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Job Wanted: Marketing, PR or DJ


Job Wanted: Marketing, PR or DJ

26 November 2012 Jobs in Yucatan 1

Marketing and Public Relations

I am a 33 year old Marketing and Public Relations Consultant from London, U.K, living in Merida, working as a consultant to an NGO that works in environmental conservation and education (NiƱos y Crias). I have over 10 years experience developing marketing plans and strategies from clients as big and global as Nike and Red Bull, to smaller travel agencies, restaurants and hotels and local not-for-profits. I love what I do and want to get involved in helping other local business owners/organisations promote and raise awareness of their product/service/mission.

I have been living in Mexico nearly two years now, working as a freelance consultant for various NGO's and small businesses and am near fluent in Spanish (spoken and written). I would love to hear from anyone who needs help with their marketing or communications, be it writing adverts or website copy, filming promotional videos, an injection of creativity and new ideas, Facebook and social media campaigns + content planning, to a full independent review of how the business/ brand markets and sells itself and how it could improve its performance, fame and sales.

If you would like more info, references, my CV or to discuss your current ideas and challenges - please get in touch via phone or email.

Private Party DJ

I also am a huge music fan and carry with me my precious music library of over 23,000 tunes and have been DJ'ing all types of parties for many years. I have played parties on the beach, at weddings, at birthday parties and in bars across Mexico (and previously in London). If you are looking to hire a bespoke, tailored soundtrack to your event, I may well be what you are looking for. I would love to hear from you to discuss your party plans, the important music brief and work with you to create the perfect tonic for your party.

Many DJ's make the mistake of playing what they want to play and not playing what the hosts and their guests would like to hear (have paid you to play). I see it as the DJ's job to set the tone and the vibe and react accordingly, ensuring that the night goes off in style and everyone leaves with a spring in their step, saying what a great party and great music there had been.

My music spans from across Europe, US and Latin America, and all vibes from the 50's swing, Jazz, funk, disco, ska, reggae, dancehall, electronic cumbia, flamenco, good 80's, hip hop (good original stuff, not gangsta rap!), and more current, world, fusion and electronic vibey dancefloor tick!

Contact details: David Hanney
Freelance Consultant - Marketing and Communications
cel (Mexico): 967 139 0411


  • Agustin 5 years ago

    I'm from costa rica and i will be visiting yucatan and i'm looking for a job like dj, i think i'm good like dj because i have worked in so many parties in my contry, if someone needs an dj i can help you

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