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Job Wanted: Tourism, HR or Real Estate

Name of Applicant: Martijn de Zee
Email Address: project911 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Phone Number : 0031-(0)646210070 ( The Netherlands )
Type of Work Desired: Tourism, human resources or real estate business
Job Location Desired: Mérida
Resume or Qualification Description: Resume is below
Any Additional Information: Available from June 2012
Website (if appropriate):


Surname: de Zee
First name: Martijn
Address: Parklaan 11a
9724 AM Groningen
Telephone: +31(0)6 46210070
Nationality: Dutch
Date of birth: January 31th, 1975


VCU ( certificat, safety for managers) 2007-2007
Job mediator (post-college degree ) 2004-2005
Social law studies (intermediate college) 1996-1999
Intermediate secondary education 1991-1995

Work experience
October 2011-March 2012
Alfa College: Giving workshops, ‘how to apply for jobs’. Teaching the Dutch language and preparing students for the following education or workfield.
Reference: Mrs. van der Rijt-Manders
Phone: 0031-(0)50-5290177 

October 2010-October 2011
Factory4work: ( job agency ) Managing the office and being responsible for 3 employees. Founder of a network club ( open coffee club ) to create more business. ( Public relations )

June 2010-October 2011
Local goverment Groningen: Employee claims. All tasks concerning local taxes.

Reference: Ms. Schakel
Phone: 0031-(0)09-4938837

January 2007-January 2010
Otter-Westelaken: ( job agency ) Technical consultant. Responsible for the recruitment of technical employees and payrolling. Visiting prospects and take account for public relations. Together with my collegue I managed to build-up this office from 0 to 40 employees.

Reference: Mr. Tiemersma
Phone: 0031-(0)6-46277768

November 2003-November 2006
CWI: ( goverment job agency) First contact for people. Giving advice and provide information. Also adminstrative tasks.

August 2000-August 2003
Eringa geluid: salesman for high-end audio equipment.

Skills and interests
Recently, I started a website about high-end audio:
I like to mountainbike, run, play squash, swim, powerkite and I practice Yoga.
I have some diving experience as my brother owned a diving school. ( De tuimelaar )

I like to travel and I am interested in other cultures and languages. At the moment I am doing a Spanish course. I am a native Dutch speaker and my English is good, conversation and reading. My German is reasonable and understanding is good. Furthermore, I understand a little Portuguese. I am very communicative and I am interested in other people. I like to guide and provide useful information and help them with their needs.

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