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Job Wanted: Teacher

I am possibly interested in teaching in the Yucatan area within the next year.

I am an American Female, CELTA Certified, and have been teaching Adult ESL, as well as, KG classes in and to Kuwaiti’s.

I am a Native English Speaker, originally from Boston, MA (and I also speak intermediate German). I have four years teaching Adults as well as KG classes in Kuwait. I am CELTA Certified through the British Council in Kuwait. I have an Associates Degree in Business graduating in the top one percent of my class. For 20 years in Germany, I owned and operated my own Aerobic business in three different Bavarian cities. I also hand-picked and trained my instructors to teach these classes. I am willing and able to pick up Spanish, but have not found it necessary to speak the native language of the students I am teaching English to but enjoy learning new languages..

You would find me most reliable and responsible, as well as enthusiastic in my teaching abilities. I cannot say in all honesty which I enjoy teaching more – adults or children as both are fun to see the end results of my efforts! I am definitely a team player, understanding that in teaching there is no other option than to work as a team together. I find it necessary to be cooperative and friendly, but never to be too dependent on anyone else’s abilities and so be able also to work independently. I believe the best classes are given when you are prepared but are also prepared to be flexible and spontaneous.

I am older and serious about my abilities to engage every student in my class and will achieve that in almost every case.

Looking forward to any feedback you may find the time to give me.

Sincerest regards,

Judith Gilke
Kuwait Cell: +965 6515 5146 +965 6515 5146 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting
E-mail: jagilke [at] hotmail [dot] com

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