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Job Offered: Live-in Nanny

Name of Company: they will be employed by me
Job Location: central Merida
Name of Contact: Sarah Sim (I am British)
Email Address: sarahsim [at] gmail [dot] com
Job Description: I will be moving to Merida in mid February with my 1 year old son and I need to find a live-in nanny who can work 5 days a week (some weekends). I would like them to also be able to prepare meals.

Job Requirements: some English required. Excellent references. Experience of looking after a one year old. Be able to swim. Good cooking skills.

Any Additional Information: I will interview potential candidates on arrival in Merida in mid/ late February and they would need to start working from 1 March. Minimum 3 months but likely to be longer.

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4 Responses to “Job Offered: Live-in Nanny”

  1. Hello Ms. Sims,

    I am an American woman, age sixty-five, in excellent health. I was in Merida from Jan 3rd to the 20th looking for a house to buy. I have two daughters, four grandchildren and a great grand-daughter who is ten months old with whom I spend lots of time.

    I was a cosmetologist and salon owner for many years in the US. Now, I sell items on Ebay and write poetry and fiction. I love to walk outdoors and see all of nature around me. I love Merida because it is so safe, family-oriented and beautiful.

    I would love to care for your little one. At this age, I realize the things that are most important in raising a child, such as patience, encouragement, attentiveness and joy. I would hope in my free time, I could keep looking for a house to buy in Merida. I’m not a gourmet cook, but I can make some tasty meals.

    I hope you will consider me as a possible candidate for the job. I can communicate in Spanish, though not fluently. English is, of course, my native language.

    Best regards,
    Patricia Deaton

  2. Patricia, you will need to respond to Ms. Sims directly. Her information is in the advertisement/article.

  3. Hello Ms. Sims

    My name is Kathleen Sherin I am a 29 year old Canadian. I currently live in Merida with my family and am looking for work I am very good in Spanish and am fluent in English. I have experience with children of all ages. I am very interested in your offer for a live in nanny and have excellent references. I am able to care for your child full time, I have first Aid certificates from Canada and also have knowledge of CPR for babies. I have experience in cooking, cleaning and baking and know the ins and outs of keeping a house clean in Mexico.I have time on weekends or whenever you are in need please contact me if you have any questions I am looking forward to speaking with you and possibly meeting you in the near future.

    Thank you for your Consideration

    Kathleen Sherin

  4. Kathleen, please contact the advertisers directly.


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