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Job Offered: Nanny For A Month

Job: Nanny needed for American family of 4
Location: Chixculub, Yucatan
Phone: USA +1-818-714-1162
Email: Daniel [dot] scalisi [at] gmail [dot] com

Job: Nanny sought for an American Family coming to visit Yucatan, Mexico in December. The position is for a Nanny/cook who can help family get organized when they arrive, run errands, groceries, cook various types of cuisine from local to international and occasionally care for a six year old boy.

Requirements: This person would have excellent knowledge of the area be available to work 4-6 hours a day 4-5 days a week. They must be reliable have good references and have basic English language skills. It is preferred they are able to drive, a non-smoker. The opportunity is both live-in or out.

Dates: Job is from December 9th to January 4th.

Daniel Scalisi,
MobileCause | President, COO |

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