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Job Offered – Teacher

Name of School: Loyola Comunidad Eduativa

Job Location: Dzodzil Norte (close to the Gran Plaza and Liverpool)

Name of Contact: Jessica Robertson

Phone Number: 999.941-5454

Email Address: jrobertson [at] serloyola [dot] edu [dot] mx
Job Description: We are currently looking for a 3rd grade Elementary School teacher to work with us from December 14, 2013 to July 2014.

Job Requirements

-Native or very fluent English speaker
-Experience teaching in Elementary School
-Availability during the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year (from December 2013 – July 2014)
-Desire to work closely with other teachers in a learning community
-Knowledge of socio-constructivist theory

Additional Information – Loyola is a progressive school based on socioconstructivist learning theory and students taking an active role in their education. We seek to form responsible, creative, and reflexive individuals who are empowered to make a positive difference in their community.


If you need any additional information about the school, please let us know!

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2 Responses to “Job Offered – Teacher”

  1. Hi there!

    I just saw this ad, and would like to ckeck on it. I just went with my sister to pick up her grand daughter at the Loyola school in Dzodzil Norte.
    I am currently teaching English language and literature courses at Universidad Modelo. Have been doing this for three uninterrupted years.
    However, I’d like to know what the salary is and the general working conditions. I’m an almost native English speaker with full English proficiency documents from Cambridge and other qualifications as well. A professional translator and a published writer also, who has been living in Merida since 2007.
    Thanks in advance for your information.

  2. Zulai, please contact the person listed in the job notice directly. Thank you!


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