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Job Wanted: Architectural Project Manager/Designer

I have thirty years experience in the architectural profession. I am well traveled to different regions and cultures and have enabled diverse experience into the built environment. My passion for art and architecture is evident in these experiences where all phases from production of CD’s, Project Management, and Design, furniture design and fabrication are evident in the Firms’ referenced in resume below. My experience [in the field] includes working with Construction Superintendents’ and tradesmen has always been the challenge of problem solving and an emphasis to safeguard the integrity of project design.

My experience aside from architecture is varied including industrial jobs as Lab technician, machine shops, steel mills, two apprenticeships, [carpentry, commercial roofing]. Closely linked to my profession had been grant writing and art and architectural program authorship and implementation with a non-profit, art Foundation in Cleveland. A family tragedy of two years duration precluded moving forward professionally.


Selected Projects:
Hilton Garden Inn Project Manager Tucson, Arizona
G.M. Rembowski Architect, Inc. 2006 Fairlawn, Ohio

Northern Savings and Loan Chief Designer Elyria, Ohio

Blackwell Barn, (ca.1851) Chief Designer Avon, Ohio
Lorain Co. Rehabilitation Award 2004

RWL Architects Elyria, Ohio

Atlantic Villas Project Manager New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Sidney D. Corhern Architect, Inc. 2001 New Smyrna Beach, Florida

University Of Hawaii
Student Services Center Draftsman Honolulu, Hawaii
A.I.A. Award of Excellence ’93

Franklin Gray and Associates Honolulu, Hawaii

The Ohio State University
pre-law, political science, history ‘68-‘74, Columbus, Ohio

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Associate Degree, School of Architecture and Environmental Design ‘82

Tadao Ando, Osaka, Japan
Visited Firm and projects, 2/’92, Kobe, Japan

Personal Profile:
■ A.I.A. member, Honolulu, Hawaii
■ Volunteer / Environmental Sustainable Task Force, Honolulu, Hawaii
■ Hawaii Forest Association’s Woodworking Exhibit, Honolulu, Hawaii
(In collaboration with Island Wide Woodworking, design and fabrication)
■ Board member of Art Advantage Projects, Cleveland, Ohio
■ Water Safety Instructor American Red Cross, Cleveland, Ohio
■ Boy Scouts of America / Star Scout, Canton, Ohio

Name: Gregory J. Pavell
Email: pavelldesign [at] yahoo [dot] com
Phone: 216-644-9599
Job Wanted: Architectural Project Manager/Designer
Location: Merida/Yucatan Peninsula location

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2 Responses to “Job Wanted: Architectural Project Manager/Designer”

  1. hi my name is jorge pardo i am an artist living in merida looking for a studio assistant..would be interested in intervewing

  2. Jorge, please reply to the applicant directly through his/her email.


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