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Job Wanted: Nursing Assistant


Job Wanted: Nursing Assistant

16 June 2014 Jobs in Yucatan 0

Markesha Thomas
Cell# 998-158-4774 Or 998-119-7184

Cleaning personnel, waitress, Receptionist, computer literate
Nursing Assisting, licensed practical nurse
Meeting the challenges of pediatric pain management
Clinical management of H.I.V in Adults in A.R.E of highly active Anti-retroviral therapy
Nursing guide and discharge planning
Prevention of sharp injuries in surgical setting
Promoting a culture of safety to preventing medication error

Personal Information
Name: Markesha Thomas
Date of Birth: November 10 /1985
Place of Birth: Belize City Central America 16 mile Hattieville Village
Marital Statues: Married
Objectives –To work in an Environment conducive to learning and striving for excellence
Language 40% Spanish 100% English, reading and writing

Education History
Gannett Education
Robert G Hess Jr,Rn,PHD.FAAN
Executive vice president
6400 Arlington Boulevard suite 1000
Falls Church VA 20242
Nursing Education, everyday ethics of nursing
Home care, physical therapy, Cancer and chemotherapy
Development leadership potentials

University Of Belize
Andra Wesley
Administrator of the Belmopan campus Belize
Studies in Nursing and Medical Science, Mental health
Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Four years (Completed studies)
Lays institute of Global health
Director: Mr. Josh Fix ,coordinator Mr. Cornelio Marfield

Health Evangelism, life guarded training, first response tram for accident
Belmopan city Belize

Work Experience
2010-2013 la lo ma luz hospital
San Ignacio Cayo west of Belmopan City
Director McPherson Grant
Nursing Assistance in home care hygiene care of patience needs daily duties included planning, discharge. Prevention of medication errors. And the well-being of the patience full recovery.

Corker Restaurant &Wine Bar (owner) Samantha Buxton Belmopan:... Hibiscus Plaza, Belmopan, Belize.
Working as a waitress for 11 months

Kabeh, hostel, as cleaning personnel Alcatraces #45 sm22mza 10 lt26
Manager: Christina & David (998 892 7902)
Cancún, Quintana Roo

My family and I have now moved to Cancun México to start a new life and are seeking employment at your place of business during my past employments I have been working under intense supervision, understanding the importance of working as a team player have travel with those intent of bring them at your place of business if giving the opportunity to do so.


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