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Job Wanted: Nurse Midwife

Name of Applicant – Sara Marie Forrest de Jaimes
Email Addressjaimesfamily3 [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone Number – 480-228-0732
Type of Work Desired – Certified Nurse Midwife
Job Location Desired – Quintana Roo, open to locations
Resume or Qualification Description – Certified Nurse Midwife in Phoenix, AZ
Any Additional Information – Family is looking to relocate to Mexico this Fall. I would love to have a job lined up before relocating!

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One Response to “Job Wanted: Nurse Midwife”

  1. Hey when I first came to Merida I was desperately looking for a midwife. I found one through Valentina; she runs lamaze classes here in Merida. If anybody has information about job opportunities in midwifery (did I say that right?) It would be her. Here is her contact information: nuevemeses [dot] sintiendounavida [at] facebook [dot] com. Good luck!


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