Blue Fish

Blue Fish

12 June 2012 Yucatan Restaurants 4

Type: Seafood
Neighborhood: Fraccionamiento Bugambilas
Telephone: 999-195-5320
Address: Av. Marcelino Champagnet #128 at Calle 24
How to Get There from the Centro: Take Calle 60 North to Avenida Tecnologico. Continue on Avenida Tecnologico until you see the Chedraui North store on your left and Gran Plaza on your right. Before the underpass and BEFORE Chedraui, at the Y in the road, veer to the left. At the signal, cross over the southbound side of Avenida Tecnologico and immediately get into the right lane and merge over onto Calle 51. Chedraui will now be on your right. Continue on and follow Calle 51 going west (the street changes names many times). The restaurant will be on your left and there is a left-turn opening in the medium across to Calle 24.
Parking: Street parking and parking lot off of Calle 24
Air Conditioned: Yes
Outdoors: No
Drinks: Full Bar
Payment: Cash, Visa, MC
WiFi: No
Facebook: Blue Fish Merida
Hours: Monday to Sunday, noon to 8 PM
Pricing: $55-$130 MXN per meal

Notes: Blue Fish's decor is very modern and extremely clean. The theme colors of blue and white really work to create a feeling of being at the sea. The dining space is a comfortable open area. There were two TV's at the far end of the restaurant when we were there, but the sound was muted. After we were seated by the crisply-uniformed host, we began looking through the rather extensive seafood menu. We had a few questions regarding items on the menu and our server was very knowledgeable about preparation and the seafood that was available. We were given the specials of the day and decided to begin our lunch with an appetizer. We requested the Flor de Calabasas stuffed with Langosta, but unfortunately the season was off for the flowers, so we chose the Langosta and Roja Empanadas. Freshly-made thick corn wrappers enclosed a filling of langosta (lobster), rojas and corn. They were lightly fried, three to an order and were accompanied by three dipping sauces... a white wine cream sauce, diced pickled onions and a tomato puree. They were a delightful starter. My dining companion ordered the Special of the Day, which was Steak de Camaron (shrimp) with two salsas. This dish was prepared by wrapping four jumbo shrimp in a tight circle around a red onion-mushroom filling and wrapping all that in a piece of bacon and cooking it on la plancha (grill). It looked similar to a bacon-wrapped filet mignon. The two salsas were a balance of spice and a bit of savory. I ordered the Mero al Xtabantun from the Filet section of the menu. A generously sized portion of grouper (mero) was prepared a la plancha and topped with a slightly sweet cream sauce. Both plates were prepared with artistic flare and the dishes were accompanied by rice and fresh julienned vegetables. The menu is separated by type of shellfish or fish and their preparations, creating a plethora of choices. Overall, it was an enjoyable lunch.


  • Lori Simek 4 years ago

    We had a late lunch there this week (Jan 2014) and the fish was tasty and lots of it. Service was good, waiter spoke some English, the restaurant was nearly empty. The access road is torn up, so getting there is more difficult, especially when the high school is dismissing!

  • Working Gringos 4 years ago

    Barbara, probably this place is mostly frequented by locals eating a late lunch (if they are only open til 8 pm). Meridanos typically eat dinner at or after 10 pm. So you probably were eating dinner right after most people had left after a delicious lunch :-)

  • barbara 4 years ago

    I had a wonderful dinner there, but it was completely deserted. When is it busier with other diners?

  • Reg 6 years ago

    We have eaten there several times and the review accurately reflects the food quality and overall experience.

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