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Job Wanted: Personal Chef

Name: Cheryl Jarjoura.
Phone: 972.489.3207.
Email: chefcheryl [at] abracadabrachef [dot] com.

Cheryl Jarjoura, personal chefI am a personal chef and caterer. I have owned my chef service for eight years. Previously, I owned a catering company and a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant. I am presently in Dallas Texas, but would like to move to Merida.

I cook almost every type of food, and specialize in southern American, and near eastern Mediterranean. I grew up in North Texas. My love affair with food began as a child in my Mother’s kitchen preparing great southern dishes passed down from generations. As I grew and began travelling with my husband, I took a great interest in ethnic cuisines. After my first trip to Paris and the Middle East, I fell in love with all the Mediterranean cuisines, which led me to open a catering service in the late eighties. Then in the nineties a business opportunity arose that I could not refuse, and my husband and I bought a Mediterranean restaurant in Dallas. Even though it was a huge success, I grew tired of the daily grind and missed what I loved doing most, cooking for people on a one to one basis.

Now I am looking to bring my skills and passion to Merida. I will be visiting on August 6, 2012 and am happy to make an appointment with anyone interested.


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