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Job Offered: Live-in Managers

Name of Company: Hacienda Dzibikak

Job Location: Hacienda Dzibikak, nr Uman, Merida, Yucatan

Name of Contact: Richard Nichols

Phone Number: 999-245-7562 (c) / 999-919-4482 (h)

Email Address: rhn1963 [at] gmail [dot] com

Job Description: Live-in couple sought to help manage family home / run events business just outside of Merida.

Job Requirements: Fluency in both Spanish and English. Computer skills. Drivers license.

Any Additional Information: Would suit young, bright, energetic couple.

Company Website:

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3 Responses to “Job Offered: Live-in Managers”

  1. Hello,

    i found your job offer at this page. i´m a german woman speak englisch and spanisch and i´m living in Merida. Maybe would be interesting to get more information about the job. I was working in Germany as a technican, so i can work with a lot of programs and also i have a drive license and a car here

    if you are searching it would be nice if you contact me.

    Thanks Doris

  2. Doris, we would suggest your contact the person with the job directly. Their contact info is on the page.

  3. I can now confirm that this position is available once again.

    Anybody still interested should get in touch.

    Many thanks.


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