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Job Wanted: ESL Teacher


Job Wanted: ESL Teacher

12 March 2013 Jobs in Yucatan 3

My name is Livia Peyton I am from New Brunswick, Canada. I am currently living and teaching in Monterrey Mexcio, but I am looking for a primary/ junior teaching position in the Yucatan, particularly Merida, Progreso or surrounding areas. I am attaching my teaching resume and my statement of beliefs. I have my teaching degree and license from Queen's University in Ontario.

Livia Peyton

Bachelor of Education
Queens University, Primary-Junior Divisions, Kingston, Ontario, 2010
Bachelor of Arts
University of New Brunswick, 1st Class Joint Honours in Classical Studies and History
Fredericton, New Brunswick, 2004
Oromocto High School
Graduated with Honours
Oromocto, New Brunswick, 1999


Grade 4: Homeroom teacher as well as language arts, math and science. Teach drama in afterschool program. Run a tutoring program for my classroom after school. Work on a team of six grade 4 teachers developing curriculum, planning and participating in team meetings and professional development. Plan and develop curriculum for all subjects. Instruct, guide and encourage students in best practices including project based assignments, pair, center, project based and individual work in student centered lessons. Facilitate learning for students, including creating differentiated instruction as well as modifications and accommodations for students with special needs.
Colegio Ingles
August 2010- present
Contact: Kathia Contreras at 818-262-1700

Grade 7, 1 and 5: During practicum worked in an arts based grade 7 classroom focussing on art as a behavioural management. Designed and implemented lessons in all subject areas (math, science, social studies, art, PE, and LA) for all grade levels. Helped with fund raising. Implemented an intramural Arts Club for grades 1 and 2 . Co-hosted a community and school holiday event called the 'Festival of Trees'. Participated in field trips and worked individually with special needs students.
Harrowsmith Public School
October, November/ December, 2009 and February/ March 2010

ESL Teacher: Taught ESL to elementary aged students. Taught a Canadian curriculum based social studies class and a grade 6 level (American) English class. Created tests pertaining to the material studied in class. Wrote a teacher's guide and student book for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
Wilshire Korea Language Academy, Busan, South Korea
June 1st, 2009-July 30th, 2009

ESL Instructor: Taught ESL to large classes of middle school girls. Focused on grammar, conversation, phonics, writing and reading comprehension. Completed lesson plans for each class and planned a warm-up and review. Prepared tests and was assessed by the school board yearly. Organized and ran an English Club meant for low-income students.
Dong Pyeong Girl's Middle School, Busan, South Korea
March, 2007- March, 2009

ESL Instructor: Taught ESL to grades kindergarten to grade 8. Taught conversation, phonics, writing, and reading. Classes were very structured and well planned. Made monthly and daily lesson plans, gave placement tests and bimonthly report cards. Created Midterms and Final Exams.
Honors Club Language School
October 4, 2005- October 4, 2006

English Language Instructor: Teach ESL to underpriveleged children in Guadalupe, Monterrey, Mexico. Classes are conducted in ‘Spanish’ and include math, P.E., art, English and social studies.
AMMAC (Alianza de Ministerios de Misericordia A.C.)
February, 2012- Present

Community Service Order Volunteer: Supervised and provided support for youths completing their community service. Acted as a mediator between the participants and the community service placement hosts. Kept case notes or debriefed coordinator after each interaction with youths.
Youth Diversion
September, 2009- April, 2010

Country Representative: Provided advice and support to students and other interested Queen's community members wishing to travel to Korea or Thailand.
QUIC (Queens University International Centre)
November 2009- April, 2010

Peer Mentor: Gave guided tours of the UNB campus and provided support, guidance and free tutoring to first year students.
University of New Brunswick

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Assisted professors in class set up, syllabus, and general tasks associated with the Classics Department.
University of New Brunswick

Nutrition: Power to Play Workshop: A workshop to assist in the teaching of nutrition in schools.
Queens University
Special Education: Online course from Queens University Parts 1 and 2 (504 and 505)
Currently enrolled


Sports: Basic scuba diving license; Rugby; yoga; cross country and downhill skiing; Hapkido, soccer
General Interest: Debating; drama; visual arts including painting, collaging and portraiture
Travel: Attended classes in Rome, Italy. Have traveled extensively throughout 19 countries in Europe, Asia, Canada and India. In most cases these were solo trips.

