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Job Wanted: Handyman

Job Wanted:

Name of Applicant : Roger
Email Address : alfaroroger [at] hotmail [dot] com
Phone Number : 999-215-0968
Type of Work Desired : Handyman Service, General Remodeling
Job Location Desired : Merida and vicinities
Resume or Qualification Description : I live in Merida and would like to offer my services in residential or commercial remodeling, Many years building restaurants and homes. I am proficient in English and Spanish.
Any Additional Information
Website (if appropriate)

Without Prejudice, All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308/1-207
Roger:Alfaro a Secure Party
VOIP, CCTV/DVR/ Telecom, Web, Project Mgr.
Technology OEM Builder Certified.
MCSE Engineer , A+Certified, ISO 9001.
Solaris, Unix, Microsoft, AIX, Apple.
Iris, Linux, Zorin, Ubunto.
Ipad, Ipod Service Specialist.

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