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Job Wanted: Sales Management


Job Wanted: Sales Management

18 June 2013 Jobs in Yucatan 0

Good afternoon. I recently bought a residential lot in Merida and would like to live there. But first I would like to find a job in Merida or the surrounding areas.

Tel. (1-52-55)-53-79-25-17 after 19 PM.
Mobile: 55-28-78-58-42

September 2008 -To date. National manager for the Golf cars and Generators departments. Yamaha Motor de México.
· Sold: 878 new golf cars. From September 2008 to May 2013.
· Total sales: $ 4,479,297.85 US dollars. Profits: $ 980,856.33 US dollars. (22.17%)
· Sold: 568 electricity generators. From September 2008 to May 2013.
· Total sales: $ 300,975.63 US dollars. Profits: $ 36,224.19 US dollars. (12.15%)
· Performed comparative market studies and establish competitive prices for golf cars and generators.
· Prepared the mid term sales and business plans.
· Programmed golf cars and generators orders, from the US and Japan. To maintain adequate inventories.
· Translated from English to Spanish the Yamaha USA Golf car and Japan generators websites for use in the Yamaha Motor Mexico web site.
· Trained the owners, managers and sales personnel of the 58 Yamaha dealers, to sell golf cars and generators.
· Prepared a market study of Mexico’s 198 Golf courses, including courses information and golf car fleets data.
· Obtained the supplier registries for selling golf cars and generators in commercial stores Liverpool and Soriana.
· Prepare the annual and mid-term business plans and sales plans.
· Place all golf cars and generators orders to Yamaha USA and Japan.
· Prepare annual budgets plans. Control Golf cars and Generators inventories.
· Conduct market prices research of Golf cars and generators competitors.
· Establish dealer and retail prices with profit margins, for golf cars and generators.
· Direct the design and contents of Yamaha Golf cars and generators websites.
· Create media campaigns. Promotions. Participate with the Hole in one price in 30 golf tournaments per year.
· Direct the Golf cars and generators activities for the 58 Yamaha dealers in all México.
· Receive sales orders and bill, all the Yamaha Golf cars and generators sold in México.
· Solve dealer’s questions, requirements, and offer counseling.
· Designed a professional pdf quotation format, so all dealers can use it and present to customers.
· Search, authorize and develop new dealers of golf cars and generators.
· Work trips to sell directly, golf cars fleets and generators.

2004 to 2008: Broker / director. Real Estate Casas y Golf.
· Sold properties for: U.S.$ 3,800,000.00 dollars, received 5% sales commissions.
· Search and find Real Estate investment opportunities for investors with special requests.
· Built solid commercial relations with Mexican and Israeli, in golf clubs developments in the State of México.
· Provided high quality and honest Real Estate services.
· Prepare annual and mid-term business plans and budgets.
· Obtain the exclusive authorization and right to sell or rent contracts.
· Perform appraisals and comparative market analysis of properties for sale or rent.
· Qualify prospective buyers and tenants.
· Solicit offers to buy or rent. Negotiate and close sales and rentals, establishing price, terms and conditions.
· Design advertisement campaigns. Analyze the activities of the competitor realty companies.
· Write sales and rental contracts. Analyze legal documents for the deed.
· Concrete alliances with Real Estate companies. Work with banks and bonding companies.

2003 - 2004. Commercial airtime sales agent. Televisa. Television Channel 4.
· Sold commercial Air Time for: US$ 50,000 dollars each month.
· Sell commercial Television air time to advertise their companies, services or products.
1995-2003: Real Estate sales agent. Inmobiliart Real Estate, State of Mexico.
· Sold land and residences for: US$ 4,900,000 dollars.
· Built and maintained a loyal Real Estate customer’s portfolio.
· Obtained listings through the signature of the owner’s exclusive authorization and right to sell or rent.
· Schedule properties visits. Solicit offers to buy or rent. Negotiate and close sales and rentals.
· Perform property appraisals and comparative market studies.
· I specialized in selling properties located inside golf course communities.

1991-1992. Assistant to the CEO. Televisa. Television Channel 4. Mexico City.
· Selected programs, series, and movies to be broadcasted nationwide. Elaborated new programming charts in
order to increase the television channel rating. Lead and supervise 25 workers from the TV station.
· Direction of the TV channel staff in the corporate headquarters. Evaluate performance, continuity, image quality
and commercial breaks. Supervise the contents of the Mexican Government’s programs.

· 2012–2014. Master in business strategic management. Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana – USA. On-line. Currently studying.
· 1985 -1991. Bachelor in Communications Sciences, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México.
Graduated with professional title and honorary mention.

· California Real Estate Sales Agent License Preparation Course. “Kaplan Dearborn, Anthony School’s." 2004.
· Post graduate in Real Estate. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. 1997.
· Yamaha Golf cars and generators sales, mechanics and operations course. Yamaha Motor de México. 2009.
· Motorcycles Safe riding and maintenance course. Yamaha Motor México. 2011.

· English: Written: 95%. Spoken 95%. Comprehension: 95%.
· Spanish: 100%. Native language.

· Office. Word. Excel. Internet. Outlook. Powerpoint. Publisher. Page maker.


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