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Job Wanted: Patient Advocate

Name: Katheleen (Kat) Ballou
email: kat [dot] ballou [at] ymail [dot] com

Phone #’s: 999-289-8866 or cell: 999-112-0213

Want Work as:
-Social Media/Inbound Marketing Consultant/Director
-Virtual Office Assistant
-Copy Writer/Ghost Writer
-English tutor
-Medical Terminology Transcription or Instruction

-4 years writer/blogger
-1 year Social Media Consultant
-30 year career professional as Respiratory Therapist in Hospital Environment
-5 years Director and Manager of $10 million dollar budget for Respiratory, Cardiology and Neurology departments in a small community hospital.

Patient/Family Advocate and Mediary
If you or your loved one find yourself in an environment that seems scarry due to language barrier, I can help. My Spanish is not advanced. But my knowledge of the hospital environment, personnel roles, therapies, medications, etc., is. I’m a 30-year professional Respiratory Therapist who has worked in all levels of care in a hospital setting. I have advanced skills and knowledge in heart and lung treatment, therapy and medical terminology.

Let me help ease your anxiety and stress level during a time of hardship.

Kat Ballou

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