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100% Natural

Type: Vegetarian
Neighborhood: Gran Plaza
Telephone: 948-4590
Address: Calle 8 No.306 Entre 1 y 1-A Gonzalo Guerrero
How to Get There from the Centro: Take Montejo and Prolongacion Montejo until you reach Home Depot and Sam’s Club. Make a Uturn at the stoplight after Home Depot, and the restaurant is on the first street to your right, just past (and across from) Sam’s Club
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Beer and soft drinks
Hours: 7 am to 11 pm Every Day
Notes: Delicious fresh fruit juices and smoothies, among other things.

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One Response to “100% Natural”

  1. I just ate their today and absolutely loved it! The service as expected in Latin America is not always great, but the staff was courteous and the salad “a la pradera” simply delicious. I also tried one of their new tropical fruit drinks and needless to say I loved it to. Unless you’re a junk food junkee, or hardcore steak and potato guy or gal you wont regret it (knock on wood).


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