medicare insurance?

  11. George, there are many people working to get Medicare accepted in Mexico, but so far it is not the case. There is a state-sponsored insurance program called IMSS that many expats qualify for and it costs about $300 to $400 USD per year per person. You can also buy expatriate medical insurance which insures you anywhere in the world.


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