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Job Wanted: Housesitter

About a year and a half ago, I returned from Thailand after four years of teaching English at a private school in Phuket. My home is in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I decided last fall to explore Merida as a place for retirement. I am currently house sitting in Merida, Centro.

I find that I love Merida and choose it as a place to stay. In the meantime I have offered my Santa Fe properties for sale and am looking for a house to purchase here in Merida, both of which can take some time. I am also looking for a long term house sitting position beginning in October 2014. Since retiring from The New Mexico Parks Division as a program and budget manager, I have served in Peace Corps, Romania and, of course, have taught in Thailand.

I have a lot of experience managing properties which I have owned in Santa Fe and other places in the U.S. I am extremely conscientious and reliable. I will take good care of your home and maintain good communication with you (if you choose) while I am there. I have learned a lot about problems that can arise in Merida because of its tropical climate and I sure have learned a lot about the water problems that can cause so much frustration. I keep a clean and well organized home and will do the same for you.

I am very active in the Merida community and have met many new friends. I do not drive here as I have not brought my car here. I find the bus system very adequate for my needs. I love cats and would take very good care of yours. I do some writing for fun and pleasure and am active in volunteer work. I have excellent references.

If you need a house sitter and are interested, please contact me.
Cell is 999105123.
Email Geraldine at seamountainlady [at] gmail [dot] com

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