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Job Offered: In Home Care

Job Offered: We are seeking homecare for an elderly diabetic. We would like someone to make simple, healthy meals, ensure that medication is taken and keep a healthy and clean environment.

We prefer an English-speaking caretaker with nursing qualifications. Expats welcome.

We prefer a live-in situation. We can provide you with your own private cabaƱa or bring your own camper.

Location is an off-the-grid resort on Lake Bacalar. There is no electricity but there is hot and cold running water, showers and a propane refrigerator and stove and full kitchen amenities.

There are friendly helpful neighbours and a beautiful jungle lake setting where you can spend your time off. We are 10 minutes from the village of Pedro Santos and a half hour from the town of Bacalar in Quintana Roo.

Wages negotiable.

Please contact Fritz Vatter at f_vatter [at] hotmail [dot] com or 1-669-647-5540.

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2 Responses to “Job Offered: In Home Care”

  1. Hello. I would like to get more information on the caretaker position. I am 54 years young and although I do not hold a nursing degree I do have an interest in healthy eating and homeopathic healing etc etc…I did have an in home daycare for 4 years as I do enjoy caring for people and I also enjoy cooking and taking care of the home. I was interested in relocating to Yucatan area of Mexico but was not sure how to begin. Then I saw your ad and this is EXACTLY the type of living I am looking for! Is the position still available? Gracias! Nancy Fuster

  2. Nancy, please contact the people offering the position. Their email and phone is listed above.


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