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Job Offered: Teachers

Name of Company: Institute of Modern English / IME Kids! English School / Family First Cultural Center
Job Location: Northeast Merida near Altabrisa mall in Colonia Maya
Name of Contact: Janese Ott
Phone Number: 9992-16-07-40
Email Address: merida [at] mac [dot] com
Job Description: English teachers wanted for small groups of elementary and secondary students. Classes meet for approximately an hour twice a week in the late afternoon/evenings. Teaching can be in exchange for housing (room and full board), hourly wage, and/or Spanish classes.
Job Requirements: Experience with children preferred; Love for children a MUST! Availability for at least four/six to ten months–September through December, January through June, or September through June (preferred).
Additional Information: Our school is affiliated to the Institute of Modern Spanish and Family First Cultural Center where we also provide classes in martial arts, dance, art, and music.
Company Website:,, and

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5 Responses to “Job Offered: Teachers”

  1. I have a TEFL certificate, an MA from the University of Minnesota, and am an adjunct faculty in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. I prepare prospective teachers to become effective in the classroom. I teach educational psychology, the history and philosophy of multicultural education, and methods of assessing student performance. My wife, grandson and I have relocated to Merida. I am looking for a position in teaching English.

    Resume and reference available on request.

    I would be glad to come to your campus for an interview.


    Stephen Parliament

  2. Stephen, you seem well qualified. We suggest you reach out to the contacts listed in the articles looking for teachers.

  3. Hola – I am qualified by TESOL and have an International English Teacher Licence. I will be moving to Mexico as an Expat from Australia in approximately March or April 2015 specifically to teach English on a voluntary basis and to assist in the area of veterinary assistance for stray dogs and environmental issues. I am not asking for remuneration but assistance in finding accommodation is necessary. I look forward to hearing from you.



  4. Hello! I am very interested in your job offer to teach in your school! I have recently become TEFL/TESOL qualified and have been working in a Greek school for about 6 months. I love the kids and everything about teaching them, I find it so enjoyable! I just feel it’s time to move on to a new place, and Mexico would be amazing! I was born and raised in England, so English is my mother tongue, and I believe that my pronunciation of the Queen’s English will be very helpful to your students!

    Hope to hear back from you soon, Suzanne.

  5. Suzanne, please reply to the person advertising the job directly.


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