Statement of Beliefs

“It's not about you, it's about them.” This statement is my teaching mantra. It drives my lesson plans, student assessment and my practice. I knew I was a teacher the minute the eyes of my first student in my first ESL class lit up with the excitement of understanding a concept being taught to her. I hope to see this light in the eyes of every single student in every single class that I teach. I believe that every student has the right to learn, the right to not be judged or put into a box. Each student is uniquely wonderful, and every student has the potential to be or do something amazing. I hope to be one of the many positive influences in their lives as they journey toward success.
In my classroom, I always communicate to students their strengths and how much I appreciate their hard work and persistence. I include students in classroom decisions and management. I treat my students with respect and help them realize that they are valuable members of the classroom, the school, their country and the world. I believe in introducing students to the world through each subject taught and I hope that they learn valuable lessons about being contributing members of a global society.
Because of my interest in social advocacy, I try always to ensure that my students are involved in various projects in their community. Currently my grade 4 class collects money, toys and school supplies for charities and other schools in their city. I also volunteer at a local economically disadvantaged school in the area. My grade 4 classes in the past two years have raised money, collected toys and donated excess school supplies to this school. It is my sincere hope that my students learn and implement the values of compassion, empathy, altruism and selflessness. I hope that they foster a desire to reach out beyond themselves to others in more need. I plan to continue such a program in any future school.
In addition to creating a socially aware class, I have a strong interest in art and drama and try to include it in all areas of the curriculum. I believe that students at every grade level and ability should be exposed to various forms of art. In my current school I am the upper elementary drama teacher. Because of this interest, I enjoy including options such as art and drama in my lessons, applying the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to ensure that all students are learning in a manner that suits them. I also apply this theory to assessment, recognizing that each student express his or her learning in a different way.
In my classroom you will see students working together, helping each other, whether it be at literacy, math or science learning centres or in a 'think, pair, share' situation. You would also see smiling faces affirming that learning can be fun and informative. I always ensure that I am taking the general interests of my students into consideration for each and every lesson. I believe in learning through kinesthetic and authentic experiences. A child needs to be directly involved in his or her learning to truly be absorbing a lesson.
Both in my personal and professional life, I am a very enthusiastic and hard working individual. I am extremely passionate about teaching and I can guarantee that in my class you will see imaginative, engaging and informative lessons prepared and implemented. I am not afraid to create my own lesson plans and change direction in a class if I feel the students are not engaged in or benefiting from the lesson.
Teaching internationally is extremely important to me as well. I love exploring new places and learning about and immersing myself in various cultures around the world. Aside from visiting over 18 countries; I lived in Korea for 3.5 years, and am completing my third year in Monterrey, Mexico. I hope to bring this experience into any classroom I teach in order to teach global awareness and sensitivity.
Every student is unique and I hope to encourage children to appreciate themselves for the wonderful people that they are. I hope to encourage their interests and help show them their strengths. Every child has the potential for greatness, and I believe it is our duty as educators to help students realize this and strive for the success they deserve.
Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


  • Working Gringos 3 years ago

    Jessica, please reach out to Livia directly. Thanks!

  • Jessica Connelly 3 years ago

    Hello Livia,

    My name is Jessica and I know of a few schools who are looking for English teachers. Are you still needing a job?

  • Mary Alcocer Avila 5 years ago

    Hello Miss Livia, my name is Miss Mary Alcocer Avila I am from Merida ,Yucatan,and an English Coordinator in Centro Educativo Renacimiento School kinder level. I would love to know if you are looking only for a Primary School Job? In the next school course we will be needing a Preschool Teacher because one of the teachers from the english department will be living in a new country. If you are interested in having a chat with me please contact me in the address above. Thank you and I like YUCATANLIVING and would love to be a part of it,I am in love with the Mayan Culture!

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