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Type: Fresh fish coctelería and Yucatecan foodFlipper's Restaurant in Merida
Neighborhood: Fraccionamiento Paseo de Chenku
Telephone: 999-987-8818
Address: Ave. 11 #402-A x 46 y 48, Fracc. Paseo de Chenku
How to Get There from the Centro: Take Paseo de Montejo to Avenida Cupules. Proceed west on Cupules until you almost reach the end of it and are near the Periferico. The restaurant is beyond Hacienda Chenku, about 3.5 miles outside of the centro. Just before arriving at the restaurant, you will see a PEMEX station on both your left and right sides at the T-intersection of Avenida Merida 2000 and Avenida Cupules (now named Avenida 11). Pass through the intersection and continue straight. Pass two left-turn openings and make a left turn at the third left-side opening which is Calle 44B. This turn is just BEFORE the restaurant. There are no left turns if you pass the restaurant. So, proceed slowly once you go through the intersection until you see the Calle 44C street sign on your left and take the very next left on to Calle 44B. You can park on this street or go one more block turning right on the first street and then another right back to Avenida Cupules/Avenida 11. Basically, you are making a U-turn behind the restaurant in order to park in their parking lot. If you go too far, you will end up at the entrance to the Periferico and must backtrack.
Parking: Lot in front of the restaurant, and the street.Flipper's Merida Restaurant
Air Conditioned: Yes, non-smoking
Outdoors: No
Drinks: Full Bar
Payment: Mastercard, Visa, cash
Wifi: ?
Hours: Daily, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Notes: Our intrepid food reporter has this to say about her experience at Flipper’s: Flipper’s is a family style restaurant serving fresh fish, a selection of seafood cocktails and ceviches, along with regional Yucatecan food. The restaurant is family-owned and operated by Juan Castaldi Chavez. Flipper’s (named after Juan’s son Filipe’s, whose nickname is Flipper) offers an inviting and bustling place to go with friends or family to enjoy fresh seafood and Yucatecan food. Even though there is quite an extensive selection of fresh seafood on Flipper’s menu, it was suggested by some friends (and without any hesitancy I might add) that when I go that I must have the Camarones al coco (coconut shrimp). So on a recent Wednesday, we headed out for a late lunch arriving about 3:00 PM to an almost full restaurant. After we placed our order, our beverages and a selection of complimentary seafood botanas promptly arrived to the table. In addition to the coconut shrimp, we also placed an order for the mixto especial ceviche. We hardly made a dent in our botanas before our meal arrived. The coconut shrimp was indeed a very good suggestion… a generous plate of lightly battered and fried shrimp accompanied by a rich, creamy coconut dipping sauce served in a half of a coconut shell, with rice and crispy French fries on the side. The shrimp tasted better than it looked. It was lightly fried and not overly sweet or greasy either. The yummy, rich and creamy coconut dipping sauce was good enough to dare a few double dips. The ceviche mixto especial was made up of white fish, pulpo (octopus), shrimp and caracol (conch) tossed in lime juice with bits of chopped cilantro, fresh crunchy onions and tomatoes chunks. It was very fresh and more than plenty for two with the grande (they offer grande or jumbo). I can’t imagine how big the jumbo is! The service was prompt and the noise level wasn’t too high. As we were leaving, a dish that was being served to the table next to us caught our eye. It was another specialty of the house: Relleno estilo Flipper’s, a fish filet stuffed with shrimp and octopus, then rolled like a burrito, oven-cooked and topped with a house salsa. Another item to share as the portions are generous at Flipper’s. (For photos of the food, and more info, you can check out Debi’s review too.)

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4 Responses to “Flipper’s”

  1. Yes, yes and yes…… Loved it. Had the ceviche which was very typical. Not earth shattering but fresh and all you might expect. The coconut shrimp was super delicious. The left over coconut cream dipping sauce poured over the rice makes dessert! Hooray! It´s a big place, very popular and very clean. It´s clearly established as a local lunch destination. I´d go back in a flash and it really isn´t that far away. However as the article says…. be sure to turn before the restaurant as if you go past it you need to actually get on the periferico!!! Unless you do a totally illegal u turn on the on ramp!….Hey, what´s the big deal about driving into oncoming traffic… it get´s the blood flowing and ready for that shrimp! jaja.

  2. A great place for seafood! It’s my favorite! Juan and his son Felipe take pride in not only great food but a very clean restaurant with spot on service. I switch between the ceviche mixto and the chipolte pasta w/shrimp on each visit. My wife switches between the coconut shrimp (the best anywhere) and the shrimp brochetta almost every time cause they are so scrumptious. We’ve never had any reason to complain! We go often enough that they know our name…’s kind of like being Norm walking in to Cheers! Check it out, you’ll not be disappointed!

  3. Found this very helpful. Have lived in Merida for 8 mos, but couldn’t find a good seafood restaurant.

  4. Glad we could help!!


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