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Job Offered: Photographer’s Assistant

Name of Company: TerreWood Photography
Location: Progreso, upper Yucatan

Job Description: Photographer’s assistant
Job Requirements: Assist Photographer with equipment. Will train otherwise. Working knowledge of English and Spanish. Some knowledge of Mayan. Also, a sense of humor. Computer not- taking in English helpful, but not required.

Additional Information: This is a photographer-based photo project. Recording photographically, daily life of Mexican/Maya to include family portraits (fine art) of participating families or individuals. Photos will be presented to the participating families, individuals, and friends. Free of Charge (Gratis).
Purpose: Exhibiting, Books and marketing of photographers images.

Name of Contact: Terry Wood
Phone Number: 9995.76.27.83
Email Address: wooter173 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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4 Responses to “Job Offered: Photographer’s Assistant”

  1. What’s the pay ? Is it still available ?

  2. Tony, we suggest you contact the person offering the job directly. Good luck!

  3. hello, i like to know if the job still available? i’m do know a little bit of mayan also, thanks! ill be waiting for your answer

  4. Hernán, you should contact the person offering the job directly. Thanks and good luck!


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