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Type: American
Neighborhood: Gran Plaza
Telephone: 948-3333
Address: Prolongación Montejo #482
How to Get There from the Centro: Go North on Prolongación de Paseo Montejo, past the Burger King circle, past Office Depot. Boston’s is on the right side of the street just before you get to the Gran Plaza shopping mall. Parking: Right in front of the restaurant, or on the side streets
AirConditioned: Yes
Outdoors: No
Drinks: Full bar
Hours: Every day, 11 am to 2 am

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5 Responses to “Boston’s”

  1. I prefer the Boston Pizza at AltaBrisa!

  2. Not really a great place to eat. I would like to learn about good places in the centre.

  3. Boston’s Merida is a typical sports-bar-restaurant type place. I suppose they are all like that, but I’ve only visited the Merida location.

    Service is hit and miss, even with the same server on the same night. They get distracted gossiping amongst themselves and forget your beer may need refilling or that you’ve been waiting to order too long.

    Food is typical corporate restaurant quality with the addition several unpleasant possibilities: old food (very wilted lettuce in a salad, for example), undercooked food, burnt food. So, the kitchen management needs work. Since it has remained reliably unpredictable for years, I don’t hope for improvement.

    Atmosphere is good, if you are in the mood for sports-bar noise levels. It is not a quiet dining selection. Alcohol is served in all areas and cigarette smoke can be pretty thick in the “bar” 1/2 of the place.

    Appetizers are overpriced for the quantity and quality. Main courses vary. Your pizza may come out perfect, burnt or with undercooked doughy texture. Servers don’t seem to notice any cooking defects and merely deliver the plate to your table.

    We’ve tried it several times when in the mood for “American” food, but the salads disappoint, the pizzas vary, the burgers and pasta vary as well. Over and over, we’ve just pulled in and dined here. And then frequently leave wondering what we were thinking. It may be good or it may not.

    Everything that is offered in Boston’s can be found in other local restaurants. Cheaper drinks, cheaper pizza, better salads, better service, equally loud or quieter dining.

    As I write this, I’m wondering what the attraction has been, since we’ve eaten there many times.

    All I come up with is: well, it was convenient to pull into their parking lot as we pass by on the way to our destinations.

    The visits when the food is good and the service is decent leave you hoping it will be equally good next time, but don’t hold your breath.

    Widely variable. Bar side often packed with local ‘swells’ and ‘juniors.’

  4. Convenience & draught beer are the key words, the immediate after thought with the food is why did one bother?

  5. It could be a great place, but they always fall short in one way or another.


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