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Job Wanted: Grant Writer

Job Wanted:
• Name of Applicant: Todd Mosley
• Email Address: ToddnMX [at] aol [dot] com
• Phone Number: (011-52-1) 999-362-5949
• Type of Work Desired: Grant Writer (Online Marketing, Website Design, Copywriter)
• Job Location Desired: Yucatan Peninsula (in person) and International (online)
• Resume or Qualification Description:

With almost two decades of experience in successfully securing US government and foundation funding, I can rapidly “get up to speed” with the needs of your organization.

I have successfully secured over $20MM in funding for start-up organizations/programs as well as well-established organizations/programs.

My primary areas of professional experience and personal knowledge are family and community services, youth development, court systems, disaster preparedness, public health, agriculture, animal rescue, historic preservation, art and architecture, small business development, sustainable and off-grid living, online marketing, and website development.

Please see my resume for complete details: (Link to full resume in PDF format.)

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