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Hi, my name is Ollie Hunter ( and I am looking for a teaching job in Merida. I have experience with all age groups up to eighteen but would prefer to work with ages 4-10.

English teacher, private tutor (English, math, sciences) or live-out nanny.

I will be ready to start in July 2014.

I am from England and have two years experience teaching English in China. I hold a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. My full resume is attached.


Mr Ollie Hunter

BSc Environmental Science, (September 2009 – June 2012), Honours 2:2 (59%).
University of Nottingham, UK.

A level Mathematics: A
A level Geography: A
A level Chemistry: B
The Skinners’ School: Sixth form (September 2007 – June 2009), Secondary School (September 2002 – June 2007).
Also achieved Biology AS Level C, and ten GCSEs A*-C (including English).

Additional Qualifications:
Introduction to TEFL Certificate
ISIS Study Centres Greenwich, 259 Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 8NB.
Course Director: Mark Lewis.

First Aid Training
Emergency Life Support – Adult.
Valid: 02 Nov 20– 01 Nov 2014.

Work Experience:
Wuchang Experimental Primary School – Nanhu branch.
I worked full-time teaching grades 1, 2 and 4 oral and written English between September 2012 and January 2014. I achieved strong and effective working relationships with my Chinese co-teachers and thoroughly enjoyed teaching and conversing with my students. I have been teaching from the Oxford University Press Chatterbox course, in doing so I am now experience in using visual, audio, written and game based teaching methods. My experience of teaching very young children with no prior knowledge of English has developed my communication skills and the patience with which I help my large classes in understanding the subject matter.

Wuhan Foreign Language School, Meiga Academy – Elementary School.
I work full-time teaching grades 1 and 2 oral American English between February 2014 and the present (contract terminates June 2014). I also run an after school English club every week. In both my classes and my club I enjoy a great deal of freedom as regards the curriculum and my methods. Therefore I am able to create my own resources and use much more constructivist teaching methods than my students are used to from their other lessons. This has provided an enjoyable challenge both in my lesson preparation before class and my teaching skills in class.

I have had some work experience as a teaching assistant for the Science and Geography departments at The Skinners’ School for three weeks over June and July 2011. My work here included assisting lessons and a field trip, covering lessons and creating teaching resources. Most of my work experience was spent with members of the lower secondary school although some of the time was spent with children up to the sixth form age.
Address: The Skinners’ School, St John’s Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9PG

Day Camps is a non-profit organization that provides activities during the summer and Easter holidays for children mostly between the ages of eight to twelve with some slightly older between the hours of nine and four. I worked here at first as a volunteer and then as a fully paid member of staff over three years commencing in July 2007. My official title was Group Leader which meant that another member of staff and myself were responsible for the welfare and happiness of a group of a dozen children over the course of a day. Most of the activities were based outdoors and included things such as archery and climbing walls as well as simpler tag-based games and camp fire and den-building skills.
Address: Day Camps, The Rover Den, Downe Activity Centre, Birdhouse Lane, Downe, Kent, BR6 7LJ

I have had work experience for approximately five weeks at an incinerator which takes in domestic waste which is then burned in a furnace and the resulting flue gas produced goes under an extensive cleaning process before it is released into the atmosphere. I worked during week commencing 18th July 2011 shadowing the operations team and between the 25th July – 16th August I created a training program for all staff and contractors to educate them on the site’s IPPC legislation as well as doing work on their IMS and the waste water system running through the plant.
Address: Waste Recycling Group, Allington Waste Management Facility, Laverstoke Rd, 20/20 Business Park, Allington, Maidstone, ME16 0LE.

For two weeks in September 2010 I did work experience with the Environmental Protection section of Tunbridge Wells Council. This mostly involved work shadowing from which I attained knowledge of the practical application of scientific disciplines such as acoustics, air quality and water pollution.
Address: Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Town Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RS.

I was a student ambassador for my department at the university, this means that I work for the university by running and carry out the tours which are offered to all prospective students and their parents who have successfully applied for the course. My responsibilities for this involve giving a lecture-style presentation about student life, a short walking tour around the student services around the campus as well as a longer one in a coach around the entire campus including a hall of residence and the sports centre. In addition I am available to answer any questions posed by either student or parent.
Address: The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

I was a very active in student society at my university being president of the childhood games society and general secretary of the alternative film society. These are only some of my interests which encompass literature, music and history and through helping run these societies I have been able to share my enthusiasm for them with others. I also enjoy travelling and went Inter-railing around Europe last summer on my own; this meant I had to be entirely self-reliant as I travelled through a number of foreign countries. I have also more recently travelled through parts of Southern China and Vietnam.


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