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Chata Camara

Type: Wholesale Wine, Liquor… and homemade and imported Foods.
Neighborhood: Colonia Mexico Norte
Telephone: 999-286-3240, cel 999-103-0941
Address: Calle 49 No. 485 in Plaza Hacienda Montealban, Col. San Antonio Cucul, between El Pocito and Boxito Kalia.
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo, past the Burger King Circle. Turn right on Calle 9 (before Gran Plaza… there’s a 7-11 on the near right corner), which turns into Villas Hacienda. Continue past one glorieta and after the first signal you come to a big Boxito store. Chata Camara will be on the left shortly after that. If you go too far and miss the left hand turn–proceed straight to the Boxito glorieta and go completely around it back towards the store. There is a parking lot in front.
Parking: On the street and in the parking lot in front
Air Conditioned: Yes inside…..there are a few tables out front and inside there is air conditioning but only family-style seating.
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Sodas and water for there. Alcohol sales only for take away.
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 10 AM to 10 PM
Notes: From our roving restaurant reporter, we got this about Chata Camara’s:

A small shop filled with wine, locally made desserts, pre-made or made to order sandwiches and other international sweet and savory treats fill this space.

Just in time for the holidays, or simply a nice place to know about for finding that ‘something special’ bottle of wine or food item. Whether it’s for a picnic or at home, the shop has daily made sandwiches and freshly prepared desserts on the go. This wine and cheese shop features a selection of wines, cheeses, cured meats, cookies, pastries and a variety of goodies just right for grabbing prior to a party, to have on hand when guests stop over, or at this time of year–to request a made-to-order specialty basket perfect for a holiday gift.

They make their own pastries, pies and cookies. Specialty deli meats and cheeses are available by slices or in freshly made sandwiches or on deli trays. Imported items that stock their small shops shelves include items from Germany, England, France and the US-cookies, chocolates, olives, jarred vegetables, tinned meats, PEZ dispensers, escargot, a wide selection of items perfect for a picnic, party food or gift basket, etc along with a nice selection single malt scotches and wines not available to supermarkets stock the shelves. They also do full service catering. David Mier y Teran, the owner, is third generation in the family to continue on his grandmother’s recipes and love for fine food.

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One Response to “Chata Camara”

  1. This deli is closed. It has become a dried fruit and nuts store.


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