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Job Wanted: Job Requiring English

My name is Stephanie Lo Yir Tiane and I live here in Merida with my husband and my daughter. We had been here for a year (since March 2013).
Email: stephy_lo [at] hotmail [dot] com
Handphone: 81-19840339
House phone: 999-9415897

I am an MBA graduate from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. I wish to apply for any job position available for English speakers living in Merida, Yucatan. I can provide my resume, transcript and academic references for your consideration if you contact me.

Working Experience

I have 2 years of working experience with SilkAir (S) Pte Ltd – the Regional Wing of Singapore Airlines, from 28th Aug 2008 until 7th September 2010 as a Customer Service Assistant. My job scope centers on administration and controls, with emphasis on airport operations. These include flight arrival/departure handling, supervision of ground handling operations, cargo operations, and backroom administration in support of our airline operations in general.
Academic achievements

I had been awarded a postgraduate degree (Masters in Business Administration, specialising in International Business) by Staffordshire University with merit. I had achieved 6 out of 9 distinctions from my courseworks which includes:
- Marketing and Economics [Distinction]
- Managing Through Information (accounts and statistics) [Distinction]
- Managing Risk [Distinction]
- Managing Strategy [Distinction]
- International Supply Chain Management [Distinction]
- International Study Tour [Distinction]

I also had a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biotechnology for my undergraduate and had obtained a 2:1 (upper second class).

Personal strengths and benefits
I am a well-organised person with a sense of professionalism. I am also responsible, hardworking, creative, innovative and is a good team player. I thrive on change and challenges.

As noted from my resume, I excelled in many curricular activities be it in school, university or in the local community and society. I am result-orientated and can work on my own initiative.

I am not foreign to multi-tasking environments, with my adaptability honed from both my academic and work challenges. I pride myself in my achievements in spite of the ensuing pressures to excel. I am able to exercise flexibility in changing situations and maintain a strong critical and analytical thinking to rise above occasions. My previous work with SilkAir has certainly contributed well to my self control under stress.

In addition to that, I am also keen in public speaking. I was an active member of the International Toastmaster Club for 5 years. I had achieved the level of Competent Communicator and was the club’s Vice President of Membership from 2007/2008. I was also the champion for Humorous Speech contest for the year 2008. I had been chosen as a master ceremony for various formal occasions such as the Annual General meetings for political parties in Malaysia.

Through my years of education, I am fortunate to be given chances to excel academically. I consider my self-independence as one of my strong suits. I hope my qualifications and achievements as well as the soft skills that I possessed will meet your requirements. I am available for an interview at a time of your convenience.

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One Response to “Job Wanted: Job Requiring English”

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Try contacting IMCI Languages. http://imcilanguages.com/maestros.html# They are a great institute to work for! I’ll be happy to chat with you about them if you’d like.


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