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El Rincon Peruano

Type: Peruvian
Neighborhood: Colonia Mexico
Telephone: 999-239-7625
Address: Calle 22 x Calle 9, Col. Mexico 3 Blocks from the Centrito
How to Get There from the Centro: Go north on Paseo de Montejo past the Burger King circle. Turn right on Calle 22 and go til you reach Calle 9.
AirConditioned: No
Outdoors: Yes
Drinks: Soft and natural drinks (see review below)
Hours: Breakfast from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM; lunch and dinner from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Website: None
Notes: The following is a review by our good friend (and Peruvian!), Yury di Pasquale:

I went to the restaurant’s inauguration on May 7th, 2011. The turnout was very good, with a mix of local Yucatecos, some Americans and some Peruvians.
The new Restaurant El Rincon Peruano will be great for those who want to try something different and delicious.

The place is out in the open so there is no air conditioning; I recommend you dress cool and casual. At the opening, they served several traditional Peruvian dishes such as Arroz con Pollo (a cilantro based chicken and rice dish), Cau Cau (a well-seasoned stew made from tripe and potatoes), Arroz Chaufa (a Peruvian/Chinese fried rice) and Tallarin Saltado (a sauteed beef with vegetables and noodle dish). My favorite was the Arroz con Pollo; it was very flavorful.

Oh, very important! Although there was no Inka Kola (Peruvian Soda) or Pilsen Callao (Peruvian Beer), they had the next best thing: Chicha Morada. This is a beverage that brings back many memories from my childhood. It is a purple corn-based drink. The Peruvian purple corn is boiled with pineapple, apples, cinnamon and cloves, then strained. This deep purple beverage is then sweetened with sugar and served over ice. It was delicious, I bought five bottles to take home. I would have bought them out, but I wanted to make sure everyone tried this wonderful drink.

I asked Antonio, the Peruvian owner, if they had a menu I could take a look at. He said that they would have the four dishes I mentioned above Monday through Friday, with an alternating fifth dish added everyday. The pricing would be as follows: Monday through Friday: $40 pesos for two guisados (stews), $50 pesos for three guisados, and $60 pesos for 4 guisados.

But I am really looking forward to Saturdays starting at 1 PM! Then there will be Peruvian Ceviche. Yes, I repeat Peruvian Ceviche, direct from the land where Ceviche was created! All other Ceviches are a poor replica of the real thing. They will have assorted Peruvian Ceviches and Jalea (a type of deep-fried seafood dish mixed in with the Ceviche onions and sauce). I haven’t had Jalea in years and am looking forward to it. I will be there on Saturday after I am finished selling my Peruvian tamales as the Slow Food Yucatan market!

After 10 years of being in the Yucatan with no other Peruvian food besides my own, it will be nice to take a break from my kitchen and let someone else do the cooking. Ahhh (sigh of relief)… Good food and someone else is cooking! Que Rico! I will report back on my thoughts about the Ceviche, Jalea and any other seafood goodies they have on Saturdays.

I really hope people will go out and try this new restaurant. It is affordable, different, and tasty. Let’s help keep them in business!

Written by: Yury Diana Di Pasquale, Owner of The Peruvian Corner Catering, 999-913-8674 tel. Merida, Yucatan

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7 Responses to “El Rincon Peruano”

  1. I’ll be in Merida on Saturday. I too think I’ll go there and try out the ceviche.

    Thanks for the review Yury.

  2. Great job of reviewing, Yury. How about covering some more restaurants for your fans?

  3. Great reporting, love Peruvian food! Thanks for letting us know all the details, will be visiting soon…..

    Gracias!!!! :)

  4. The place is indeed small, sitting on the corner of Calle 22 and 9 it looks like a garage door. We went to try it out Saturday evening but when we arrived a bit before 9 it was closed. I suggest calling ahead to confirm they are open.

  5. the address is wrong, the neighborhood is san antonio cinta

  6. I went there today and all I can say is you were very lucky it was closed Baldwin. And it was $60 pesos for guisado.

  7. Hola Yury!

    Soy peruano y estoy viviendo aca en Merida… sigues aqui? Me gustaria saber si hay algun restaurante peruano, o pollo rostizado, parece que este Rincon Peruano cerro.

    Te agradezco cualquier informacion… saludos!


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