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Type: Cuban Dancing Club and restaurant
Neighborhood: Paseo de Montejo
Telephone: 01-999-927-32-65
Address: Paseo Montejo 472 No. 472, on the corner of Calle 39 across from Triunfo.
How to Get There from the Centro: Located on Paseo de Montejo just north of the Archaeological Museum, on the opposite side of the street.
Parking: No
Air Conditioned: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Full Bar
Payment: Cash only
WiFi: No
Facebook: none
Hours: 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM, Monday through Sunday
Notes: This Cuban restaurant has a live band, headed by Ruban Gonzalez, Jr. whose father starred in the Buena Vista Social Club.

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5 Responses to “Cumbanchero”

  1. De 10 PM a 3 AM!! wow!! looks like Miami. This is Mexico (well not completely) and we get to bed earlier than Cubans and Southamericans. Please!!!

  2. We don’t make the hours… we just report the facts! :-)

  3. Sounds terrific! Is it all Salsa and Cumbia or do they also do Danzon??

  4. Mi premier dio en Merida. Went to Parque de Santa Lucial Listened and watched los Yucatecans dance to Latin (many Cuban) rhythms. The vibe is just what I was looking for when “I got off the grid in LA.”
    There may be no perfect placecs to become an ex-pat but the “white city” comes pretty close so far.

  5. Armando, you should be more open minded and accept the fact that different people have different life styles. (Im mexican too and i always go to bed after 1am at the earliest)


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