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Job Offered: MEL Administrator


MEL is now accepting applications for the Library Administrator position. This is a year-round, part-time position. Please review the following job duties and qualifications. If you would like to apply for the position, send us your resume and a letter explaining why you want the position and why you should be selected. You can email them to meridaenglishlibrary [dot] acboard [at] gmail [dot] com or you can drop them off at the library. Application deadline: August 1, 2014.

Library Administrator Duties:
1. Acts as administrator for Merida English Library (MEL) as directed by the Board.
2. Promotes membership, growth and expanded involvement of children, young adults, students and adults, including Mexicans and English-speaking expats in the use of MEL.
3. Coordinates and develops MEL programs, assists with fundraising and encourages the growth of MEL as a library and community center.
4. Promotes and represents MEL in the community and participates in community events.
5. Coordinates and supervises all activities related to MEL’s collection (purchasing, cataloging, culling, evaluating donated materials, developing collection in response to community needs and established policy).
6. Evaluates and coordinates purchasing and installation of library hardware and software and data bases and keeps licenses current.
7. Recruits, schedules, trains, and supervises MEL volunteers to assist with MEL services and programs.
8. Updates website and social media sites weekly.
9. Provides content, coordinates, supervises, and distributes monthly newsletter and “Flashes.”
10. Advises and communicates with the Board regarding library operations.
11. Has financial oversight and participates in long-range planning and budgeting with the Board, including recommending changes and improvements.
12. Attends MEL committee meetings as needed.
13. Maintains and secures MEL assets including computer backup.
14. Administrator reports to the Board President.

Job Qualifications:
1. Strong background and ability with computers and technology.
2. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
3. Ability to supervise and train staff.
4. Creativity, flexibility, and positive attitude.
5. Cultural sensitivity.
6. Ability to plan and coordinate the work of others.
7. Ability to exercise leadership and motivate others.
8. Ability to establish effective working relationships with the community.
9. Warm and outgoing personality.
10. Ability to prioritize and organize job duties and work independently.
11. English proficiency.
12. Spanish intermediate proficiency.
13. Library experience helpful but not a prerequisite.

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