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Job Offered: Bilingual Bartender

I’m seeking a bi-lingual bartender for a restaurant in Puerto Morelos. We’ve been open for only a month but we are busy.

Name of Company- La Sirena Restaurant and loung
Job Location- Puerto Morelos
Name of Contact- Anthony Chalas
Phone Number-998-293-2669
Email Address- antchalas1017 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Job Description- Bartender
Job Requirements- Minimum 1 year experience, must be female, motivated, and quick

Contact: Anthony Chalas
Mobile 001 (201) 783-3281
antchalas1017 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Owner & Operator
La Sirena Restaurant and Bar
Avenida Jose Maria
Morelos M24 LT5 02 SM2
Puerto Morelos
Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo Mexico

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2 Responses to “Job Offered: Bilingual Bartender”

  1. Do you accept a french canadien employer ?
    I could work for 2 maybe 3 months depending of the accomodations offered

  2. Catherine, please contact the employer directly.


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