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Job Offered: Homeschool Teacher

Gunn Homeschool
Val Gunn
+52 998.887.7750
valgunn [at] me [dot] com

We are looking into a homeschool program for our children. This would begin in August or September. The English portion of the day would utilize the Oak Meadow curriculum (non-religious), the Spanish portion will need to conform to Secretaria de Educacion Publico requirements.

School hours would (probably) be from 10am to 4pm.

We will provide:

Monthly Salary
Classroom (probably a one-bedroom furnished apartment or office).
Macbook computer(s), iPad, and internet access.
All required classroom materials.
All school-related expenses.

This is for teaching our nine-year-old triplets (two girls, one boy who is high-functioning autistic).

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One Response to “Job Offered: Homeschool Teacher”

  1. Hi I homeschooled my now 23 year old son. We used the Oak Meadow Curriculum sometimes but I was fortunate enough to live in a very small town that had 20 homeschooling families. I learned alot from veterans with 9 children. Now all those children are in thier 20′s and very successful unusual adults. I would love to begin a conversation with you about your homeschooling plan. Currently , I am house sitting in San Miguel de Allende until mid Sept. And my brother and I would need to find a house sit position in Cancun. I look forward to communicating a bit with you about this . Mariosa


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